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Official notifications.

(From Saturday's Government Gazette)    

Appointments -Edward H. Alder, to be dis- trict road inspector, Maryborough, vice S. Bragg, transferred ; Charles Edward de Foublanque Pennefether, to be Lieutenant-Commander, and Henry Ernest Weaver, to be Sub-Lieutenant, of the Queensland Government schooner Pearl;   William Henry Wheatley and Thomas Bulcher Ricketts, to bo councillors for the municipality of Copperfield; Thomas Geraghty and Charles Wil- liam Hermann Reiuhold, to bo first assistant teachers iu tho Central State schools for boys at Toowoomba North and Gympie respectively ; Edmuud Edgar Taudevin, to bo an assistant teacher at Cometville ; John Thomas Daly, to bo classified as a teacher of Class III., division I ; Bernard Canning M'Groarty, to be district regis- trar for births, marriages, and deaths, for the district of Burko, at Normanton, in the room of Joseph Prescott Wells, deceased ; William Sam well, to bo district registrar for births, marriages, and deaths, for the districts of Etheridge and Gilberton, at Georgetown, in the room of B. C. M'Groarty, transferred ; Senior-constable Hugh O'Loan, to bo assistaut district registrar of births and deaths, for the district of (Caboolture, at North Pine, in tho room of John Farquharson, transferred ; W. R. O. Hill, police-magistrate at Ravenswood, and W. C. Cardew, police-magis- trate .at Isisford, to be justices authorised to celebrate marriages under the provisions of the Justices Marrying Act of 1872.

Resignation.-The resignation tendered by Leonard Edward Lester of his appointment as a magistrate of the territory, haB been accepted.

ST. HELENA.- It is notified that a proclamation dated November 15, 1875, declaring the Island of St. Helena to be a public gaol, is rescinded;   and by another proclamation it is appointed a penal establishment under the provisions of the Act for further improving the Administration of Criminal


Forfeited Selections.-The following selec- tions are declared forfeited ¡-Beenleigh district : Robert Skiffins, 80 acres; and Wilhelm Brehmer, 32 acres. Helidon district : 640 acres, Josiah Pitty. Nanango district : 6120 acres, William B. Green, Brisbane district : 98 acres, Thomas Dinsdale ; 81 acres, Jeremiah Duun. Warwick district: 150 acres, Samuel Young; 160 acres, Thomas L. Simmons ; 320 acres, John Locke, jun.; 85 acres, John Endres; 160 acres, James Milkius ; 160 acres, Samuol Evenden ; 298 acres, William Dwyer ; 640 acres, JameB Malcolm ; 640 acres, Henry O'Brien Wilson ; 639 acres, C. H. E. Chauvel ; 819 acres, Thomas Barrett ; 640 acres, Walter Ferguson ; 450 tores, William Hobart ; 640 acres, John Ferguson ; 100 acies, Joseph Eastwell ; 50 acres, Thomas Gleeson ; 80 acres, James Cowen ; 80 acres, James Cowon ; 264 acres, Michael Sweeney, jun.; 100 acree, Charles Thompsett ; 153 acres, John Gillespie ; 80 acres, Thomas Oladdie. Ipswich district : 80 acres, John C. Streiner.

Reserves,-The following reserves are pro- claimed :-For school purposes, county of Stanley, parish of Mackenzie, portion 136, l8 acres ; for a drill-shed at Toowoomba, county of Aubigny, pariah of Drayton, 20J perches ; for police paddock at Clermont, county and pariah of Clermont, 156 acres ; for camping, on the Stanley river, county of Canning, parish of Durundur, 20 acres ; for camping, county of Elphinstone, parishes of Hervey and Ross, 1310 acres ; exten- sion of the reserve for water, Tom's Lagoon, Calliope run, about 360 aerea; for camping, county of Elphinstone, parishes of Hervey and Ross, 1310 acres ; for township purposes on the Windorah Billabong, Gregory South district, re- sumed from the Hammond Downs and Ham- mond Downs West runs, area 4 square miles; for township purposes on the Western River, Gregory North district, under the name of Winton, re- sumed from the Doveridge No. i and Vindex No. 1 North runs, area 2 square miles ; for town- ship purposes at Port Douglas, county of Nares, parish of Cook, about 6500 acres ; for School of Arts at Cooktown, county of Banks, 32 perches ; for water in the county of Kennedy, district of Maranoa ; on Bargunyah Creek, 640 acres ; on Punch's Flat, 640 acres ; on Neabul Creek, 640


Lands OrEN to Selection.-It ia'notifiéd that the Childers homestead area, pariah of Childers, Maryborough land agent's district, containing area about 89,400 acres, will be open for selec- tion at the Maryborough land office on and after

August 8.

Land Resumption.-The following lands have been resumed from the runs mentioned :-2¾ square miles from Hammond Downs run, Gregory South ; 1¼ square miles from Hammond Downs West run, Gregory South ; 640 acres from Dove ridge No. 4 run, Gregory North ; and 640 acres from Vindex No. 1 North run, Gregory North.

Tenders.-Tenders are called for the erection of a police station at Morven, Warrego district j State school and residenco, Yaamba ; repairs to school and residence, Belmont ; additions and repairs to Bowen Bridge school ; and new Behool, Cleveland. The tenders of the following persons have been accepted :-Custom-house and Landa office, St Lawrence-Messra. A. Doorey and Son ; additions, lunatic asylum, Woogaroo-Messra.- R. Menzies and Co. j police Btatio», Hawkwood-Mr. C. Wing ; fenciag immigration dupôt, Townavillo

-Mr. J. W. Williams.

Gold Escort Fees.-It is notified that tho escort fees from Clermont to Rockhampton have boen reduced to 6d. per ounce for gold, to J per cent for coin, and to ¿ per cout for notes.

Money-order Offices.-Mouoy-order offices have been oponed at Aramac and Emerald.

Medical-Maurice Joseph O'sullivan, of Bris- bane ; David Graham Browne, of Tambo ; and Robert Henry Paterson, of Rockhampton, havo been registered as duly qualified medical practi- tioners ; and William Gill Bailey, of Mary- borough, has been admitted as a chemist and