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In Memoriam and Death advertisements contain- ing reference to more than one deceased are   charged 2/6 each for each deceased mentioned, as if they were distinct and separate announce- ments.             (For other notices see page 35) HEROES OF THE GREAT WAR. BAKER.—In loving memory of Private W. H. Baker, 8011, 7th, 27th Battalion, killed in action in France, August 4th, 1916.         A silent thought, a second tear,   Still keeps your memory dear to us. Inserted by his loving sisters and brothers, Lill, Hilda, Kath, Charley, and Arthur.   BRIDGES.—In loving memory of our dear son     and brother, Sergeant Roy Bridges, D.C.M., killed in action, France, August 6, 1917. Just a memory, fond and true A loving thought, dear Roy, of you. Inserted by his loving mother and family. BOSISTO.—In loving memory of my dear and   only son, Russell George Bosisto, 27th Battalion, killed in action in France, August 4th, 1916. Say not that he is dead,   When Jesus called him to live for evermore.   Inserted by his loving mother.     BOSISTO.—In loving memory of our dearly loved only   brother, Russell George Bosisto, killed in action, France, August 4th, 1916. Though lost to sight,   To memory dear. Inserted by his loving sisters.   BUCHANAN.—In fond memory of Colin J.   Buchanan, lieutenant, submarine C83, H.N.R., who gave his life on August 4th, 1915, only son of Brigadier-General K. J. Buchanan, C.B. Greater love.—Inserted by his wife and child, Clarice and Colin, Wallaroo.   BUTTERICK.—In sad and loving memory of   our dear son and brother, Private Leslie M. But- terick, killed in action August 4th, 1916, at the   Battle of Pozieres. Ever remembered.—Inserted by father, mother, sisters, and brothers.   BROWN.—In loving memory of my dear     son and brother D. V. (Vic), killed in France, 6th August, 1916, 27th Batt. Times kind and steady finger   Smoothes out the edge of grief, The tender hand of memory   Turns back another leaf.   Inserted by his loving mother and brother,   Fred, late Port Adelaide.   BROWN.—In loving memory of our dear bro-     ther, D. V. (Vic), who died of wounds in France on the 6th August, 1916. Thy will be done. To have, to love, and then to part Is the saddest story of a human heart. Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in-law, Doll and Jim.     BROWN.—In loving memory of our dear bro-   ther Vic., died of wounds, France, 6th August, 1916. Sweet to our memory, dear to our hearts, Our love for you, dear Vic, will never depart. Inserted by his sister and brother-in-law, Rose and Bert. BROWN.—In fond memory of my dear brother,   Vic., died in France, 6th August, 1916. Time cannot check the rising sigh, Nor slay the heartfelt, silent tear For my dear brother, who gave his all; To me his memory is ever dear. —Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in- law, Myrtle and John. BIRT.—In loving memory of our dear and only   son, Lance-Corporal Harry W. Birt, 48th Batta- lion, who fell at Pozieres, 6th August, 1916. Called to higher service.—Inserted by his sor-   rowing parents. BIRT.—In loving memory of Harry, who was   killed at Pozieres on August 6th, 1916. Ever remembered. —Inserted by his aunt, uncle, and cousins, H. Bailey and family, Broken Hill. BIRT.—In loving memory of my dear cousin,   Harry, who was killed in action at Pozieres on August 6th, 1916. His life nobly given.     —Inserted by his sorrowing cousin, Clem Bailey, Broken Hill.   BRICE.—In loving memory of our dear hus-   band and father, Private E. C. Brice, who was killed in action August 5, 1918. Ever remem- bered.—Inserted by his loving wife and family.     BATES.—In loving memory of our dear son and brother, Sergeant E. W. (Ern), 87th Battalion, died of wounds received in action at Pozieres, August 7, 1916.     Called to a higher service. —Inserted by his sorrowing parents, sisters and brothers. BEAUCHAMP.—In loving memory of our bro-     ther, Gordon, killed in action in France, August 7th, 1916. A cherished memory.—Inserted by   his sisters, Blanch and Bern.     BEAUCHAMP.—In memory of my much loved     son, Gordon, killed on the Somme, France, August 7th, 1916. We shall remember, we, who gave you freely, We pay with all your fresh young life the debt, We shan't forget. —Inserted by mother, Vin.   CAHILL.—In loving memory of our dear   brother and uncle, Private James W. (Jim),   wounded and taken a prisoner of war, 20th July, 1916, and died August 3, 1916 (late 32nd Bat- talion).     Sad is the day of remembrances, As these few words will show; You will never be forgotten, Jim, As the years may come and go. —Sadly missed by his loving sister, brother-in- law, nephew, and niece, Annie, Will, Willie and Audrey Fairile, Prospect-road, Prospect.   CAHILL.—In loving memory of our dear son   and brother Private J. W. (Jim), wounded and taken prisoner of war, July 20, 1916, reported dead August 3, 1916, late 32nd Battalion, No. 1989.     Though gone, we cannot forget you, To memory still you are clear; Though lying cold and silent, Yet we love you just as dear. —Ever fondly remembered and sadly missed by   his loving mother, A. Cahill, brothers. Mart and Morrie, 29, Symonds-place.     CAHILL.—In loving memory of our dear bro- ther and uncle, Jim, killed on active service.   In a distant land there's a grave of soldiers, That grave I may never see. May some tender hand in that distant land Lay flowers on his grave for me. —Inserted by his brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephews, Jack, Lill, May, Jack, George Cahill,   Waterloo-street, Glenelg.   CAHILL.—In loving memory of our dear bro-   ther and uncle, Pte. J. W. (Jim), died of wounds August 3rd, 1916. Too dearly loved to be for-   gotten.—Inserted by his loving sister, Mary,   brother-in-law, Les., nephew and niece, Laurie and Claire Weeks.       CAHILL.—In loving memory of our dear hus-   band and father, James, who died August 3, 1916. Silence is no certain token   That no hidden grief is there;   Sorrow that is never spoken   Is far the hardest grief to bear. —Inserted by his loving wife and son, George.   CLARKE.—In loving memory of our dear son   and brother, Percy, killed in action, August 4, 1916. The world may change from year to year, And friends from day to day, But never will the one we love From memory pass away. —Inserted by his loving parents and brothers, Tom and Ted.   CLARKE.—In loving memory of our dear   nephew, who was killed in action August 4, 1916. Though death divides, fond memory clings. —Inserted by his loving auntie and uncle, Edith and Sid. CLARKE.—In loving memory of Wilfred W.         ?. Clarke, killed in action, 5th August, 1916, in Pozieres, France.—Mother and sister.       COX.—In loving memory of our dear son and     brother, Private Clarence Charles Clem Cox, 27th Battalion, killed in action August 4, 1916. No loving mother's gentle hand         To wipe the death-dew from his brow;   No token of love in that far-off land   To mark the spot where poor Clem sleepeth now. —Inserted by his sorrowing mother, sisters, and brothers.

COX..—In loving memory of our dear brother,   Private C. C. Clem Cox, killed in action August 4, 1916.           To see his smiling face again,   How lovely that would be; But God knows best.         —Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in-law, Ivy and Norman, also niece and nephew, Thelma and Bertie.                 COPPIN.—In loving memory of Jack, killed   in action in France, August 6th, 1916. "Gone, but not forgotten."—Inserted by his loving father   sisters, and brother, Hackney.       COPPIN.—In loving memory of our dear brother, Jack, killed in action in France, August 6th, 1916. "Ever remembered."—Inserted by his loving     sister and brother-in-law, Hilda and Fred Coppin, Yatala. COPPIN.—In loving memory of our dear brother, Jack, killed in action in France, August 6th, 1916. "Ever remembered."—Inserted by his lov-   brother and sister-in-law, George and Celia,   Rosewater.       CAMERON.—In loving memory of our dear son   and brother, P. J. Cameron, 10th Light Horse, killed in action 7th August, 1915, Gallipoli.—Inserted by his loving father and mother, Kensing- ton.   CRACKNELL.—In loving memory of Driver     A. W Cracknell, 18th Battery, killed in action, August 7, 1916. For God and liberty.—In-   serted by his wife and children.   CARRAILL.—In sad but loving memory of our     dear son and brother, Aleck, who fell in action on the 8th August, 1919, in France. Thy bro-   ther shall rise again.—Inserted bu his sorrow-   ing mother and sister, M. A. Reilly.   COLLINS.—In loving memory of our son and     brother, Lance-Corporal, Bert H. Collins, who passed away, in Adelaide, on August 9, 1915. —Inserted by his loving parents, sisters and   brothers, Collinsville.       DUNBAR.—In fond memory of Sydney Murray, killed in action, 1916. Peacefully sleeping.     —Inserted by Edgar and Beat. Robinson.     DEACON.—In loving memory of our late com- rade, Ted Deacon, killed at Pozieres, August 6, 1916. Think of what a man should be, He was that, and more. —Inserted by his friends of the Electrical De-   partment, S.A.R.     DUNBAR.—In fond memory Sydney Murray,   killed in action, 1916. Ever remembered. —Inserted by Alf and Ethel Kildael. 216-9/ DAVIES.—In loving memory of Lance-Cpl. G.   F. (Frank) Davies, who died in France, 8th   August, 1916.—Inserted by his parents, Royston     Park.     DAY.—In loving memory of our dear son and       brother, Private Maxwell Charles, 48th Battalion, killed in action in France, on the 8th August, 1916, aged 22 years. We still keep you in our memory,   And will remember you to the last; The brightest link of memory's chain Is the memory of the past. —Inserted by his loving parents, brother, sisters,   and brother-in-law.     DAY.—In loving memory of our dear brother,   Private Maxwell Charles, killed in action in France, August 8th, 1916. Another year its changes bring,   Though death divides, fond memory clings. —Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in-law, Alma and Lance.     EASTHER.—In loving memory of Len, who was killed in action on August 4th, 1915. They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary the, nor the years con-   demn;     At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, We will remember them.   EMSLEY.—In loving memory of Harry, killed in     action in France, August 6, 1918, aged 24 years. Sleep on, dear boy, in a far-off grave,   In a grave we shall never see; But as long as life and memory lasts, We will remember thee. —Inserted by his loving mother, brothers, and sisters-in-law.   FLETCHER.—In loving memory of our dear brother- in-law and uncle, Private W. H. Fletcher, 48th Batt.—H. and B. Giles and family. FENWICK.—In loving memory of our dear son,     G. R. Fenwick, killed in action, on the 6th August, 1916. His memory is as dear to-day As in the hour he sailed away.     —Inserted by his loving father and step-mother. FRAYNE.—In loving memory of our dear     nephew, Captain W. S. Frayne (Stan), of the ori- ginal 10th, 3rd Brigade, who was killed in action on Gallipoli, August 6th, 1915. Ever remembered. —Inserted by E. and W. King.   FRAYNE.—In loving memory of our dear son     and brother, Captain W. S. Frayne (Stan), killed in action at Gallipoli, August 5, 1915, famous 10th Battalion. There is a "rest" beyond this world of sorrow, Where nought but peace shall enter in, Baii^ high «!»-.'« tbttw^ wtnea ef- strife In which above is found eternal life. —Inserted by his sorrowing parents and brother George.     FINN.—In loving memory of Private C. D.   Finn, killed in action, France, August 3, 1916, 27th Battalion. In our hearts your memory lingers, Tender, fond and true;   As the years go by, dear Cecil, We will always think of you. —Inserted by C. Finn, Keyneton. FORTH.—In loving memory of our dear son     and brother, C. H. (Syd.), died of wounds in France, August 6, 1916.—Ever remembered.—In- serted by his loving mother and sisters, Norwood. GLOVER.—In proud and loving memory of   Arthur Milton Glover, who made the supreme sacrifice at Messines, August 5, 1917.—Inserted   by his loving mother, father, sister, and brothers, and brother-in-law.     : OltMSja— la sad-. Txit loving- nwmoiy, o£ . my.' dear- soo and- brolher- Joi)in,ilttgo4 .WU** is. tlia 'Battle- of' Porieres. -:H August, Itttff. '.Ve 'cannol clsap rour-- JimbJ- d«a» Joha^ - 'Mur desr face «'« cannot cee; But let. ttiis little token tell ' iV« still mourn and much and wait loir Uiee. If all this world Monsed to me. ? I sould «ive it, yes, and move,: : 1b clasp vonr liand, m-v darling lad ' And: to. seo you, U««M» ojite- ruoj». \ Ttt-iiv. a« w« )$'*jicw- ni yowt. ghot«,. | In iiJiencss so bcautifuii and true, ' ? Vp you ino'.v our. Siearts ere aoKlng : Asil lorfflin*; dhar- JoSn, fpif ymi;V.: :--IiHecbMt tJT, Wg; ev«r lovingj mottiej!;, tortafceifc, »i-i ijsto's^ir.-Uiv. & .V. Gcoetei Murray: BriJigfc,: QijU-E!rC:-^.V- trttwte. to. tfie, nwrnior}- of; d«a* »on- and' tffollicr, .QharUe,^ who was- 'ijalle^ itt a*Uon, Frone«i *i^aat 8$ ?lSBS-r—KS'er ramenAorei); tiy.'ffit naj-£n(*». eirtent-asiidfrllfiBtfeers.. ' ' '}?

r Ki2ZQ£Mi-- S«md to. Ute, aanflry: oi.oux. Isa. Jng. *on. Arttov,, ?vihft. died, of; wounds oil Hie, SMi. 'Iftt TBaiHW«r:.' quits ifcWfr iv*. ? Ghr Imx- tint liftBi wwsoii. Tlmw^ it&c rliad&ws o* death to the sunljgUt obove. , ? _ ? ' , Ji tkoutWJJil. sweet, mejimnes. are. heading, ium. -aft . TSi tlte lwa»e itat de 5-le»ed wrBu Ms-- vre«»nc»: unAiUivf. . . ???..?' — I«!«rt«d by his ton-owing1 parents. . ?'. ? / -. . KAXCI9siI».'-JIn Jovftw mmxky of our dear bro -ii-r, Arthur, who -Hsd on tiie Stli Aupuit, 1018. : in: a.,.B3}Mer?B- grure- toe ia: nleffmv, ' : ;-0Be: «fc Ood.1* bwuest audrbettj. '??1-.: liii our l-,oa-)ts ?«* eltali niips.hhji for tver, ? TliQUg'li we kww h* irf.-^nJy #t lirtt- , '?? T ,~Iiv?prt(Wi.. . by. his , loving: brother, Percy; and . BbnaW; ' ... . ,. _ ;/,.; . U.lVKB.-7-Ia lo-'»njr mesnory of dear S&at; WUed in iartion, 7th A»«-Bt.. JW. --; . ; Justiiflien. Jiifl'lttft. spews*. f*ir*wti. . In ihe. pride 'of bis num'iacd daya. T-.'nserled by his. .Joviog sister, Alici - ;?/??»

