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    Vera Warner and Thomas Albert Price wedding
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    BUCK, Arthur Ernest
    b. 22 Oct 1920
    Largs Bay, SA

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births/marriages, deaths, ~ ? — .j Announcement under thie heading must be authenticated' by the name aiid address of the sender, anj are inserted at a charge of Two Shillings and Sixpence each when not exceeding five lines; over five lines Sixpence per line. I Death Advertisements in which a Funeral an noujacemenfcj&'made -are charged for as if the O^ath'^anii -: JFuneral - were separate anrcounce mtat&)^aWely-— £be minimum charge of 2/6 arid S/|l respectively. ? .-?'?? In ' Memoria'm and Death advertisements jeontam- . ing reference to niOTe than one deceased are ohaiged 2/6 each for each deceased mentioned, as if they were distinct and separate announce ments. BIRTHS ROACH (nee Kathleen Lee).-On the 22nd Oetobe.-, at. Yallis Nursing Home, Magill-road, . to Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Roach, of Gardiner- avenue, Newstead— a daughter. MEAD.— On the 20th October, at Miss Law rence's Private Hospital. Wakefreld-street, Ade- ' laide, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert. M. Mead, "Brook- mead,'' Tusmore-avenue, Tusmore— a daughter   (Margaret Elizabeth).   HOOPER (nee Rose Gurney).— On the 13th   October, at Bowden, the wife of S. A. Hooper, late A.I.F.— a son (Kevin Sidney). MOKTIMEH.— On the 1st October, at Msnnum, the wife of E. J. Mortimer— a son (Neville William James). COOKS (nee Elsie Harding).— On the 15th Octo- bcr at MeBride's, Med indie, to Mr. and Mrs. j Fred Cocks, Kent Town— a daughter (Gwendoline Mavis)* Both well. SMART (nee Hill).— On the 19th October, at St. Margaret's Nursing Home, 8, Bagot-avenue, Tor-   rensvilie, to Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Smart-a son . (Leonard Hartley). Both well.   LLOYD.— On ihe 19th October, at S'rius Private Hospital, Alberton. to Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Lloyd. - Diviil-ierraee, Kilkenny— a daughter (Doris Jean). TOWNLEY (nee S. Lunn).— On the 20th Octo-   ber, to Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Townley, Percy-ter- race, West Croydon— a son. CARTWRIGHT.— On the 11th October, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cartwright, of Northcote-street,   Torrensville— a son. LAWRENCE (nee Eileen Hogon).— On the 18th October, at 'Fawlev.' Collius-strcet, Collinsvi-ood, the wife of Harry Lawrence — a daughter. j ROSEWARNE.— On the 21st October, at Kadina   Private Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Rose-   warne— a son.   BUIK (nee Myrtle Flett).— On the 18th Septem- ber, to Mr. and Mrs. A. S. C. Buik, of "Piya- boU,' Graham's-avenue, Marrickville, Sydney—* daughter (Margaret Jean Flett). GILES.— Oil the 20L'h October, ? at Nure« V dish's, Hose Park, the wife of ?. Gordon Giles — ?a son. EBBS.-On the 21st October, at 29, Lurline- street, Torresnsville, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Ebbs —a son (Harvey Wiliam). Both well. BLENCOWE (nee Edith M. Reid).— On the 20th October, at Sister Hatch's Private Hospital, llutt street, to Mr. and Mrs. Wilton G. Blencowe, of 'MjTeiut-,' 251, Halifax-street, Adelaide — a daugh ter (Marion Alma). Both well. WHITFORD.— On the 19th October, at 'Narma,' South-terrace, to Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Whitford— a   son (Jeffrey Gluyas). MORRELL— On the 20th October, at 114, Prospect-road, Prospect, to Mr. and Mrs. Morrell — a daughter (Elaine).       DALLWITZ.— On tfhe lStli October. 8t Eight.'i avenue, St. Peters, to Mr. and Mrs. B. Dall- witz— a son. Both well. ANDERSON.— On the 16th October, "Speyside," Mrs. lltGregor's Xursins Home, O.sboriie-Eti-eet, Largs Bay, to Mr. and Mrs. James William An- derson, Fletche-road, Peterhead— a daughter. AIRD.— On the 17th October, at Nurse Marsh's Xursing Home, Wilnsna-terrace, Kilkenny, to -Mr, and Mrs. Perey J. Aird — a son (Ronald John). AIRD (nee Nurse G. Branford).— On the 20th October, at Willia.m-slrcet Kilkenny, to Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Aird— a daughter. GARE (nee Wiesner).— On the 14th October, to Mr. a:v] Mrs. Frank Gare, of Coliegcavtnue, J'roypf-^'i — a oaugliter. FERGUSSON.— On the 18th October, at Miss WjUIi'e Private Hospital. Rose Park, to tiic wile of R. W. Fergusson-a son. CARTWRIGHT.-On the 11th October, at Tor- rensville, to Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Cartwright-a   son (Robert George).     McCORMACK.-On the 8th October, at Mr. and Mrs. J. McCormack, of Port Pirie— a son. VANSTONE (nee Eliza Erickson).-At Ruther-   glen, 74, Mary-street, Unley, to Mr. and Mrs. J.   H. Vanstone-a son (Darrell Erland).       MOORE (nee Leahy).-On the 20th October, at     'l/iianiiji,' the wife of E. J. Moore, Tarragon- street, Mile-End— a daughter. CARTER. — On the 30th October, at Konetta ! Kui'-sing Home, North Adelaide, to ihe wife of Howard Carter, of Kadina — a daughter. I GIBSON (nee Bunyon).-On the 17th O-'tob-.r, at ' ??Xarinn,' South-terrace, to Mr. and Mrs. Gibson, of Carrington-street— a son (Ronald Harry). Both well.   ATWELL (nee Bonnett).— On the 21st October,   at "Gunyah," to Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Atwell,   Victoria-street, Parkside-a son (Walter William).   HARNETT (nee Attwood).— On the 19th Octo- ber, jit; 'Weronga,' ll:ilstead-street, Prospeot, ! the wife of E. Harnett, North Unley— a son. WENHAM (nee Barber).— On the 12th October, at Niirm.t, South -terrace, to Mr. and Mrs. James Wenham, of DaCosta-avenue, Prospect South— a   son (stillborn). KELLY.— On the 18th October, to Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Kelly, of iVaikerie— a daughter. j SAVAGE (nee Lily Moore). —On the 13th Octo-   ber, at ?\Veronea. HaUtead-stret-t, Prospect, ti Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Savage, late of Peterborough—   a daughter (Veronica Mary). GWYNNE.-On the 14th October, at Ford-street, Gawler South, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Gwynne —a daughter , (Myrtle Joan.) COCKBURN.— On the 23rd October, at 'Ko- neita' Nursing Home, Xorrh Adelaide, the wife of A. A. Cockburn— a son (Lyle Scott). Both well. OLIVER (nee Millie O'Brien).-On the 19th Oc- tober, at Broadbent Cottages, Wright-street, to Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Oliver— a son (William Frede- rick). Both well. EVANS.— On the 22nd October, at Post-Office,   Riverton, to Mr. and Mrs. Perc Evans— a daughter (Betty Osman). Both well. VANDERGOTEN (nee Johnson).— At Rosewater, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Vandergoten—a daughter.     Both well. STORER (nee Burdon).— On the 23rd October, »t Cnrf^n-terrare, CamJtn, to Mr an-1 Mrs. Arnold H. J. Storer— a daughter (Eileen Elsie).

