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A Chinese died on Friday at Bundaberg, Queensland, from plague.

I-Iis Excellency the Governor of ^ew South Wales and Lady Bawson, I-Iis Excellency Vice-Admiral Sir Lewis Beaumont, his Ex cellency the acting Governor of South Aus tralia and Lady Way, will he the guests of his Excellency the Governor-General during

Cup week.

Madame Mclba. on Thursday sent a gift of £100 to the Sydney Children's Hospital. She is resting in Sydney until her next concert, which will he given there ou Holiday even ing. Her relaxed throat has improved, and she expects the rest to ba amply sufficient to completely restore her.

The Imperial authorities were recently petitioned to release Lieutenant AVhitton, who was condemned to imprisonment for life for the part he was alleged to have played in con nection with the Bushveldt Carbineers in South Africa. The acting Minister for De fence 011 Thursday received a despatch from the British Government declining to do any thing in this direction at present.

The house, orchard, and market rrardpii in

the estate, o? Edward Sangal, who was re

cently murdered, were offered for sale 0111 Thursday by Messrs. Joseph Clarke and Co. and AV. H. Allard, auctioneers in conjunc tion. A bid of ,£37ii was made for the house and five acres, but there was a reserve of

,£400. The market garden of G2 acres induced! a bid of ,£1S per acre, but the reserve was

,£20. The horse Sangal formerly drove in his' vegetable cart realised .£27, and the lorry £25. The bed on which Sangal slept his last sleep brought 13/. There was a large atten

dance at the sale.

A report from Abbott's gold mines, W.A., states that almost all the boarders at Ab bott's hotel were poisoned by eating tinned beetroot. No medical man was available, but emetics were administered with much suc cess. Although there were no fatalities, a few persons are not out of danger. Many of those poisoned were found outside their camps

in agony.

.Tudge Moorhcad states that- proceedings for contempt will be taken against- those mem bers of the Perth Trades and Labor Council who recently accused the bench of bias.

A man named Alfred Kershaw committed suicide in a determined manner in his eami>

at Due by cutting his throat with a blunt; pocket-knife. He was found by two black gins, with tlic knife in one hand and the other hand grasping his beard. Deceased was recently an inmate of the Cue Hos


On Thursday a young man named W. E. Tcrtsclike attempted to commit- suicide at the Ascot Brickworks, Kalgooriie, by shoot ing himself in the chest with a revolver. His recovery is uncertain.

As far as can be gathered, the whole of the bogus scrip in the Papuan Brilliant and ATic toria Gold Mining Company.. Charters Towers, has been traced. The young man arrested on "Wednesday in connection with the charge of forgery has been remanded for

a week.

The death of the two women reported from Brighton, South Australia, on Wednesday, is surrounded with mystery. The body of the i daughter, wbo was 50 years of age, -was on

the floor, with clothes on, and was not burnt at all-; while her mother was sitting in an armchair, with her hands resting on a table, and all lier clothes burnt oft the upper part of her body. There was a flagon, containing colonial wine, on the floor, between the two bodies, but there was neither the remains of a candle nor a lamp to indicate the origin of the fire. The women were said to be of in temperate habits, and it is surmised that Miss Matthews, after extinguishing the fire, faint ed, and was suffocated by the smoke. At the inquest held on Thursday the jury found

that both women were suffocated.