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The second annual general meeting of the Tas- manian Football Association was held at the Town Hall last evening, the Hon. W. R. Giblin presiding.   There were nearly 100 members present, represent- ing the various clubs in the city. Mr. L. Y. Prior, secretary and treasurer, read the advertise- ment convening the meeting, and then the minutes of the last meeting, which were confirmed. The annual report was then submitted as follows :-  

"Your committee, in placing before you the   second annual report, has to congratulate the associa- tion on the great impetus that football has received during the past season. Not only has very marked   improvement been displayed in individual play, but teams, as a whole, seem to have profited much by having one recognised code of rules. It will be remembered by many here present that at the last annual meeting important changes were made in the constitution of the association, as well as in the laws of the game-to the beneficial effects of these changes your committee has much pleasure in bear- ing testimony. Enrolled within its ranks the Tasmanian Football Association now has all the leading footballers in the Midlands and South, comprehended in 12 clubs. This, as against eight enrolled clubs last year, your committee ventures to assert is a mark of the growing interest taken by the football community in the work of the asso- ciation. The most important matches played during last season were Seniors v. Juniors, the opening match resulting in a tie, each side securing two goals. Town v. Country, played at Oatlands, not so thoroughly representative as could have been desired, owing to the inability of several prominent players being unable to take part at the last moment ; this match also resulted in a draw, each side obtaining one goal. Two twenties selected from associated clubs, captained respectively by Mr. L. Macleod and Mr. W. Cundy, was also a match in which much interest was evinced. The twenty captained by the former, however, had the game pretty much in their hands throughout, winning with 5 goals to none. The number of matches played under the auspices of the association by associated clubs was far in advance of the number played last year. In reviewing the individual doings of associated clubs, your committee finds that the Cricketers' Football Club holds the premier position, having secured 7 wins as against 1 loss -a result that must be extremely satisfactory to the members of that club considering the calibre of the clubs against which it has been pitted. Prospectively your com- mittee has reason to trust there is a brilliant season in store for your association. At the present time two Melbourne clubs - the Melbourne University and Hotham Football clubs - propose paying Hobart a visit. It is superfluous to state what a splendid impetus football would receive in this colony by having its votaries engaged with such clubs as those just mentioned. Your committee trusts that every member of the association, should negotiations be brought to a satisfactory issue, will lend every assistance in his power to carry out these matches   in a manner that will reflect credit on the associa-

tion. Relying on the promises made by the Government last year, your committee has much pleasure in being able to state that for the ensuing season the lower cricket ground will be placed at the disposal of the association. Fourteen com- mittee meetings have been held during the past season, at which the attendance has been as follows :-W. A. Finlay, 13 ; F. Wheen, 12; W. Cundy, 8.; W. A. H. Stuart, 7 ; G. S. Chapman, 6 ; G. S. Mackay, 3 ; T. J. Crisp (elected vice G. S.Mackay), 3 ; and L. Y. Prior, hon. secretary,


"As treasurer, I now have to make a statement of the financial position of the association. The re- ceipts for the year have been £28 16s. 6d. These, including a balance from last year of £10 6s, leave a balance in my hands, after deducting £19 16s. 10d., expenses incurred during season, of £19 16s.

8d. to the credit of the association."

The adoption of the report was moved by Mr. W. FINLAY, who made a few remarks about the good the association had done, in as much as a certain code of rules had been fixed, and used by all the clubs. He also touched on other subjects relating to football.  

Mr. T. CRISP seconded the motion, and it was ac- cepted unanimously.    

Mr. L. Y. PRIOR moved the re-election of the Hon. W. R. Giblin as President, and referred to the lively interest that gentleman had taken in the


The motion was seconded by Mr. W. FINLAY, and carried amidst much applause.

The Hon. W. R. GIBLIN thanked the meeting heartily for having re-elected him as presi- dent, and said he could not accept the compliment without telling them that he did not think he was the "right man in the right place ;" and that some of those thoroughly conversant with the game of football, and who had distinguished themselves in it in earlier years, might better be called in to occupy such a position. With regard to football, he had to make the humiliating confession that he enjoyed looking at the friendly rival game of cricket rather than foot- ball, but this he thought arose from the fact that he was somewhat ignorant of the latter game. Those who knew most about the sport, of course, showed the most enthusiasm. Much more interest seemed to be taken in the game of football in the other colonies, than in this ; and he had noticed thousands of people watching a game with intense gratification. He believed that cricket and football ought to be regarded as friendly rivals, and ought not to interfere with one another, as they occurred in different season - cricket being the best summer sport, and football the greatest winter

game. He looked upon both as calculated to develop a command of temper and sound judg- ment on the part of the players, and consequently it was well to indulge in them. He congratulated the association on the large attendance at this meeting, as it was a guarantee of the earnestness with which the members entered into the game of football. Such ought to be the case, for he thought that whatever game they entered into they should go into it thoroughly. The hon. gentleman ended his remarks by advising the meeting to be temperate in any discussions which they should have, and try and cultivate that command of temper and coolness of judgment, which he and others tried in other places, but not always with success. (Great ap- plause.)

Mr. B. STUART moved the re-election of the vice presidents, who were appointed last year. Mr. W. CUNDY seconded the proposition, which was agreed to unanimously.

The general rules and laws of the game were then considered and debated at some length. A proposal to do away with the bar, which has at present to be kicked over, was negatived by a large majority. Charging from behind was added to the prohibited notions in play. A proposal that school clubs having a delegate to the association should not allow their members to play with other clubs was also negatived. The remainder of the rules were adopted on the same basis as last year.

A vote of thanks to the Chairman was carried with much cheering, and closed the meeting.


The members of the New Town Football Club held their annual meeting on Tuesday evening, in a room kindly placed at their disposal by Mr. Hughes. Mr S. H. Hughes presided; about 20 members were present. After disposing of the routine business, the election of officers took place, with the following result :-Patron, Hon. Alfred Dobson, M.H.A.; president, Rev. A. N. Mason ; vice-presidents, H. J. Marsh, Russell Young, J. G. Davies, H. Cook, - Bowman, H. Pearce, and Captain Bayley. Mr. T. G. Lovett having declined to be re-elected secretary, Mr. J. H. Cato was unanimously elected in his stead. Mr. T. Crisp was re-elected delegate, to represent the club at the association. It was decided not to have a permanent captain, but that one be appointed pro tem, for each match. General committee : Messrs. T. G. Lovett, T. Crisp, H. Wright, W. H. Fisher, and the secretary; match committee, Messrs, A. P. Morriss, T. Crisp, and J. H. Cato. Nine new members were enrolled. A vote of thanks to the Chairman terminated the proceed- ings.