BIRTHS   MATTHEW.— On t-.e ITtb October, at Konetta, Xur6in,g Home, North Adelaide, to the wife of E. L. Matthew- a daughter.     WHITROD (nee Langley).— On tfie 12th Octo ber, at Xarma, South-terrace, to Mr. and Mrs. Stan Whitrod, of Everett-street, Plympton— a son (Leslie Janes).   MAKIN.— On the 22nd October, at Norfh Ade laide, the wife of Guy Makin— a son. DUANCE (nee Catharina Wortmeyer).— On the 22nd October, to Mr. and Mrs. Duance, of Jlaj-terrace, Ottoway — a son. Both well; ' HOUSE (nee Henry).— On the 24th October, at 'Toirivilale,' FiBhcr-terrice, ,Mi'.e-End, to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. House— a' daughter. HEATH (nee Richards).— On the 22nd October,   at Gunyah, Unley, to Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Heath, of Kingswood— a son (Henry Noel) KENNY:— On the l«th October; at Tarawera, Harrow-road St. Peters, to Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Kenny, of Auckland, New Zealand — a son. LEECH (nee Warren).— On the 2ith October, to Captain and Mrs. Leech, of Salvation Army, Kooringa— a son. Both doing well, BROOKS, (nee E. Rogers).— On the 16th Octo-   ber, at Sirus Nursing Home, Alberton, to Mr. and Mrs. R. M. J. Brooks, jun., late A.I.F., Webber-street, Queenstown— a son (Robert Roy). PARKER.— To Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Parker, 20, Mill-street, Dulwich— a son. LAUGHT (nee May Plummer).— On the 23rd Oc- tober, at Forest-avenue, Forestville, to Mr. and Mrs. David Laught— a son (James Henry). LANG.— On the 30th August, at 'Milo.' K'ood ville, to Mr. and Mrs. E. R. G. Lang, of Findon- road, Findon— twin sons. HiLL (nee Daisy McGregor).-- On the 23rd Octo   l)er,':at Gladstone, the- wife of Brian H. Hill— a daughter (Joyce Isabel). SCHROEDER (nee Healey).— On the 20th Octo- ber, at '?Gunyah,' Unley-road, to Mr.' and' Mrs. W. A. Schroeder-a son (stillborn). PORTER (nee Elsie Shocroft).— On the 26th GtLober, at 'Lenora,' Moora-avenue, Prospect, the wife of H. C. Porter— a son (Leonard Craw- ford). Both well. THOMSON.— On the 25th October, at Mro. Her, dry's Nursing Home, Bunvood-avenue, Nailsworth, to Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Thomson, of Port Augusta —a ton. Both well. ' , CULLEN (nee Elsie Plunkett).— On the 21st October, at Konetta, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cullen, Melbourne-street. North Adelaide— a eoa, William John (Jack). CAIN (nee Lambert).— On the 26th October, at 'Sunny Bme,'' Sand well-street. Peterhead, to Mr. aiid Mrs. C. B. Cain— a son (Lloyd Daniel). HOFFRICHTER (nee Ivy Pronten).— On the 21st October, at Mrs. Green's Nursing Home, Gawler, to Mr. and Mrs. Herb Hoffrichter, of Gawler — a daughter (Phyllis Mary). Both well. ECKERMANN (nee Lucas).— On the 17th Octo ber, at Mrs. Greens Nursing Home, King street, Gawler, to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Eckermann, at Gawler — a son (Herbert Frederick). KAVANAGH.— On the 12th October, at Mrs. Green's Nursing Home, King-street, Gawler, to Mr. and Mrs. Ted (Frank) Kavanagh, ot Two Wells— a son (Colin Jamfcs). BUCK (nee Ida Stanton). -On the 22nd October,   at Kennard Nursing Home, Woolnough-road, Largs Bay, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Buck, Kingscote, Kangaroo Island — a son (Arthur Ernest). BOOKMAN.— On the irth Serrtcmi.ier, at Fre- li'.K, to MV. and Mri. F. Bocliniin— a eon (Max Frederick). Mc-MILLAN (uee May Telford).— On the 5th October, at Mrs. Don's Prirste Hospital, Port Piric-, to Mr. and Mrs. S. R. McMillan (late rin,penal iorces)-^a . daughter (Yera Biettfc'). Enrlisb papers please copy, GIBSON (nee Tiller).— On the 27th October, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Gibson, of Malvern — a daughter (Una Viola). Both well. English papers please copy. EDWARDS.— On the 21st October,' at the Pres byterian Manse, Cummins, to Mr. and Mrs. G. AlJan Edwards— a bonnie boy (Garth Maurice). Both doing well. BLEEZE.-O11 the 21st October, at Mrs. Ar noH's Maternity Home Mannum, to Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Bleeze, of Manmim— a son (Gordon William). Both well. SAMBELL (nee Bodger).— On ,ibe 18;h October, at 'Homwei»,h Hills,' Gladstorie. to Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Sambell— a daughter (Beryl Jean). SCOTT (nee Florence Petterson). — On the 23rd October, at 'Watford,'' Winchester-street, Mal vern, the wife of Waller L. Scott — a daughter (.Ada Mary). SHAHPE (nee Ivy Stow),— On the 23th October at Myponga Nursing Home, Mile-End, to Mr. a»i Mrs. G. D. Sharpe, Loekleys— a son. JONES (nee E. Bayly).— On the iHth Septem ber, at the -Diit1.and llcxspital. to Mr. .and Mrs. S. J. Jones, of 'Lynwood,' Kilkerraji— a daugh ter (Margaret Helon). MARRtAGES HAMMER— FRANCIS.— On the 16th Srrptember, at St. Peter's Church, G'-e:,e\g, by thj Cev. H. B. Civjlis-r. Reg-lrald, late A.I.F. tliiiJ h-i of Mr. -and Mrs. E. Hammer, Glanville. toi \my B third daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. l3. C. Francis, o:' Kose-street, Gienelg. SHORT— LEE.— On the 31th September, :tt St. Matthew.?, by the Rev. R. Dempster, H.rjt-e O. W. Short, youngest son of ETtvard Short, of Ncrtii Adduiiie, to Maijorie A. L-^e, the poly daugh ter of Mrs. F. M. Lee, Kensington Park. SOOBELL-KJOCKi— Oil the 28th August, at St Paul's Church, I'lilteney-street, by the Uev. K. Bb;by, Frank, fifth son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Scobell. StreatJiam Common, Ixindon, England, to Peap), third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Cock, Eden-street, Adelaide. JONES— ALCORN.— On the 29th September, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. C. A. Hawke, Leslie, third son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Jones, Angle Vale, to Rebecca, eldest daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Alcorn, 'Carlton,' Ingle wood. ?rBES'OaUEN-THREADGOLD.-On the JSiii September, ; at St. Cyprian's, North Adolai'de, by the l?cv. J. foster. Henry, third son of Thomas aii'l the late Ann Trenorden, Sommeiton, Jate o; A.I.F., to Hiirriet,. widow of Private Eldest Tbreadgold, late of Sturt. HANDELL-HAM.— On the ISth September, at the Rose Park Congregational Church, by the Rev A. G. Fry, Alick G. L youngest son of tiie''late W. J5. and Mrs. RaiidelJ, Kenton Pjrk, GumcracVia, to Una Ida, elder daughter of 3Ir. and Mrs. W. Ham, Edward-street, Norwood. At home, Gumeracha, 27th and 23th October. HEAD— QUICKE.— On the 21st August at Ma gill Methodist Church, by Rev. E. TreWren, John Ijombcrt Head, Oradock, liite flth Battery A.F. i., to MvrtJe Olive, daughter of Mrs. and late W. J QuickC. r-f Magiil. SMITH-jCOX.— On the 3rd July, at St. Cuth bert'a. Church, Prospect, by . the Hev. W. H. Johnson, li«ro!d, s^^ond son of Mr. and the late Mrs. J. A. Smith, of Pros-poet, to Xorma. second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Cox. of Adelaide. 'IP.VRKER-BANVEH.— On the loth September, at the lirinkworth Methodist Church, by the Hev. A. K. IaiL-son, Ed:th May. fifth daughter of Mr. *nd Mrs. G. H. Parker, of Brinkwortli, to Eth hert. second son of Mr. and the late Mrs. B. R. Bonyer, of Liverpool, S.S.W. (late of Baiaklava). New Sduth Wales and Victorian papers please copy. MARTIN— PENNO.-On the 11th August, at the Coromaudel Valley Methodist Church, by the Rev. J. Humphries, Roy John, second fon of Mrs. J. Anderson, Port Pirie. to Eliza Mary, elJer daughter of Mr and Mrs. A. J. Penno, Black wood. Present aidre-s— Bisdon Park, Port Pirie. DUK-I-IS— WILLIAMS.-On the 2Srd Septemlber, a* St. Agii-es', Grange, by the Hev. W. A. Swan, ?Arthur Bruce, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. W. \\. ]-urdin, of Forestville, to Caroline Margaret, se cond daughter of Mrs. Williams, 'Marlbprongh street. Henley Be*b, a»d of the late ilr. Thomas WilManiB, Moorak, Mount Gambior. At home, 51. Leali-rtrect, Forestville, 'WedueEday and Thure. day. October 27lli and 2Sth. G3EGORY— JONES.— On the 8th September, at Pirie-strect MeUioJist Church, by the Rev. H. Howard. Leo. B., second son of Mr. and Mrs. V. Gregory (late Yankalilla), to Sarah, lecanj daug'htcr of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jonee, Bulla uarinra. Present address— NadJa.