?lit^i^QF ?/tae'JE^AT'W^'.- HAV:K»:— In.&viwtaiwnory of liitsitaiaut S;: ft matter. tStli-BfttUifoBjkjKe^-afeBOBiejrBM *Ogo»t 7ta^iMiii' ? . . .?.-.-'???-???. -.: .. ???:. : Ho ffWfr: Hi*. Ilf* ft* tiie;RnpJrei ...-? - Fofc-JjoBor. *ttB, «n*rigrht. — I^BOftediJH'. nis ^Wtotty Jjrotlierfe, anf- dtitenr, %TTen«vfli£. :'. . ??'? -r-. i:m( '. :;- : . ?{[' JBXEnfS— rn loifcog m«wrx,o.f GJawSft Wi A.i H;, JeiritiiB, dicd-of, woujkU ito, JVinoe, .^jpyrutt ?%? VB8» ? '? ? ' ' ' ??':?? %:ejit. to ouff meoMry, . dtfT: %-wr f^K .*. Our; lore tor KM;' dew, Wllij 'wJfc neror -Wp4rt. ?4»«rt*d. fe Jife tfeiDj- trottier; wfl «tet*rra? i«v, nJfce.Bjdinujiheimi^ ? ?. . -. . J[ESKt!KBi— In- jj)Ting, memorj-' -rfJ «ur de«r.-«m «lt£ Bwtaer; OoPBoratTwr. IG Jenntog!^ WUed- ai t^eibw^ A'ugwit ^tJ-w&' ? '1 . ;'. We 7nistvonr:«ifc-«.neS:fiiK5*,. . HHttj*!eF .*fctont-«MHBw!riBi 5wlt' - . W*. MS bili tftflWfc!M.«. ' :. ;?--' —]JM«re£i ibr * \i& i&yfcjf: eaoflBer. *nd: BnttKem, tote,- (Pfed.: «ni Tore, Mid: ?IHtef-Jn^.w; Ml, jaMK.—To r. dear' o»n»o*y- of' my Urt» Ihml b«idi- J^ep?) Htrnry^w«o:o3ed of wouotb AUJpBt ft; aeven Ipnejy, jjeaw. A lender1 ooitf o*n merwiry'g. harp Is sadly *ouclied totday, —5. F, Jjunar, Saiiifeflry; . / JA1ISS:— Ri taring, nwmory. ot. our: dmr- son: and. Broli»«r, Pri.wte- Bv ?(Percy); 186B-, Mtfll^Bp*' 4«3l-m^ liiifod iff fiction, on. Galllpalli, o»«l»-$Bl Aligns*, 19% Kvh; centeiabcr«d-.-JDtifieitei by hii lown/l;t u»thw, bjwWiew. end fifetet*. /; JmiNSONl—fa lovJBg- menwry «£ A3an Mg*r, »jiiy, son of;-3; TO andiMi.F. J»Owson. K«BKtapton Ik*; who was Uallwfc i» tefion, Franee;. Augjia* Bjj WiS;— Inwrtsd by ,liiB. lavinsT; I»rent*. . / JOH«-SGSCr-£n- fon*. i*m*m5JHm-»/ «C our dtai nepliew* A!ah Ed«ar; trbo. mads: tto- aupresne owrfc 4ce: in; ffranfift, -M«»i* «*i. -«R8!V-tos«4ed: *v Ws; loving. wntiWi. IBo73toud»; loliUft?,, ant dwrne. KigOS.—In Iwing Bwmoryi oft our: dear: son and. Is-cfer; teo,. kUledi at BoKicrss. ^ujpuft 4j 1916. SiiOMlieaJteyour lUCTWjry-C-inijtfii*. a^eea}-:/ iondi and'teou;. 48; tfce yetos- go bj'. dear I»o, ? ' W« wl'J -«J*as«i tkink of: j-ou. -' |: —Inserted' bj-rontfteB; filtllieri brotlwr*, ana-Biste». ? ' ' ? & KENTISHTr-In loving memory of: oyr.dear»Btow «9th; Battalion)-, who was* kiiled- iv Jtctlpn in^ Krarree. Aucast. 8Hj; lOJft-^Imefte* by- bi«~loviiTr tefliRv ; jnoraer, «n'd; sister- -. 7= CEO': — An evertastJu^ ttibute tp- the- 'memory' of our dear uacte, killed-: in Kixhce, Aupast i,. 1919. The. Rolden, Riiatai, of. lave- -o.--tju#. TimcT5 flecfting: cannot. RTWi The. memory sweet- of: bygooa days iBrfoir ioj* ttftt- jijat for esw. — 'Ij)s?rted bv hie Tovmg nepfew and iileoe,. Jack and Beiftfc: I: W.OTDi— Iir saA; but loving memory of our; deriine «* W* tether? (Efaarit: WttHanv), wha DJiid. tbe supreme tacriPce art; ftkier^, Augast 4thi. Wlft-T-fiw nmiBWbKed. oy; hU. lovii«i another.. hw«»ei*i *Bd «latsBMi l&iriay: Bridge. / I»AJ£B.— To ttie-llpijor-ed laewery ct axmi--Aexe-£ mn-. asid brobhsr, Gunner Iwn: 'Jjamix,-. veIio wede-. 4!he Bupxf#ie satsriftee August: 5tJ),. 191?; aged: 2& yearn Juit.nften£e.s«em«i JjtirwjJ:,. In the- ErMe «i: Bisiflianiioost1 dajir. — Inserted Tjy- Bis- .MmnRing. Mmnfs aiitf- et»tier»i J«aft. May, ? !E«l-er,. Aenea;. and' Hari«K KJJi- /.? : t*»BK:-^i:; tifflujir. «f'. jjtb: tn o«r, ifearc &»aier, ?Ghinner J-en iUirJb, .lilled in action, Hilli CO,: AuguBt 6«i »tf. iR.I.1?.— Inserted ly hid Uror tfoers, WjJl, Pat^ 1^4- ftnd-6lM£noe-. / JiAMB.-- In lo.vinp meiBftry- of! our dear flxstAiet: UKt: uncle,. JdjS-ed in aoHwi, Ifiril 69, Aiu^ni^;: 5thj ,iai'. S.LP.— Inserted 3-y his1 loving etetw? an*' T*paUier:li».-l«w- iDora and lien, and little- Jidt aj)a:BfetJifeeB, €ffld«-nj^t.,, Eetoweottv / lyAWSftNi— In lorine ntettarr fit our dtar: hus« band tM&WeK Krivat*; A., *!: t.lsspflji jjiledr Jn fiction. France, August 6, W18. '-To meiior* *yw deft.'— rnserte'd by itia loved ofis*. H#miili ?hd Oi-rll. . ' . / J»A-VSd5fe— In loving Ttimwabranee of my dsas son and l-i\)Uier Arthur. late ftih. BattaSlori, killed In. action gtii Auffpsi; lJ^Bl ft: our. hearts - r»\^r' wenwy liugem ^weetl£ ifln(£«aa: tanej 4«. tJie yeari g«j by, diar Airtliur, We will *ftr»3-ti ttihk: of j^tj. ^-Jnwfted by. hi?- lovint rai-t3«r, Jan«y, andf t-«fflitt-ii»:iaw\ Arthur. MOSS.— In taring mwnpry: of our dear bwttieiv :Iic1Jten»nt AHtcd II. Woss, tvIio v;asr- drownoti ia itftc faaJjsiir.rawmfll ('ifaiiida), o».«he 3rd Auaiurt, W18;-»-Ii!sertei bs his Jorinjr l-rotb«rs and ni&em. MOORE.— Ih. lovhig meniory of our deer, bnittew, LamfeeorpDraV Roy Moore-,. 2Vth. Bat? t«fion, killed: Rt Paziereii Fianee, Aueuat 4^ Iftlfl. — Inserted, by his unc-Ie and: auntie. If VBSBMJii.— In loving xasaojey of our brotheri Em (Wat), killed in notion a* Ppziereg, Aaigusi. 9 ]»»: Et«i.' reaj»i)*Brfi.d ~Inee*te'i by hi»:lov iflg bratUftr.. sister-iu-laiK,, and me*e. lferricj .ChaC and E3*ie. / SlivRHIX-jIj.— Tn SatI' and loving memory oij our. dearlv lore«l son «nd brotbftr, Private II. It: Bl ('liinie') Marshall, 4tli Plohoers, Avho was Sillod in- aeti-u ? in FttiK-Q; August; C, . 1SA8. O\»er in. Kranee: our. sad' ittionj^i'te roam,.. : What is lUfr-witheBfr ow loved': mis liom#J — Bieariy. tnv* jjjd; (a*y ^ssed 4»y liis Ha-in* tnot'MW, father; enters; and brother, Eden-street; tity. / ?MADDISON.— In loving memory of my de«r son and In-other,. I-tfal, 4th pionwis. Wiled in aMtioni Au»[u»t- am. isie; Hb gave: hisrliie tor: the Empire.. Eor honor. HaiUu. and. riRht. Wlttf- *s K!s? imemra^1- ever 3iip# He fought a noble fight. c —Inserted by his loving motlier arid sister Janet) ? . / MADDISON.—In loving memory of my dear XJneW 1*m. ls*U«cK iai action.. August 6th, 1816. 6ad is the, dajv of: memory, As' t/he*e; ftr«- vwrn-wlH sliowi. Tou will; not te 'Dr(K-^«), utie:»; A» the yeais may come and go. — Inserted by his -loving; niece, Sylvia Jfaddfaorh MADD1BO5T-— In loving memory of our dear brother, kyal. killed in action, August 6rb, ]»l(t| The golden strand of love so true. Time's fleeting cannot sever. IStg nsetiKW.y. evumt, of. b^geee- «l«t£S. . J)rin)r- ipjn tliat liasj;- fi-r ctcr — InMSted: by liis-: loving, stetei* «nd! brotlier-jm laws. Uftwwh,r VittJet; .aq* Will; / ltA*BA&i-*- levies. Bieanory oft Harald (&-j». fenanK 3li It. Milfia*). Sf-Ui.. 3afca3ion, M«chin«. «4m, 5titlJed5 )B acCpa, at;, France;-. 701. Aurimri?, ISUft;— Jlwwksd by- h;s paveors. and brethen -c»at: ? ? ? ' ? . /. SaHJB.HT« proislL andi laanjr. mflmery of Weur leHonttGo-lattel-Ai. 5a«a; v/.i* wasltiSled in .-wAio-ni IBailUCfltt. AjJftast 7tjj, i93fe— ft-s«*odf by. h.%1015 i«g- wtfs andf dh'Jdmi; ?-.??? - - A: iJCVWSlOafl1:*-!!!. lorine- rew«K'Jwmee, : from. hJ«r mother wdtuialws. 'to' .'».-. «.. Vntxiott. kill«d in-, wii^n Au©wfr. 8,. MJlfi.. ' . ' UAUPiiOTT.— (SKK*-1 i«. t|i»; jnem«ry of ?' mjr dear /iroaier. »?-: 7»;-- RrSrate P; G. (ffitbjj 30th ' Battalion kP.Ied in aotion. Lane I'jne.'.CaU lipoli. Aup-Jst 8.1915.— ^nsei-ted Ijy HI arid TS&. 'JiyElfiS.— In lovhiuf wienwry of our dc-at »pt MMblmB^un l»wi*., whjtudtedixAwewnds. flit OsllK; «aHt oit t-itBf 8«j.-Au(HMti W1&. jjnjpd in% life^ lkn»r.c(l iu,d(-atll,. olvcrtjsbeil in. niijaiioiB'.-- IiwerUdt t.r his- lbWwt.- n«i-B»f ts; . IwiHmbbi and sfclem.. /??? WVRJT.— At P«r:we»l Auggst «», ?]9M, Old; Ooulton 'Clumaf. OSroi. 2331 Bfctt.-rPondly: i-«.. KWMbcwd.ra,. ail Hia^ dear puea. . . /. ? ?O!DONi£liU«^--I» -foviag; memory/ of our Jear Huriiarrd- m+ fttfter. BS3| who died in Ftwct),., Mwa:4tkJWb'.. i,.- . ? ??' ??: ? . Si'.c-nce is no certain token Tliat no bidden grief U tlrcre. - Son-Otv that is never spoken -. I* far the hnrdcet grief tobfar. — Kn«i«!(l by his loving wife and children. /' O'BOWSiifcL— In lovlntr remembrance of my ion* WjJ3ijw» oqjjpnnell, who died in Fmnce of wounil*^ ,«hi ttifl. tth AuausU V-}3.' ? 8ad;* the- ditty- of Jwnjsmb'.ranet, ' ? Aylhese-ftw.'Mnw-wilJ'.srJbir. ?' ' He- will alwaj-s be. remembered ' ' . ' . — Ineerted by bit loving mother, - risttri, ar*; brother*, -'. '.?'????-? .-'-'? ??? t '-:-;: - ]-? \'-^-; ' -i

HEROES «F WE GREAT WAB. OITOCBW.^tt l&Av'i&ttLoigi. -* dtM Vt?h«*t jtoar osiitn.- 'StiMrtrr dist ofc^ mw»d»;1n. JBwncei ? AW»Bt ft. ima 'Ii«t,TOB^^ toBpe*.r'.--4?intte- I*ur* UhctoJoev'2Sa.y «nd;GlftdJ:»; PftreaJhillOi «?''/';: JoB;;.*i »d/. .IWr «-vert.r Wninnlbnaicei ; ? * — Aitd' 'tflSos* wljft; tiiiirlt ol Spou,: 'Jo.-iiiy Hcp^rtj^-. iij . Kit^j^njt. #k» «nd tmtlierfllit a*; M*M«,an4 i«piiiew»,-fi fttittW. /ft-U», . / lt» Mliob: oa Augurt: #; to tlw, battle otl?-»«we^ ?'?' fltteiililJt tt,.^toairBeW «* ; . 5Bie fcca «e- w'U (ee » fsore, . \ . H«, vre»L dewji iloj'eiJ. »n«4 «i our mjast^ TV*o ^111 .Keep, n'jti n^Bnory1 dear, ^ ?^Iptwttd V- HI* lovJnfc nwtlief iad elster.. / ;- FKvCUiP|iM3|i-loTl69;meniiQiy.'Of. fifti^ettit T- %«$ ? f^BjaT£II;--lh twin* roemory oj nvy. tour JiWibftnA (CChi^te)^ killed: in T&ion.Aiigarfft m.6 &m Ba*t«noii-.. U «H tiie world tttloimd bo ue, tvo- wmfid . fiflve: -it. fe*; tnd more, : To: cjasp; «ui Hsved; one^a hand;: «etiD- . - ,--. ? Aride^s his fitte once muf, —Inowted-* loving wrl»: 4Jla children. OSar ;i»«d- e^trltft. -; ? -- _ ....- ^ 1 PJ.HJBTJ1EII:— Ih r»yih?: mcriapj*: J^irli ^ii* jniter, killed Id action. August v; 1919; A tender chorf: «f ' &«&*}?'«. hara ? ? ]jb- tad1!* toucfied tontoi ;— In$-jrted toy )»i» iovififc; ?mot^ef.-in-Uw and eistffr tarkw, B; I-. B,wvn- M; 'JJfiylor, / ? PIC1KW.— la loriiw. memwy- qfc Sergeant: t. 'Erie Bickufi. U.^ S^tion, 87th: fettaJion. killed at: Po£iere», August, Cth,. 191«.r'Ins«rted by. Jim, Margaret,. «)dr bee- -. PIC:KiUP/.— 4n-.lovla(f meronry of : S^rircairt T; Brio ?Pickup, 2TU.. Battalion, kiUed at, Poziere&. August K)r ever wrtli- the. Lord. - '—Insert^- by Ev«.. fr I BEAOi-^-Ih iorJsg memory of our dear. eon. eni ;bnoth», C.-GpJ. Frank Bead, killed, in Franc*, :©£h; AuRiKtiu lSlff:— Ever, remembered: by Ms iov- :in«- motiier and father, eisters and' btothera. : RAlJ.'-Tin-. fond'. Eemembranco.' o!' our- dear soc and brother. Km. killed in. action AitgUipt 411), !?»»?- (3ate. -&: Qftwler). ::- Tho-Jgh Hie briiigs aueh that aUws; f Andi'tfenc brings much, that's: new^. i There's- onr- tblnga- that never' alters, j Tiiatfs;.deM-EHi; of you; :— Inasrted by; Ws IoWng parent»t brotJwr*, Mid :«isteis.. /./ ) BOBl!SBO5f:-In. lorlng nwrnory of SJgnallerr ; p&\i$ -Hastiujrsi (Jwk). HoWn^n,. 27th. BatiaJion, who died. 4th: August,, JOlfc. '-. Itit. vrasi aD» use ?vine'-d.'prMi f 0 God,, nut: baoit '?Cny univtae. and: give- us ? .resterday; f-^Iwitrted. hy his:, brothewj'.and rttbet;, VWlefc /. ; BAtLr-Ift loAfiag- inemorx. of my brother, iBrn, 'WHS In action Amfust 4th, l^ff. T6kr njemory: is: «s dtip to-day f #f -P W ? iwur .vo* ^*J* «way. ' !-r.Irj«ried fe ais loving sister, Eva. . / i BftfiBRS.— In. toing awmory of our dear; no, ?GunDir J; Bf Itoffera, killM i» sotlSa, BeJgJuni, i Jui* a sad; attest: remembrance,. I J.«Rt: »; mfcBwrsj. fond: and trae, 1 Juat «r. tokett- ot love-,, i Bear St»iBi'of ' von. ? -r^jserfesii: fef- hiff lbying,- fattier Kt$, mother., /: 1 S0SJ53&— Ih levhjg- roiaaory of our a§a* bto. itlitf; GHincfr JT ft Bo«rt; Wiled- in -*««on/ Bel ^fjuto. Aueiret fiffi, 1017; ? Tlwugte diealh d^Tidje*; ; FSnairhemory: eKngi! r— Inserted !»? Wr loving brothe»i -H*Diy «ad: jpww. ' /? ? E-¥JEBg.7~In-. lojln? numoiy oi my- -5eaT bro :ther, Gjuaner, J: S; Eagrre, killed, in action^ 8d .gjuiW; August. 6ih, 1917. [ fiomfl: -bpie. sjJme: daj'i. our.' eyes- eha'.l; seei r -Iav^sI faoes kep-t in. memoxy. ?r~Ijt«erted- b? hi*.; loving eister, May, brothei-inT .;lft*V, and litii». uepftewe. A' :: EjUJfBY.: — In- Tetvliiff mfflnory of! dear: HSroId; wjjte died, ol: wound*. at; Halta, 7th Affpusfc. MWs * — 8HH remembered' fey; Kis loving- gamita; Bisters, ^snd- bioWiersi . ' / i S^CETEJifS;— In: lovJRg. memory of our ^«r bro ; 'thw. E«d. kiU«fl* iii: action August- 8tn- 1018^ : So far: awa^v from : siglit or. spfeeh, . But not too. ba tot our iiuwgl»ts-io re&eh, :«^tv«erted- t-.v- bit.- loving- brother, and «*t«i'-iQ-lfiW; : Btver and: ifyrUm, 3 SSMOKK— Bt- loving;- memory, w! our denr bcathei'. J; M: ftaaens, m«d: «*' wound* on Au«)jBt. 8; M9»i4 ip. far »way rianec; . . !TJme file«. dear.teiottier but Jwir memory cluig*. ':— InaerttS; by* Jureld anfl- Bert SyiiiOMi /: i SEMeSS^-I» tovliw mwnory of our dear Val i-eelmt, -Med. £»&*&& W&. M*««W»' l*J*a &» ?-«? . :,~lwftrted:. by- bis. loving ssfcer. Tlilda. / ; SS^fOSai— In lbWnjf ? memory «t- our dtar eon, Ko. £9103.: J. V: (^Tnons, mllo died of wounds. i«n Aaigjwt e; me, : In craiv hwirta- j«or mentory- UngeHj : TBBdtrj KmA and: true; i An tfw- .vtMie go; by- dear M^coinii W«- will? alwosf* tWiilt- off you: ?—Inserted .by Iwicg: »w«ntis ami rteter fii-««b. /. 1 TSOX.^-I'n. fwid: «r^- loving: nVpnvory, of 2U, ;C»J»orai '*r. J. Troy*, killed in. aeii&u,. at: ;'Po8iereii': -Vusaist *. 1936,— Evej-. reinentbered by itoemK CtewiBfc . '* - . / '' ItlBSERi— Ite 2oi«fcg. laenmrj1:. of pur- d«ar son :«nd hrolSlir, eS-:.-P»Trier 'William Tiunw, who I dfed 8th: August, 19B0. :? Aw»l*er/ ye«* ibs: ohsatges1 brings '??- Thourti deatir- diwdesj fond, memory- cl!»ig*i : — Ifanctea' : by- Xm. loving, fatlser,. te-othtrj and- ris ?'ter R-«iric-, Gearge; and. .SMI; ' ' I: 1 TROY;— .A ti«bute: of: lm!« to the memory, of ;£Sorn»ra* \KiJl Twy,. g7t)t-BaH»tiOB,. kllledHsv bc ''tiosr; Augsui: ii W3.7-— Inserted, by TiieBaa Balls. ? TJia}B9&B.— In; loving; wemory- of nay dear ??fiflter, who. pa!»*d! a\vfl}^ August Mil, 1S10. AIbo -blfother. Gsotge, who. w»i killed1 in. action the ;«we- day. Mwwry. e^-eat- lSngera. — Inserted- .by, ^Gertie-. /J F ^DR«fBn.— fii 3-niDg mentejy otrWUl, wlio:died; Auyust Slh, 1920. ?'.:.. Tie Uunvli- and the aboutjng, diet) Tqe ca^sains: and- ihft biOa? dftfifirtj 8B11: etendV- 'nsiae ftneient: sa-wi-lfce|. !i A. humliSe, iind; fefosWta hc«;t.. , IiordiGod;;c(Jt.'Iitet»* taLwita us yet, i, rrfl*;TOi:&rj|fifc;.leKt:»»c...l(»r«eiJ-. j — TnMr(»4- te llfe:.I«rJMP; wife arid^ «-*J!f;luidreTl / ' 1 T9.B:KB!fi— fe nwoory- of,- our dear- brother,. i\Vj:U dind Awn** «5 IM«r : ? ' Ai tende*' «bwdf of mwnorj-'ft' lttrp ' S eftdiy, ttoj»el«e*' tttdtqr; l~~fp$mte# »y- lflte lo^gi!:. bwWisr and^ aSs^rtns. r Uot; J».«lt and- Bniil?; «)d- ne^ipwi.- / . i TJaiSHBir-in* Uylm ? Jmhxw- flft'.ojn*1 4»r.' ?l-JCptl«ft' 'Waa,, ti-Iw ^BsedraTO*-**;. Bedford) P*rk,. |A«iUst «.. JflSft-. ?.??.'.. : . liumgltatewit.fixmi «jiwi* uit i H»- -&& liv-e*' within. our- l)e*rtei ~Jfc»«JI!»' rmcmBe'rad bj^w»ber and Ittoiherj lby- WiHwrt.. '?.?_?? , ?' '?'? /: : f- TUBlSEBs-^n lowrw; memory* ofjottr? dear-jjro;.. ifliei. WilJi .. 7i*i)'..!flef *BJW* 'Mh. 19a0i, \ Your mewiiwij'.' 5* osrdoai1: to-day .'. . ? As- the- dijjv yon wer«- takoHyasvay. ? — tnserM by hfe Jbving- brstiier.' and' ei»t«-]n^ Iteni ; tern. a«4- Mj*tlte. y ??;??? -.i ??' ?? / '. ! mJ&&NAK.--4&-; Utyiftt inepiory '-oi, Bkniar*: ^'8oy.:p WMi. BatlalkS? Wlfel; Mo V. aotiosk Vth: |! August;, Ifflif.— ^^Wrttd. by.' Ws loviug; moths-r. » TASiliQB.^ril lnylftg-_ trifeiiU . tp.: ' the' inemorgt ?Oft! WiU1«flk Ooalani Ttxlor; im. XNvale* lfttlL, JWbM' JtatlDdweet, A. *.H;.a,v kSttA: Jb action;, AvKurt 8, IMS, Villew^lfei&Wtti, ., . .

