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AKRIVED.-February 5.

Zephyr, brigantine, *)1 tons, A. Colombier, from Melbourne, 29th inst. W. Sherwin-Agent.

Harriet, Government schooner, 40 tons, C. Anderson from "Norfolk Bay, 4th inst. Passengers-Dr. Coverdale, llevd. Fitzgerald, Misses Coveirlalo (2), Messrs.' Solly, and Thin nbull. Agent-Colonial Storekeeper.


Uncle Tom, Honeywood, timber,; Esther, South E>rt, palings ; Duckets of Kent, Huon, timber ;

urline, Long Bay, fruit ; Annie, River Chief, Sounds, timber ; William and Susan, Alice, Elua, Barnes Bay, firewood : Speedwell, South Arm, produce; Annie Stubb, Poit Cygnet, timber.

CLEARED OUT-February 5.

Agnes Jessie, threemnated brigantine, 188 tons, G. A. Phillips, for Melbourne, mi Gäulen Island


Hawthorn, ketch, 5-1 tons, F. Debney for Adelaide.

ENTERED OUT.-February Ö. Southern Cross, s.a. for Melbourne,

SAILED -February 5.

Hawthorn, ketch, F. Debney, for Adelaide.


London.-Alfred Hawley.left Gravesend and passed Deal 11th November, off Start Point 16th, put into Plymouth 19th, left 21st.

Melbourne.-Hally Bayly, bchooner. 'Sydney.-Pearl, H.M.S.

Wellington.-Young Dick, three-masted brigan- tine, to have sailed 29th January.

Invercargill.-Briton's Pude, brig, Bailed 23rd January.

Launceston.-Lilian, schooner.

.East Coast.-Guiding Star, schooner; Robert Burns, schooner ; Seymour, ketch.

Maldon Island.-Speedy, brig.

"WHALING.-Tamerlane, American barque.


London.-Lufra, barque, about 12th February; Helen, barque (or new vessel), about 1st March.

Melbourne.-Southern Cross, b.s., Monday Feb- ruary 7th, 4 p.m.

Sydney.-Tasman, s.S., Tuesday, 8th Feb., 4 p.m. Lyttelton.-Southern Cross, barque, on or about 16th February ; India, barquo.on the 8th inst.; Briton'»

Pride, brig (to arrive).

'Wellington.-Malay, barque.

Dunedin.-Young Dick, three-masted brigantine (to arrive).

East Coast.-Venus, ketch, Tuesday 8th.

1 IMPORTS.-February 5.

FA .racial charge is made to consignees who wish to par- ticularise their imports 1

Zephyr, from Melbourne-18 bullock», 92 sheep.

Included In the manifest of the Southern Cross are the following .

Ex Southern Cross-1 cs clan and grey wool shawls, Rob Roy's shepherds and Ottoman stripes, 1 cs mourn- ing flowers, white, black, and coloured ostrich plumes, 1 cs ribbon, velvets, coloured cord edge lutes and black brilliante ribbons, 1 cs white and drab corsets and lacing stays, 1 cs Hoyle's mourning prints and Horrooks's long cloths, 1 bl alhambra and scarlet wonted quilts and ticks, 1 cs scallopings and insertions, Tom Thumb ties, llamas and fancy combs, 1 cs Harvard, Oxford and regatta shirts. Victoria lawn, «late linen etc., 1 cs braces, belts, gents fancy scarfs,

ladies' fancy belts, hat scarfs, etc, 1 cs beaded,_ velvet and terry buttons, black and coloured llama braids and fancy trimmings, 1 cs fancy buttons, crochet cottoiw, braids, etc., etc. (Transhipments from Somersetshire). 19 ¿-chut* and 8 bxs tea, A ess cunante, 10 bgs rice, 20 bgs Victorian Company's I.W. bugar, 10 ess confec- tionery, consisting of conversations, Scotch mixtures, sugar almonds, marbles, jujubes, Loudon mixtures, cocoatinea, aniseed balls, coriander», medal«, rose and cinnamon lozenges : John Baily and Co.

