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AROUND THE SHOPS. CHRISTMAS DISPLAYS. With the approach of Christmas the •hopkeepers of the town usually make their places of business, take on a gay appearance, and this year is not contrary to the usual custom. With the prosperous season experienc ed by the district, business people liave anticipated a very bhusy time and have laid in neavy stocks of the necessary class of goods so closely associated with the festive season, and the special preparations have made the shops ,very attractive. ENTERPRISE HOUSE. MIr W. E. Stephens' Enterprise House is full of life just now. Every thing is in a bustle, the staff being right in the thick- of the Christmas trade. The stock attracts, and the customers keep the hands busy. En terprise House is alwrays on -the look out for something new, and this is the thing which tells. The stock of grocery is replete with everything which the housewife requires, and Christmas delicacies are in endless va riety. The prize cheese MIr Stephens purchased at the Colac Show are now on sale. As regards hams, the de mand has been keen the proprietor has had to send along for fresh sup plies. He has a special line of fire proof china dinner and tea sets, water bags, butter coolers, and meat safes. The new fly killer preparation should le rushed by those who desire to clear their homes free of this pest. Then as regards the winoe and spirit depart ment, Ihe has some special lines such as Munro's King of Kings whisky, from Dalwhinnie, Scotland. This whisky was chosen on several occasions by the home government for tie din ing ears on. tle railways. Mr Stephens

imports this direct. The famous Seppelts wines fron South Australia are also stocked, including ports. chablis, sherry, etc. His ales are all bottled a'f ;the brewery, which Mr Stepheis -claims is the only way to give the public the best quiality. Now that the Xmas holidays are so close. the sporting section of the community will 'be inteiested inl Air Stephens' stock of guns and- ammunition. He hlis the -best makers, 'such as Hollis, .Greener hnd others; smokeless ' cart ridges .and pea'- rifle cartridges, also lie is just introducing the Hollis bush boy gun. 'Pienid parties are invited to inispecte his large stock of cordials. tiinmed preserves, - meats, fruits and block cakes. - BILSON & CO. One of ehe most atttactive dis plays is to be seen at the large shop of Bilson and Co. The fine window space of the firm, has been taken full %dvantage of and one is safe in say ing that although this firm has be come n6ted for its festive displays this season they have outdistanced a'b others. Each window has its oaw particular class of goods, such as furniture, toys, drapery. ironmongery, boots and shoes, crockery, groceries, etc. Novelties for the Xmas -abound and. everywhere inside the mammoth building one may see signs of pre paration for a very busf time. Al readv Xmas orders are numerous.The millinery display is -a feature, and like -the drapery department shows taste for the season. There are toys of all kinds, some of the mechanical ones being very novel. The firm is -'.nn n snecialty of Christmas gifts