HEROES QF THE GREAT WAa ,. T4JJ3OT.— In Jovingr' jaeraery vof i 'W1 'dtsr Mi .wkO.. -.tetetfer. .Ot»t-anl H.'. ;A; . .MUMir^ltMr Uauo, ,-39Uu4iWi! Bfcttallett),. Ulled, id utte ttr W»: littviing.; iwp-j»t« ad- Waters. WfiTWt ffiJTmrfht -Wt« Kurtohoola); , ' ' ? ;-,/(?' tlDSfA3SH— In joTlng. memory of. my d«f |tod.: Ed^r,. WU&;,^i^on^ AaroS «5 '«^. ^.':*PJy-.ii!^k»-:i«^...infl«ft.- - ;— «w Ttrnemtared; by hi* lartng^ friend; Bute, i : TTOMAaaiT-J^,totog(;iaii«ory off onr, tek«n ^teotheri. Eflgan. wto.T^Sled te^ww^l ?ffiS^AURu^ ML& KWIyafasad. ™BIW»''* : »mei.-jU¥Bt oheflk..ih*;*Wi*r aighi ) »«r»tiw«e-4rt«i*feil*.-8a^.tlSi*i Imri our,: d«r- ontn.v^, mx^ hd*; all: - J --^i,11?!1^111*101^!* -mr. tori., ^{imteftbyhit.Io^n^iaii^ ^ Mto; #m: «nd -rotli(T^ tiam»«tarj»ral. fttflseicS JSme»;W«oaiing,.8S7. lOtli BittWion, trite: deSrU iM: ttceived: *v ptelewa iupttt- fij. BMt -Wr ttame. it.wat, bo 'h»pny once*. ' ' Trnen-. w» -were all tttgetSer;' , - Bnt, oh; bow- different: it £a& been :. .ftnee you h»vB. Ronjj jtoxr mr, , . ?«»». raoy think, wa: hase. fcrgotten, 'Wben «i: times th^:- «e#u». Emile ? But HBltdOL they know, tttrsorpow Th»t Utose: smileAi Wde:, «u. tJie -«thll#» rjnjfrt^; by ^'o: Iotuw teWer, motier, »ad . WABanXKf— Ift loving aewory- of our ^» *fWth-Ti iJtneeOorpoMa' KMerick Junw VH Ing. 4Wi Win BatUUon-, who diW rf$£K& WWlvetf «J P.o«ien», August o, lfiaov ^^* - ipt yoM; no, dew? brother. - For memory's loving chain : Will alwaye- Unk ansuad1 our Heart! Dhtil iwe meet ag^Ss. ?r-toeerted ty Ms lo.vtag T)wth*r and efetw. (Seojtti «ud Anhiev , tr 'i*%epoH; Ewtnee;. oa'Xagurt.- 6; MOTi ; r Afiother. rear, its cfcwum hringB; 4 Ttougiu death divides, fond memories diilfc- r^JnMrfed: by. hU: lovtop auat, «nd uade» JtOuA Ct; Sullockw HUtou. T^ ' WstiiKIS'Si'— In- sad: tneamry- of our dtw eon1 and UrotteB-^ Priwte Efen&t Wifltirw, aend' Qfet4ul{& dwrtBcd: on, tifi JioajfWl .(flrip Werilda, Aigaff Ih our- hearts - .Txnir- memory KngcTg'. ; Sweetly, fond' en4ltrac. ; A* tae years- go by* -SHt: Bm, : W*e TriJl alwa|j». Sdail of you. ;— Jiwerted by ^motJier,- ftiJie*,, iroOie«; lit fteter*. ' \ , MtBON.—In «*d. twt^ loving memory oj- ojrf .d»w:M«i.*ml brothen Privato J4.H. Wiisoa'. (Su£i 12th Batt, killed in* astion*, 'tone Pine JiuSSi 8. 1918.— liver rememfcered-by Hs mother, .itetewk -find Tirotiieis. 7 ?QorporaV Rill V«ung, Uilfed }n actio», Augusf ft JOW; fit-cr remMn3-«*$r-Ihse*ted by taw. (tofy ibroiaer; XteJi and: faiuUjK ? ! IN MCMORIAM. \ AX8OM)— In loving: wtmory of our -»«f fattar and hueDsml; «K9 passed: away en tlia 2nd Au«upt, at Mane, 1918. Oh for a touch of' ttte- vanished hand f Afiditht round; of ?«* wic* that ir stflli: .' Jft' life' ^\«.t loved, you;- dcariy, r Hi' death we do- th»: Mnes ;— Inserted bv hir loving children. - : AMJERiSOX.— flj idrfnjf mesaM-y of': OUT 4W» Jdflrltuz! nwtJier a-ndi «ranSnw)h«r, wfio dfepwte^ itM», Ufo. on Augi»str 8rd; Wtl \ O*a,T ia tfie memory: die. J«it OjeMnd. i . X?i:a Hie t3wt was: taring, true, and, iiod,. ?? ©tath oifen coinesi ti-:- aEqw, ? TCe ljwfe= wore: (fcurJ^ «n*h -we fcnofWi,. | Soye in deaait shoifla make us see ! Wib«t. lovs. in . lMe, tfjogad- '61 ways'* *e. . :— Ilisorted by h«r loving, son. and' dfcu«W«r4l* ilartr, Bby *nd' Olive, and', graadclbildren,' Tfisr* ;Mld- -s.-'bjfe; ' ' '. \ASiO£K99i\-^n IiB'-ine memoni' of my- IMi ;n»thar,. wbo.- Basard: (tray, on. fed; Awtuaf^ 1h^ i la: my. 'htart T-rur;: memiay Jii^erB; ! Tender* fond^ «Jd; tralfe; j A«: tbe.- reww cs te dear; snofiwr,: ' ; I: wdJl a-«ya: tSaafc o-. you;, j— InwrieA tor- ?»«? l-n-inifc«eni: Bofb: ; dli^iiftSC&'.-^n lorir«E vemorF ot my &g ?mcMier, vim passed away/ -w- A-d August tOpfi : I rhinJc: o^ rou^ dear nettac,. and' tp.'U of h^| j^T'died; ''?:??-? ' But- tite Jtardtat «art of aul, I oeuid; not «S- , goodrbre. — ItaKFted' br-- her- loving: daugfetec;. J«n; jtiT-BRSOiK-.— In losing.' Weniorj' of; my, «M| w-jf»- and. nidlbec. who p»«eu. *nsj: flrft; AuffiWtk leaa^at Bia«s;--n. ' . , : . Time canmot. )ma] s.y. acblng heart, - . Sop. fnmv. mjf meBxirleR tetc I The tons. tl*e f«« 1, lored; eo weH, 'PSriJi -L5-e-U ioi ever ther*. lite tilertt. gsriej tiutt ts ia my heart; ? So. liuman: «3:ftj..-an. traos,' Flor cns.ny binaien. Jiear«' lie: hid Beiifcd' a ami-jng- itoee-.: _^ — Ilwerted l)y lier loving, kudnnd' end: ?«», Bttjfl» (EiijlaBd). : M'i.aSB0-*.— In bn-iqg metnoj? ot my; de«t . moitiher;. vibo uusfld away, oa Uie ted JBtgaA . Shfc- ibid no one Her. lttfe /are .veil, €hft,e&id epod Ay«. to Wmci: . ? Her epirtt flew brforet: w« kneir TSi**; faom us-efseihadgonej :~to»»rted. by. hen Uwaigrdefuatitej1; Hildft. : A3SEE8SG-'.— fe sa* and' loving, iottooit-' of Ifff ?dear mciKier; who dfed Aoigtwt- 84 lfltffl: A. s«3d«i ffcossk; a- orBeJ' pwn. ': And- thp world. lta» never setsned th- aawtj. ; It was bard to bean the: Mow seresy, To .E«rt witJl- one- 1! lowetf bo dear. Ko one: knows the bitter paisi: : I hiai-e euflered sinceryoa l«tt me; 1 Some- dear nioilier,- har JiCT^r&sen ttfe- «at-k ;,--iInse(rt»4:hx her: loviijteoo.. ''VFatHe/' , . , AKDBHSGN (Mra.),— Itt iffvinjf, memory- ot: W» dearest friend; wJro. piweed *wa.y 8rd. Aujwf, 1082.— K»'«r remoBlUBMli ^ -Jrace». Za&Sfc T BABRBTT. — In loving .memory- of- our- dea? '' wife and mother. Maryr Algneg, who die* August 'Mi, lftl'J, nt Nortii-tEiTaee, Haigkuay. — Isaerbd by, Her; laving- husband;, sea, and teosbter?iDi-)iar, . ;6eo and Marie.. ' .'' ' . . , /;' '? BJMJ*-KE-n*~fn loving! -menMiira^if. our. dat idf « and- woUiw, who. was . called; name- on. tbt, «h August; Hfti. '*r«r nsmenibafBd;1'— faisfertad!: bjr heT lovins li.utlwnd ami family.. BBESX-MK— In- iovitag- meawry ^^ rf: iUoiiy ' t*o died' 4ith AveaBi. WSLv— Ihaeri«d ? by: h«r Ife.vlpg bwrtSicr and. sisterVin-law. Jim. ami Doris SuKvun. ^ aSHttWNGiHiMM).— In loving: memory ost. ow d©*« wife and- nro^-'Ti; irivQ-Basised^.iajnTiy at- Roite on Mwust 4;Jn w- - ' jj«l W. th*- 'dsiy: of remembrance, I - &bi tb««:-*6w. wrd* wiU:s*io:.v;- - : She wili. alwaj-P l-e rememJJered i ? ta=ti» yeart m»3f «come and go. ???-.. —lnserts!d:V hex laving husiwnd and family, f. inOEtt;— In siul but laving mmiory of our dm* non a»Ml: Two! heir, Adkdph Oswald Bow, M.lB., ijts .vao died at. StwaStt P.ay, Aikim* 5, l«t». -, «oni. but not terg»lien.-ln6erted bf A. E. Bfe» iand family. ? . . M. ' BOER.-^In loving mtmory o*- o«r d«*r husbaoa and daddyv whft, died at. Staaaky, Bay. on *hc «n Au-mst, 1919.— Inaw*ed: by. Wa lovinjt wife «w ?'little children. . .... . .'? ;' . UIGftS and Dim'SEK:— te rovInB memory... -* our dear sisters. 'Violet *»4 Elsie, who diMiM'-' Hilton. June aiidi AuRuatfl. W-» have lost our soul'«- companion, (- A life }ii-!«ii: with oar- --»?«, ' Day bjt day w* n»i«s-:-J-elP fontolepi ? ' ' ' As \ve-: wandec ?Ui-rionej- _ - ' ' '- Bmt -l-icL iaiHOfidi.-Uo-«l«cs=-us. stcengtlb ; : To- hear; our heavy:. I-ms- ; -.?-.?? ; ? Kb is tto only, oneiwlio, knows,- :.. Our lo«elin«fc ttPd-liwie.' - . . ? ;'{? ? '?^-iwetMi By their lov-ng meUier. eisters, «M .-. brother.. HiUnn.- «f ? - »AT398PISSMf--T iu.MtfiVg -.XMXMXF of £j*U ?? ?noUJen; w3m-' died, on G»: «th,:oi; Aogartj Ott»fc- ?! . 'i :m-Khcx-iovi is.A-ditesjrtnsji. ? '.-?-- 'w ??'?? W.j«i-tf»-at-1t'ttJit1l«»m.. , ??;?!.-«$ Oh*j«l her nftite Ae- is: firing; , ., . : V«a- *ift mlM Jw» vh«nr*o»l» gone, ;??_? -:'vi- Heed her- ,«d»n i»: ciuldhaodi . '' ? ?. ,Por.wJieai6l«er.i»!,«W!«nA;cTfl!f - ; .'??'[:?? -?'' ?? tou- wiU »ewr-1»6-r*ej». value ?-? 'j. '?^ws^d^^iMii :«wiMF«i«i^rtWi «wii tMBSt'VjV . : .