Ex Southern Cross-1 cs hosiery, 1 cs white calicoes

and window hollands, 1 cs black satin cloths, coburg«, | alpacas. Parramatta, etc., 1 cs umbrellas, 1 cs tweeds, 1 cs ribbons, velvets, épingles, etc., 1 cs dresses, 1 cs white and coloured shirts, 1 cs mantles and jackets, I cb stayB and corsets (transhipment ex Onone). 1 cs scarf frillings, etc , 1 ck winceys, 1 cs new shawls, l,cs L.W. hosiery, 1 cs quilted and embroidered skiits, etc., 1 cs wool plaids, 1 cs mantle cloths, 1 cs Horrooks's longcloths, 1 cs French merinoe», 1 cs handkerchiefs in fancy boxes, trimmings, etc., 1 cs Crimean shirts, 1 cs Horrocks'« calico, 1 bl blankets, 1 bl flannels, 1 bl grey calicoes (transhipment e\ Loch Gairy). Kerr and Young, ii ii

ExSouthern Cross-1 prcl drapery, UG j-chsts tea, 1 cs lime juice : Perkins and Nephew.

,' EXPORTS.-February 5.

Agnes Jessie, _ for Melbourne, 20,000 5ft. palings, 80,000ft. sawn timber to be shipped at Garden Maud Creek, H. Chesterman.

.¡Hawthorn for Adelaide, 4,000ft. hardwood timber, 1,500 6ft. palings, 1,600 0ft. palings, 13 bullock poles, BO pairs cart-shafts, 23 tons hrewood, G. Foulis.

TBy Electric Telegraph.] J ' " MOUNT NELSON.

'' » INWARD.

Feb. 5th, 4 p.m.-Zephyr.biigautinc off Wedge Bay. Wind S.S.E. light.



Feb. 5th, 4.30 p.m.-Derwent s.S., from Melbourne. Passengers-Cabin : Mr. and Miss Gower, Mr. and Mrs; Sayers, Mrs. and Mil» Williamson, Miss Gates, Mr. and Mm. Royd«, child and nurse, Miss Hammaud, Miss Sim, Miss K. Robertson, Miss Ethel Fitzgerald, Mrs. Fitzgerald, nurse, and infant, Miss Wilson, Mr. and (2) Misses Edginton, Mrs. Peterson, Mr. find Miss Shadbolt, Miss C. Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Richardson, Mrs. Seal and child, Revs, Bennett, Nye,' and White, Capt. Geo. Gilmore, Alossrs H. Dowling. W. T. Burrowes, P. Mills, ; E. Oddoy, J, Crooke, Cleland, W. Twontyman, Gee, Moinet, P. H. Bassano, P. J. Parfitt, Seal, J. H. Turner, Osborne, Hamilton, Tothill, Oakden, AVillink, Beecher, Smith ; and 31 steerage; and race horses, Red Gauntlet, Lorenzo, and Neckergat.


February 5th, 4-2ö p.m.-Araunah, barque, for London. - > . LEVEN.


" Feb. 4th, 6 p.m.-Eveline, schooner, for Melbourne.

'.',\ ' , i - ¿ON.


' Feb. 4th, 5 a.m.-Argyle, s.S., for Melbourne!

The following passengers had booked np to one p.m. on Saturday to go to-day by the Southern Cross s.s. to Melbourne :-Major Pasley and family, Mrs. Crumly and two children, Mrs. Gellibrand and family, Misses H. Crone, A. Creswell, Wrigglesworth (2), Lindsay, Walpole, Messrs E. B. Moyser, Wilson, W. Orr, E. K. Hotchins, O. Carenshaw, Crumly, and Lindsay, Masters L. Watson and Wrigglesworth. ,

', The brigantine Zephyr, Captiau Coloinbeir, ' left Melbourne on the morning of the 29th ult., and passed through Fort Phillip Heads the same night, with a northerly wind, which carried her to Swan Island on the 31st. Light and variable winds were then experienced. The Pillar was rounded at 10 a. ni. on Saturday. Passed the Iron Pot at 8 p.m., and brought up alongside the Cattle Jetty, Queen's Domain, at midnight. The Zephyr brings l8 head of cattle, and 92 sheep, all of which are in fine


The Government schooner Harriet left NorfolkBay at 6 p.m. on the 4th inst. Experienced light variable winds until the Iron Pot was passed at noon on Satur- day. The vessel hauled into the Constitution Dock at half-past three p.m. on Saturday.