such as albums, perfumes, silver-back ed brushes and coms, trinket boxes, peggy bags, etc. In the grocery de partment there are to be founs many table dainties in jellies, sheep tongues and asparagus, stuffed olives, im ported cream wafers, oyster wafers, and many other things. The stock of wines anld spirits is well up to the mark, whilst all the best brands .of ales -and stouts are obtainable. JAMES HOSKING & CQ. At this emporium, signs of Xmas are everyshere apparent, the firm having gone to no end of trouble to procure the latest and best in sea sonable wares. They have on sale particularly fine lines of holiday hats, blouses, costumes, sunshades, dainty neckwvear, belts, hand bags, and such other articles of wearing apparel as will be needed for picnickers and hol.i day maires during the festive sea son. The "creation comforts" de partment has been well and fully stocked with preserved fruits, meats, fishes, pickles, sauces, chutneys, figs, mincemeats, dates, cakes, biscuits, cheeses, chocolates, cordials and'other mouth watering dainties, whilst no velties in Jap. tea sets, cups, jugs and biscuit barrels, British tea sets, fruit sets, are classed as economical useful presents. SUNDERLAND AND SEARS. Messrs Sunderland and Sears have had the Christmas season in view for months past, and the special effort put fortih by the firm to meet the Yuletide trade is seen at-a glance on entering the store. On the drapery side, there is nothins left to be de sired. Everything in the way of dress material is to be found here, and the busy time which the staff has ex perienced is conclusive proof of the quality-of the goods which are being shown to the public. Then there are hundreds of small articles, in the way of brushes and combs, hand mirrors, trinket boxes, scents, tray cloths, silver salvvers, thimbles, purse bags and so forth which are being offered at prices which are sure to command a ready sale. On the grocery side, there are all the dainty goods which are in demand for Christmas, and in addition crockery and glassware is there in abundance. SAM JACOBS. The window display at Mr Sam Jacobs' is a mgst attractive one., There are dress goods which are sure to appeal to the lady folk. The es-! tablishment is well stocked through out, every department being of the best. There are dainty muslins, love ly silks, charming linens, and every thing which the most exacting taste may seek after. The millinery dis play, is excellent, there being some truly beautiful creations of the mil liner's art. In the clothing depart ment for men, there is a lavish dis play, in ready made suits, shirts and underwear, A special feature is made of the best makes of footwear. The display of presents such as furnish ings, is very smart and well war rants inspection. LUDBROOK'S. IPhe busy corner stores has under gone extensive preparations for Xmas. Belts, gloves, hosiery and fancy goods abounds in profusion, and with the special goods, are special Christmas prices, which demand attention and place seasonable requirements within the reach of all. This firm pis renown ed for the beauty and excellence of their ladies' blouses, costumes, and underwear, all made in their 'oivn fa tory," inexc!usive and dainty designs. All the latest aned best in millinery is shown. The dress and dressmaking department is replete with all that's modern and nice, and is well worth a visit. Special attention is paid to \men's and' boys' good, and a fine range of ready to wear clothing. Hats and mercery are on view, and are quite up to the firm's motto of "Ludbrook's for Value." ALFRED HEAP. At the Poiwarth Stores there- is a fine show of millinery, blouses in muslins, cambrics and other mater ials. The new show room which was pro'vided for gomg .time a~lo is .nle.

of the best to be seen anywhere. It is well lighted and appointed, and contains delightful millinery godtis. Ladies have only to visit this corner of the store to see hanl and other goods which must arous- a strong desire within them to open their purses and buy. The wines and bever ages have Ueen well selected and in clude Australian shiraz, Australian port, Muscat, sherry, brandy, ales, etc. The grocery department con tains everything of the best. A fea ture of this shop is that one may ob tain almost any domesti: requirement from it. FARRAR AND HARRISON. Housewives who desire to lay n a stock of groceries for the hoiidays will find just what they want at this store. There is also a fine show of crockery and glassware, all at tempt ing prices. N. M'CURE. Mr N. M'Cure has a nice show of blouses, dress material, ribbons, gloves, gents' ties, etc. He has some choice lines of dress material which lady folk should look at. CREERS.

The up-to-date shop of Messrs Creers is packed to the doors with goods for the Xmas. The fine front age of island windows enable this pro gressive firm to maice a wondieriul display, and every advantage has been taken of it. Everywhere in the shop may be seen signs of preparation for a busy time, which no doubt, will be experienced by this firm who have built up a reputation that speaks for itself. The display of millinery is most unique, the blouses are most tempting, and the embroideries are bewitching. In ribbons, laces, gloves, handkerchiefs, stockings, veils, para sols and-corsets, the stock this year excels anything they have ever shown. Another line we noticed most promi nent was ladies' hand bags, with shoulder straps and cords. They would make a most useful and pretty Christ mas present. Drastic reductions have been made throughout the stock. W; C. SYDENHAM. This establishment is most attra'-) tive for the men folk, for it contains a choice selection of men's clothing. The excellent display gives a good indication of the splendid class of articles which are stocked. In the ties there are dainty designs; in shirts there is everything .which the most fastidious taste may demandj in hats there are the latest makes in felts and straws, whilst there is some exceptional value in caps. This firm invites the public to "come, see and handle," and is confident that the in' spection will prove satisfactory. GEORGE STRONG AND SON. The above firm is showing a nice stock of boots in black and tan. Grown ups and children are well catered for, all the best makes of footwear being stocked. 0. HEMI. ORE. Another of our progressive business men is.. Mr C. Helmore. In his .fine new shop he has a nice assortment of ladies and gent's footwear which is well worth inspection. SPENDLOVE THE SHOEbMAN..:.. It is said that clothes make . the man. If that .-be so, well made boots are just as important in giving :.a smart appearance to thie wearer. Mr Spendlove claims that -he stocks' the very best boots-obtainable, and he offers them .reasonabl.s prices. His stock is well up to city standard. CASTLES BROS. The above firm has a splendid stocik of silverware from which a choice selection can be ma·de by those who are looking for soine nice Christmas. gift for their friends. Their stoct in eludes many other things which irould piovide a seasonable present.: S s-rm mnRhACOONTSTS