'?? ', ^jfeBJBJHT.— A trfi&ri* of love' to trte'-nwntojy laj And we see him' hnc so mor», ' ' Yet in God-«,go*Ftte* *Vll eft him ' fcjgwrted by his . loTtn« ?wits, bob* and %U«hi«r, 1ft one kn»w« 1^ ittqQh'l'jOVtd heffi ' ? I'rtwids-tnax tlank thj w&uftt t» bealeij , ' ( But they' StClir':)awr;t&'mn# - :. f. Deep tvithrnclihy*lieart eofteeakd. ?? :. .! Bleep on, dear tnoUiar, eo kla*, ami ^ro*! ! . in^-Sw -«ne on earffc *u Wwef-:'Q»a yoV ?-'. ' i BJaferted by her lovinr daugWef, B.-^ Hnmif-jr4 ? ' '?.. ? ? ?. ? ? ? : ' ' .. ' ??'' .'.' ?'? '/;? fcOQTHEY.— fh. tovfrrg, memory of our deir tftfa Km mother. ''????' ???;'?? Atwlher yew If* cbangW bring. : ? ; Though death divide* fond Memories ding. (Mfoseited by her loving husband and children. / 8J5KB1MAN Jne*. Binning).— In lorlng. memory ig our loving (laughter, (Jladys, who died In gppUftda Hospital, August 6, 1922. No loved oneft stood around her ? ? .-. ? To bid a ftma farewell j tfo word* of comfort could we give . . To her -we loyed so wjJJ. gjjtoerted by her father, mother sister, arid fcro. |P%, itad her little a& BrLp;' / J)ARLSON. — In loving ? ''? memory of my dew ^rther. who departed, this life ..on August 8th- . Sweet fa thft word reraembraiioe, And these few lines will show, Tou will alvriya bo remembered As the years .may com* and go, '^Lpserted by her! loving son, . Allen. ? ?: : / y ~ '^jlRLSON — In : loving memory of my dear RfoOier. who departed this life on Auguit Sth, ? 3m\ a sad reroerabevuic*.. Just a memory fond and true, Just a token of love, . .\^ Ify dear mother, for. you. . ? 'IHBjjerted by her loving eon, Tora. '/ JjARLSON.— In lovliig remembrance of oar deu Owner . who passed away on August Stb, 1D30. As years go by, dear mother, ' ~ Jn p'r hearts your memory lingors, ??. Tender, fond, and true; We -will always think of you. ? . Aluscrted by her loving son, daughter-in-law, and jframfeon. Sim, Helene, and Harold. - / : -3OVth9.~ In loving, memory of my dear 'mother, Jjrjlo died August- 8th, 1S10. In my heart your jHfftnory lingers. — M. Robertson, Qlenelg. ' / J&CKjK.— In loving memory of our- deaf had' $$AiJ and fat hex.. -wiV passed, -isvay at Ayex's pw 'Reserve on August -0, 1820.— Insert*! by Q$ loving ?Rife and grandchildren, /i . OlffiLEX.-In memory of Mrs E CuIIwj died 59, Molnswoith-street. North Adelaide. August 3, M2.2.— Inserted by Jier niece. Kathleen. / t&IN'KB.— in loving memory of my deawjt Wepd. Jark-. wJio died at SroJcen IHiU on ffi fuste, i9':o. Sad i« tlio day of Mmjeiribranoe, As ilux* lexv woTda Wili (jh«w;' You wiil never be .forgotten by me, Jack, ? '?? ] is the years maK-como and- g*. ? - - #Jtnserted :iy liw loving Jriend. Ch«r}ey, / tOaOSJUrw.— In memory of our mother, dW *.1IC09f7, W.A. ' ? . .... . ; Ilhfl itott'em ,ve ipjace UffliOft your «TBT« ?hlay wiiner aiid deoajr, . . . . :. ' ^wt our \-ct\-i is-i. you, Jesjf inotliei):, ? .. , iVU?' «ev-T fade,awij^,' . . Moserted by G-?brg-e; Bertfut, and grandrfiildraji. ?? ' ' ' / iDBOSSMLiX.— Ip lai ing .manory. of dear raoWier, ?BS pa«od mar at AdelftlaJ on vAugust 7, lfll& ^wriM io c»ir u:--riiary. ««!» to «ir heart*. - pur love for yon, dear. mot-Aftr, will never. -depart. JMjjiOPted by ber. Coring 4au_gfetftr atnd soa-&- ||W, Ivy, Lance, and: «iajyi»lflBneSL - ?? f OBOfiSJtAiT.— In lorlny memory of my -Mm; (pother. Biho died Aeyust. 7th,. flSlS. . , Ta our hearts your raemorv,iUni5fers, . -.-. ;: Bw-eetly, tender, *on-J, and truft. In our iearte there's not a day That we do not. think oi you. ' :. gtoserted by her daughter and soti-in-!!a-r, Lotti« {jjBOSSMAN.— In loving mecnory of dear ttfftt&T, -who pasaod «way on August 7, 1610. ' A vision is «ver before me, go pure, so fond, X «o sweet, ' ; : . . ..?????? 0} « mother I lov«d eo dearly, whose heart had . ? consed t-- J-fflt. b tho heaTenJy pate ah* will meet me, with tts 1 same sweet Jovring smile, .; Vpt have only parted, dear moUjer, just f»r n little whiJe. H^nserted by her loring daughter son-ln-lair and frajOddaugliiter, Nelli* Sun. ityrtle. / DOTTOV.— In lorinar memory af Mrs. , IV. Hi (hltton. of SeC'--nd-arenuej ,'? NaijiVorth, w!io dia-r ggjrurt ». iy21.-*V«r rememiereii ' by Ethel and. (MJTTOX.— Tn lorinjj .^.memory of . our dear toatiher, Rlanuh K. l-\xtitonf- jcho onrered iutiy rost iMwust 3rd, lftZl. , J 'or «ver witlh tbe-I^ord — lu BEtffod by E. and A.-^amith. . ... ' /. PTTEIH.-— In- Joving'nietnojy of our dear husband tM UU\ot. Oionje AUrod it J-yer, wfo d-?part«4 HJiU life on the -ith: August. 1932. Ever re-.uem' bered.-r-Insel'tpd fey hl» loving wife, daughter, and. «yt-, Magpie and 'Bob.: ', i ? ? ? ? ) ! DYiFlR.— In fond 'memory of my friend -Uiftrt, frfco tlied August 4, 1*8^. -...-. . . . Xteep in my heart Is a memory Of «n« I will never, forgrt. ?inserted by his slnoer« friend, Harry Hearn. / B05JOVAN.— in Joving memory -at my dear hu^ ttod, wbo passed a*--y at iWostville' oa iugTirt it 1«»- v He always lent a witling hand ' To those vho needed . btfp, : 'And- never spoke of what he did, (But kept It to blnvwlf. iSi$ heart was alwbys in his home -V 'And- he Always did Ma beat. J He. bore liia pain, -he boro ft well. * ? f, And how he suftVed none ran tell., | He h«ird a ?yoicft iWB.dlid. not hear, ' J Whiob said he rqust not titsjy. ' '&&& Without good-byis to loved ones . IL» catoly. psased avuaiy, -. .. :. . #-Iaiertad by his loving wife^Bmily Conovan. / _pO3W3AN. — In loving memory of my dear wif«, JStor, Maud, who died. August «th; 19i«.— Kvet fltfonfcered by her iiusband and son. / ftQHNT.— Tb loving memory of our dear bus MB4 ttnd father, who. died, at Sutherland, MX kVWtui. «. W22- ?.'. ? W« saw him suffer day by day It Kjaused tib bitter (rrlef . . '' Tpae* 5iim slowly 'pin* fivray / Aid could riot' giv»'*oli«f. ' '' .' ' J^Sierted; by Ms lor;In^. wife, boiu, and daugh t«W, ' ' . ?,-????? - j ? 'DKNltoi— In loving memory of our dear wlf* ltfl& mottier. Who txaned away August 6, a&iB. OTva -e-r» 3iaf» paBsid.our hearts stiJi-aor*,. ' Uu tiffle (foes on wa misa you i'nore; . , jxour helping band and dfar, .kind jace, WBSK'a none dab' flil a nidpier's pkoe. jw-tnserted by her lovijiff liyiand arid famijy, -TM.TUA5 Cnea Winter).-;^. lowing roamory 'o( fcii/ dew sistex, -Frieda; ArtMmjwssed aw4y:Au pt 6, 1922. ' ' .-.-..? f . .?.-?-- ? 'A preoioDsona ?from ue Is gone, - : A, Toirn we loved U «HUedr lfcj-]e-oe is vacant in cur bora« ? - Wltieb norar oaa be filled. ???? ???'? fcltaWtftwi by hw krvtog: brother, Adolpih a,n4 mi ? '--'?? ? ?'.???? ftiVMAN -(na* ^tetat);— *T1» »a4r that eweet fto| loyiaf laeniory'iof^Ur'-dear *wfc9r, Fr.Jeda(: frttfr niMasd wway at SWt* on August 6. 1*83. Qbt thoughts they oft«n- wander to her |(Tavi», Mhn our dear atiia* ' w«» llW » year a«0 ?'?io- 4Pnjrn W» ylH' lrW- ?pjHP ;rftHi(f*.t ?? you, ' ai fh»

?T-- '? ;1;'i«:TviEitfrtp^.^'^; ': * ^ fWPS^.--jQ loyiiig tnemor/ of «ur dear «MV. ?who' «ea-Au»nsJ:J«, »».,-.. ???; . .'; . : ? = . .' ' '?' 'In *1» jirliBB'-xjf^Mi lie yy&taityh ... - ?.( ? In -ifttf fccTcte -tit-'Mt mariteod aaj*., ... . . ?„ '-JnscrFed %yMi Itfria* tyim?;'- btdftQCii '.«* «ijt««« Olarendo*, . lptt- Pinnft»b.- ;..?. ';?'.,.;.. Dti£E.-Jtn loving Twanory of dear VV&into, wW' died on;,*h» *«i4T«u?t,:MS3ir ? . ..?' :: '? ? :; v. ,: ? : ~ i. preoiatuajona from iffl tt ffon»k * - . -' ; - . A vota^^W* tovwf M stBIf ? ? .' - . '. ': ^ A pJaoa 1% *B0wrt ^la:jour toflniB-, .; v- - . 'VVhiS awer -po be ftQed. v —Insertod J-X h«-l»vl«8r jwwnto. -; ?' ;r - - ? ? DIJKE.— Tn loving memory 'Of :tar?$M£--lVttt* : grahachild- and:- 7ijeBBV: Wtehl^,. who «MBed iway' AuguM : ?? *th. TSil. ' **Sa«f MmembeT.ed,'— In« swfed by . ljei-,lovjnj; flrraagni* and. grandfather Du|f*,..ifticl9B. and fliujta^- '.':, .;.'.?: ' ?-. \-'-'-1~ -.' JCU'QiSiMf.^-Io l-vyJng snembry M our itfeite.liftv Wnd and father, Divid Dflviwn, tibo passed away August 4t JI9». ? TJli^ivgb: -je*tli dirWca -ona Seanory dlqjfs'.-^ Inserted' By -feis .lovfiii.JtM« 4no mily. . ? -.; - / ; BAYBfAN.— Iij loving, .memory ? ot, *ny 'ds*r roothwranjj daughter-in-laivtf, imed*;' wb» paifed awaj1 at fotcter, A'ioarutt' ' 0/ 119^*.'''' A beautiful memory left'taind Of ? dw matber, grood. 1M tinfl. . ?HlESerted by h«r motaier-ln.J»w ?snd.'litU* soa forte. Salisbury. filfldi/ DAVMAN.r^i idbntft of low to the .nwmMj' 9f .eur dear eUler, Frieda, who departed, Anguft 6,' 1B22. ? '/'jong days and nights eh* bore her pain, To wait for cure- wag all in vain; . ^ - ? ?? Hut God 'alone. Who thought it best. . ??? Z-id «k e her part and giv« Uw rest. . . ?r-lnterted by her loving. «!»ter, . 'bfottwr, a$d brother-in-law, Sarah; Cari; and Stove... - / ; PAVMAQT.— In loving memory «J 'onr: dear alster. W-law, Pritda, who jjassftd a. way at Exeter, Swset is the cunshine after rain. Sweet the sleep that follows pain. -^Inserted by ttuBa, Jim, and Ohloria. ./ DAVLSON. — In memory of my father, David Pavison, who passed away August *th. 1910. In memory still ^-Inserted by his loving -tori, Will; -????? / iDARWIS.^-Io fond remembrance of dear mottier^ 4i«d Auguat Clh. 1922.— Flo and family. ' . /? ?? DABiW'lW.— In loving memory of our darling mother, who passed away on pe 6t&-Xugiigt, l^i i&cme is the face we loved so dear, - Silent iUjo voieo we longed to : hear; So fair away fix-m sight or speech, But not --.oo far, for our ifltoughts to. readh. — Inserted by her loving daughter and scm-in-I»W, J. and J. B'. Stone, 'Bih'Woide,' Xanrfdta. ./ DAVIDSON.— In Iqning -memory, of ouir dear. fatTjer.- who passed away August 7thr 16K. ' Jn* a memory, fond and' true, A token of lov«, dear father, for you. — Inserted by his loving son and, daughter-in-law, Jini and Gladys. '„..?( ?DAVIDSON.— In Vok\rs mtraory' of our %d«ar ftither. -tfho . passed awiy Awgast. 7, 19GS. ?Gone but not forgotten* — Inserted by hia loriic wife and iamily. Murray I&ridsre. . J DOOKING.— In loving memory Of our dear daddy, Fred, who passed away at Adelaide Jios pital, AtRUst 6. 1919. ' ? ' A You are- not forgotten, daddy dear. For true love never dies. One dearest spot orf «arth to us ? ? ' fa where 'but daddy lies. —Tm&iii by hi* loving' sons, Willie. Qhm, and T»dS$\ Sri&bury. , '?' ' .-??'. DA^MA^f.— In loving jnemory of our dear «Js t«r Frkda, who pawed a way ,at . Denmaa-ftreet, Exetw, on -August, 6th, 1922.; . : We know you 6uff*red pain, dear Frieda, It toftds us weep^ahd cry.1 . 3fo tPsk- w«- could no npttiina; - ? ' ' ? ???'-? As xi£ Ao-wly saw you dj», dear Frieda. D-or EYicda. our thoughts are. always *nd often o| you. . -.? = -. -t ?..: ? ;?? —Intftrtea by li«r loving Biafcetiand brolfher-in-law, CerthA and Ben. and your I» daUgater. Enid, FLEMING.— fa loving memory of dear ^»oft1», di«i AMpxii i, 1921. ? Thqr« j» no love like mother*, Thoajrh we seek for it in rainr- ?: W» may be love? by other*. But love like mother's never come* again, -'-Inaerted by her loving sbua, Stanley. Kenneth, and Kiel. /? RLEMOTO.— 'In loving-- nwraoiy 'of our dear daujpitei and tist'er, who died August 4, 1921, A silent thought, a scctct tear, - ?' Still keep your memory -always dear. Toij dearly loved to be forgotten. — In«erte(J; By her loving father, -mother; sitters, and brother. ? ?? ? / FJBJB.GiU.S90K'.— In toinjr miemory of «ror dew 60s And tirofihaf, Allan, who died AntgutfT, lfta, Friend i$ay think ',ve 3mve forgwroeft 'When ??&&' seo us entile, -RvA £hey little know th» li«»E't)ac3j» . tjiat. miile hides all &iiq ultole. — Iawrted by bl* lo\-iaig iwreMta, trothert, and ?i«ttr», J SFMiO.— In Jovigj mejnoiy ol my d»ar sottin law, died .tugus; 7. fl920. , Another yftar itt changes bring . ? . ? ^ TJiougi death div-id«a, fond nieiiiory -3ilnfs. ITG-G.— In1 lovifiisr menxvrj' of Cliff died Augutt 7, 1930. ??' -?.-??.. It's not the teara at the moment died. That tell . tow beloved is the mH loWi tyd{ ' O»ut the bitter tears -of lonely days w»jT, - And a loving, remembrance -oranr kept, -tnserted fcy. hie wife. / n-JG.— in lo.ylng memory of COiff. djei August i. ieao. :.. . ???:- To-day, os R-o iglanoe at your- jftoto . In Itkeiies* so good and tame, .... fl-o you know our hearts era adiinjt : Apd longing, .; dear Olijt, for voat '^-Inserted by &ert and. fljri'ria. ?' y ORIMMiEli (neo Taaksr).— In. loving niemtir/'ot our dear Max. vrho puied poa-JfeMly titflft August 3. 31S21. ... .. Deep in our hearts th«T»- * picture, . Of a dear one S»A» to ««►: .^ In maemory'e fnanie we keep her, For B'le was one of tlin best. -Ever remembered by her iovjnig niottwr, slsteu, and brothers. - ... f GRIMUHm.— ; In lovlsf . memory of tap 4*ar wife.. w-o. diedvon August 8, 3M1. To-day brings back md rflffinorle* 01 « dear one gone to rest; Th» one whai tiiihic* of you ,-to-day ? U the one who loved you best. -— Iniexted by her lov!ng husband and Jetrt '/ GILlM (nee 'Buttery).-rin remembrance of dear mother and grandma, »-bo passed afray Augult 6. 1922. . '*«».'?'- Through all lier pain at tinjat^Be'd smile . ? A smile of lieavenly birth. And when Hie angels called her home ? 'She smiled farewell to earth, :?: r ?'.?-: — Inserted by. her loving daughters and sonla law. Jane and Walter, «ud grandchildFen. - ; OIUE3 (i»t''Bi)ttBjry).'— te,.(loii5i(ff memorr of n^r dsrlkg grandm|}thw» . wibo ' |)?a«J 'Aii'ay Anipist You nre not foffgoi-tefC' dear ' gitujdnia,'! For true'lOT'e never dies. ' The df^rest spot on earth ?Ic m« '': ?' ?' ,: Is «-1iiBre my grandma lies. - ?'..? '??? . . —Inserted by h«ir. lovingl gmtnildaushU-r and ion and great grandchildiren, Vttl, Joy, aiKi Phil. /- . GROV32iS!— -Iri Joving . nieindry. of my .' dear mother, 'who died'Augost 5. 191i. Ever fondly rern«mbered.-rlnsertedby her daughter, L|4y. :j OSaV,— in ''ioiving memory off our. dear father, John 0. Gicy, who dspartedHhia life oil Aa&at ?j 0.9B2. %*-- ..'.:.' ? V.' ' ''? - ! A beatftUul: njeniory,, left beWndr . . - CM a loving father, true and kind; . ? ? ? We have lost, ibufc hewm tats gained. Ono ol the best this' 'world conMlaJned. . -? ? -— Insartod by 'his lovfaij;' s6«i.' and diuyhter-in-law, Wailtei and ?ty}?'*'^^ .'.'.'. v * ;i ? ? 'i* / ' QRAIf.— In lovfng, menwrjr of my -fear huifctn*. John O. Gray, who died' «b August- ttlr, 1»S». I haw IBs* my ^soul's compwrfon, A Ufa- linked ?vUk.w&Mwa*:- .. ' -.-^.liy,itojr.l^»Jw*JSt:«-oWei» :??,.??.' .? . A» I wander $t alone; $dF0od iff Qoo&i Be ,giy« m» atpsngtk . Ta' .bear this hefcTycjoM. Be is the only ,0n» WV *»*t . . . . ' , , Uf loneliness ani Iqfs. ? ? . rJn*crt»d by his 1ot% win. '' . ' \f ( ? ? '.'

