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I Sydney-, July 31, '

At a meeting held at Newcastle, it was resolved to send a congratulatory address to the Earl of Beaconsfield and tho Marquis of Salisbury, and to petition the Governor to set apart a day for public thanksgiving throughout tho colony, on the settle, meut of the Eastern Question.

In the action Imperial Fire Insurance versus Launceston aud Cornwall Fire and Marine Com. pauy, to recover £1,500 on a policy of ro-inauraneo, a verdict for plaintiffs for £910, with interest, was

returned. '

The Bulli Coal Company's dividend is 12} per cent., with £1,000 added to the reserve and insu, ranee accounts, and £509 carried forward.

The Newcastle Coal Company has declared a dividend of 14 per cent., and the Sydney Gas Com. pany 7i per cent., for the half-year.

The Senate of tho University has decided to ask tho Government to make provision for studonts completing a course of medical study.

The Australian Steam Navigation Company has

declared a dividend of eight per cant.; £13,881 to , ci edit of profit and loss.

Incieasc in deduction (?) outward English Mail,

after picseiit year, fourpence by San Fraucisco, . Suez, and Torres Straits routes. :]

August 1.

The Sydney Freehold Land Investment Society has declared a dividend of 10 per cent. _

August 2.

Telegrams received from London state that the proposed International Exhibition in Sydney has been officially accepted throughout Europe.

The brig Iserbrook has arrived from the South Seas with one hundred natives suffering,from sick-

ness aboard. She will probably be quarantined, ;

Tho Tones Straits mail steamer Normanby left Singapore yesterday one day in advance of contract time. A fin ther instalment of £90 has been for*

warded to Noumea for the reliof of tho sufferers" from ' the recent outbreak. , ¡ r ,

The last crushing of tho Dungong claim of ninety tons stone gave 1280 ounces of gold. i >

At the last concert given by Herr Elmblod there

was tho largest attendance since the opouiug. Mise , Sherwin, Herr Elmbald, and Signor Ortori, were called before the curtain and received enthusi- astically, j

The steamer Aconcagua takes to London 491 bales'wool; 876 ingots of tin; 7112 ingots of copper and 208 cases of pearl shells. . .

Adelaide Town Flour, £13 ; country £12 ; wheat 5s. Gd. to 5a. 9d ; Victorian Hour, £11 15s. ; wheat, 5s. 4d. to 5s. (Jil. : maize, 3s. 9d. ; tin, nominal, £58 per ton. -