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The annual meeting of the Southern Tas-   manian Football Association was held last night at the Town Hall. There was a very large attendance Mr. H. DOBSON, prosidont of;tho .City ¡Football Club, occupied the 'chair. , In his opening spcooh, the CIIAIR ' MAN said that ho thought it a pity that, during tho past season, no match had been played with " foreign teams, and hoped the time would come when thoy would see the united teams pitted against a "foreign" team. This would not only tend to keep the standard of football up to Its highest limits, but also afford to junior players opportunities of-learning things thoy could not otherwise do. Arrai'Bcmcn'a Vforo now, being mado to that effect, and . it was almost certain that thoy would have somo teams over from1 tho other colonies to meet thom. If thora was any difficulty about monoy, ho would only be too happy to bo ono of two or.three who would guarantco the i necessary amount to get thom over. With roforoneo to tho alteration of rules, ho hoped the recommendations of tho committoo would bo carried out. Ho would Uko to soo the rules of all tho colonies tho same, so that Intercolonial matches played with- out either Bide having any advantage ovor the other., Ho concluded by wielling the season of 1881 evory BUCCCBS. r

Tho TREASURER then read the annual report, na follows :- '

Your committoo rogrot, that owing to un forsoon circumstances, tho annual mooting of Î'our association Ima bcon somewhat dclnyod, mt trust that no aorious inconvonienco has boon tlioroby occasioned to players, and that tho Interests of tho association have in no way sufforod from such ilolay.

In placing boforo you tho fifth annual ro Íiort your committoo havo again to congrntu ato tho mombars on tho prosperous state of your association. Tho increasing popularity of tho gamo is shown by tho fact that tho numbor of active mombors has nearly doubled, ovor 300 players being now in tho

ranks of tho association. It is truo that Um Now Town mid Pombroko clubs woro disbanded during tho past season, but this was owing to local *caknoss and not to want of interest in football, for tho mombors of the disbanded clubs having obtained tho nccoaaary permission Immediately joined other aaaoclated clubs. , ;, ¡

It is satisfactory to report a decided ad vanco in tho quality of tho play, moro atten- tion being paid to " littlo marking," while the junior teams of all clubs deserve spocinl

praise for their improved play.

Tho following tabulated list shows tho numbor of sonlor and junior matches playod during tho past season with tho result of

each :- '


Ttallwny ..

, Crlokotorg.

City .. , I'olchrook Klüunontl

Now Town -Pcmhroko i





Ifofahrook.. Cricketers . Now Town.. RoUcriro ..

0 I 2

On roviovving tho individual doings of as- sociated clubs your committco assign tho Ïrentier position amongst senior clubs to tho

tailway, that club having ¡ secured twolvo wins, no losses, and ono draw ; and amongst junior clubs to tho City, that club bomg credited-with 8 wins, 0 losaos, andl draw. Thoy will, Ihoroforo, as promior junior club, rocoivo tho football prcsontod by Mr. W. J.


Tho return of footballors to the colony, whoso names have lately boen missing from tho ranks of tho association, but who have boon profiting by tho extra opportunities to bo obtained in Victoria, will do much to moko tho coming contests moro interest- ing than ovor.

1 Thoro ia good reason to expect anothor viait from our EBaondon frionds, correspon doncowith their secretary has commenced, which your committoo hopo will end In a couplo of matches boing played this season, and that thoy will fini a convincing proof that the progress in play is as real as your committco report .

A mntch was playod on September 22nd for a cup, prcsontod by Mr. W. Wobstor, to bo competed for by the first two clubs of tbo

season. Tho match was playod botvvoon Rail- way and Crljkotors, and after a fine struggle was declared drawn, each team having secured two goals. Tho latonosa of tho soasou provontcd anothor trial of strength taking placo, t, i ii

In addition to tho foregoing mntohos, a North and South match was playod in Hobart on Sopt 14, resulting in a victory for the South, they having socured 7 goals, to tho Nortlrs nil. Owing to a want of unanbnltr nmongst tho Northern clubs, it WAS found impossiblo to play n return match, but your committoo strongly recoramond that nt least two North and South contests tako placo annually, ono nt each end of tho ¡aland.

1 In November last a conforonco of dologatos from tho Australian colonies waa held In

Molbourno, with n view of drawing up a cbdo of rules to bo adopted by, and binding on, all colonial associations. Your committoo sent two dologatos, who woro instructed to represont tho wishes of a largo majority of the mombera as to pushing and tho cross-bar. Notwithstanding tho strenuous endeavours of your dologatos tho conforonco refused to abolish pushing or to adopt tho cross- bar. Tho rulos, as adopted, accompany this report, and it Is hoped that tho samo will ñioet with your approval, so that in future thom» engaged in intercolonial matches may bo placed on an equal footing.