MARRIAGES 1 SIADDERy— GOOD RICH. -On the 2Sth iugaet, j at Highbury-street Metiaodist Church, Project ' by the Her. A. J. Finch, Arthur Stanley, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Maddern, Woodville; to Muriel Leone^Goodrich. only daughter of Mr. ajid; Mrs. W. Goodrich, Woodville Park. WHALEY— WOODWARD.— On the 16th October, at tli€ residence of 'Mrs. C. A. Wornest, 174, Bouth-tcrrace, by the Rev. J. Paynter, Henry, the eldest .son of the late W. H. Wlialey, Adelaide, to Lyla, the only daughter of the late S. J. Woodward, Tasmania. Tasmanian papers please copy. H0UXSLO*'— SIBLEY.— On Oie 18th September, at Gartrell Memorial Church. Rose Park, by the Rev.~ H. F T. Heath, Walter Cyril. Leigblon, only son of' Mr. and Mrs. iV. E. Hountlow, Tor rensville. to Helen Doris, second daughter of Mrs. and ihe late Mr. H. E. Sibley, Toorak. ? SAINT-MARSHALL. — On the 23th September, at Blackwood, by the Rev. F. Humphrey, Melvin J. (late 3rd Light Horse Regiment, A.I.F.), eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Saint, "Belle Vue,"   Crystal Brook, to Beatrice A., third daughter of Mrs. Thos. Marshall, Mile-End. Present address — Crystal Brook. HIOHARnS— EUSTrCU.— On the Sth September, at ttie residence of Mr. A. LToyd, Pcterbpro-jgh, by the Rev. A. H. 'Melbourne, John G., «e.-ond son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hidiardi, of Gumboivie. to Minnie M., fourth daughter of . Mrs. and the late Henry Kustioe, o! Moonta. AHTHXTR— JONES.— On the 10th July, at Oar- ' rondonro Baptist Church, Brompton Park, by Pastor J, Beasley, Ben, only eon cl ilr. Harry Arthur, Boud-etreet, West Hiudmareh, to Olive Blanchs, daughter of the late 'Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones, of-Sletciiley. and Lang'iiorne's Creek, Present addrcra. 'FalmoutU,' Robiu-sti'cet, Sema; phore.' ' . ' HLEXKIRON-XEWMAN.-- On the 29th Septem ber, at Christ Churci. Yankalilla. by Hev. . A. Btokes. H. DougLis, onlv son of Mr. and Mrs. H; A: bienkiron. Keyneton, to Olive B., eldest daugh ter of Mt. and Mrs. F. Newman. YankaMlh. At'' home— 'Itount Kagte,' Keyueton. X'oveaiber 2 and S. EASTIVOOD— HfCKABY.— On. the '24th Julv, at St Paul's Churob, Pulteney-street, bv Canon E. H.. Bleby, Trank Leslie (fate A.I.K.'), .youngest ton of Mr. and Mrs. J.^Eastwood. Myrtle Bank, to Thelma Jessie, yoimgWt daughter of Mrs. J. i Riekaby flnd the late J. D. JUckaby, of Dulwich late of Port Ri-ekaby. HAJ.LIDAY-RANX'LAUD.-On the loth S:ptfm 'ier. at the Catho'.ic Church, .Wallaroo, by the Bev. Father Mauifc-e, Alex., oaiy ton of Mr. J. Ha'lisJay, Kadiiu,'f to Vina, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mi's. E. Harfidlaird, Wallaroo. Present . address, KaOin.i. i RAMSEY— BEARD.— On the 20th October, at Taylor-street Methodist Church, Kadina, by Hev. T. P. Willason, John Ueorgo (late A.I.F.), fifth son of Mrs. 6. Ranisay and the late Henry Steven : Ranusey, of Kadina, to Daisy May, youngest ' daug^iter of Mrs. G. E. Beard and Hie late George BEard, of Wintanerta, Kadina. Present address — Carjitls-road, 'JVestbourne Paj-k. j SMELT— REID.— On the 2ffth September, at Peterborough Methodist Church, by the Hev. A, H. Melbourne, John .Arthur Smelt, of Mount Bryan, to Christina Lisle Reid, of Peterborough, i TUCKER— CARTEX— On the 4th September, at the Baptist Ma-nse, .Vlinders-street, bj- the Hev. Peter Fleming, Alfred Frances (late A.I.F.), sen of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tucker, Ballarat, j Victoria, to Sabina Emma (Nell), daughter of ! Mr; and Mrs. Thomas Carter, Black Rook, S.A. SCOTT— BARTON.— On the 4Hi September, at St. Jude's, Port Elliot, by the Rev. J. Boyer, Key. . nold John, only ton ot the late Mr. and lire. j. ! .1. Scott, Geelong. \ictoria, to Rose E.. eldest daughter of Mr?, suid the late. Mr. J. G. Barton, Port Elliot. Present address, Macclesfield. j MORRIS— BAiRLOW.— On the 9th- October, at St. Luke's Churt-b. Adelaide, by the Rev. ]}. J. Knox, .lames Muir Morris, of Adelaide, to La vinia Matilda Bariow, of 'Gulf View,' Sea oliff. -.-?-. j GREEN-CRADDOCK— On the 28th September at   the Flinders-street Baptist Church, by Pastor B. W. Manning, Mary Lilian, eldest daughter   of Mr. and late Mrs. T. Craddock of Malvern, to Wallace Milton, fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. John Green, of Wayville.     OOl'POCK— SIMONS.— On ttie 7tli September, *t the residence of the bride's parents, by Mr. F. -Mthorp, Arthur Clarence (Tom), eWet son of Mrs. .M. i). Coppoo'i, ELeveutli-etreet, Bo\v.!eii, to EtJiel May, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs, W. H. Siniona, Albemarle-street, Hludmarsa. \ SAIXT— M-iaSHALL.— On the 2JLh S-ptomber, at Blaciwood, by Rev. ,;\ Humphrev. Melvin J. (Lite 3i\i Light Horee Keg.), eldest 'son of Mr. ~ and Mrs. Join Saint. Crystal Book, to Beatrice . A., third daughter of Mns. and the late Thomas Marshal), formerly of Port Pirie. McAXNA— THOMAS.— On the 22nd SeptemoM', at Spieer Memorial Cliurch, St. Peters, by Hev. A. H. Edgerley, James Kevrson, youngest eon of J. and M. J. McAjina, Adelaide, to Buth, second daughter of Millie and the late Walter Thomas, 6t. Peters. 304dx I BROWN— KAMjr.-On «ie Uih August, at the MetJKi4i-t Church, liiiflunda, 'by tbellOT. Barrett, , son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Brown, CasMemaine, , A'ictoria, to Dala A'iolet, eldest daughter of Mr. I and Mrs. J. 0. Kamm, Eudnnda. 3i)Sdx SILVER WEDDING HISnS-HAUSLEH.— On the 21th October, 1S9S, al Tibciolarra, Key South Wales, Jaiae-^, toe second ton of the late Francis and Mrs. Hinds, ' I of Mag-daiiue-street, Carlton, Victoria, to Emillie j Bei-t'ia, eighth dauahtiJ of 'Williim and the late Mrs. Hausier, of Houghton. Present address— Mundalla-street, Kilkenny, S.A.   APPROACHING MARRIAGES   SHORT —DONOVAN. —The marriage of Winifred M., youngest daughter of Mrs. and the late Samuel Short, of Brompton Park, to Arthur (late A.I.F.), Mindarie, only son of Mrs. and the late Harry Donovan, Forestville, will be cele   brated at the Hindmarsh Baptist Church by the Rev. Beasley, on October 30, at 2.30. All re     lations and friends invited to ceremony. No   reception.     