^ GBAY.— Jh fond renitinbranrt oi fatbtr, yft» AIM Auirust Sth.lMS. ...... ./'.??? ? ., Skep on, dear father, « kind fndtrme, ' - ' No one onetftth yi*k. oettw than you. For. us you alwaj* did your beat; : May God ffroiit. you. eternal' rekt,, ?- ? ? ' Htoserted fcy his, 2oriBg «Sjand dau#jliter-in4(|w, Stftn and Myrtler and Bttl^ Violet. *~ /? * (JHi*i-'£i«.r^In\ia4 «ndi. taring raamorjr of «iir] &tr huB&md' andvfatlrer, who^i«d on iugott 3. 1 roi.v . . ' .. ? „. -.. « ' ? -{ ' A silent ffiflugtt, a «eor©t Jiear, -. -^ ' ; '.etlll.keftps'.yqur: m«noW!:«lw«» dear,. - —Inserted by bis Jwina wife and ions, JaSfe and ' Aiidy- - '???.' '.? ,-.' 7 ' flOBMMT.— & Irfvlajr; mmorj- # our .dear litobaad'ind 'father. Who ^a»5d iwy, ..«»: Au frust i. IW. ?'?:-.?'„? t ??'„' '?. .'? .... . '?? ' .Could we1 Jiare-jrt*olted,*Br *at3Je% ' Just J-efoflS' iw &*tjt'4ffirj:\ ' ' .That is in tiur haarts to-day. ' Jlvijl we-ever cebse to mourn h^nt '' Dfrsa the «un forget to shine? fcTever will tti« wound b» .IiealtA ?, Till we nreet to yonder shrine. : - - —Inserted by hla 16 vine flrif* and children and erandclvlldren. ? / GOBMIET.— In loving ? mmoiy of tny dear father, who pissed sway-on Aiiguat 4, 1*17. Worthy of love was he . ? ? Trom those ha left behind; A better father could^not bo found, «w one mwe'loving and kind, ' —Inserted bylMs loving eon, Hoy, and Ruby, . / GRjOVEB.— In lovW- memory o( our dear ha». band and (father, Eobert Orore«. who 'died at Alberton. August 7, 1W6.— Always fondly remem bered by hia loved one* at Chur-«i.atreet, High ff»te: lV - ) GUiBERT.— In loving memory ot our terUng brother. Fred, lrilled August 8ti, 1B19.— Ever ie- inembered by hU lovinff 0Iiste^«ad brother. Lily and Normaa, ? J GOOD— In fond memflry of mother -@bn. E. Good), 'who died at Loxton on Auguat 7, MM. The hand of itendcr onenioiy Turns: back the seventh year. «— Inscretd By . her youngest boh, 'Gdrden, of iJ. berton. . '. onraax.— In loving memory of our dear Jtalther, who. passsd away at Pomt Pirie, August 6. 0919; and out dear mother, August 8, 1921, . Sadly missed. — Insortcd by their bom and dBwgh&en. ' / MAYSIAX.— In Jovlhg . memory oi our dear' mother, who passed away ai. Sa'ndweU, Aflguai fi. 191fi. Just a memory so fond and true. A token of love, dear mother, for yon. We who loved you sadly miss you, As it d&wiM another yeir, - And in lonely1 hours of thinking' Thouehts of' you itra ever' deaft ? —Inserted by her loving' -husband and daughter. HAYJTAN.— In sad and loving njejnory of nur dear mother, Alice Edith, wfio passed away « Sandwell, iflW; ? - Another year rbs changes bring, '- ' Tliough death, fond memory cHnga —Inserted by her (faitoWar, Ollie, and« law, Augnfat Swensen, Exeter. HAiR/ROM-,— In jovin* . memory of -nir d»t mothei. ^ho died at TorrensvQle, AugWrt iv&, l#20.— Inserted toy- biz bring eoa and diugtoer. [n4aw, ta., Ktfl, ana little grandcbUdtM, B,l7p, HAiRHOIiD.-^In. '«Tir« memorjr of cw deal mother, wfeo died -vt TorveufygM- iurfftft iW, 1920.— Evar remeroberid (by . Mt Iffrto* em sad (kcugbAer-ii].la», Totil and Sjaiie. S.I.P, / B.a21ROIjD,— in iavine memftrK of ibt igut mother, sto dfei *t Torrenavjllie, . A«B«*t Itib imo.—SxiaefbeS foy jitn awTSitET S.lS; I HaABOLP.— In ^rina memo;/ of ow dear uiobaer. . irho died cit TorraasrCiE, Auoibt - 4tb, lft». Also our dear father, «tM.d(«d Juae JffS 1888.— Inserted by .t&eir lovujg dkuyhter an* «oa» B:I.p, .. ^ . , . ?. ?1.,^. .. / ? P^k''^111 loving memory ol our -|ear mother and grfttidmotlier. who passed away alt MaaatW. on tli» Slst itify, l»lf. . ?.,-.. ..Hot .dead, but only sleeping) Hot lost, But gonj before j She is- in the dear tord'a keeping, Waiting «a tto %oldsri thoff —. Inserred by : her Tovtog son, Oharlia/ ' and daughter-in-law, and grandcshlldrih/' Tailem Bead. ! HOWB (hee'Oullman). — ft fpni remsmhrftnoe of our dear daughter, Ada, who .pftiaed away on (lie 8td August, 19.1B. 'To memory ev« dear.' — Inserted by her mothoi1,, and her son, t^en. ? ? - . I . HOWE. — In loving memory of our dear sister, Ada, whd passed away -ra the 3rd August, MM. Another year -fti changes brlng*- ??''?' Thousb. death divide*, tond in«iaoty clmg*. — -Inserteaby-herjistert and brother. / OEfASKET.— In fond and loving memory -of Olff dear friend. Mr. Saskef, who . died July »tb, 142!. In life. -e loved you dearly, m^eath we do the Sams'. —Inserted by Mr. arid Mr* Eilbourn and family Page's Flat. ? . . . ' ? HIQGIXSOX.-In loving roemoiT. of my dear huflband, 1'ctt, who passed away at Jlilftng, AiJffust ft 3S2O. . . ?' -.., ? His memory is aa dear' to-nJay ? ' ' Aa in th* hour he passed away. —Inserted by hia Iwfng wife, U iHigWnson Look. l»¥$. :?.????? ' / ? HJOH&— In loving memory of «ur dear little W«lv«. died at ATdrosssn. Awgtiet 6, U81. , .Short was our dear, littl* Mfeht's ?(«/, SheoSasfl Just «s i loanf Just tasied life, then fled ftway To h«r: eternal bom* - ' -? '-Iiwerbed. by her loving; parento, sister* -miT trothWA +) ?' igitiGBflTV.— In loriiyr memtr of our dear Mother, who flawed away August 6, 1920. Vou are not forgotten, madier, dear True Jove n«^r dies; -. ? . The dearest epot on earth to ma Is where ray mother lie*. . —Inserted by her loving son and daughter-toclaw, Tom and Ittit. ? . . ?? . / HA.BBIS.-In loving raenwy of WttHam, who diied at '.Kiosew*ter. Augurt 6, VMS. H.Ufc Just a memory, fond and irae. ? Just * . loving thought . «f you. f-Ioserfceil by IiSb loving wife and famHy, -? iBASTWELIi.-^n memory of my broth«r Tid. died. Augwt 2. mi. ' : ???'» '?' ? ' Juct a memory fond and true, ' A token, Ted; of you, ? / iOAJJjSro.ME.— In lowing . wenwiy of dir.'dear mother, Who departed this life on ffli« Aid. of ?AtagoiA. 1W. at J)ii«B.Wedinga. . «i. .' . ''' Tlhoise liappy hours cr« once enjoyad. How sx*et to manoar still. — Syer rsaneoiibered by Ker Uoving datqjhtet, Mary SoTerby, and iginmdctiildTen. . HALL.— In loving memory of dear mother, who died AujruBt 1, 1»17. . . Bow sweet -the.- name ol Jesus Bounds In a believer'a ear. ? —Inserted by; her loring daughter and eon-In-law, Heta. Ted, and little Lorn*. ..-.??? . ? ? j ?fiAXlA'-In sad but loying jnemory of our dear 'mother ancj sister Jjucy, passed away August 7, 1917 at Sblomontowp, ? - ??-.???- W« who loved you sadly miss you . ? . . ? Aa it dawns another, year. ' .''????,?? —Inserted by her' l#vi% daughter, siater. . and tn»crther-in.aaw,! Graqe, .Jtin, Will, and oiecs PhrtH»: ^oaomohtowri. : , / HiCK&-- hi loymjj memo* of bor baby- Ada Dorothy Isabel, Svhcr died August 7, 'ISIS. We long for a eound of her dear little voice, . ' We lpnit-for her dear little smile, She left behind 'broken hearts ~ ' That long foe her all the white. ~ - / .'??' HOiti.— In 'fond renusntfxranoe of our dear babe; wfho died on the 7th August/ JW9. ? ? ' ? ' ????'?. Anoi&er Jrtle- lamb' is cone t» dwell with Bkn WhoffA-VRv. ?????- ??? ? ''- ?? : -??'? ' ??'???? Another Jit tie darling babe is sheltered la Out rve.. j ?? ???'?'?:' '??????? ?? ??- ? '.' :' ??' I needed one/ mar* ang«l -3vUd- amidst Has Sluininj band, ?-?«,?.-?? :; : ? :,? ??.. ;????=- t And ao He bent wUh loving wftile and clasped , our darling's SuuwL-. . . ?.?:????? ?? , — ln»erte(S by .1*1* -vxnr4 fliotbeT, father, :Jbro«iBr, StanSy,; ?';, ,.?.?.:..,.'.,? ..,.??.?.- : ?'?...' ??'-? ' ?/'? QOtWSOK.— in io\-tag metnory of our dear son1 Shite wbo died August 7, 3fflS. . . ? The Jjprd aaid:—'^ «8Te, I .tatoj ' ???'?'. ..? Bjo »ot grteve, jkout 4e»» or» la ntet ge_dw«Hs wftto Me In My U^on above, iwK. . ' . '?? ' ? * ' ?; .

'' '?lEKnSB,— In hrvins memory of our dear eon and . brot*er. WUItoai ..Albert, ^Q^dy,** «fa- f«ased l*ong days and jniVh^ hefoo» Wa ptloi , To . T^Alt for. O.vre- .tnift all. I&, Taisii - - ' ©id ea#e W 'pirn- and' give Um jrtat, » Tlniepbed by bia lovhw motber, brothers, and «J|*«8''' ? . -; '?? ,. ??' ? . :' . ' ..' ?,':..7T JOHNBTOKE.— In . loving memory of our dftir ton and brofhsr, Hoy, who died -August em, ftoms day the viysUriea ot- heavm will unfold, ? -Afid our sorrow to idy he -)nr»ea.'':V - . '? ' .'? : .The morning will dawn when-united, we atihd, ..;. With our loved- mie»v _*-r..vwflwn.' *t';;-lS»», ;- ,' 'tnouriiedr ? ?? ' '? '»' ~ . ??' —Inserted by parents, brothers, and sisttra. / , JlBIUD.^Jn -r^ir*- ««B«ry. -cif 6i«r :il!8afir inothsr, wiio. died at li-iunt Gambler.-' Auguit 8, ism. .??... .. ? -^ ;?;??'? - .- . ? We do not kno^ tfie palii she bore, ' ' .' ? ' We -were noi in time to «* her dlej rBe only knovr tbe jm-e& iv&r And never eatd jrood-bye. :...'' .v'- * Jr-Instrted by her loving eon and ' daughter-ln.-la.Wi Olif ton and. llertha and three ' grandchildren, Adelaide-. - , / JAfCffiaOX.— Ip loviag: -memory ot my dear faus tanil and father, xho was lost at sea a* Shanghai. -m Amguat end,- 1B33. ' I cannot forgot you, I loved ywi ?», dear. lEbr your memoffy to fade from my Iffe Uk« a drcaraj ' , . ' . ' The. jps oe«d t»t epealc -wTkea -tbe.iieart mourns, Thoojjhts often are there when t&ey seldom are seen. —Inserted iby his tovina wile and dhildren, Bir lrMJioyT, , . . ? ' - .. .: ... JTAOSSOy.— In lovlnjr m«mory of A. T. T«3t aon who Teas lost a; aea at GQuuyhai on Aufipust ?fcrf, 1622. * Jurt a mejnory fond and tru», Just- « loTiag thought of you, —Inserted ,by £l* browver-in'ta* «nd «Isterin law, 'If, S. Hftggert}', BjrfceaSUai. JAIEVIB.— In loving memory of oar dear hus band and father, who pasted away at itsnlngSe, Aueuatfth, W.i. ' ' TlKrti«h death divides, fond tnemoiiea cling. —Inserted by his loving wife and daugbteri, / .. JAFEBE'V.— In loving remembrance «£ roy dear father, ivlio died August 6th, 1S09.— inBerted by his loving daughter, Oladya, / KEKN'E^'ELL,— In loving insmOry ot our dear friend. liftonard William Eennewell, who de* Carted this life «h August, 1920, R.I.P. fiad it the day of remombranoe, Aa these few -words will show, He will never be forgotten; As the years may come - and go. .-IaserW 'by W* loraw parebts, Harr-*treet, Qlanvule. V KffilXEWEIJ'.— In loving memory of our dear sou and brother, Leonard who. passed away -on August 4. 1920, '? v : Nothing but memory as. we Journty. on, liovg'mg' for a smiling j^ce that: has gone. There is only a. grave, out it needj our care, For our darliis ltes there. —Inserted by h& ioving mother, father, alstew, ft&d brotliers. KffiRfilWBLL.— In loving snaiinory ot our dew brotoevLsn, 1*i*- died Aufim 4. 1320. - A silent thought, a waret tear, Still keeps )xnir memory alv*y» dew; — 'tnatrted by his lovins; stale** Uelvie and fftol George. . SMS^E,WSUl'.rr-la Ivrlvg memery of tta. dlid A%iist ith/Wk Ever rememUored. ? lE«rt«d by a feiend, Myrtle Emm*. KIDI.BER9.— In loving memory of oQp deaf Mtnd. Harry. tfSo died at Tunfcy Bay, August A beautiful ntftmory lrft tiehind -k otio who vna gentle, gtrtd, awl kjpdi Gmm and forgotten by eome you ina» b», But' otiri in o»tmttt you will sAsreTB bj. ' ?^Insspted by W« true . friends. ,£r. and Mi». Mlngo. Queensrt«wn. .. EOTH.— In loving' memory ot our dee father, Wh0 died Auguat «. Wit.-1- * : ; ' Itt our hearts. your memory lto«M*. ? ' Tender, fond, and true'; As tbo yesss go by. dtat father. We will alwajt thin* of you. -inserted by bir loving eJhlldren, Stockport and Oteling West. . ? .????.-? -' / Jjt-yUi-Tj.— In 1-sving ntsmory of our deac mflthef and grandma, who entered intx) rftt os AufUin 6, 182?. ?'? ?????'.' The one word. 'Sfother,' : Compare it witii no oOier, The first word ot the infant, - ';. The last ward ot the brftvej fto tender and forsiiving, ?..?-- Low iier' whih dWV Mv!njf, Tiwre^s no truer friend than mother, -. Froto the cradle to the gravo, ' . —Insetted by her loving son and, granddaughter, OrtiS and Tot. ' . / LOVEUL.— In loving memory ai our- darJInj moQi«r, who passed away August 5, '922. / ?jVJien a mother breafinea bar last Jarewdl, Tfle stroke means more than words can tell. A home seems (quite anp'ifter jdaca ?/ fti'tiout th« amtle of mother'e -*O9. Tte flower* to pl»ee upon y^ttr gtitn ? ??? May. wither. and deoay; . . .', . . But* the love we bad for you, dear mother, /'TO never fade ftjn».' s ....???. : —Inserted by her lorinff 4angb$tn, Ufani* ana JU5». - ' ' '- '.'??;?.'?..??????? :y .:... . ' / ; SOVEUL.— In loving memory of' our dai£iii»; mother, vho passed -away August 6, 'JKt. . / it^STJK.— In foad and loving menwkjr of TjotIw .BeVocavJjesue, died Aoiguat 3th, 1915: Sr«r ic membereaby thos» who lored her. ; . , ?? / ttiESUE,— In. Iewihg BwnMj-flf my dear motfer, fcouiea Rebecca lesue, w5k- died August 5th. 1»16. 'W%at I hftvo Jort U*ffiv-ea-;hae:Kain5d— . The best ol anoawja'this Worid contained, — ImertelSy her lorfejr daughter,- Olif#. / IJQSUiE.— In lwine; memiory of our dear mottiex, Louisa Relbeooa LflstM, died August 8th, W3. 'Ti» a day of sad re.mcinbranoe, ' - Of a iaenjoCT fond and tnit, Thi» token of aflectioa, . . (Deareifc mother, is for you. . —Inserted by her fovinjf-'datig5iter, «oa-iiwla.)r, and granddhld, fUorrle,, Jack, and Kathleen, / . ifesUBi— In lovin* nvemory oi my dear mother. -Kho died 'August oW, MOS. .Thongi death divides fond memories cliay.— Insertedkby her lorinff son, -Arthur, . . ?? ? '.-, - ? ? ? - , ?-? I . IXyvELL.— In loving' memory of dear mothe^, loviw nite of taie late iPtoUMp' lie»yell: Jind dearly lovetl sister of the, ftgvsv iFrajjlc and Abraaara Price. lEtof'.aiid who maased peacefully aVW on (tie 6tu August JSSa. ? . ' ? ; She lias sailed Iher Jast commission .. In a beautiful ship called rest, And 1*8 toow bet-bead ia Safely pillowed ..On her great Bedteemer'a. breast. . . Emptv ii your corner, taothcr, - Vacant i& your chair. It'* when we go to \-I»it liome. It's then w« miss you dih«re. — Inserted 'by lier \oving ^auglater, 1-ily, and son. in-daw, James R«-ifre'y,; and graailokildren, Thorr* don Park. ? ? -. ;? . / IiAWT0N.— In ead but loving memory of- E. J. Latfton, who passed away'^Aogust 2nd, 162L '?P l-iep in my heart there's a Bi*ri«ey Of a friend I will never forget. — Imerbed by Eva Lorensen.v . :????' / . tiA ?T05II— In fond and ',6herWned mgmory of riiy dear mother, who passed away Augwt 2, W21. ' . ;.: .. To-day, «R we glunce at your photo, : la JilreneaS so Ireeutirui and true; Do you know .our hearts are aeihing . .. And longing, dear mother, for you? . —Inserted by. her loving daugMor and son-in-law, &. B. and J. Hanooek. . ./ iiDTKIE. — In loving ? memory1 of 'our ' dea* mother, .who parsed away on tiie 22hd July, 192$ ;, also jpur dear, father, -who passed away on the 12th August, 1918?— -Inserted by Wai find Dora, aiid giandchildren,-- Greta, ' Cora, Jim, and Qlen.:, ,;.?? ?.????? *? ?? -? ??,-? - ??? -?-?i--'- ?-??7:, MePKBBSOV;— to toviiw memory of our da* Wnjjacttft son, Allah Jamse XOoonte),' idu- il*i Aivuat s, ma. ? ? . . , .' . Oatiiered: with t3ie tiert of .-3od?s garden, ' Kissed br She ^^Jwrfot aedr;. -- ? ?'?? Ttoo «V^ t&jpox any blgffB1,. . . ' . ?-4naeVted try bis-ioTlnjr mother, father, brother, and stater*. Jack, Jtan, Jessie, and granAma. ?-.. '?'?*? ? -:. '; ' ': . /

