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    Notice of Marriage between John Read and Mary Webb by Nathaniel Kinsman - duplicate of notice of 23 November 1876

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Family Notices

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ADAMS.—On the 14th November, at 169 Davey-street,

the wife of George Patten Adams, of a son.

BROWNELL.—On the 7th November, Mrs. W. F.

Brownell, of a son.

BURROWS.—On 13th November, at Risdon Road, New

Town, the wife of S. H. Burrows, of a son.

BURDON.—On the 31st October, the wife of J. Burdon,

jun., of a son.

DAVIES.—On the 20th November, at Roseville, New

Town, Mrs. J. G. Davies, of a son.

FALKINER.—On the 6th November, at Wickford, the

wife of H. R. Falkiner, Esq., of a daughter.

HOWE.—On 30th October, at No. 12, Church-street,

the wife of J. Howe, Esq., C.S., of Katree, Scinde- India, of a daughter.

McGUINNESS.—On the 19th November, at Providence Valley, Mrs. F. McGuinness, of a son.

MILES.—On 28th October, at 167, Macquarie-street,

the wife of E. T. Miles, of a son.

NALL.—On the 14th November, at 43, Davey-street,

the wife of Mr. Robert Nall, of a son.

PLANE.—On 28th October, at Hobart Town, Mrs.

Edward Rye Plane, of a daughter.

RAPP.—On the 7th November, at 172, Macquarie-street,

the wife of Captain G. M. Rapp, of a daughter.

RUSSELL.—On the 31st October, at Glenfield, Upper

Huon, the wife of John Russell, of a son.

SARGISON.—On the 3rd November, at her residence,

Arthur-street, Dunedin, Mrs. W. F. Sargison, pre- maturely of a daughter (still-born).

WILKINSON.—On 10th November, at 45, Campbell-

street, the wife of Peter Facy Wilkinson, of a son.


BENNETT—HOWELL.—On the 25th August, 1876, at

Christ Church, Highbury, London, by the Rev. J. W. Webster, M. A., Vicar of St. Barnabas, Harvest Road, Mr. Seymour John Bennett, of the Accountant- General's Department, Inland Revenue Office, Somerst House, London, eldest son of the late Rev. W. R. Bennett, Glenorchy, to Hannah, daughter of J. S. Howell, Montague Villla, Highbury, Hill Park, London.

BEARD—HAYNES.—On the 20th November, by the

Rev. W. C. Robinson, James Wilson, eldest son of W. E. Beard, of Hobart Town, to Elizabeth Alma, second eldest daughter of W. Haynes, Muddy


BLACKLOW—FERGUSON.— On the 4th November, at

St. David's Cathedral, Hobart Town, by the Rev. J. Gray, assisted by the Rev. A. Berresford, James Edmund, fifth son of J. Blacklow, Esq., Blendon, Brighton, to Eliza Irvine, second daughter of W. G. Ferguson, Esq., Tinderbox Bay.

BRENT—DELAMERE—On the 17th November, at All

Saints' Church, by the Lord Bishop of Tasmania, assisted by the Ven. Archdeacon Davies, Henry Robert, second son of the late John Brent, Esq., of Roseneath, Glenorchy, to Mary Anne, only daughter of the late Horatio Nelson Delamere, Esq., of Wil- ton, Wilts, England.

ELLISTON—BLACKLOW.—On the 4th November, at St. Mark's Church, Pontville, by the Rev. P. B. Sharland, Victor Robert Lowes, fourth son of the late William Gore Elliston, Esq., to Maria Lavinia, sixth daughter of John Blacklow, Esq., Blendon,

Black Brush.

ESPIE—BROCK.—On 14th November, at Chalmer's

Free Church, Launceston, by the Rev. J. Lindsay, John Edward Espie, Esq., of Kelly, Upper Broad Marsh, to Anne, youngest daughter of Henry Brock, Esq., of Talantyre, Cressy.

FYLES—GLANN.—On 4th October, at St. David's

Cathedral, by the Rev. J. Gray, Alexander Fyles, to Harriet Glann, both of the River Plenty.

GRIMES—PARKER.—On 30th October, at St. David's

Cathedral, by the Rev. J. Gray, Michael Grimes, to Emma Parker, both of the River Plenty.

HART—CLEWER.—On 8th November, at St. Matthew's

Church, New Norfolk, by the Rev. W. W. F. Murray, William, eldest son of W. Hart, Esq., Launceston, to Florence Morey, second daughter of W. Clewer, Esq., New Norfolk.

MASON—ARTHUR.—On 15th November, at Christ's

Church, Longford, by the Rev. Charles R. Arthur, brother of the bride, assisted by the Rev. N.   Mason and the Rev. Arthur Wayn, Incumbent of Longford, John Bridges Mason, Physician and Surgeon, Longford, fifth son of the late Nathaniel Mason, Esq., of Hyde Park, London, to Mary Raynor, eldest daughter of Charles Arthur, Esq., of Norley Cottage, Longford.

O'BRIEN- HOLMESDALE.- On the 25th October, at

St. David's Cathedral, by the Rev. W. W. Spicer, David O'Brien, of Launceston, to Emily, only daughter of Charles Hollinsdale, seedsman, Liver- pool-street

READ—WEBB.—On 14th November, by special license,

at Carlton, Victoria, by the Rev. Nathaniel Kins- man, John Henry, second son of Mr. John Read, of Liverpool-street, Hobart Town, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Mr. George Webb, baker, of Hobart Town.