At the various hairdressers and to bacconists in the town the displays' of smokers requisites, and ideal pre sent for a man, are good:. Messrs Engleby, B. Eagle, are'showing'first class displays and will be pleased to see all old frien.ds. MR G. J. ALEXANDER. During the year Mr Alexander. has made great, alterations, and now has one of the finest:shops in the town. He has a splendid show of smokers requirements. :All the best brandspof pipes are in stock, and those who de sire to purchase a gift of this kind will be able to. make a choice. In the fancy department, he has a. well selected stock of fringes,, curls, hair washes, hair pads, etc. MR E. H. LEWIS. Much headway has been made by this establishment of late, and the puolic should inspect the lavish display of jewellery. Here there is a nice as sortment of gold brooches in all Hlie newest designs, sleeve links, gold mounted sil' guards, gold chain and padlock bangles, lockets, watches, rings, and all the various articles which lielp to make up a progrestive establishment. There are nice gits in plenty and Mr Lewis anticipates a busy time with those who desire. to send to their friends some token of esteem. MR V. M. PEARSON. The winidow at Mr Pearson's watch maker's establishment is very attrac tive. It provides a glittering dis play of beautiful jewellery; brooches, bangles, chains, and rings, whilst the silverware is a delight to the eye. 'vlr Pearson has made a point of filling his shop with a large stock, and the public have only to inspect, to ar rive at the conclusion that evwry thing is of the best. Young men who want to buy a gift for their swe:t hearts, married men wlh desire to make a present to their wives, and lassies who are on the look out for an acceptable gift for their laddies, will be hard to please if they 'can not secure something that pleases at Mr Pearson's. MR 3J. D. DICKSON. Mr J. D. Dickson lias a well assort cI stock of jewellerv and silverware. He has bracelets, gold land silver alberts, watches, gold and silver medals and pendants. He has just opened a consignment of E.P. ware 'suitable for Christmas aid New Year presents. IIORATIO SMITH. lMr "'Ray" Smith has been in the trade il Colac for a long time, and is therefore well able to judge the rc quiremcnts of the people of the dis trict. His precmises reflect his judg ment, for tie season's goods have been well chosen. His stock of jewel lery, etc., is a particularly fine one, and cannot fail to attract customers. THE TAILORS. Just now the tailors have no time to talk. They are going at high pres sure. They are, however, prepared to make a special effort to suit every one. aMessrs Belyea and Dunoon, Pizer mad Co., J. E. Marks, Middle tone's and Berg's have fince stocks of suitings, hats, ties, and 'men's requi sites generallyr. GEORGE WILMIOT: Everyone cordially agrees that no where can there be found such a va riety of delicious diinks as at. Mr Geo. Wilmot's. There is a lone list ot beverages for the sumnc er, included ini which are lime juice, champagne, fruit chamlague, lemon syrup, claret cup, cherry cider, hop aled, giger stout, lemonade, lemon squash, fruit syrup, pepperaints, eta.

THE CeIIISTS. At this time of the Year the ists expect to be busy h , r hem. toilet sets, etc., Mr nper l~r II. 'W. W1heeler, and Mhr R l city samplesupl Sliliig equal to PARKINSONS. This emporium is no\ situated the corner of -Hesse and itat o streets ina fine up-to.dat e ilra ing, fitted with every medent uil. venience. Sir Parkinson ., con. progressive man and • s a very keeping right up to date. N. ms at ter how great the demand ieo mat. ists for post cards, Mr Parkich en. ways has a supply sufficient to i meel it of excellent specimens of thesecards Then in the way of e.p. ese care ds show is a articularly ood hi whilst his bookshelves are ake with all the latest works from the pens of the greatest writers c the deay. Do you want toys ? Here is t be found a plentiful collection of Pre scnts for the boys and the girls toys which will make the children happy during the festive season. he atoc