ANDREWS —FARR. —The marriage of Elinor   (Nellie), eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. An   drews, of Wellington-road, Maylands, and Wal   ter Russell, fifth son of Mrs. M. A. and the   late C. G. Farr, wiil be celebrated at St. Mark's   Church, Maylands, on Saturday, October 23, at 2.30 p.m. WARNER —PRICE. —The marriage of Vera, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warner, "Middlesbro House," Glandore, to Thomas,   D.C.M., late Sergeant, 48th Battalion, third son   of Mr. and Mrs. E. Price, McLaren Vale, will be celebrated at McLaren Vale Methodist Church on Wednesday, October 27, at 3.30 p.m. Reception   at Hill View, McLaren Vale. SCROOP —HALL. —The marriage of Mary E., youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Janies Scroop, of Cororoandel Valley, to Charles E. Hall,   youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hall, of Coromandel Valley, will be celebrated at the Coromandel Valley Methodist Church, October 30, at 3 p.m. HUFFA —WATSON. —The marriage of Josephine     Louise, youngest daughter of Mrs. and late Mr. E. Huffa, George-street, Thebarton, to George A. (late 27th Battalion), second son of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Watson, Colliver-street, Norwood, will be celebrated at St. Paul's, Adelaide, on 30th October, at 9 p.m. Relatives and friends cor dially invited. No reception. BEDDOME —LANDER. —The marriage of Jessie E. L., youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Beadome. of Loekleys, to Roy.W. (late 10th Battalion, A.I.F0, eldest soil of Mr. and Mrs. J.. L. Lander, of, Black Forest Eetate, will be cele brated ai the Loekleys United Church by Rev. B. Marks'on Friday, October 29th, at 7 p.m. TURKEJt— HAWKES.— The marriage of Mary A., tisth. daughter of Mrs. A. M. Turner, Laura (late of Oradock), to Archie H., eldest soa of Mrs. E.' A. ?.Kcmpsoii, Bisliop-avenue Alberion, will be celebrated at St. John's Ohurch of Eng land, Laura, by Archdeacon Nash on Wednesday, '?November 10, at in a.m. All, friends and rela tions cordially invited to the ceremony. Recep 1 tion to follow at the residence of , the bride's parents, Laura. 304dx ENGAGEMENTS DOWN'IE— R.OBBINS.— The engagement is an nounced ot Muriel E.. only daughter of Mt. and Mrs. K. J. Downie. Whitniore-square. Adelaide, to Thomas F. (late iSth Batt., A.I.F.), younger son of Mr. and Mrs. U. F. Bobbin.?, 31, Sa'.op ulteet. Korth Kensington.

ENGAQEMEHT8 CLEMESTSr-LAXGFOHD.— THe engagement h nnnouhced of Hose M. youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Clements, Blaclavood, to Albert H., fourth son of Mr. and Mns. G. Langford (late A.I.F.). Strataalbyn. ASHBY— MITCHELL.— The engagement is an nounced of Ruby, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Ashby, of Ethelton, ' to Reginald Harvis (A.I.F.), second son of the late F. C. Mitchell and Mrs. Mitchell, of 'Alma,' West Croydon. JABSCHKE-XOACK.— The engagement is an nounced of Clara Eveline, second daughter of Mr. and Mr«. E. G. Jaeschke, Anna Springs, Stonefle'ld, to Johannes Benjamin, eldest eon of Mr. and Hrs. John Xoack, St. Kitt. WIW0.\--MATHEW.— The engagement is an nounced' of ttita, second daughter -of the late Mr*. L. Walden, -late of North Adelaide, to Edward, second son of the late Frederick May hew and Mrs, J. Speck, Goodwood. T.he engagement is announced of Elsie M., eldest -daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Scroop, of Cherry Gardens, to Thomas L., only son of Mr. and the late Mrs. Thomas Sullivan, of South terrace, Adelaide. TOLL— TAYLOR.— The engagement is announced of Ruby Coral, third daughter of Mr. and Mi--. W. Toll, 'Helstonieigh.' Booborowie, to Frank Melville, second son of Mr. and 'Mrs. W. Taylor, South Hummocks, . ? HEIDEXREICH— PONTON.— Tbe engagement is announced of Gladys, daughter ot Mr. Theo. and the late Mrs. Heidenreich, of 'Rose Cottage,' Salisbury, to Charlie, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ponton, of 'Kenden Grove,' Salisbury. DEATHS . SPITjLEH.— On the 20th October, at Itoje Park, Amiie Josephine, beloved frife of Herbert ii\'iiliam ?Spiller, of Brooklyn Park, aged 55 yeare. - ;. SMITH. -On . the 19bh October, at her resi dence. No. 7, Paynehain-rosd, Joiliii, Catherine Ellen, wife of James Smith. BUCKI^EV.-On the -21et October, George Vil liam Buckley (late of tile Municipal TramwsyG Trust), the beloved husband of Frances Eliza beth Buckley, of Hindley -street. City, 'aged 49 years. R.I.P. . ' DAVIDSON. -On tbe 21st October, at Claremont street. Mile-End, Jane, beloved wife o£ Thomas Davidson, need 62 years, second daugliter of late Robert and Catherine Burden, of Prospect. GREGORY.— On tbe 21st October, CVyril, the darling infant of Pcrcj- an-i Lvdia Gregory, of Ballara-strcet, MiJe-End. .Another bud to blooa. in heaven. ELLIS.— On t)ie 22nd October, at Adelaide Hospital, Frederick, Henry Ellit-, returned muni tion worker -X.:tp Trevelvan, me), aged (& vears, beloved husband of Sarah Bli U, leaving wife, six daughters, four foi^ to mourn their sad loss. Kcst after ivearineES. HALL.--0n.tiie 22nd Octobrr. st his son'* resi dence. Semaphore. Daniel, beloved fath?r of Jo seph Hal!, aged 82. 'Siveei rest at lust.' MOXTGOJfEi!V.-On the 19th October, at Burra. Ellen, beloved -x'As of. James Wright Mont gomery, Aberdeen, aged G& veaw. A y&tient sui iexer at rest. BROWN (nee White).-On the 19th October, at Taylor-street, Ridleyton, Clarice Maria, wife of F. Brown, and loved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. White, aged 25 years. A patient sufferer at rest. Peace, perfect peace. HARRIS.— On the 20th October, at AJ.-Uson. road. Black For&jt, Ronald Simieon-, desrlr be loved son of J. and R. Hsrris, affei1 gieat suffer ing-, !ieroieilly borne. MILLS.— On the 11th October at Arthurton, Matthew Dominic Mills, grandson of Mr. Mur- nane, aged 29 years. R.I.P. Western Australia papers please copy. MOIiRIS.-On the 13th October, at Wiyalla. .William Moitjs (Dock), late oi Port Pirie, deary beloved father -of Ftorric and Beit, a :d brother of Mrs. J. O'Brien, South-nark, . Adelaide, an^ Albert Morris. Broken Hill, in hi* OCth ? yea1'. A patient sufferer at rest. Sadly missed. JAMES.— On the 17th Ouiober. at Gracechu-ch. street Portland (suddenlv), Gwendolen Miry, dearly beloved baby of Eiias and Lillian James, aged IS months. Sonivj day we'll understand.. Mel bourne paijHir-s please copy. GREGORY.— On the 21ft October. C.vri!, the darling infant son of Percy and Lydia Gregory, of BaVari-stveet, Mile-Eud, and Sout!i-roaJ, Ed ?\ 'Another bud to V.oom. in heaven.' HILLBiEBT.-On the lltb October, at V.s resi dence, Robert-street, SiudwfU. August (Gus), !-?:- loved husband of Jane Hillbeil. after 12 moniiis' suffering. At rest. : KILAX.— On the 7th October, at I'), Ovalter race, Kensington Park, Thomas, beloved huttamd of Sarsh Xilan, leavinjf a wife tivo fia;g'.itti's, six grandchildren. R.I.P. FISHER.— On the 23st October, at Snortown ? Hos|«tal (after an motor ^caidrnl), Edwin, the beloved husband of Elisabeth Fisher, of Ba:ak lava, a^ed 73 years. Western' Au.-tralian paper* i please copy. WHIGHT.-^n the Ifltb October, at Gas Work*. Gk-nelj, Ettie Torrid (Tett), deariy-belove'J wife of George T'homaB Wright, mother oi Itirry and Will, daughtc-r of tbe lale G. T. N'ixon, Gougerrstreet. aged CO years, leaving a sorrow ing husband, two sous, and two grandchildren. SWINDEN.— Ou the 23rd October, at Wallaroo (liuddenly), Edwin, the beloved husband ol A. Swinden, Maori-terrace, North Adelaide, late of 'Saddleworth Lodge,' Fiverton, aged 69. PETEHS.-On t!he 23rd October, at -Hi, Way mouth-street, Alfred Ernest, the dearly-beloved son of Ellen Peters, ased 3d years. DUFFY.— On the 22nd October, at Li;t:e .Sis ters of Poor, Glen OsmonJ, Franc-is Dullv, a?