:??? - : '' \ ^ MMtitiffiAM* : ?'??^ : MOKPSHY.— In loving tnenwry of our deaf father, wbo passed aw*? at Peterborough. August 8. Wlfir ? --.^ ?' .???''J. :?? '?:? ? ' .'.??'?'. v , ? ? Immaculftte biart of Mary. Tour prayew for him extols . . Rccrcd' heart .of Jesul, . ,. 'Save mercy on Jjia soul. - -^geyted W bis ''lovW' daughter and' son»j ? atoOSiaSfi^lja -forrtni memow : of iny'deai ba»biBd.'who died .iuiguat S, IMK ' ; , I-oep.ln nay heart there. is .a -memory ' Ot One I Trtll nev« target. ' '' ?- V-Uiwrted tjfrhte-lov&^^ife. f ? .itEGbt.+ia.; fond! aid!'loTit» . memory'' '«f V loving hucSmd' and father, vbo departed from W on Ai^urt: acdi.a»W.r-InsBrted by ihis loviujj yni* ajMfcia&iuy. ,,.,T5ar Jaeajorj;. dear. -....',. / SH'KJIS.— In lovjnar memory of our dear wif*) and. .mother, who dud at Fort Linc^n, Augutt £- M«^ ? ,. ?'-. ..:- ?.--.:.. ? '?' ?'-. ?' . ?? ? -? ' Oh. for a touch of- the vanished hani And the sound of a voice tint is still, * r-Iifterted 'by fier loving, husband dnd family, Porl Ltocoia 0*t« of 'OnkJanda,' sear Port GlUa* ton). ?'.?- ' 218x216/ ? MEIJfOKE.— In loving memory of. our deaf njotlier, who- passed, away at ^apunda.' . August -i 19S0; aUo our dear fainsr. who paired awaf August 11. Ml*, ' Poaoefully slcoping;, rosting at last, Earth's weary troubles and ouffering-s pafli, : —Inserted by tiieir loving famfly. JIAtCKXE.— dn loving memory of our dear \rlft ear mother, vfoo died on 4th August, WQ. ' As she tests in perfect sleep, {Her memory we will ai stays keep. —Inserted iby hor loving husband and dhHdren, Malcolm and Hilda. / 1IA.GA-»HRAK'.— In lovinj memory ot my deal wife, who disci August i, 1922. I often 'eit and think' of r«u, ? When I am all alone,. For memory in tie only balm That grief can call ins own. At it dawns alwther year My thoughts. «f. you ever deari - . —Inserted by- Tier lovine, husband. ' J : . MA-GG3,— In loving- remembrance of our detf grandfather, who -passed away August 4, 1920. Evef remembered by. Alma and pan. / MAOOS.-^In loving remembrance of .our deaf father, irtho passed away oa August 1. 1920, The passing years of life -flow on. And etill the vacant chair Recalls the love, the 'smile, the voles, , Of one we loved so dear. —Inserted b; hU loving; daughter and soa-in-lal*., , Ddls arTd Eb. / * MAGOS. — In loving memory of dear fatheiw Who died August 4th. 1920. : .' ?— Ever remembereil by his loving son, Stan. /; . JtA.GO6.-7In fond loving memory of' my deaf tethar wbo passed away August 4;. 1920. W* cann»t *orget you, -we loved you too dearly, For your memory to fads from our lives like « aroam; Tat lipd noed pot q«a't K'hea tht heart inoaru ? '? sEneereiy; Thoughts often an there where they seldom *» eeeh. , fJearly.loyed, gjidly missed. —Inserted by hU loving daughter and son-in-l*jr, Bcfttflce and Jim. / MAGClS.-^In loving memory of dear fatbeK . who pissed peacefully away, August 4, 1821,— B- serted by his loving daughter and son-ln-kw, Bvi and Alan. .. r. ME8JRS.-^In ead and loving, memory- of ou| dear uwther arid ma, who passed away at Bettor August fi, 1919. sleep onr dear mother, -so kind and tru«» No one oo earth waa better than you,' F6r us you always, did your best, - * Ifay God grant you eternal- rest. —Insert*! by her ever-sorrowing daughter. AnnisV eon-in-Uw Ted, and her t/fro little grandohildrefl, Maty KO& JOnn, Iron Knob. . R.LP, . /. MaALLJSTEtt/-JIn loviog memory of our deaff wife and motber. wio pass** away at Bowden oik' August 4, MCI. ? ---? ? - ? ' A mother dear, ao- foad and taut, We win ever thinlc of you. — — Ineerted by ter lovins husband and childr«% Willie and Jean.,. ;. - . , . ?, . ) . MAKTEN*. — In .'living memnry of our deaf Iiiaeie, who passed away on August 6th, I9llh 4sx tha yonder spirit world , Om you feel my thoinghto of you . : P» you'oi longing-, ? ? - poogtiig all the ages through. . ' — InMrted by her loved ones at Albexton. MillTJUJ i(n«e Thomas).— In loving mamory ol iOUT dear datifhter and sister, Luszie. who 4M! Auguat 6. 1»16. . ? -? '? The passing yeaii of life flow oh, Kztil .still the vacant chair : Recalls the love and smile and voice v- '' ? Of one we loved so dear. —Inserted by her loving parents, brothers aad sisters. ... r - ' / . MotWAN.— In loving memory of our dear son, Alister, wht- dejMU-ted this life at Good-wood oft lAnlgUst 6, 1807, aged 17 years 3 months. Sixteen yean to-day since our dear eou paanA away. Cflath is the messenger «f. peace. . . -. ??A.'ndoaAls the «wt & heaveni . . Silently the gjades of «v«ning : . ; Gather round- uy lonely -toor. - , Silently 'they bring (before taa ?*?.: : ' ..A. laco I eball'see no'mojre. . '?' '*-%'? Oh, not lost; tftut ft4ns before us,- ' ' ' ?:.Sirt them 'never be foisfot; ? -?? i Sweeit their inemoty to the loaaly, ' - ? - In our hearts: they beitidr not. ,, —Inserted by hij loving parents, .sisters, au 'brothers. ' ' [ ' . KEBftS. — In loving remembrance* of njy deal mother, who -.pltietl v*ra.f at Belton, August K 1919. ... ; ., , Sacred is the name of motlpr, tender was her care, Sad. and. lonely i» the home Avlien thwe'« at ? mother «lfiwre. ;.-'.-' /?? .-? ?? -???;- — Ever wnwmberetf fey te* loving daugbtw and son4jvlaw..-Te«» and Neil banders, Gladstone K.I.P. / MAXSFIELP^-In lovinx -memory of our 4et£ little Syd, who passed away on the Snd' AttfUflti Time- changes many things, ? But jownory, like the ivy/ clings. —Inserted by his loving mother and, fathej,.'// ' MoKBTNZEE.— la loving ntenwry of out dm fauabefid and '? fatlier, ?-.Thoraa*; wno- passed away! ' Augusi ',% 1916, result -H '?? rffllway aocldeat,- ftl Jiile-ttnd yards.— Inserted by. his loving -vrif* ana family, Southwark. ' .'';?*?' '' ' .; ,._ , ; UacOVRT-VEY.— In loving, memory of LtoWrA accidentally kilted August 7, iflW. Svreet 'renwiB brance. — Inserted, by his loving sister and twotbtdt in-!asv, Mattfe fml Krod. . - ? .-? OIacGA.BTK]rY.— In loving Jnemory «* on| Iveonard, -acoidetitslly killed on (the 7-th Augusft 1918. ? ? '^ — Gathered with the beat ot GodM gardtaV ~ - Kissed Wiry' iby purest dew; . ? —Too sweet 4o grow any blggvr,' God whispered. He knew. . ?' — 'Inserted by his lovinx inother, father, dfltfl^ and brother. -'.'?'' I ftftioCAHieSEY.— ^In loving ' jnKsjiary of oar da». ling I.eouai-d, killed «t Port -Adrfaide, B» ^ 7th Aujruat, 1919. - ' -.,.-? Vou who have H brother, '.'.'.'?? ? I»ra }»im 'whHe you naTyf ' ?*' i'or t?,, liko 4ihii)dear brotiher, ??'????? ? Mjwj too 6aon paas away. ' ?'?'?? ,. ' .-^InserBsi by fleorye, BerfJia, and Ijfonar^ jfi ' *'? . MATTHEWS.— Tn lpviny memory of ft» doat brother, Bert, who diet} at Esefer,.' August 7, lMfe The tonder hand of tnetnary . ... - . ..- ' . . Turns back fnotijer loaf;' ^ ? ? - !.. - ? n — Jnserted'-'by hfg ' loving sistw and broQj«;Jflk - law, Jfabel and Will anq iiiecee Ifona aaTjye^ I MATHERS.— in sad 'and lovins; memory ojvmflf ? dear son and brottier, Be^t, v&o died at Exeber, August- 7t»,. .1922, .aged .88. reara' . . ..rr -' ?-? .Just a' memory, fond and true, v' ' ?? A token of lovg, dear Bert.. for you. ; . -. : —Inserted 0-y his loving 'pajrems, lM-others, aa4 ? slstei's.-i: ??'''/','.. ' ,t .-. v ';-.- ?' ??? ? '«' aiOVrjE,— T« ? ifliBr dear. layjn«r, memory ot.ou* beloved husband and father, Bdmtd. Henrf RttyiWL { who died at his. residence, ..'lOirri Qrae,' ror| .',' Pirie, August 7th, 1920/ . ; . :.' ,r- - 1 ' All tJiftt -It meant id iose him . '. . ' ^i/ ?:?-'?? Onli' our.aad hearts W»Jr. .... :' . ? -. ? ;.-.;. . (His lore (or us is jiat a ch^bheA dream, ',: . - We fceetr him ffifa. ug evermore. 'T^lM '*, ?? sufpreme. ' -?^????- ?- r^w«- .. - '?'^\t — Onierttd by his loving wife and family : / ? '? C Continued on nest page.) _ ^v / 912

VOYLE.^-To-ifce 'beloved memory ot Mr. B. B, . . Mby!e »*o «»d'at hie residence, 'Cam Brae,': tfort Tirlo, JJUigust 7th, M80. . ??' ' JEs loving. smi]«, his Jdntf-y, l«rt-lit eyes. Are only hidden from m for * Httie **ile. ? — Inserted by Herbert A. Shedley, 190; Hutt-srreet, ? ?? Ci!y. -? ' ?'.'? I ? .; iiEDLOW.— In memory of our dear .sister and auntie, who died August 7llb 19& 'P«s«efun;- sleeping.'— Interred fiy her loyalty sister, Ada, and brotber-inviw. Oiar^e, and nleeee, Mllc-End. ? . \E01VASS.— In loving memory of our dear father Oarl August, who passed aijay at Mount iFl-a«int, August 5, 1K2. Peacefully sleeping, resting ex JMt, ? ?? ? . Birth's weary pains and sufferinga past. ? — I-iserled by Us lovirg son and daujfcter-iri-law Biul ' grandchildren, Ocm «Dd Hilda Ofeumnnn, Pi'tcrboi-oufeh. - / ' rfOCICOLRS fnce Riddle).— In loving 'memory of our Jeav daughter aud sister, who died August 8th. 1912. , .' , . .lust a - memory, fond and true. 4. loviiis; thought, dear Rube, of you.. —Inserted by her loving father, brother, and deters.. - ' ?VEUM VK.— In lov ins memory ot our dear bro thri-, Augii't, died at Mount Pleasant, on IM fith Vujjust, 1922. So dearly loved, so sadly missed. «~Ever remembered by his loving Utter and bro Wwr-in-law. J. H. liuller and fcunily. Olivedalo, Birdvvood. ' OSBORIXE (nee Brackenridg*).— In wd ibut lov |Sc memory of ojur dear dauglMer &nd sister, 'Bsi}, llrtio died at Adelaide on August 6, 1919. 6» a&dlv missed. —Fondlv rrcn«w tiered oy hw loving mother, sis *srg, and brother. Broken Hill papers please copy. OSBORXE (nee Brakenridge).— In loving memory Cf our dear wiife and moOier, (Bell, who passed way on August 6. ttO19. SUE fondly remembered by her lovtne hiBMand, 'daughters, and sons, Oroy ion. Broken Hiil papers please copy. OiYEX.— Tn loring memory erf our dear father «nd grandfather, who passed away on fltlh August, 1S20, at Mild-urti. \ ? \ tender chord oo memory e harp h sadly toixfoed to-day. ?-Inserted by his lovins daughter, Ivy, and grand ?on, George. - / OWEN —In sad but loving memory of my dear father and grandfather, who passed away *t Mil dura Hospital, August 6th. 1920. Could I have reached my father Just before he passed away. Is the ever longing thought That is in my heart to-day. Will I ever cease to mourn him? t Does the sun forget to aliine? Never will the wound be heated * Till we meet in yonder shrine. ♦-Inserted by hte loving daughter and grand daughters, Googie, Hazel, and Mavis. O'CONN'OR.— In loving memory -* my dear father, John O'Connor, passed away on August *, 3019, at the' Little Sisters, -GSeii Osmond.— In- ?eited by Ms lovingr daughter, Maggie O'Connor. O JlAtdjORAN1.— fti loving memory of my dear father, .Patrick OMIslloran, who died August 8. WW. B.I.P. A father so true, gentle and kind, Xo friend like Jiim on earth, we'll tind; For al'. of us he did his bw; Msy Gpd grant him eternal res^t. — Inserted by his loving daughter and -£on-iD-laT *!id grand^Jlldrei], C. and if. .O'flrien. / O'iIMjIjOII-^C.— In loving memory of ray dear felber who passed away August 8. Ml*. 8.1.?. Xo one knows how mucii I loved him, Friends may think the wound is healed; But they litile' know t;ie sorrow Deep within my heart oonreaJed. Sleep on, dear father, t* kind and tJ-ue, So one on eartlh was better than you. »-IiiELited by hl» loving son, Mick O'llalloran. O'HAliI»JlAN.— In loving memory o? my de^r father, who passed away August 6, 19U. B.I.P. Jn our hearts your memory lingers - Sweetly Under, fond. Mid true; In our .hearts there's not » day That we do not think of you. ?-Inserted by hit loving daughter, Maggie, Jim, And grandchildren. O'HMJUCfRXS.— Id loving memory of my dew father, who passed away on August 8, MU. ThouR^i Mfe brings much* that alters, And Mm* brings .muoh tiai'e new. , There's on* ithtojsf ithat never alters, » That's out thougtote; dear lather, of you. —I reported. by iris l-n'tojc dbuehter wid grnndohil dic-n. D. Ka\-anash. / O?-SEN\ — In loving menwry of our dear husband ? and father, who died at Eohuis«a, on the 8bh Aug-:;-*, 1912. 'Ever remembered.' — Intwtsd by his loving wife and family. lMSSISGHASI.— In loving memory of our dear n,-j('if'.-. who departed this life cm August 3, 1022. Ever remembered. — Inserted by her lov. lm! daughter Alice, son-in-law, granddaughter Bmilj.-' ? '? / l'OSsSlNGTIALt— In loving memory of my dear muiJier, who died on August 3, 1922. Gone, but not forgotten —Inseited by her loving son, John rOSSINQHAM.— In loving memory of our dear mother and grandmother, who tell asleep at Ho.ijjhlon on 8rd August, 1922 .lust a fond, sweet remembrance Of one who has gone to rest —Inserted by. 'her lonng .daughter and gonln ? law. Emily and Will Jfurphy. sr.d grandchildren. PAt'L. — In fond remembrance of dear father, *ho passed away at Mintaro,' August 3rd, 1S31. , To-day recalU :EBd. mamoTies Oil a laved one' gone to rest. — ffnsorted ibi- bis loving daughter and 6onia kav.'V. and W. Hainos. ? / ? - PA L'L. — In' losing m'emorj- of my dear husTaa'jd, Gconje Douglas, who passed a.xii\ on tie 3rd iAuffart, 1931. at Hintaro. '.?,'?' A «teat tJiowght, a secret' tear, SliSl keena your filemory dear. ?-Inseried bv his loring- n-ife, U. Pau'..,' / . !PAL'L. — In fond rememliimnce of iny dsar faUier, who passed away at Mintaro, Aug-u.?t 3rd, laa:. t- ,? : A tender chord of memory's harp ' Is sadly touohed to-day. — -Inserted by hla ldvin« son. Jack. / PAUL..— In laving memory of dear fatiier, who passed a.vay at Mm'taro. August 3rd, Ififil. iJiiep' in our heaort9 there i9 a memory Of a father we shaJl jwver forg*t. ?-inBertod by bis lovin» - daughter and son^i*. l*w, H. and P. Jockn. ' / FBiOB.— In jyying aiianory of our dear fatiiffr, Thomas ,1'rjor, who ipaiaed a.\vac.v Ai^fus: 9, 1S0S. 'We have lost, tout heaven has guined One.^of t3in ibest the world contained. Sweet to ouj- memory,- dear to our-, hearta, . -y.:r love for vou,. father, aTj . never depsrt. . fiV'e know that the years, be th«y many or fivr, - Win be years of rennembrauce. dear father, c-f you. '' -, ?— Ineerted. by his loving daughters. . F. t&roek, M 3. Bell, E. 0. Edsinton, T. Shephard. / PFEIFFER.— In loving memray of dtar Ililda, . Ikbo passed awdy August 4. ]022. ? 'fire mourn for jrou, dear Hilda, Vo cyea may see us weep, t gut nuiny n..tear we shed for you ' .' When allare fast asleep. 'Our thoughts 'they often wunder To a grave so far away, MTiere they laid our darting Hilda V: Just a year ago to-day. )--Bver remeinliercd by Auntie Einmn. UnokviU, tnd .Cousins Hartley. ? -, ? ** -? PRINCE.— In loving memory . cf Topi Gordon,' who passed away at Port Augubta, August C, ? 3919/ , Remembrance Is the golden chain Time tries to break.. but tries in vain. ^-Inserted l-y W* ? loving brotlier. sister-in-law, and' nephew, Kingsley, Ste'.la, and Vernon, PBOKEItT.— In loving, memorj' of our dear .Gladys, who died AugUEt 6, 1922. She t)M no one a last farewell, 4 ~?h9 said farewoll -to nope; - . Her spirit flew before we knew fiThat from ua^She bad gone. IVe often think of you. dear Gladys, .:? .. riAnd Wiink of'bow'.vou died; ?? .To'' think you could' iitrt «ay fappivell, -. :.1Befoi'eHyou-.'^loBed '.your eyes. ^-Irffiertecl by her loving mother, brother, und ?toiler*- ? .-.?., ; ? -: ?;..- ??-? / ?pHjjJBERT.— In loving memory of our dear1, little piadvs, vfoa died Auguet 6, 1922.— Ever remem her lering lister' and biotliei -inlaw, Al.

