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WEDDINGS STOGDALE--CUDMORE There was a large gathering at St·   John's Church, Toorak, on Saturday after noon, when Miss Evelyn Pierpont Cud- more, daughter 'of Mr. and Mrs. Cudmore, late of "Avoca," Wentworth, N.S.W., was married to Mr. Stanley Stogdale, son of Mr. Frank Stogdale. The church was at tractively decorated witth variegated bam boo, palms and white flowers. The bride was attended by three grown up and two litte bridesmraids, all gowned in the most pieturesque fashion imaginable. The bridal gown was of ivory white satin draped ef- fectively above the knees and finished with a small train. Over this was worn a court train of quite unusual magnificence. It was of white ninon, heavily brocaded with velvet, the whole being lined with the palest pink ninon. Miss Adele In- gram, maid of honor, and the two other bridesmaids wore frocks of blue satin faced cashmere. The upper part of the gowns was entirely covered with tulle, and very wide belts of tulle were set off with narrow box pleated ruches, piped with the blue satin. A similar rucie divided the tulle from the frock above the knees, givsng t tunic effect to the gowns. Wreathes of blue satin roses were worn under quaint caps of tulle, whtidh ended with a closely pleated fan of tulle .at the back of the nech. They carried old world bouquets of white flowers and blue forgetmenets. The littda maids, daughters of Mrs. G. Brookes and Mrs. F. Stogdale, wore de lightfuT little frocks very .pretty skirts of fulle piped with biue satin, supplement inig little coatees of tulle. Blue baskets of flowers gave a channing finishing touch. Mfr. Clifford Anderson officiated as best man, the groomsmen Ibeing Dr. E. White, Dr. Baalcoribe 9uick and Mr. -Harper. Mfter tihe weddng a large reception was held at Mandeville Hall.. Bolth bride and bridegroom had been living there for some time, and their engagement is one of sev eral aesociated -witCh this particular guest house. The decorations there were very wel cari'ied out with raspbherry pink cac ci. dui '.j ridl Japanese maple foliage. The etranee haill was lbeautified with pen dant baskets of red cactus dahlias. Mr. and Mrs..Cudmore received the guests in The 'hall, tthe bride and 1bridegroof after wards receiving them in the drawinigroom. A handsome frock of black ninon and lace, slightly relieved witlh pink, was wiTorn by Mrs. Cudmaore, with a black. hat trimmed with a pink plume. Miss Stogdale's gown was of blue cloth, effectively trimmed with fur. After the reception, wedding break fast was served in a marquee, where the talble decorations were cleverly carnied out in pink'and blue, the initials of the bride and bridegroom, done with Cecil Brunner, be~ing g _a~byze~ acrdhaJl~e,

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