¡Your committco has again to report that your association and the Crlckot Association nave boon ablb to work harmoniously together for their mutnnl bonofit, and hope to mako ovon moro satiafactory arrangements with tho latter association as to the tenure of the Ùppor Crickot Ground. '

' .The i Treasurer's report shows that the rocoipts for tho year amount to £90 19s. öd., and tho total expenditure, £70 12s. 7d,, leaving s. surplus of £20 Gs. lOd., to tho credit of tho association, which must bo considered vory satisfactory. _ ^ __ J

Sixteen committco mooting» weru uuiu

daring tho past soason, the attendance bolng OB follows -Molloy, 15 ; Walch, IG -, Dovios, 13; Westwood. 13; Finlay, 12; Edmondson, G ; Rao, 9 ; Crisp, 2 ; and Secretary, 13. ,

Mr. J. G. DAVIES, In moving the adoption of the report, oxpresscd regret at the ab sonco of the president, Mr. W. R. Giblin. Ho regretted the meeting having takon placo rather late, but that was on account of cir- cumstances which nooded n0 mentioning. The numbor of players was almost double that of last Boason, and the improvement in tho play was vory marked. Tho reason was apparent to all those who had watched the dovolopmont'of tilo gamo,' as bp,had done for many yoars. Tho'intoicolonial contests had been tho principal causo of it, Thoy had been onablod to soo players from other colonies, who had moro experience, and woro well up In the latest dovicos to" Bocuro success in tho gamo. No effort, ho said, should bo spared by tho association to carry out arrangements for theso intercolo- nial matches (Hoar, hoar.) It was tho "youngatois" thoy should onoourago, as soonoror later tho old playois would havo to givo way to thom, and ho thought the junior1- contests should bo encouraged as much as possiblo Whilo upon this subject, he would say that, whilo looking at a recent

' i ' t ' »

ii. ¡ ,

match lietweeii two local clubs, he was un nblo to tell ono sido from nnothcr, as players for each of tho clubs bad the Barno^ uniform. He thought every.onoouragcmmt should bo given to schools to play lu matches "with tho associated clubs, yot on such occasions thoy should appear in the uniform of tho dull thoy play with. Ho hoped secretaries of clubs would take the hint, mid see this defect remedied in futuro. Ho trusted that tho Essondon Club, from whom they had leBrned so much, would again favour them with a visit during the season. The saorotary of tho association was already, In correspondence with thom, tho

outcomoof which would bo two matches at least. Thoy would receive, ho was Bure, ample assistance and support from lovers of the gamo. It was very pleasing to know that tho Railway Club had had such a suc- cessful season, Might thoy continuo in the Bamo course It would be the means of kooping other clubs up to tho mark, and tho outcome Would be a great improvement in football generally. In reference to tho Northern football clubs, ho hoped thoy would form an association, and they might havo two annual contests between North and South. Such contests wero productive of a great deal of good, and ho hoped that tho day was not far distant when tho differences that existed locally would bo so healed, as to enable sudh a state of things to como to pass. He hoped that the good fooling which existed between tho Cricket and Football associations would long continuo, as by, that they would obtain mutual advantages. The financial state of tho club was very satisfac- tory., Ho hoped, ¡n conclusion, that the game would prosper, and that when tho as- sociated clubsmot on the field thoy would try by ovory legitimate means to wrench from one another tho victory, nnd that whatever differences might arise during any contest would ceaso to exist at the conclusion of the day's play, ' » " ' J,/ I

J Mr. O.. II. WESTWOOD, In seconding' thd

motion for the adoption of tho roport, Bald

that ho had been chosen by the committoo to represent th': association at tho Conference held In Melbourne. At that conference

Victoria, Now South Wales, Queensland,' and New Zealand were represented. As thoy know, the principal object of tho, conference was to endeavour to assimilate, thd different' football rules of tho various colonies, ao that Intercolonial matches might bo played. At the last annual meeting they would rcmombor that lie spoke very Btronglyj against pushing with tho hands from behind,

and tho abolition of the cross bar. Ho found| that ho waa supported by a very largo majority of the members prosont. Bearing this in mind, and having received instruc- tions from the committee, at the conference he endeavoured to have pushing abolished,

and have the crossbar introduced in the other colonies. Be did not have a single, volco in his favour, so ho could do' nothing. With regard to the crossbar ho lost that by throo votes,,,, there 1 being nino against him. ' IIo'woutdTCcom-j mend tho Introduction of pushing hore. Thoro j wos'no doubt that ^pushing was only; .al-j

lowed to bo carried on under certain rules

in Victoria, and that the serious ¿coldonts! thoy imaginod would tako place would not ' happen. Thoy had only seen pushing as i played by tho,Essendon mon, who had taken! every- advantage thoy could, and had such, pushing as'tdioy played been dono in Vio-1 tarin',' "free .kicks would havo "been' allowed by tho'umpires. Thoy wore pushed whonJthoy wore marking, which, was un-

lawful. As to the'crossbar, it was nota, serious matter, us It did not make much dif-

ference as to whothor thoro was'a crossbar

or not,: fin the scrimmages willoh took placo in front bf the goals, it would make tho men

a little moro careful. ' '.