-ed 76 yejTs. U.I.P. RlClI'iS.-^On Uie 24ta Ociober. at the Adelaide Hospital, Xathanirl Riches, of Devon-st/cet, Good wood, aged 76 years. 80DBMAX.— On the 2«Ji Oc-tsfeM-, M Brigbton road, ScdCiiff, George, beloved husiiaiid of -Mice Ani-ic- Sndeinan, aged 50 years. At rest'. ?HILL. — On the 23rd October, at hev son's resi dence, Grai:ge-road, Wclland,- Mary Jane, widow of Isaiah Hill, aged 80 years. RYNX.— On the 2.4th October, Catherine Mary Jane Bynn, late of Stanley-street, North Adelaide, relict, of Michael Rynn. aged SO years. Requiei cat in Pace. SMTOH.— On tbe 19tii October, at her, Ko. 7, Payncham-ioad. Jostin, Catherine Ellen-, wife of Jaime.s Smith, late of Queen-street, -'or- wood. MITCHELL.— On the 22nd October, at 3, Rus- sell-street, Kadina South, Isabella Spence, the   beloved wife of James Mitchell, aged 67 years. At rest.   ST0XE.— On the. 23rd October, at his parents' residence, 23. Fisher-terrace. Mile-End, Arlmir Richard, dearly-loved son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Arthur and Harriet Stone, late of lliudmarsh, Aged 19 years. HALL.— On the 21th' October, st 14. Birtley   erescent, Wayville. Eliza, tbe beloved wife of I. Hall.     STEVENSON.-On the 24th October, at ''Craig- lea,' Unley-road, Unley, Robert Rowland, beloved husband of Maria Stevenson, aged 73 years (late S.A.R.). ,       ANGUS.-On the 25th Oetobei1, «t Robe-terrace, Medindie, Mary Gant, belowd younger daughter of William and Edith Angus, aged 6 years. RUSHTON.-T-On the 25£h October, at the resi dence of her son-in-law (Mr. C. W. Mastla), Park-terrace, Wayville, Annie C, widow pf W. H. llushton, beloved mother of Mrs. C. -W.' Mas tin. and beloved elster or Mrs. W. J. Bbwering, age' G5- years. M.dH.AE.— On the 25th October, at Butt-street, Rodriok, dearly beloved son of the late Farquhar and Mary McRae, Sellick's'Hill, aged 55 years (suddenly) . NORRIS.— On the 26th Ottobfi', at No. , 2, Regent*troet, E. A. Norris, only BUiviving-' sis ter of if/ A. Hivett.   DALE.— On the 24th October, nt 'Branxholme,' Bondi N.8.W., Jessie, widow of the lite Cap tain H. D. Dale, of Woodville, S.A. HARRIS.— In Port Lincoln, Tommy Harris, the aborigine. Liked by. all. SOHNEIDER.— On the 13th October, at Me resi dence, Oxley-road, Hawthorn, Victoria, Vincent, beloved husband of Minnie and father ot Yrr/.e], Frane. Vincent, and Earl, late of Movnt Qunbier. R.I.P.    

DEATHS. BLASE.R.— On tbe 22nd October, «t Mylor, Mto« nit- 'Hliuier, aged 31 years, leaving a' E-arre.vfui liusb-isii -anj tljee childrea to.mcuru l..ti-. £»/ loss. (Suddenly.) JAMIESOX.-On the' 17tli October,' at Children'! Hospital, Adelaide, Ver«on William, i'.it'a-at -. «on of- Alfred and Edith Jamiespn. of SaddleworU, aged 5 nionths. We can't forget tbe sweet fuce God has taken in His :good crace. BORKOWS.— On the 25th October, at the Ad* laide Hospital, Albert Edward, dearly beloved husband of Mabel and loving son-in-law of O H. Gardner. 37, Wright-et; N.S.W. paper! please copy. BENNETT.-On the 20th October, at Tarcowie, Johanna Bertha, the dearly beloved ' wife ot .Tosepi Bennett. A long and patient sufferer at rest. CRITCHLEY,— On the 2Cth October, at his resi dence, 8, Aim-street, Stepney, John CrHchiey. Hequiescat In pace. . BLASEH.— On the S2iid October, «t -fy!o--, Minnie Joyce Amelia, beloved wife of W, C. Blaser. accidentally drowned. ? RyA\T.— On the 25th October, the dearly loved son ol M. and J. Ryan, aged eight weekie. KELLY.— On the 26th October, «t Butt-street, Adelaide, Hobert Kellj-, late of Land Boawl, ^ge-j 73 years. 'Faithful iin!o death. JOY.— On the 21st October, at Victor Hsrbor, Sarab. beloved wife- of Andrea- A, Joy, 'Sett after pain.' ASUEHSOS.— On the 26th October, at tbe Ade l«.ide Hospital, Wm. Finlayson Anderson (for merly of 'iVby Do^-n station, Sackara). ILLMAW— On the *26th October, at. her son- (Frank) reFidenee, Tham«B-stieet, riarmice Pailf, Emma, relict ol John/ lllinaji, iu hei- SJth year. At rest. : QV-'lE.-On the 26th October, at .62, Angfls-' elreet, Adelaide, Bennett (Ben), the beloved Hus band of .lane Opie, and eldebt son o' the lato. Bennett Opie, of Kadina, aged 59 yeare. . POOL.— On Ih* 2uth October, at Chain o? Ponis Eliia'oetli Aim Poo), beloved wife ot the laij Robert Pool, of Cudlee CTeek, aged 70 years an« 10 montbt. MA LONE.— On uhe --9th October, at idelaidp, Catherine Julia, the beloved wife of Joiin Josepfi MaJone, of Warwick-street, Walkervillq. aged 36 yeare; .leaving three sons and t\vo daughters to mourn their sad loss. Sequiescat. m pace. VOX LliVEX.-On the ^Oth Octobpr. at ilu Old People's Home, Mji-rill, Joiiu Von Leven, aged 62 years. S£HLUTKK.-On the fi6th Ociober. at Ade. luide, Ado!ph (.S'idy), beloved )iu*bay,ii ol Nettie, aged ij]. Peacefully elc-eping-. T1ERXEY.— On tbe 26th October, ai Fre»liny. Daniel l'ercival. Uie dearly much beloved and only son of Mr. and lire. I). Tierney, aged 7 .veaw and 3 months. A patient 9Ufl'er-r At Test. Safe in the aims of Josas. ANDREW.— On the 26th October, at Ro- bert-street, Moonta, Henry Andrew, aged 67 years. Mi;LLIXS.-0n (he 26th October, at Xo/lii Adelaide Hb-jpha-l, Marv Ann. belovei only sj»ter of Jarups Miillin-, -Gjenelg, suOdeuly. W.A. pepem please copy. WILLIAMSON.--On the 17th October, at St.   Vincent Hospital, Victoria, John, the dearly beloved husband of Charlotte Williamson, of Kaniva, Vic. aged 67 years, leaving six daugh ters, five sons, and 20 grandchildren, to mourn   their sad loss. O'OOXXELL.-On Lie 20th October, at iha Home of the Little 'Sisters, Glen O.jmou-!. Mary, ihe beloved wi'e of Joiin 0'Connell, Hoider, Wjiikerie. aged 67 years, suddenly. McCOXXELL.— On tiie 27th October, at ihe Memorial Hospital, North Adelaide, Henry Mi- Co;mril, late 'iViilaston, aged 81 yean. FAHEY.— On iJi'e 21st October, ai his reeidence, Spalding, Patrick, the beloved husband of Cllcn Fahey, late of Narrid}-, aged 64 years. B.l.P. OSBOHN.— On the 27th October, st bis resi dence, No'. 16, Swaiue-avenue, Rose Park, John, beloved husband of Lydia M. Osbora. in his Wth year, llfist after weariness. k303 TUBLEY.— On fche 28th October, it Bower Cot tages, Glaii'vijle, .Helen Turley, aged 79 yeare, beloved sister of the late Mr. Ashley H. Forbet, McMAHON'.— On the 28th October, at Hauilfy Bridge, John MoJIahon, late Head Teacher Ham« ley Bridge and Uhdalya schools, aged 80 yearv beloved -grandfather of M. Johnson. R.I, IF. TUAEGER (nee-Voiet).-On the- 23rd October. al Greenock, Pauline, beloved wife of A. TTseger, aged 58 years. 'A patient sufferer at lest.' ROBrXSOW— On the 23rd October, at Kuriliijf Sifter Parkin's Home. Partr'id{re-strce( , Glenel^, Mrs. Lucy Robinson, Ute of Horn^tijle, aged !j2 yeirs. HEROES OF TKE GREAT WAR ' (Continued from page 14.) DEAR-MAX.