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Hawthorn, Franklin, shingles ; Hero, Southport, timber ; Rose, Harriet, Esperanza, Gazelle, Ann Allen, Lily, Port Cygnet, timber ; John and Margaret-Milly, Kangaroo, Barnes Bay, firewood ; Elleanor, Robert and Henry, Rose, Rattler, Ralphs Bay, firewood : Cathrine, Huon, timber ; Shannon, Fort Arthur coal mines, coal ; William and Martha, Port Esperance, timber; Lurline, Independence, Evening Star, Long   Bay, firewood; Flying Arrow, Oyster Cove, firewood.  

CLEARED OUT - December 10.

Southern Cross, s.u., 343 tons, T. Gapuru, for Mel- bourne. Passengers. - Cabin.-Mrs. Budd, Miss Julia Hodgson, Miss Clara Roberts, Mrs. J. Brown and infant, Miss Hutton, Messrs. W. Short, E. Kater, Wm. Smith, Jillett ; and 3 steerage.

Jane, brig, 100 tons, W. Chamberlain, for Auckland.

SAILED. - December 10.

Gears, three-masted brigantine, for Napier. Southern Cross, s.s. for Melbourne.

.Guiding Star, schooner, for East Coast.


SVDNEY.-Tasman, s.S., to leave Monday, 20th, December, will arrive following Thursday morning.

MiLBOUHNH.- Southern Cross, s.S., to leave Wed- nesday, 22nd December, will arrive following Friday morning ; Acacia, barque, to leave Saturday, 18th December ; Zephyr, brigantine.

'AUCKLAND.-Bolla Mary, barque, to Bail Friday,


DUNEDIN.-Swordfish, brigantine, sailed Saturday,

4th December.,

LTTTELTON.-Italy, barque, sailed Thursday, 2nd


NEWCASTLE.-Fairy Rock, brig ; Malcobn,brigantine. WANGAROA.-Glencoe, barque.

POBI DAVEY, VIA RFCIIERCHE.-Swansea Packet, schooner ; Emerald Isle, Ripple, ketches.

¡LATROBE.-Dawn of Hope, schooner, to leave Friday, 10th December.

EAST COAST.-Venus, ketch : Robert BurnB, schooner ; Seymour, ketch.

MALDON ISLAND.-Speedy, brig.

WHALING.-Tamerlane, American barque.


LONDON.-Harriet McGregor, barque, Thursday, 23rd December j Ethel, barque, early ; Wogoola, ship, January ; Lufra, barque, about 1st February ; Helen, barque (or new vessel), about 1st March.

STONEY.-Tasman, s.S., Tuesday, 28th Dec, 4 p.m. MELBOURNE.-Southern Cross, s.S., Wednesday,29th December, 4 p.m.

LTTTELTON AND NAPIER.-Clematis, bi ig,to-morrow. .NEW ZEALAND.-Kohinoor, barque, early. ,d '. ) i - '

-1 r EXPORTS.-December 10.

Southern Cross, for Melbourne.-2 pkgs leather, Burgess and Go. j lpkgsaws, J. E. Risby ; 1 firkin ale, W.-Gracie ; 3 blood colts, W. Wilson ; 20,000 5-ft. pal- ings, (Tasmanian Steam Navigation Company ; 4 bis linseed, I. Wright ; 40 ess jam, G. Peacock : 2 4-trcs tobacco, P. O. Fysh and Co. ; 2 ess leather, J. Cooke and Son ; 1 bl corks, 1 pkg rugs, Webster, Corrie, and Co. ; 3 pkgs boots, J. Biundstone.

'Jane, for Auckland.-8,000 rails, GO prs cart shafts, 26,000 5-ft. and 0ft. palings, 7,000ft hardwood timber, H. B. Evans ; 37 ess jam, W. Hawkins and Co. ; 70 ess jam, O. E. Knight ; 47 ess jam, 40 ess fruit, Johnson Bro«, and Co. ; 24 ess fruit, H. and T. Peak.




Dec. 10th, 8 a.m.-Seymour passed to the eastward. 4 p.m.-Guiding Star off Capo Raoul; Ceara off Brown's River. Wind, S., light.