is equal to anything to rses, etcna aliere. The quality is right, and, " is the price. Mr Parkinscn has also a large supply of music, bibles, h?? and prayer books, and in fact ane thing which is required to bring stationery and bookseller's businea right up to the best city st5andds. SELWOOD'S. In this esta'lishment there is a'aundant evidence of large shipments of goods of every description, there bein- sterling silver goods, boonk cards, leather goods, glassware, ant high class articles of the rarest de scription. Anyone seeking for,, as of the latest and most novel?nd can rely upcn getting a choice as good as at any city establishment The prices and quality are right to, and those are the main things. Thib shop is under entirely new manaa ment, and customers may rely onsre ceiving every satisfaction. PEGC'S. At IMr Pegg's esitablisiesnt there is a most attractive stock of Christinas goods. His post cards are well ie lected, and contain many real eines. To parents in search of suitable ts foi. their little ones, a visit io 1li; shop will open up vistas of toyland There is everytlhiin whiclh the hlari of a child delights in, the only dil. culty being to make a choice froinm seh a large display. He has also se nice leatherware, and a host of other articles which are sure to pmore -. tractive to the public at this season of the' year. R. & M1. MOWBRAY. At the above firm's premises there is a fine assortment of autograph stationery, Christmas cards in loxen and children's toys in endless variety. MISSES W. & E. JOHANNSEv . The "Nonpareil," the establish. ment conducted by Misses W. and E. -Johannsen, is full of dainty goods. The display of electro-plate Ware is one of the best, there being many a dainty little article which scnld p.rove a delightful gift and brin; plea. sure to the heart of the recipient. Tlhe Misses Johannsen are specialists in fancy work and they are showing someti!ng exceptionally good in 1th line. There are peggy and Doroth bags, ladies' purses, china ware, a numerous other kinds of goods, whia make the shop most attractive. TIlOTTER'S FANCY GOODS. At 'larotter's Fancy Goo(lds Depot there is a wealth of all kinds of fance goods, crockery, glassware. Do 0ay waint some nice crockery for th ie oue? If so, there is plenty in this sare. If you want to see :a blaree display d toys for the litltle ones. just glance at the inledo ws and see the scores of things which are a delightl to the chil dren. This store is sure to receive much attention from the publie at Chlristnmstide, for the stock is an excellenit one indeed. E. B. FAULL At IMr Fanull's shop one ma- and many things suitable for a hand some present. Musical instruments of every descriptions are on hand and in fancy e.p. ware there is a big stock to choose from. THE BAKERS. One of the important features of the holidays is the Xmas cake, and this may be had in endless variety 'at Iillman's Mrs M'Kean's or Bart lett's, J. G. JOBINSTONE & CO. This firm has brought its furniture warehouse right tup to the mars. It is stoc.ted with choice futniture which cannot fail to please those who de sire to make their homes nice for the holidays. There is no need to go0in to 'details, suffice it to say that eaery thing in the way of furniture is to be seen here, and of tic very best styles and make. It is carefully selected by an experienced buyer, so that the public can rely on etting well built goods and no' patchwork stuff. PETERS & CO. Messrs Peters and Co. have a neui lot of lamps, silverware, stoves, e5. There are many things here cthon would go towards improving the home 'and those who desire presents o0 ib kind will find plenty to choose froal

by paying this firm a v1??-. W. MARRI-NER. Mr Marriner -lias a choice disphi .ot plants, and will be able to so'I all the demand which may tbe nlaa for fruit and vegetables for the iol days. PARKES BROS. Everything needed in the turnishi line is stoc;ed at Parkes Brosoo, their large rooms are pacned lite ly to the ceiling ith rteqisites for the lome. A novelty for the heoid season is a folding carp sretc which closes into a snaller than t customary bag of golf stic t I counts very little as lu4a?af , -te lot in the way of comeforn ot spat tripper reaches the campi» O t The extensive variety oi cane sea grass furniture, dchairs, 10"ear etc., shown at Parkes is oreerknble while bedroom, dining, sd 1aed room furniture is well dspto?l.i the smaller lines are well stct-t e eluding a new lot of bsket e suitable for picnic parties.