— In loving memorj' of our dear ,;on and biotherf No. 2628, Trooper J, H. (Herb) Ueai man, of the 3rd Light Horse lUegiment, who died of wounds in Palestine on the 3]sl October, 1!))7. How joyiu! is the hope that lingers When loved ones cross death's sea. That, we, when all earth's toils are ended, With them shall ever he. — Inserted by his loving father, nioiher, brothers, and sisters. Oakdale. , 304dx HIL'!.S. — In affectionate remembrance of Laoce Corporal George Hills, who was killed iji aclk'n in Helgium. on October 2«. . WVJ.— hae'-le4 'it Auiit E. and Olive. HlLLiS. — ^In )o\ing memory of \V. Gsorgc Hilis, 57th BattiiMon, kille-1 in actio.'i, battle of . Pag schcndaele, October 28, ]937. 'lliey f)esj) elsewhere in their eternal youth, With flag o'er tiieni, God's flag of truth. They live iu hearts, to them our ho?iiajre give, For glorious deei* tha-t ive might liv.e. — h,-ft-.tea b.v his loving wife and litile children. XA'NG.'-r-In loving memory of bur dear son ginl liiotliur, Corporal J. T. (Jack). Lang, who .fell near Ypres, October 27, 1917. Iu dreums he is ever near us, Hie voice we long to hear, But in France, beside his com-adesf Lies the brother \ve loved so dear. — Inserted by hie loving- parents, brothers, arwl hirers, Uramjuinty, N.S.W. ? 8O:JxSO4 OBORX.— In loving memory of our dear son and brother, Driver Elder H. Oborn, killed in action October 28, 1917. Somewhere at rest you are sleeping. In a grave v»'e may never see. M.iy tome tender hand in that distant land Lay flowers on your grave for me. his mother. You left, behind some anhing hearU That loved you very dear, Hearts that shall never fcrget you. For your memory's written there'. — Inserted by. his loving -father, mother, sitter, and brothers. OBORNT.— In loving memory of dear Elder, who wu* killed in action on October 28, X917. Remembrance is the golden chain Time tries to break, but tries in vain. — Inserted . by iRose and Andy Oborn, Tf.ilem Bend. PRIME.— In loving remembrance' of Phil, 3r£ Light Horse Regiment, who died of j-iekiiess in Egypt- on Ociober 28, 1918. ? ? . In our heiirfs we shall miss him for evei. Though we know he is only at lest, —Ever remembered by Muriel. . PRIME.— Ba loving memory of our dear sou and brother, Phillip E. Pr.'nie, who d;ec of ill nets at Abbasai.-i, Egypt, on the 28l.ii (Jr-tober, 1918. ' : ' ? ' ? Two years ago a message rame , From God, Who thought it b«t To take you from this weary world . And give you peace juid test. — Inserted by his lovjag- parmte, hralher. ani sisters. PRIME. — In loving memory of our dear brother. Signaller Phil. 13. Prime, who died of )o!-sr pneumonia at Oioro, October 2S, 1918.— Inserted by broiher Sam. P'3TME.— In loving memory of our dear brother, SiKiialler Pliillip E. Prime, wlio died of s;c-kiic» Jn Egypt, OKober 28, 1?1S. ? Thoug'ii the ocean rolls bstweeu ue, Ycut grave we ca.nont see, We -iau and will ahva.vs reinember tliee, —Inserted by his loving brother &oi »i»t-ef-je-l«% Glod and Era, Murray Ba-idge. A*

IN MEMORIAM (Continued from page 15.) BELE.— In loving memory of our dear friend, Mly, who passed away at Moonta Mines, Octol-er \&. 19M-. . Peaceful was her life throughout, A favorite with us ali. Peacefully she sleeps within the arms Of Him Who died for all. ?—Inserted by Mr. and -Mrs. Dennis and family, Quoin. BEAUMONT (George).— In memory of my dear husband, George, who died on October 31, 1919. The Lord has taken you to rest; Gone, but not forgotten, by those who knew and . loved you best. t-Inserted by hie loving wife. ? 804dx BUDIGER.— In loving memory of our dear niece and cousin, Antonie, who died November 10, 1919. In our thoughts your memory lingers, Sweetly tender, fond, and true; There Is' not a ^lay, dear Tony, That we do not think of you. '—Inserted by her loving irocla and aunty, John, Martha, and cousins, . Bertie, Linda. SOids. COPAS.— In loving memory of my dear hus !-and and my dear father who died at Lockleys tn the 28th October, 1918. Just t*vo years ago to-day fflnce our great sorrow fell. And in our hearts we mourn The loss of him s'e loved so we.ll. —Inserted by his loving wife and daughter, Louie, W.A. C00KE.— In memory of J. E. Cooke, who died October 29, 1903.— Inserted by S. E. Milton and Jimie Cooke, McLaren Vale; Len and Doris Cooke, Tarlee; and' II. and E. Uatwell, Mile-End. 803*301 COLEJTAX.— In sad but lorine memory of my dear eister, Bertha, who -3ded suddenly at Huddle ston. ' October 80. 1918. You have left behind one aching heart. A heart that will never forget you. — -Inserted bv her loving sister, ZeMie, and bro ther-in-law, Stan Knight. 30Mx OOMLEV.— In loving memory of our dear bro ther, ivh-o died October 30. 1OT9. Time changes many things. But memory, like the ivy, clings. —Inserted by his loving brother and sUter-ln-inw, J. And E. Cornier. SOtJjc FRASER. — In loving remembrance of our dear mother, who passed away at Norwood, October £8, 19)8. — Inserted by her children, Bertha, Nellie, Rhoda, and Norman. FOSTER.— In sad but lqvin» memory of our ' dear father, who was accidentally killed while riding on Port-road. October 27, 1917. We were not there at the hour of death. To -hear his last faint e'sfb., Or whisper just one parting word Or even 6av good-bye. —Inserted by 3iii loving son and dauRhter-iu-law. Fred and Florrie, and graiicMauKhters, Western A-ustralia. QLAPSOOs'.— In loving memory of our deaTest Ija, aIio passed away October 23, 1918. Deep In our hearts there Is a memory Of one who luis passed away, And through the long years to come That memory -.vill always stay. —Inserted, by her loving mother, sisters, and brother. OLASSOX. — In loving memory or our near jister. Ids, who pissed away October 23, 1918. h. beautiful memorj' left behind Of a loving sister, true and kind. —Inserted by her loving- sister, bftther-fn-Iaw, ind niece, Jack, Ml, and Faith. HOPCRAPT.— In loving memory of our clear father, who died suddenly, October 27, 1919. Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far away. In Jesus' keeping we are safe, and they. ?—Inserted by his loving son3, Ted, Reg, Lee, Arthur, and Ernie, and daugliters-in-law, Florrie, Mln, and Ivy. HARRIS. — In loving memory of our dear daugh ter and sister, who died on October 30, 1918. As long as our hearts are beating, As long as our eyes have tears, We will cany 'our memory with us Throughout the sorrowing years. Some day we hope to meet you, dear, Some day, we know not when, We will clasp your hand in a better land. And will never part again. *— Inserted by her loving parents and brother and sister W. and A. Harris, aud Myrtle and Bert. 30idK HARRIS. — In loving memory of our dear sister, Eliza, who died at Hawker; October 80, 1918. A beautiful memory left behind Of a loving sister, bo true and kind; We have lost, but heaven has gained One of ths best the world contained, i— Ever remembered by her loving brother and 6lster-ln-law, F. and E. Harris, Wynflete. 304dx HARRIS. — In sad but loving memory of our dear sister, Elijsa, who died suddenly at Hawker, October 80, . 1918, age 21 years and 6 months. What would I give to clasp her hand, Her loving face to Bee, Just to hear one woTd of love. Which means 60 much to me? ? i— Inserted by her loving sister and brotherin law, E. and J. H. Brown, Orroroo. 