' SCJ^EfllQ^AV^1.'-^'^^^1 PJERaaXS.-^&» knlniimmoTy^oif my dear iistf^ who passed -fi way Aiiguetft tt'O]ar«ice Park. - Bow we mlfli her ?re!oome footeteps And her- dear;- awecti' loving. face.. : ? But-** twff; i}H tn T#mAmllnr ',.? ^ T3jat none can fill, our sister's place, —Inserted toy her Iwing fattier, Ivv-.. and Auntie ^.va. ?; . -??' .' -''-'??:, ?;?'; '??'?'? .._ ' PBIIKIXS.— In sad Twt laving themory of my dor sfeter wbodJed fudden'y/ August 5, 1*22. She' Did ' no on: her last ', larea ell, ? '? SJie said «ood-J-s? to . none. ? _ Sadly missed. ?*'?'.??'? — ?Inserted'V 3jer icfiihg stoter, CT.srJ. PBKKI.SS.—- In affectionate, remembrance of '? niy dear wife, Alrce Florence Cn«e pringle), who '4ted. suddenly sit Olarenoe . Pai'k on August 6th,: '19212; Sadly missed;— Inserted, 5-y 'George John iPerkins.v/, PEKKK'S.— In lorinememoiT ol dcsrilice, jibd passed away Aijfiist, 1982. .' , ,. ' . This is « daj- of remeinbnahee to a]]. — Inserted by her loving bropier and 8i»ter-in-le\v, Roy aud Harriett. Goodwood. : r PERKINS. — In loving memory of our dear «lrter Ali«e who passed away on 6th August, 1*22. -.'?-:? What w« have lost heaven has gained, The.Wst of ei«tere this world contained. — Inserled- by her lonng »leter and brotlierin law, 1L and W. Broom. / P15RRY. — In loving memory of our. darling baby Gilbert, ? died on 6th August, 1922, aged i months. — Ever remembered by his Io\1ng father, mother, sister, and brothers. PJ2RRY. — In Iwing memory of dear little Gilbert, died 8th Augugt. 1822. — Inserted by his grandparents. Auntie Linda, and Uncle Gil bert. PKTRIR. — In lovinic memory of m-- dear hus band, Hughle, who died Aunist 7, 19ie.» Also fatiher of the abot'e Ben, who died August ', 1K20. Sad is the de(y of rennemil-.nanofl. And' these Jeiv -vwds wilS itoow ITiOflr will al««i'S be remembered :Afi the y^ars rimy come and #». —Inserted bj- his Itn-ing wife and children. / flROBERT.-T-In Jovlng imemory of Llew'ic, wh» passed awaj' Ausust 7, 1917. Just a memory, fond ond trae, iii loving thoughts, dear Uew, of you. i— Inserted by mother and father, / PROBERT.— -In loving memory of our dear Gladys, who passid nway suddenly August 6th, lflB8, kt 1*6. Hindley-#tre-t. -* A sudden shook, a cruel pain. And the world has never seemed tb$ same. It was bard to bear the blow severe, To poi-t with one I loved so dear. No one kjioms the bitter pain I have suffered since you leit me. —Inserted by ner loving mother. PROBERT.— In loving memory of our dear Gladys, who passed kway August 6th, 1922. We do not know the pt-in she bore, Wo were not in time to fee her die; H'6 Qnl\feknon' ehe passed away . kni nevtfr taid gocd-l-ye. — Inserted by her loving brother and sVster-in-law. Roy and Madgr. . e .PROBEItX.— In loving memory of dear Gladys. Deep in my heart there is a memory Of one I never will forget. —Inserted by her loving friend, May Brown, Burra. PUGSLET.— Jn. loving memory of Mildred Joyce, who died at Port Pirle. August ?tn, 1920. — Inter! ed bv her loving brothef and sitterin law, A. ind E. Fernie. / PiJOSTJeY.-Jn loviiw memory ol MilUe, who died -m tlxc 7di-Auguirt, i*20. Just a sad but 8w«et raiaembnunce Of « cousin *n» and kind. —n»sert«d by her oovgips, Flo «nd Jack Frabolt, Glon Lyon Btation, $&M. I rUGSLEY.-~In loving juenTory of Mildred Joyce, beloved wife of Ij. J. Pugsley, who passed away at Port Pirie on August 7tb, 1920.— Inserted by her lovlmr husband, les. / KKJSliBY '(nee Palmer).— In loving memory of flu* dear ait-ce, :Mildnied Joyce, who passed aw.iv at Pout Plvie, -m th« 7tU XnffM, 1020. The light of lieaven was .oa her hrow As eihe peacefully passed away Jnto tho. realms flf.toppy blies, Thrco years ago 'to-day. Ojovod In -life, renjemjwred in d«ath. HIfl«erted by her lovjjw aunt and uncle, i*ildxed *nd Jota Beynolds. Port -Augusta West. 219/ PTGSUET (nee iP«to»«i).-iIn tfond and :-win« rememlaance -rf our d«ar dsagher, AHDle, who ©assed away on the 7th Aug^ust, 1SS0. at Pors Pirie, a«-«d 23 years and 6 months. If all the wortd; belonged to us, We Tould «iT.e it, y«s, and more, To Me her loving face ag-aia And clasp her hand «nce more. —Inserted T-y !het lovliw father and md&et 3. snd M. Palmer. ' / PUG9LKY (nee Pajmer),— In loving memory ot my dear sister, IMlllle, who passed away at Port Plrie on August 7. , WOO, aged 22 yeans and S nionUis. TJioiifli life Jwlugs much that alter*, . And rime bringj much uhat's neir. There's one tihlng- thdt never alters, ? Thit!a our thoughts, dear sister, of you. —Inserted by her Coving sister and brother-inla .v, Dairy and George (Beran. / iPUGSLEY -ne« Parmcr).— In lwlng memory of nw dear sister, lliHie, who ipasscd away on the 71ih August. 0»2O, 'at Port Pirie, aged 22 yens and 8 .months. ?; Orfiy a memory jof 'bygone days. And a Gorging for a face unEeen iBut a constant feelin* that -God alone Knows boet what might have been. ^Inserted by her ever loving brother. Jack. / ? PETERSON.— In loving memioiry of dea.r mo-Uier, who passed, ovay Atiglitt 6, 1017: also .dear dather. on May '5, 1021. . If all the wotld belonged to us. * ' We would giv» it, yes, and mo're,' To «ce their loving laces again', And clasp their hands «n«e more. — Bwerted by their lovingr jdaugb-ten, son-in-law, .Tessio, Ada, land J. Fox. aiid gia3i,dehildre.n. / PETERSON.— In loving -memory 6f';our dear mother, who difd ojj the 8th August, 1917; sieo father, who died fltb May, 1921;; . . The world may chanpfe from year to year, And friends from day to day, ; Hut never will the ones we 'love . ? From memory pass away, —Inserted by her loving son and daughter-in-law, Jack and Huth.' ,* . ' /. PROBERTV — In fond memory of dear little, who died August 7, 1917. Just a. memory, -fond and true, _ Just a loving thought of you. - — Ever remembered by his. grandparents and Aunt Rhoda, Mylor. .... / ; ifOOSEV.— in memory ot my dear xnolhw, who died at Bute. August fl, ' 1908. H JJ-. Just . a memoT}', fond ;-nd true, ' , Just a loving thought of you. * ' - —Inserted by, her Joving daughter, Maud. / BEDiDAWAY.— In fond and loving memory of oui' dearest husband' and father, who died at Hammcnd on August i, 1919. / Deep in our hearts there's a picture Of a dear husband and father, who has gone to rest. In mroriiory's frame w« keep him, For 1m was -tne ol the best. ?/ We'll fltrew with loving jnemory . . ' The path our father t*od. - : 'We'll bless Uie years we ei'.led him ours. And leave the rest to God. '?'? —Inserted by bis lovinf wife and childK-n. / -j nOWLANDS,— In cad but loving memory of our dear husband and daddy. Stanley. David, wno »j»«ri away' at Beulah Park, August 4th, . 1921. . So sadly missed.— inserted by his' loving wife anj little boys, Russel and Len. / . R.EID.— In . :pving inpmory of our^dfiar .Jnother, wlio. passed away' ij, Adelaide' on August 4, 1019. — Ever rememtoered by her loving daughter and grandson, J. W. and J. B. Oarljlei n^ynarka. ./ ttOSEB!— In., loving memory of our dear hus-* Hand and father, who passed- away August 6, ' Another year lte changes, brings. -' * Though death divides, fond memories cliii?, — IivL-Tted by h-s loving wife ajid.sMis. j'\ KOOBR.-^-In Ead but loving memory/of our' ?Ot-ar ; b&tlicr, who passed- iway at ' Prospect,^ Aiijrutt litii. J;l-21, -,,-_. ~., '; i,:^ -. N'ciiiii.-e but a memory as' we journey on. .'' LonsiiiK for n dear face that is gone.* T There is only a:graye, .but it/needB burcare,' hVjr our darling brother' is ^sleeping tEe'fe. :v — Kver remeniberea- by 1iis loving 'lister and. imHherrin-law; JE.-'«rfd C.Toung.Kertl^ Adelaide. ? ','? '.?**'-?? -' ' ' '' ... '' ' .'. #. '.

' ? : '''K- V\tNi.'M«^&WAM;o::/''. /. V : ROQES.— In loving ;jnemiory-'?«' ?W ^^Sto *T*af''*hq passed «w«y^«t:Proispect, August «T' 19^1.- .'..-, '.-' : ? ?_ '... ' ?- .' , ????..-'?: . '^ou who havo a- brbth«^ : . * TjoVo him wWlc you^can, . ,:'??? For he, like- our dear -JbrptJier,.. ? Too toon may -pasr away. . ?—Inserted bv hiai ever-loving sister and brothef- : in-law,«jfena ani Arthur Beimolifa; / -ROkJEH-^In lovlngr' memory of iny dear brother .Fred,' who died ,sf .'Prospect,, August (fth,.-. l'-OSl.' Gone but not forgotten. — Inserted by. his loving sister Myrtle. . . ' ., . / ? ? .R0G-ER. — In loving , memory ^Ji our dear brbtBier ' Fred, who passed *yay at Prospeot, August flth. ,1821. To-daj'j as' we. glance at' your photo, ? In likcness-«o beautiful and true,'- ' . .Do you know our hearts are' aching, 1 ' And longing, dear, Fred, lor you. Some day, some' ti We, our eyes ehall see . That loving face kept In bur tneipoij. ' — Inserted by his loving .«i»tcr And brother-io- ; law, G. and 1§. Ourgenven, Keswick. -? / j R0G£R. — In memory of Our dearly loved son, ? Frederick Albert (Fred), Vho passed away at i Prospect, August 6th, 1921. For many yean our family obain Was firmly linked together. But two years to-day God claimed one link forever. ? I am; 0 Lord, deprived ot one Who was to me most dear. Teach one to eay, TliJ- will be done While I on oarth wait here.- . ' ; . Dear Fred some day I am coining to you. Some day we will understand. Some day as I did in death, I will' clasp you by the band. —Inserted by his devoted parents. F. and I/. Roger, Carter-street. . Thorngttte. . if i RACER,— In lovtnjt memory of our dear bro ther Fred, who died at Pirospeert, August «,- 3921. Could we to itfhe 6ky in a letter, And dt by your side as of old; One clasp to. your bonds would te better Tl«u» vnossagiee written In gold. -Inserted by his loving sietear and brotter-in-Uw, Erhel and Walter 'Blunden. / RAGER.-In loving memory of ou/ dear bro ther Fred, who died at Prospect, August «, 1821. It's just two yeairs ago to-day. Bow anxiously we stood B-side our dear brother's bedside. To save him if we could. With tears we saw him sirifcimB. We watched him fade away! And our hearts are , sadly ? aching - For owr dear brother to-d«y. —Inserted by his loving sister and brotJier-in-law, Marjorie and Cyril Whoa. ._ / RYAN,— In loving memory of our dear lather, Tlhomaa A. Ryan who passed away August *, 1020. Sweet in our memory, thy face we can «ee. Some day in heaven we hope to Join thee, —Inserted by his loving daughter and son-in-law, Ivy and Ivan Xicolle. . / RYAN.— In loving memory of our dear hus band and father, Thomas A. Ryan, who passed away AUffuat 2, lff-0. Just a memory, fond ? at*J true, A token of love, dear dad., for you. —Inserted by his loving wile, daughter and sons, Keta, Torn, and Bill. 7 RAtfMN. — In loving memory of our dear little Jaok. who died August 7. 1919. A tender ohord of memory's harp, Is sadly touched to-day. -—Inserted by bit loving mother and sister. / RAFFEN*.— In loving memory of little 39*'-t, who died August 7, 1919. 8o dearly lov«d.— In* serted by grandpa and grandma Sage; -GleiieUj. / '8O0TT.— In loving -nwraorv of mother, ' who fwesed away August 5th, 1922. Somewhere beyond iifa's journey A lOYing-%i0tner waits. —Inserted by her daughter and son-in-law, Doily and Ha.'rv. ? /. SMITH.— In loving memory of ovf father, Mathew Smith, who tf.«d August 6th, 1902.— Evej- remembered by his loving wife snd sow. / SA.WP0RD.— In loving memory *-yt dear wife and mother, who died Anurust 6, JSW. Deep in our hearts there'* a memory Of a mother we can never forget'. ? r-lnserted by her loving humfid, ton, and da\ighter-:n-5em, alf., EtKel, find grandchild. Gwen. BALBEDA.— In_ sad but loving memory of my dear husband~and father, who passed away on August 6, 1S21. His aaj-s of pain, iij9 wennr hours, His sleepless nights are past, His ever-patient, worn-out frame Use found sweet rest at :«£t. He bore hit iain, be bore it well. Bow he Kuffered bone aan tell; He heard a voice we did not htsrf, Which said he must not stav; And without- gooi-bjie to loved ones Ha oaJtmly gassed away. —Ever remembered by his Borrowirb wife and son Galriel. '* / SAlilfEBA.— In loving memory of our dear father, who passed away on August 5th, 1921. In our 'hearts your memory lingers, Tender, fond end true. As the years go 'by, dear father, IVe vrJll always tMnk of you. — Inserted by Ws loving daughter, son-in-law, and family. M. A. Mattie. ' . / SAI/EEBA.— iA lovjivj: tribute to the memory' of my dear father who was called home August 6th. 19?1. ?' He has ffbne to the grave where the -vearv find rest, He is- free from all 6orrow and pain; ? And some day I* hope in that Bweet land ? '? ? of rest, To meet my darling father again. —Ever remembered by his Borrowing daughter, Maud. ?. ? ' - . - / SALEEBA.— In loving nwimory of my ' dear father, who pissed away on August 5th,, 1921. My thoughts, they often wander To a spot not far away, Where they, laid my dear latlier Just two years ago to-day. Friends may tMnk I have fongotten When at times they see me smile, But they tittle kwow the aching heart Those smiles hide all the while. —Inserted by his loving daughter Victoria. / SALEBBA.— In loving memory of our dear father and .grandfather, who departed this life on August 6th. 1021. , ' Dear is the memory be left behind Of a life thnt was loving- and kind. Death often comes to -stiow VTe love more -lfxj-'.y than ^we k»ow.* , Love in death should make us see -What love in life ehould always be. — Inserted by his loving son and daughter-in-law, Jack and Molly, and grandchild Don. '' / SALEEBA.— In sad but loving nwjnory of my deaf father, who passed vxay on August -&£b, M»l. Two yoare ago the nuseage came From God, 'Xho tliouight it best To take my dear father from this world And give him peace and rest. , . How constantly I think of hhn . With eyes and hearth, that fill. Tlie Jove I had for you, dear father, i In death seems i stronger still. ?? ? 'I — Insejted by hi«- loving daughter Sarah. / SCXyrr.— In *M\iag memory of our dear motlier. who passed' awaiy Aufust 6, 1922. ' , Dear is the memory. she left behind Ola life that was toie, loving, and kind; ?Death often «omen jo siww , *\ We' love more dearly than we know; - Love in death should make us eee iVh&t love in life fihould .always be. —Inserted *y her lprlng diildren. , 7. BBM3JESW.— 1« loving memory 'of our 'deal ' fiuBband and father, who i«ssed away August 2, . mftl Though death divides. ?( ,r : | -fVmcl niernory clings. -? —Inserted by his loving wife, son, and daughter ln-«aw. Will and Ivy. J ' . .' / | ' STBEM.— In loving memory -A our dear isteter, Llnnca, »*o died ait Yorktawn, August 2nd. 1932, 'Just a fond, Bwjcc r«memlbira}jce.I'-;-Cn9Crt«a by ?heir loving brother and «laber-ln4aw, Des)., May, Jj|id ohildipeji, ':. .:' ?..'' ' ?? .. . STEEtB.— In tond 'and loving inemory of '.vat . dear wjfo and mother, who passed away- on August -2nd, l«l.-7lnsert*J. by .toPilpTlng hus band Roy. and ^hlldrni Jean «na J«hn. ,./'-;