Messrs Johnson Bro», and Co. have been informed by letter of the arrival of the whaling barque Othello Ut Bedberohe Bay to take in a Kupply of wood and ¡water for the purpose of completing her cruise. The vessel has now 33 tuns of sperm on board, having taken three tuns since she was reported m September


The new ketch Hawthorn, built by Mr. John Fhilu, and sold by lum to Mr. G. Foulis, of Adelaide, left for that port on Saturday night, with a full cargo of timber. The Hawthorn is in chnrge of Captain F. Debney, and should make a rapid trip to her


The barque Malay will not be slipped on this trip, and is now in the Constitution Dock ready to receive her cargo for Wellington.

, The brigantine Malcolm was towed round from Lucas'slip on Saturday afternoon hy the Enterprise, after having received a thorough overhaul. ,

The P.M. Company's Now Steamer Zcalnndia, which is intended for the new mail line between Sydney and San Francisco.hns arrived at'Melbourne after the splen 'fle'd passage of 40 days' from the Clyde.-The 'Daily JWim describes the ship as "a handsome irán'screw .vteamer. 2,800 tons gro-.s i caster,'built ,by Messrs J. Elder,and Co., of Fairfield, Covan, and of the following ¡dimensions ¡-Length hetweou perpendiculars, 370ft. ; ^i'readth'mouldod, 37Aft. ; depth moulded, 29ft. Heren gmëa are'500-horso power nominal, and are constructed upon the builders' compound three-cylinder principle, 'having invertod cylinders, diroctacting. The diameter« of the cylinders are-one -loin., and two t\2iu. The vessel in rigged as a four masted schooner. The vessel ' is also'fitted up with hydraulic steoring-gear, and all

the latest improvements have been employed in perfect- ing her working machinery. She is fitted up in a very complete manner, accommodation being provided for 170 first class, 30 second-class, and 100 third-class pas- sengers, while exclusive quarters aro provided for the officers and screw, who number 90 in all. The saloon,

'The proven speed of the steamers which are to perform the new San Francisco Sorvicc, will bo likely to throw tho P. and O. Company's time into tho shade, unless the latter place mole modem mid faster steamers on the lAustralian line than they are ut present employing. ,The sister ship to the Zealandia, the Australia, left the Clyde on the 20th January, and may therefore be ¡looked for at Melbourne about tho 7th March.

'l The mission brig John Wesley, arrived on the 30th «It. Captain Maunsoll reports that he left Tonga on the 10th January. At midnight, 11th, experienced a heavy squall, which blew away lower iuaintopsail, ship running eleven knots ; bout another topsail and set it : towards sunrise wind taking off considerably and by 0 a.m. fine weather with moderato breeze set in. On tho 14th November it commenced to blow heavily from the eastward at Tongatabu, and increased to almost hurri- cane force till the 19th, with heavy rain, doing much damage ashore and to the shipping. The Martin Luther, Russian ship, lying at Lifuka with 750 tons of copra on hoard, had to cut away all her masts to save the ship, and the Upolo, German schooner, parted her, chains and was driven on «boro at the same piace. She' has since been got off by the German wur-Hhrp Gazelle, and is coming up to Sydney in ballast to repair. The Taf ahau had a narrow escape at Nukualofa, riding with both chains out to tho lui u cuds, and all her yards and topmasts down. The chains cut throughher hawse pipes and the sea was making a breach over her at times. On tho 20th it began to moderate. During the gale the wind veered from N.E. to S.E. and back again several times. The breadfruit just cumingripe was all destroyed. Ab this is really all the food the natives «UVA to depend on at this season of the year until the

yams come in, in March, they have been reduced almost to Btarvatiun, especially as the plnintaina and bananas are destroyed as well. Tongatabu suffered the most in this respect. There is very little damage done to the cocoanut». The natives and residents all expected another hurricane, and while there the John Wesley had. very strong breezes, being compelled to ride with titree anchors, and upper yards down.-S. M. Herald. _