', , , , PORT ARTHUR.


Dec. 16th, 4 p.m.-A barque off Cape Pillar, stand- ing east. -




Dec., 10th, 0*30 p.m.-Tamar, s.S., for Melbourne.

TRI new ketch Hawthorn, belonging to Mr. John Philp, of Franklin-where she WOB built-arrived in port, yesterday morning. A description of thin vessel upon being, launched, appeared in a recent issue of, The Mercury. Since then the Hawthorn has been rigged, and fitted with every requisito for a vessel of her description. Her cabin is a trim and cozy apartment possessing a stateroom, and the fittings in it are of the real Huon pine, a very pretty wood wucn SUshed. We must not omit to state that the

awthorn is a very handsome model, and Mr. Joseph Mann, of Peppermint Bay, who drafted the vessel and supervised her building, is to be com- plimented on the success of this his first essay in the art of shipbuilding. The destination of the Haw- thorn will probably be the coastal trade of the other colonies, for which she is well adapted, being capable of carrying between 70 and 80 tons of cargo on a draught of 0 feet C inches. Mr. Philp has prepared the material for another new vessel to carry about 55 tons, which he intends to employ in his own trade.

ELSEWHERE Messrs. Webster Corrio & Co., the local agents of the Tasmanian line of packets to London, notify the dates on which the vessels are to sail. As usual the barque Harriet McGregor will be the first ship of the season. She is rapidly filling up, and will take her departure on Thursday next. The next vessel belonging to this line to leave will be the barque Lufra ; and the proposed date of sailing is the 1st of February. The barque Helen, or a new clipper ship, will follow the Lufra, leaving on or about the 1st of March. An advertisement addressed by the owners of this line to wool-growers, shippers, and importers, appears in another column.

THE steamship Southern Cross left at 4 p.m., yester- day, for Melbourne, taking three blood colts, a quantity of palings, etc. She will leave Melbourne for this on Wednesday, 22ml instant.

,THE manager ,f the'1'.S.N. Co. announces that the ?.is."Tasman will leave Sydney on Monday next, and is expected to arrive heie on the following Thursday. She will leave for Sydney on Tuesday, 28th inst., and on her arrival there will be slipped to undergo periodi jcal overhaul. The steamer will leave for this port, aSjgf completion of overhaul, on or about the 18th of '.January, 1870.

" '.JTJKE^.s. Emu returned yesterday morning from her ?malden irip to Now Norfolk. Captain Wiso expressed himself ae highly satisfied with the little boat, which attained a'mgh rate of speed. She will continue in the trade until the p.s. Monarch, which was slipped yes- terday, completes her periodical overhaul.

YKSTKKDAY morning tho finding of the court of inquiry into the loss of the barque Tien Tem was de JjYi;red. It appears in another column. The loss of the vessel was attributed to her being overloaded, and to not being properly found with good and sound suils. The conduct of the master and mate, and also the crew,was commended, and the certificates of the two former were returned. The court also expressed their high sense of the promptitude and energy exhibited by

^Captain Stanley of H.M.C.S. Victoria in going to tho 1 a%'i)tance of, and endeavouring to savo the vessel.

!>tvJL'HE Jane brig was lost evening towed into the

stream, ready for sea.

' ' Toe departure of the brig Clomatis for Lyttelton jhasTjcen unavoidably deferred until to-morrow.

? Tilfe'Ceara, three-masted brigantino sailed yesterday .forenoon bound to Napier, with a full cargo.

V. ÍTHK .Harriet Government schooner will leave this ^norning far Port Arthur.

c ^VK ijpd'irstand that Mr. E. D. Cuthbert of the *>anklui intends launching a new ketch at Chrirtmas time which'limy be expected in town in about a month afterwards. She will register about 40 tons and carry

t» tons.

. WE learn from Mr. W. Carmichael that tho three ' masted brigantine Agnes Jessie, hence 24th ni t., arrived

at Dunedin, on the 4th inst., after a very fine passage ; 'all well. _^_^_________