SALMON—RUMNEY.—On the 7th November, at Trinity  

Church, by the Rev. G. Shoobridge, Joseph, youngest son of the late Thomas Salmon, to Mary Frances, fifth daughter of William Rumney, Hobart Town.

SHIELD—TERRY.—On the 13th November, at St.

James's Church, Sydney, by the Rev. Mr. Allwood, Robert Hiddlestone, second son of Mr. R. Shield, builder, to Mary Isabella, third daughter of Mr.  

Wm. Terry, both of Hobart Town.


ANDERSON.—On the 29th October, at Boroondara,  

Claremont, Queensland, Harry, second son of Alexander Anderson, of Mooramon, Skipton, aged 28 years.

BLAKE.—On the 8th November, after a short and

painful illness, aged 12 years, Mary, youngest daughter of Mr Blake, Bridge Inn, Brighton.  

COWLEY.—On the 24th November, at his residence,    

corner of Brisbane and Murray-streets, William   Cowley, in the 84th year of his age.

CRAMP.—On 5th November, Ethel Maude, eldest

daughter of J. T. and S. T. Cramp, 249, Liverpool- street, in the 4th year of her age.

DOYLE.—On 23rd November, John Doyle, in the 63rd  

year of his age, leaving a wife and 5 children.  

DRAKE.—On the 11th November, at his residence, 75  

Campbell street, Francis John Drake, aged 65 years. FARIE.—On 19th September, at Crieff, Perthshire,  

Jane, eldest daughter of the late Claud Farie, Esq.

GILMOUR.—On 6th November, at Roseway Park, the  

residence of Captain Cowen, Fred Herbert Cowen,   only son of the late Joseph Gilmour, of India.   Aged two years and four months.

GRAVES.—On the 30th October, 1876, at Caldew, of  

congestion of the lungs, John Woodcock Graves, solicitor, aged 47 years.  

HORMAN.—On 10th November, 1876, at his residence     New Town, John Horman, in his 83rd year.

HUTTON.—On Friday, the 10th November, at the  

residence of her father in Harrington-street, Sophia,   eldest daughter of John Hutton, aged 22 years.

JONES—On 3rd November, at Lewisham, the wife of

James Jones, in the 42nd year of her age.

KOECK.—On the 22nd November, at his father's resi-    

dence, Forest Road, after a short but painful illness, Charles, youngest son of Mr. P. Koeck, aged 9 years.

MACBETH.—On the 19th November, Lillias, youngest  

daughter of John Macbeth, of this city, aged 6

years and 8 months.

MARKS.—On the 21st November, at 108 Elizabeth-  

street, Emily Sarah, relict of the late Abraham Marks, aged 52 years.

MESSITER.—On the 21st November, at his late resi-

dence, Harrington-street, Hobart Town, Edward   Messiter, builder (suddenly), aged 50 years.  

MURPHY.—On 19th November, after a short but painful

illness, John Murphy, in the 65th year of his age.

MYLER.—At his father's residence, No. 148 Elizabeth-  

street, Daniel, third son of Mr. D. Myler, aged 17


NEWBY.—On tho 23rd November, Mr John Newby, in  

his 69th year.

O'BRIEN.—On 4th November, at her mother's resi-

dence, Upper Macquarie-street, Eleanor Mabel,     eldest daughter of the late Thomas O'Brien, aged 10    


PARSONS.—On the 7th November, at his residence,  

Elboden Place, Hobart Town, the Rev. Samuel Parsons, D.D., Incumbent of All Saints' and Canon       of St. David's, in his 55th year, eldest son of Henry   Parsons, Esq., of Trim, County Meath, Ireland.

PAYNE.—On the 18th November, after a long and pain-

ful illness from inflammation of the membranes of the brain, Lilian Alice Maud, third and dearly beloved daughter of W. H. F. Payne, aged 6 years and 10


RADCLIFF.—On 13th November, at Risdon Road, New        

Town, Annie Maria Radcliff, aged 23 years.

ROSE. — On 17th November, 1876, Osborn, youngest

son of the late John Rose, cabinet maker of this city, aged 35, and grandson of the late Rev Samuel Clark, Rector of Chirton, near Devizes, Wiltshire.

ROSS.—On the 17th November, John Ross, ship-

builder, aged 62 years.

SARGISON.—On the 4th November, at her residence,  

Arthur-street, Dunedin, Ann Eliza, the beloved   wife of Willliam F. Sargison.

SCHOLES.—-On 4th November, at his residence, 38,

Elizabeth-street, Hobart Town, James Samuel Scholes, of consumption, aged 33 years, late of Manchester, England.

THIRKELL.—On the 3rd November, at his late resi-

dence, Oakburn, Launceston, Robert Thirkell, aged 85 years.

TRAVERS.—On the 31st October, Martha Florence,

second daughter of George and Agnes Travers, aged four years and two months.  

WELSH.—On 2nd November, at Niagra Creek, Gould's

Country, David John, eldest son of Mr. David Welsh, of Cambridge, Tasmania, aged 24 years and

four months.

WILSON.—On Friday, 10th November, George Wilson,

aged 77 years.

WOOD.—On 8th November, 1870, at her son's residence, Wilmot-street, Hobart Town, Mary Wood, aged 69 years.