804dK KEANE. — In fond and loving memory of our darling son and brother. Leslie, who was killed at Forwood, Downs, October 26, 1915. Five years ago, dear Lee, you left us, How we miss your dear, sweet But you left us to remember Kone on earth to fill your place. — Inserted by his loving .mother and sisters, Olive and Greta, alao his friend, Arthur. KEANEY.— In loving memory of our dear daugh ter and sister, Eileen (Dolly), who died October 26, 1916. In our thoughts your memory lingers, But we know it's vain to weep, Tears of love would never wake you From your peaceful, happy sleep. —Inserted by her loving mother, sisters, and brothers. LINDNER.— In loving memory of our dear brother and uncle, Albert, who passed away No- vember 1, 1919. No one he loved was by his side To hear his last faint eigh, But deep in our hearts there's a memory Of one who has passed away. —Inserted by his loving brother and sister-in-law, John, Martha, and nephew Bertie, and niece Linda. 304dx McCRAQKEH. — In loving memory of our dear brother and uncle (Johnnie), who departed this life, October 28, 1919, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your prayejs for him extol, O, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have mercy on his soul. ?—Inserted by his loving brother and sister, Roy and Ivy, and little niece and nephew, Mona and John. McCRAOKEN.— In loving memory of our dear 'brother, John Hugh, died of influenza in Elliston Hospital, October 29, 1919. We were not there, at the hour ol death ? To hear his last faint sigh, Or whisper Just one loving word. Or even say goodbye. ?'-Inserted by his loving brothers and sisters, Isabella, Alfred, Roy, Ivy. 803x304 MOORE. — In loving memory of our dear husband N *nd father, who died at Peterborough, October 30. 1918. How we miss you. dearest father, Miss you more as days go by; What it is without a father, W'a iiave learned since you have died, i— Inserted by his loving wife and family. 3Oldx OLIVER.— In loving memory of our dear hus Iwnd and father, who died at Ilansboraugh. ? Octo ber 2S, 1907.— Inserted by Ilia loving wife and Oauftliters, Mile-End. REAP.— In loving memory of Mary, our be |ovc-il mother, who passed away at Ifitchain on (DctriW 23, 1919 Her memory lives within the hearts O: those wlio loved her moet.. ?—Inserted by lovfng daughter, E. Fuller. RKI.ME11S.— In loving memory of my dear hus bam!, who died on October 28, 1918. Sadlv I miss him, and try not to grieve, A little while longer and we, too, shall leave. Two years ago he passed away, Prom those who loved him dear. — Inserted by his loving wife, mother, and «1« 0»M. - ? ? ' . . ....

IN MEMORIAM ItEIMERS. — In loving memory of ? our dear father, who passed away at Adelaide on October 28, 1918. . A loving one from us has gone, A voice we loved. Is stilled, A vacant place is in our home That never can be filled. — Inserted by Us loving children, Huldt, and Gordon. ? *. RUSSELL.— tribute to the memory of Pastor Charfas Sage Russell. This faitMul servant of God entered into rest October 81, 1916. baloved bv thousands the wide world over. 1st T-heai., chapt. 4, 14 to 18. SOldx Sl'HPHeNS.— In loving memorj- o! our dear mother, Charlotte Stevens, who died nt Kunil wonth-ioad, Parkside, on October 2S, 1907. SCHOELL, — In 'loving memory of our dear hus band and father, J. H. C Scfioell, who died at Springs Vale, near Woodeader October 30, 1918, ag»i 75 ycare. Thi ugh absent from among ue, father, You are present in our thoughts, And phase you left behind you Still sadly feel their loss. — -viicrteu by his loving wife and children. SOtdx WAilCEHAlf.— In loving memory of our d?ar sister, Emily Winifred Wakeham, -vho died October 26. 1019. You ara not forgotten, dear sister, For true lov« never dies; The dearest spot on earth to us Is where our dear sister lies. — Inserted by her loving sister and brother-in-law, Liaufe and Victor Back. WATTS.— In loving memory of our dear mother, who died October 89, 19U: also our dear brother Ern, who died September 24, 1918. ? Just six sad yean have passed away Since our great sorrow fell, . '?'??' . . And In our hearts we mourn our loss Of both we loved so well. ' ? * — Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in-law, Lil and Geo. Marriott, ArJrossan. WATTS.— In loving memory of our deir wife and mother, who died at Adelaide Uoipital, October OT. ? ' Six years ago a message came From God, Who thought It best To take you from this weary world And give you peace and rent. —Inserted by her loving husband, Joseph Watta, and family. YOUNG.— In loving memory of my dear wife, wlio died at Broken Hill, on the 25th October, 1919. S;veet are the memories left behind Of a loving wife, so true and kind. Having to love and then to fiart la the saddest story of the human heart. — 'Inserted bv her loving husband S Young, Bootra Station, X.S.W. Broken Hill papers please copy. YOUNG.— In loving memory of our dear mother, who died at Broken Hill, on the 2irtk October, 1919. To-day brings back sad memories Of one. who is called to rest. And those who think of you to-day Are those who loved you best. — Inserted by her loving son, Jim, daughter, Jes. sie. and son-in-law. J. Xapler, aud grandciiil-' dren, Wertaloona Station. YOUXG.— In loving memory of mv dear mother who died at Broken Hill, on the' 25th October, 1910. 'Tis not the tears at .theinoment shed That shows how loved is the life that's spent. But the 6;lent tears of long nights wept And the loving- remembrance ever kept. — Lovingly inserted by her daughter. NetU, an1 son-in-law, Fred Price, Frame Downs. Broken Hill papers please copy. In loving memory of our dear sister, Eliza, who died October 30, 1918. We often talk of you, dear sister, And think of how you died, But the hardest part 'of all, We could not say good-bye. But days of sadness still come o'er us. Silent tears do often flow, Memory keeps our loved one near us, Whom God called two years ago. — Inserted by her loving sister and brother-in-law Alice and Glairy. 