Mr. RAE said that ho had strongly ad- vocated at last meeting tho adoption of push- ing, and always had dono ,80 since ho had taken any interest in Tasmanian football. Ila thought they should adapt their, rules to those of tho Victorian system for th'o benefit of playing intercolonial matches. rSonio of tho member» sccmcci to think it was'some

thing dreadful thoy were trying to introduce. It was lila opinion, and the opinion of nearly all Victorian iplnyers, that pushing waa npt ao dangcroua as shouldering, and if tho mom. hers would adopt the now system, they would never go back to tho old way of play- ing. By tho Victorian /rules pushing was only allowed when a mau waa In rapid motion within five or six yards of the ball.

Mr. W. A. FINLAY, in support of the motion, said he could not help drawing a comparison between the clubs of 1874 and 1884. They had now 300 active members on the rolls. Before the formation of the asso- ciation, every club in the colony had its own set of rules. He congratulated the junior club on the excellent form they had shown. They were now the premier junior club of the colony. In respect to the foot- ball they had won, he did not know whether it was the intention of the donor to present another, but in the event of his not doing so, he (Mr. Finlay) would present, one to the

best of the two second junior clubs, and one   to the premier club.      

The motion was then put to the meeting, and carried unanimously.

, . The PRESIDENT then said it waa bia pleasing duty to present to Mr. H. Mc ,Loughlm, oa tho captain of the City Júniora, tho football won- by them aa the best .junior club. In making the presenta- tion, tho President ' Baid ho hoped tho 'coming season would bo as successful as the past one. It would not do for ono club to have all its own way, but, no doubt tho júniora had practised hard and practised together, and thoy desorved the position thoy had obtained. Ho thought it iwas not quito cortain whether it was not tho City Juniors who held the -placo of premier club of Tasmania, aa thoy had won BO many matcheB.

Mr. MoLouaiiUN, in responding, thanked Mr. Westwood for "presenting the ball, which, as captain of tlio City Juniors, ho had great pleasure in accepting. He con- gratulated the club on its brilliant play, and said that if Mr. Finlay piescnted the balls as ho had ^promised, they would have an equal plcasuro in receiving them.

Tho Kov. R. POOLETT-HARRIB moved that

his Excellency tho Governor bo elected as patron. The motion was carried by accla- mation. On his motion also, Mr. W. B. Giblin was elected president of the associa- tion. ' il '

, Mr. FINLAY moved,-"That the vice

presidents-Messrs.' W. Burbury, J. W. Symo, C. Butler, Neil Lowis, W. , H. Burgess, J. O. Davies, B. Dobaon, W. Hodgson, J.'Mlteholl, tho Reva. R. Poulctt Harris and Neale, Hona. J. W. Agnew, A. Dobson, and J. S. Dodds-bo elected vice presidents," Tho motion was carried by


Mr. J. G. DAVIES proposed,-" That Mr. J. W. H. Walsh bo elected soorelary." Seconded by ' Mr. FINLAY, and carried unanimously. ? ,

On the motion o£ T. MOLLOY, Mr. Rae was'ro-olectod treasurer. i , i

On tho motion of W. LODGE, Messrs. Davenport and Walch were re-elected


On tho motion of W. LODGE, soconded by Mr. HEALY, Messrs. Finlay, Westwood, Davies, Molloy, Briggs, Grant, and Edmond- son were elocted a General Committee.

I Mr. W. LODOE then moved a vote of thanks to tho retiring officers, including Mr. W. H. Cundy, for their servioes during the past year. The motion was seconded by Mr. KnuiY, and can led unanimously.

Tho rules of the association wore then dis- cussed. Mr. LLOYD wished to amend Bule

2, ao that clubs might elect their own dele- gates. After a long discussion the question was put to a vote, and negativod, 23 voting1 for and 40 agalnBt. At the suggestion of M.r. J, BRIGGS Rule 10 was amended. Aftor some discussion, the laws aa made at the conference of intercolonial delegates, hold on the Oth November last, and which aie styled "Laws of tho Australian Gamo of Football" were adopted by the Tasmanian Football Association. , ,,

A hoarty vote of thanks was accorded 40 the chairman for the able manner, in which ho hid presided, and the meeting separated.