, i .E^;r^x..J^^.:;:meini)r^«(i|v,oiir beloved daughter' *na Talelse; Wwied Ms,' -Ctes) -died lit Ttoketown hospital.- Sod August 1922. .. , 1 jSlee,p on, ibloved one, «p^ take *y reif; ? Tiwy jniss you most wftb* loired you best. : —Inserted bj' mi sorrowing mother and Uacl* AftpuB.' ? ? ? ... '. ' . : ' ' '- '' ?''?;''' fiA'XGJJCEB .— Tn ifrvinsj rnesnory- of my eldest son, Alfred Oeotigte ('Hmpy'li, t»8io died at Parnaroo. Auffust 8, 10C6.--lnscrt^by Unloving mother. '-.;?'» ?-' / S0mVA3Z.— In loving memory of our dear wife and mother, who passed away suddenly at Nairn on 8th AvtRust. 1819. Sad is the day of remembrance. An Uiew. few words.tfi.I Bhow; She Mil always be Mmembered As th« yeard mfcy come ai!8 go. ?r-In«-'tcd by her loving husband, ohildien, and' grandchildren. ' ? ? ' ;- ' TLTOKETT.— In niemory, of my dear TvUe, Alma. irhb °p«89ed away 00 the 8rd of August, 1M&. — Inserted by her loving husband, George flnt3 ahildren. Don, CUdye. Ella., and Keith. / TRJJSTRAIL.— In loving niemary -A our dca mother, who passed 'away on tba 6ti» Augus* 1921. When days ore dark and friends aw few. 'Tb then, dear moiher, we think of you. - Two years have passed, our hearts' still sx-re, As time* goes on we miss you more. — Instiled by her Jo-rtnt; daughter and son-in-law, L. «nd.T. Cundy, Bdrdwood. ? »/? TRESI'JIAIIj. — In loving memory of our dear motiher.'died August 6, 1921. Mother lias gone to a homo where the weary find rest, / ?? . She is free from all sorrow and pain; And come day wo hope in that sweet land of rest!,. To meet our dear mother again. — Inserted by her loving son and daughterin law, Walter and Olive, Payuehain. / TWORT.— Jn loving memory ot Fred, accident ally kiHed August «, 1917. Ever remembered. —In,;crted by Eva. / WATTERS.—In loving imemory of, my dear friciid, 3!arie. who passed away August 4, 1028. Sleep on, dear friend, and t«ke your rest. They' missed you niost who loved you best. - ' —Inserted by her dear friend, M. Shannon, Mit cham. I 'H:ASHIS-3TOX.— In loving memory ot our dear motlier and grandmother, who passed away on August tth, 1916,— Inserted by her loving daugh ter, Moggie, and con-in-laiv and grandchildren. / WRIGHTS — In loving memory of dear father and grandfather, who passed away at Meadows, on the 3rd August, 1902. . * If all the world 'belonged to us ? We would give it. yes, and mote, To clasp dear father s hand. And see his face once more. — Inserted by his loving daughter and tonin law. J. and.J. Robs, and family. / TV WMITZ.— In loving memory of our dear hus band )\ni fatter. Xeil A. \Y. Witaiita win died «t Robe on the 6th August, 191U. Tno silent grief that's in our hearts NTo human eye can trace; For many broken ljfnrts 3io hid I. Behind a smiling fac«. WJliiOUaHBY.— In loving memory of my dear .fcithcr who died at Hatiiax-stree't, City, on iugwt Oth, '1932. Sleep o», dear father, so kind and true, No one on earth was Ibetter than you. OPor us you always did vow best, May -God m-artt you eternal Teet. — Inserted by Sis lovang daugHttr and son-in-law, Jim arid IStary, and 'randdiildTt-n, Dol'.ie. Joe, and Addie. / WliJjOUOHSy.— In lovinjr memory of my dearly beloved- brother, who passed- away 6th August, 1832, The end cane cudden, the shock sen-ere, We little thought your end so near. Only those wto hav« lost are aible to tell The pain that we rfelt at not eayiinj: latewt!-. Oh,. H I «nild'hai» ti«ed y«u -farejrell, dear, I could have bettoB|-rne the blow one year ago. The Lord givedPand Lord' taketh away. —Inserted ?-y hU ever iovj«r and jorrowiiw sister and fcrother'-ta-kjf and family', -Cardo t&d niL KInt«r. -; : ' ' '- ?vTILliOUOHBY. — In fond and lo'vlog memory erf our deer husband and father, Charles Wil loughby, who departed thla- life, August 6 th, 19S&. — Inserted by his loving' wi/e and children. WHITWELL.— In rem«ml»ranco. 01 aear mother and grandnw. who passed aw»S' August eth, Thro-wh all her pain at times she'd tmile A sinil* ot hiavenly birth. - ' And wjien the «npela colled her home. She smiled farewell to earth. ?—Inserted by ber son and daughtet-in-law, «nd Sarah,- and grandchildren. ~ / 'WAIJKEB.— In loving memory of our d««r mother, v/iho pasted away suddenly, at Eenelng ton, 6th August. 1917. To-day brinqf back sad memories, ' - Memories ITiat make us cry, To think that dear nwrtfjer was taken And we never said good-bye. — Ever remembered by Annie and Will. yoOOARD,— In lorinjf memory of my dear hus band and fattier, who passed away at Goolwa, Aiijust ?, 3fi©»- Ever remembered by those woo lov«d him.— Inserted by bis loving wife and tihildrea. ' r WITiSOS. — ^In sad but loving memory ot. our dear ettar. Eth«l Maud, who passad away «u Auguet Sth. 1921, ' . Ve kesp in out memory love of ;the past, With us 'tig as bright as ot old, ? For deep in our hoarta it is planted to last, In absence it never grows cold. —Ever remembered by Tier loving sister and brother:in-la\v. Gladys and B«rt. / TBILSON.— In rad fcut loving memory ti our Adit dauRht«r and Bistef, Ethel Maud, who pisse.3 away on August 8th, 1921. In the dear, old home we miss you. Miss the sunshine of your frufe. Miss your happy, chfiejful laughter; So one elre can fill' your place. - —Inserted by her loving parents, sister, and trolhcrn. ? / WILSON.— In loving memory of my dew sister. Ethel Maud, wio passed away «n August Sth, 1921. . 'Dtop in mv heart there's a picture Of my dear sister, whoiias gone to rest. Jn memory's frame I keep her. For she was one of the' best. _? ? . —Inserted by her brorljer, Hot}-,- West-terrace. / WILSON.'-^-In sad but loving memory of my dear titter,,. Ethel, who - passed away August H, 1921. ? . ? A beautiful memory left .behind ?-Of a lovinBrjsletcr. true and' kind. — Inserted by tS. fond sisror, Olive. . / RETURN THANKS. TV/TBS- A- SMITH and FAMILY, ol ]fi, Osmond-st., -UiV IIindaian«h, sinc»rely Tii-UNK . aid; luau Friends and Relations for letters, cards, telegrams, and flwal tributes, and personal expressions of sympathy with tliem in their- recent -sad and eud den bereavement, ? especially the Hev. Fath»r pT/oughlin, Mr«8. West, and Mic. Mjarfh. / Tl/pW. E. -T. PERHY *nd DAtTGHTER, Bwdgvs ?iix- gtreet, 'Pcterborougii, TIIAXK ,a.l\ a'noei'e Friends foa' tliclr niessafres df -siTnpathy and kind' aesn'to them in -fh'cir'j&d bereavement. ? mnii 3t-NS and 'P-WGHTHBIS -A the hite W. J. X PIjHW wiflj to THANK -all kind Frlerida and Relations for letter*, cards,' telegram, ' floral tributes, and personal expressions of sympathy; also tor kind assistance in their recent r tftvement.'*'. -?. -K 'JV ? - ?' - rpm. WDOrV '-iiwi-fciin&y+ot the Jate^Mr. X ROJIERT -pORSflSH. of «iimerais'na, wish ta THANK fell -kind friends for expression* -oft sym pathy. l»ita». .oiasr'and^ floral '?tribuU*. in^Biolr leoent lyreavqneht.-- -''-???:- ? ? ''?'?'? :*~:V / tTBB^JBM^V *he'l«te Mrs. SXR'Ml -fittSS JL v/ldH *)«h6erely tums. *li Wnd relflti ves and friend^ Jor, #i»i IcHere, -flotrftl tributes: and p-«nonal-,e*pfeifldns of sympathy In their sad b«. rmvcmettt, especially. pWtb. -Jeov ^ flbepherdson jind fa. gtwifc^. ?????-';'? ?'-: y. . -'':'K::-:r:-:f V\H% AS3) k«S. W. B. UYA5f;-*'7l, atrtagton liTlI street, detdw to TKA^K all Ttlnd' friends and' »B*iativea tor letters, --«rds; .tekgranw, ,fl-w«l- tAi butes, anfl *eta -of irindhess and ?perBOjiaJ . «xfire« «3ohs ;,of ? eynijjsihjr. in-'tliedsr . recent 'sadybewave menti' -'..?„?'? ?.-?'?? . ??-w. ?'*?? ?' .? ? ? ' ~''f.

; .,-- , RETURN THANK8. ,, . . TLfRS.1 jr. ;HIGGKe and , FAMHy, , of. King*. ITX ftirjt, wishes to THANK- *n ldna friend* tad re-lationa for cards, letters, telegrams, ana) - foml tribnles, eiipediaUy ; the Her. Father B. Jfoonafi and -Mrs.' .1*iybr. and SiBters of the -jood- 4 vw-& Orphanage, in. their recent ead bereavoneDt. . ? ? ??'. j ' . ? ? ? '? ' .- ? £. ?\JTtt. and Mrs, T. CMJA'ES and FAMILY Sin. ? m cerely T-Ma-'K aU relations and klna friends for enquiries, letters.; cards,- flora]', trt butes, and personal expressions of sympatlby. wittk them In their recent sad 'bereavement; olaj- Urlgsdifr-General Leani, D7. Di CrefpignA matron and 'stafl ol Bedford Park, and Mr»« faajj. - . ' ? ? OljflB,' A, . SMITH and FAJIII/', of Bosanquet «*.' avenue,. Prospeot, desire' to llHAXK all kln4 friend* and. relates for betters, cards, telegrams. floral tribute*, and acts orf kindness, and persons esqpiressipna cl B^impathj- in their recent sad ho- reiwejien't. . t . . ? .... . j .Tl/ffiS. W. J. WILLIAMS and SOWS, of 61, Dovef. !«. Btreet, Malvern, wish to THANK all rela. tives and friends for telegrams, cards, letters, and floral tributes in their recent sad beroavg* nieht in the loss ot a dear husband and father. Also thank Dr. E. A. H. Bussell foi his very kind ' ffltion- ' ? ? ... /.„- [1U S0N8 and DAUGHTBHS of the late Mr* V. K1SG. of ifelifax-street, sincerely TUAKK all relatives and .kind friends for enquiries, tei* grams, letters, cards, ^floral tributes, and personal expressions of sympathy in ^their recent sani bc-reaveantnt, especially Rev. Finlus, Dr. Hamii ton. Doctors and ywaes. for their kindnesses. / Mil. ami MRS. J. P. HEDflCKB and 'FAMILY, . of Monarto. desire to THANK all kiwj ?friend6 aud relatives., for cards, letters, telegrams, floral tributes, and personal expressions ot syi* pathy in their recent isad berea%rwtcnt, also Dr. Wickcns. Dr. McQuarie. and Mr. Heddle. ? / MRS. E-. ROBiBRia and PAMUjY desire to tcm der their sincere THAXKS to all Friends for kind expressions of Kyinpathy during' tl*?ir alt4 sad- 'b»r«H'enient, and to the Doctors and Nurse* of the Port Pirle Hospital for sympathy and skjl ful attention. ? /_ TliTR. F. DANCE and FAMILY sincerely THANH iU. a'l Relatives and Fi-icnds for expressions ol sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. ? /_. Mas. W. HAKKINS and FAMILY,tot'». Kin; lore-etieet. Thebartcn. wish to THANK all kind FiK'nds and Relatives for tlieir cards, let* ters telegrams, and floral tributes- in their lat« and -ad bereavement. I ? HfiS. C.ySii,E ami FAMILY, or SAU.1-LE- WOaTH, \.isa to THAXK. all relath-cs and friends for letters, cards, telegrams, ftorall trl^ l-ut(-*. and personal expressions ol syniipatSiy ia their recen: sad' toereavement. ? /_ MR. .J. H. LIERSOH and FAMILY winh to sincerely THANE all relations and kind friends for letters, cards, and floral tributes in their recent Fad bereavement, ? ? / RS. C..F. 8. JOHy and. FAMILY wibh to sin ccrely THAXK all kind friends and relatives for letters, cards, H«ral tr.butes, and ptr.ional expressionj ot lympathy in their ree«nt ssd be reavement. ? , ? \_ MRS. MARSHALL SMITH aud FAlllLV wish t9 THASK all kind friends for oards. letter^, telegrams, and floral tributes in their sudden ba reavement; also Dts. Cherrj', Caverton, Pools, ? Nurses Bird and Smith. ? 213-3/ MR. and Mis. WALTE3 GILBERT, ol Crystal Brook, desire to THANK all kind Frienta and Relatives, also Dr. Kcndrew, for letterft cards, telegrams, floral tributes, and acts $ kindness and personal expressions of fcympatby in their recent gad bereavement. ? M' R and Mrs. IV ALTER GILBERT, of Crystal Brook, desire to THANK all kind frieadj and ' relatives, also Dr. Kendrew, for letttfift cards, telegrams, lloral tributes, and acts of kinduete, and pereohal expressions of sympathy in their recent and bereavement. ? / '; RS. -iEORiGE McLEA.S, ol Uover-strect,' Mayi ? lands, desires to THANK all relatives and friend? for telegrams, letters, floral tribute*, and personal expressions of sympathy in her recent isad bereavement. ? 2i6dx/ MB. AND MBS. T. S. McKAY .VND FAJIJpf sincerely TJ3A-fK all Belatives and kind Friends tor enquiries, letters, cards, floral tit - butes, and personal expressions of sympathy *witoj them In their recent sad bereavement; alsoJDr. Wilson and S. and E. Holder, and Sister J«nlrin; »bn «nd Nurses of the Kadina Private Hospital for their Idndnegses. ? . ? : ? tTKOE ©OXS and iDAUGHTEBS ot the late M». X O MOKOAS Senior, oit Ironbani. . wish to ducerely THAXK'alt Wnd friendi ind relative* for lettew, cards, floral tetwtee. and pereoaal ejenressions of- sympathy in thdr recent sad Be reavement, efpeeitf-ly the Rev. CIob;, Mr. and Mrs J. H. Joaes. Mv- and Mm. H. M. Joijss, and the' bearers. ' ? L. 5a GIBBS and FAMH^Y, of Pier-street, Glenelg, desire to sincerely THINK alt k'nd Friends and Relatives for tokens of sympathy and floral tributes in their recent sad bereave racnt ' Also Matron Spoehr and Dr. 3obertspa for their kindness. ? » ? /_ ' rTA-VD MUG. E. B.'CIHAlJ^aOMBE and -FAMILY desires to sincerely THAVK all kind relatives and- friends for letters, cards, floral tributes, and expressions of sympathy m our ead .bereavement especially thanking Nurse Burdou for kind attention during our daughter 9 lllnese. ? gS WILLUM T. FAGU and FAMILY, 26S, Wright-street, wish to sincerely THANK all kind friends, relatives, neighbors of Wright-etreet, for lcltcrs. cards, telegrams, floral tributes, and personal expressions of jjy.mpathy in their recen* sad bereavement. ? : ? ( _ KS. A. WEISS and FAM?uY, oi 207, ArcHex street, Xsrtii Adelaide, wish to sincerely - 11HAXK aU relativea and friends for floral tri butes oard's.s letters, and telegrams, and personal ? expressions of sympathy; also Dr. Erichson and Bisters of North Ade'.aide Private Hospital, in (heir recent sad bereavement. ? ? / M~~' R9 J V. KENNY aud FAMILY sincerely THA\K nil relatives and kind friends for let te«i cards. t«:I-«rams, floral tribute^ and tersonU -expressions of s.vmpathy in tiicir sad and BUddcn berenvenicnt. Ppeaial thanks, are due to Eenr. Father Hor'gan, Dr. Stoddart, and Mr. J. J. Bice. also all other kind friends, who' rendered valu able assistance at time of accident. ? J__ ? ETand MRS. J. H. SAMPSON, 'of Clifton* street, Malvern, and FAMILY, desire to (. sincerelv THANK all kind friends for cards-, letters, ' iloral tributes; and personal expression! of sympathy in their recent sad ' bereavement. M' ? g, and lire. O. RA.WS0S and FAMICY, of GlaOstone-voad. Prospect, wish to emcevely THANK all kind relatives and friends for floral tributes, expressions of sympathy, and kindness , sliown them in their recent sad and sudden be rcavenient. ? ? ? / . ' TIJTR ' C. E. NJKTSCHKE and FAMILY, of .'jyl J4'MobTQoroo Park,' Rowlands Flat, wish t« sincerely .'THANK all kind friends and rela^ioni for ' letters ^aTds.^ telegrams and floral tribute* and personal expressions of *3Tnpatby in their recent iad Ttpreavement. ? ? ? _____? tOTHS. F. ROBERTS and FAMILY wish t» OIL THANK all friends for floral tributes and exDreesions of 'sympathy in their sad bereave ment, especially Dr. J..B. Dawson and Nuwt Sanderson for their kind attention. ? /_ TijfS D. O'NEIL and FAMILY desire to THANK OIL 'all kind friends and relatives for letter*, cards end personal expressions and floral tributes in their -recent «ad bereavement, especially thank-, ing Dr. Frayne for his kindness and unremitting attention/ .-:..: ? /__ M' ? |RS V. RANSOM end BVTOHTKRS, of May , lands, wish to THa3«£ all kind friends anq rel«tlom for cards;. lettiers, telegrams floral trK ^ l-utes and personal' expressions ot sympathy in th» loss of Hielr -tear jiusbana and isiher. / |rrJBE #BtiATlYBS «t the lalte Bon. ? W. B, 1^ ROto^ETHLt;iepdeT.«^ioera THANKS *q all who have «stendied]»-!inpatii^ ta-ittieii feoemf bo» ?reavement.',' ?'.*- ;''.' ;'- ?''? '?-''' , -jjTOB OTHER ^O^iqEa^SEE, PAGE 85.) RETURN THANKS NOTES Printed with yoiir,own natne. ~ 2$&pi«9rii»s 7/f^- «/-;:; ' Arfvertlser Printing Office, AdilaidB r