304dx RETURN THANKS THE WIDOW and DAUGHTER (Joy) of the late PERCY SMITH, late of the' Britannia Hotel, Port Adelaide. THANK friends for kind letters and telegrams in recent bereavement. TT\HE FAMILY of the late Jlrs7~IIOULAHAy, -L Senr., desire to sincerely THAXK neighbors and friends for kindness, condolences, expressions of sympathy, floral tributes, cards, in their late sad bereavement. MR. H. A. BROOKS dc.ires ta sincerely THAXK .ill Idnd friends and relatives for letters, cards, and personal expressions of sympathy in his late sad bereavement, especially Dr. Jfc Glashan, the Matron, and Xursea of the Orroroo Hospital, for their wonderful attention and kind ness. ? MliS. J. A, SMITH and FAMILV desire to sincerely TH.U.VS all kind friends and1 relatives for letters euid floral tributes in their late «ad bereavement, especially to Sister Hart and Xurses of the Consumptive Home, for their kindness to their late eon and brother, Peroival Amon Smith. ? MRS. H. BURY wishes to THAXK Dr. W. A. Verco, tlie matron, sisters, and nurses at the Private Hospital, Wakefield-street, for atten tion to her late husband, also Hev. A. H. and Urs. Xuttlng, and all relatives, neighbors, anj- fdeilds for telegTams, lettera, cards, and floral tributes, and expressions of sympathy in her sad bereavement. ? MR. and Mrs. J. HARRIS and FAMILY, of Adison-road, Black Forest, wWh to spe cially THAXK llr. Saumders, also Dr. Clayton, Edtturdstown, for tile care and attention shown to their son during life illness. ? TVfR. S. HARRIS and DAUGHTERS wish to J.IL oincerely TIH.O'K kind friends for floral tributes, telegrams, letters, and personal expres sions of sympathy; also Dr. Gunsoii, Rev. Bern, stine, for blieir kind attention durii.g their re cent sad bereavement. ? TV/FIR. W. GARDNER and FAMILY, of Richmond, Ju-IT and Mrs. J. M. ORR, of Goolwa, desire to THANK all Relations, Friends, and the Employes of Wilkinson & Co. for all letters, telegrams, and floral tributes in their recent sad bereavement. Also Canon Wise, Dr. Leon, and Sister Orook, for their kind attention. TI/TBS. JAMUS QUINLAN and FAMILY desire ?i-'-L to sincerely THANE all kind friends and neighbors for letters, cards, floral tributes, and personal expressions ? of sympathy, especially Father Forrest, Dr. Leon, and Dr. Borthwick for their kind attention in tfaeir recent aid be reavement. ? .j-_ ? MR. MUR2IANE and FAMILY, of Arthurton, desire to THANK all kind friends and rela tions for cards, telegrams, floral tributes, and letters of sympathy, and especially thank kind neighbors of the district for personal acts of very great kindness shown them during tfttelr recent sad bereavement. ? ' ? Hf US. FRED. MATTHEWS, of Wallaroo Mtnes. 6incerely THANK all kind friends for floral tributes, telegrams, letters, and condo'.enoe cards; also those who sympathised with her iu her ? very tad bereavement. ? !______ lira, and Mrs. J. B.VRRIS and FAMILY, of J3J- ' Addison-road, Black Forest, wish to THAXK all friends and neighbors, and relations for kindness and loving sympathy and floral tri butes ; also Dr, Clayton, of South-road, Edwards town, Archdeacon Bussel, and Rev. Mr. Longman, in tlielr sad bereavcmeirt of their dear eon, Rona-M. ? T\TISS A. and M. McCL'LLAGH, Gray-street, and lUL Mrs. C. SHERrDAN, of Grange, return THAXK9 to all kind frimds and relatives for telegrams, letters, and cards of sympathy, in their recent sad bereavement. ? RETURN THANKS NOTES Printed with your own name. CABB9. PAPM. lOOCopiei .. 11/3 .. Ml/6 50 Copies .. 8/- .. 91 26 Copies or less 6/- .. 7/ Includlng enrclopM. Caiih with erdar. Advertiser Printing Of flMjrthMi

RETURN THANKS - MIt. and Mrs. JAMES W. RAE desire o ex press- their deepest gratitude and THANKS to their many kind friends for cank floral tri butes, and expressions^^ sympathy in their re cent sad bereavement, especially to the scholars of Leferre's School, Semaphore Church of Christ Sunday-school, and to tihe members of Juvenile Rechabitea, Rainbow Tent, No. 69. rpHE BROTHERS an-J SISTERS of the late W. J- H. PEXTLAXD, late A.I.F., of Gawler.wltli to THANK all friends and relatives, also matron, staff, and boys at Bedford Park Hospital for kindness and sympathy, also for fbral tributes in their rece;it sad bereavement. ? MR. R. H. 0-LIV.BB and FAMILY' wish to sincerely THAXK siJl friends and relatives for telegrams, letters, cards, and fl ral tributes during their recent sad bereavement, es.ecially thanking Xurse I. Pryzgoda, Drs. Boilin and ToMn, Mrs. H. F. Koch, an.l Rev. C. Wilinis for their kindness and attention to their beloved wife and mother, also the-soholar; of the Pinker ton Plains School for beaut ful wreath. ? j THE WIDOW and DAUGHTER of the 'ate AUGUST (Gus) II1LLBERT, desire to sin cerely THAXK neighbors and friends for kindnea?. condolences, expressions of sympathy, floral tri butes. cards, in their late sad bereavement. S. F. G. V\'ATSOX.~'iIrs. E. .Stephana and Family wish to THAXK all kind Friends for letters, telegrams, ar.d floral tributes In their re cenl ,iad bereavement. ? MRS. XILAX and DAUGHTERS wis'i to Ti ank II rien ? an ; neigW-o s fo.-Mui ^ympj. thy in their late suJ bereavement, especially Fattier Dooley, Mrs. Moore, also Dr. Borthwick for kind attention. . ? 3. G. R. SAWDERS and FAMILY, of Uraidla, i and Hawker, desire to sincerely THANK, all relatives and kind friends for all letters, tele- ; Rraras, cards, and floral tributes, expressions of : sympathy in their late sad bereavement, especially . to Nurse Nicholas, of Piccadilly, for long and devoted service. ? . I MR. A. O. IRELAND wishes to sincerely ! THANK all kind friends for expressions' ot : sympathy and floral tributes in his recent sad bereavement. ? ____^ ?jl/TR.cand MRS. P. G. GREGORY, of Ballara i.TX street, Mile-End, and South-road, Edwards- i town, desire to THAXK all kind friends and J neighbors for cards, floral tributes,, and letters of i sympathy, also Dr. Clayton, of South-road, Ed- ; wardstown, and thanking the polishing depart- : ment of P-xigelley's, Edwardstown, for their kind- ; ness In their Tecent sad bereavement. ? j lY/fp. AND MRS. J. A. JOHNCOCK and FAMILY j A'-JL: return THANKS for all expressions of syra- ! pa thy in their recent bereavement. TITR. and MRS. ft'. PEXH.VLL and FAMILY, ItJL of Broken Hill, desire to THAXK all ? re latives and friends tor letters, telegrams, cards, floral tributes in their recent sad bereavement. M~R. amd Mrs. MASOX and Misses MASON' w'sh to THAIXK ail relatives and frleiiiis tor let ters, caris, and floral tributes and 'personal ex- ? presslona of sympathy iu tlielr recent sad be- i reavement. ? MRS. HUNDKR3ON and FAMILY wish to. con vey their sincere THANKS to relatives, kind friends, and members of the Salvation Army for tributes and sympathy in their recent sad be reavement, especially Mr. Hocking. Mr. and Mrs. Fogan, Mr. and Mrs. Summers, and Dr. Chappie. TVTUS. J. HARRIS and FAMILY, of Birkenhead, i.VJL desire to THAXK all kind friends and re latlona for expressions of sympathy and floral : tributes during their sudden and «ad bereavement; especially do they wish to thank Mr. Greaurex and his Son for their kindness. ? ? j MRS. H. F. SCHMIDT, of Paskeville, desire to tincerely THAX/K all Relatives and kind : Friends for alf letters, telegrams, cards, and floral, tributes, expressions of sympathy in her sad bereavement. : Tlf B. H. ? SPILLER and -FAMILY desire to i ItX TEAN'K Dr Erickson Matron, Sisters, and j Xurses of Mies Walsh's Hospital for their tender i attention to their late wife and motiher, nlso | Relatives and Friends for expressions of pathy. ? MR. and Mrs. G. E. PARKER and FAMILY, and MUs GREEXWO0D, of Ovingham, : desire to sincerely THAN'K all kinJ friends and . neighbors for telegrams, letters, cards, floral tributes, and personal expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. j