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FIRST GOVERNMENT HOUSE. * Recently it was mentioned in our col umns that the quaint old building, the first Government House, situated at: Palmer-street, Jolimont, erected in 1839 by. Mr. C. J. La Trobe, and occupied by him for some years, ,was about to be demolished. The council of the Early Pioneers' Associa tion thought that those wiho take a deep interest in the historic buildings of Mel bourne, including ,the Premier, Mr. Watt, shou'ld ,be afforded an opporbunity of in specting it. Mr. W. >Smithers Gadd, secre tary of the association, approa'ched the owners of the lbailding (Messrs. Bedggood and Company), and received a promise that sufficient time should be given thim to ar range for a day of final inspection. ,'b? has 'been fixed for Friday next at 2.30 pm. The Lord and Lady Mayoress, Cr. D. V. and Mrs. Hennessy, are taking .much in terest in the movement, and have signified their intention to be present. The Gover nor, Sir Arthur .Stanley, has written to Mr. Smithers Gadd stating that he will be pleased to attend. The members of the State Government, the City Council and their wives, the .rayors and mayoresses of the suburban municipalities, the members of the Early Pioneers' Association, and other citizens. are being invited. Invita tions are limited, and early application should be made to Mr. W. Smithers Gadd, M7 Muir-street, West Richmond. Admission I uill only be by presenting cards of invita tion officially issued.