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ARRIVED.-September 27. I

Seymour, bargo, 65 tons, Paterson, from Port Seymour, with coal« and produce. Passengers : Mr. and Mrs Marnhull nnd two children, Mrs. Savelt. Agent-0. H. Hedberg.

Shannon, barite, 00 tons, Nicholas, from Port Arthur with coals. Agent-G. Brown.

September 28.

Robert Burns, schooner, 45 tons, R. A. Hall, from the East Coast, with produce. Agent-Isaac Wright.

Fairy Rock, brig, 191 lons, J. II. Wilkinson, from Newcastle, New South Wales, with coals and maize. Agent-H. F. Arinstiong.


Albatros«, Pittwater, produce ; Muud Mira, Recherohe Bay, pioduci> ; Wanderer, Perseverance, Old Beach, bay; Alnbumn, Richard and Emily, Rose, Huon, timber; Struggler, Ralphs' Bay,


September 28.

Ayrshire Lass, Port Cygnet, limber; Eclipse, Barnet)' Bay, firewood ; Roso, Harden Island, timber; May Queen, Southport, timber nnd palings ; Strag- gler, South Arm, pioduco.

ENTERED OUT.-September 27.

Southern Cross, s.S., .'113 tons, E. Lucas, for

Melbourne. -

CLEARED OUT.-September 27.

Agnes and Jessie, three-masted sohoonor, 188 tons, G Graves, for Melbourne, via Taylor's Bay, with timber and stone. Passengers-Cabin : Sire. Bellinger and 4 childen, Mrs. Donaldson, and Minaos Donaldson (2).

SAILED.-September 27. Malcolm, schooner, for Sidney.

Dianella, schooner, for Melbourne

IMPORTS.-September 27.

f Aspeoial charge is made to consignees who wish to particularise their importB.]

Seymour, from Port Soymour-75 tons coal, 8 ditto fireclay, 14 bgs potatoes, 4 ditto bacon.

Robert Burns, from the East Coast,-260 cheese, 25 csks butter, 50 bgs grain, 150 bgs potatoes, 15 bgs bacon.

Fairy Rock, from Newcastle, New South Wales 285 tons coal, 40 bgs muize.

Shannon, from Port Arthur-75 tons coal.

EXPORTS.-Soptombor 27.

Agnos and Jessie, for Melbourne, via Taylor's Bay : 20 logs pine, Cr. A Crisp ; 37,000 palings, 12,000 ft sawn Umbor, II. B. Evans ; 100 tons stone (to boshippod at Taylor's Bay), A. A. Butler.


[By Elbctmc Telegraph.J


8ept. 27th.-India, barque, for Dunedin, Now Zoaland. _

The Seymour, barge, Captain Potorscn, from Port Seymour, via Bicheno, arrived hero at five o'clock yesterday afternoon ; abo left Pott Seymour with a cargo of coals, fireclay, and produce at 9 p.m. on Friday, arrivod at Bicheno Bama night nnd sailed again theuoe on Saturday afternoon, arriving here at

the time above noted.

The Shannon, barge, Nicholas, arrived on Satur- day, from Port Arthur, with a lull careo of coals.

The Government schooner Harriet, Captain Ander- son, workod up the river the river during Saturday. night and anchored oft* the powder magazine, with cut timber for the Cemetery Grounds.

Tup. whaling barqtio Isle of Franco, Captain O. Lucas, anchored oil' Blackmun's Bay on Saturday morning (o eldin ship, prior to coming up to the


The London ship Ethel, Captain HarmBworth, will complete her dischargo betöre the end of the week, and will then immediately commence to take io for her return passage.

The biirquo Southern Cross, Captain Boon, leaves here on Friday next for Lyttelton, with timber and other produco.

The Agnes and Jessie, throe masted schooner, Captain G. Graves, lately nowly coppered and over- hauled sailed hence on Saturday with a part cargo of palings and pino logs. She proceeds to Taylor's Bay, to tako in stone for the Melbourne University Buildings, and thence to Hobson'» Bay.

The Southern Cross, s.s. Captain E. Lucas, entered out for Melbourne on Saturday.

The Malcolm, schooner, for Sydnoy, Captain Liugwortby, was off Bull Bay at sundown on Satur- day.

The Offley, whaling barque, Captain GafHn, left the oove on Saturday and anchored off Little Sandy Bay.

The barge Annie, the river craft which capsized as previously mentioned, will bo brought round from LuCaB* shipyards to-day. The vessel was found to be damagod principally only by tbo loss of bor two topmasts, and thoso and other minor alterations having been completed, sho is now again in thorough repair «ad sea going order.

The following is a list of the passengers hy the Derwont, s s., which loft Launceston for Melbourne on tho 24th hist. :-Cabin : Miss Stephen, Miss Binnie, Mr. and Mrs. H, J. Mulchett, Mr. nud Mrs. and Master Blyth, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Brand, Miss Brand, Miss C. Langboiirne, Miss li. Peart, Mr. W. H. Westbrook, Miss E. Westbrook, Mr. and Mrs. Lightfoot, Mr. and Mrs. G. Murrison, Mr. and Mrs. Walker, tho Misses Cooksoy, Miss Fowlor, Miss Francis, Miss Wavno, Miss and Master Wayne, Mrs. Ogg, Messrs. "W. W. White, G. A. Knight, Luko, O. M. Maxwell, Paine, Chapman, Fletober, Darling, and 12 steerage.

The brig Lass of Gawlor entered tho Tamar Heads ,*t fi'45 p.m. on Wednesday, and anchored off West Bank, whore sha remained list night. The Lass of Gawler loft Mauritius on the 21st ult., with a cargo of assorted sugars consigned to Messrs. Dalgety, Mooro, and Co., of Launceston.-Cornwall Gliiomclc, Sep-

tember 20th.

The brig Wolvorono, from Bird Island, with a cargo of guano for the A A. Guano Company, en- tered the Tamar Hoads at 10-30 am. on 25th iuut. She left Bird Island on tho 30th ultimo, and had to put in at Twofold Bay for sholtor. The Wolveione was at anchor on Thursday night in Lagoon Bay.


The iron clipper ship Cbildeis sailed again from the bay yestorday, for India, with horses. The ship since leaving hero previously has had uo end of worry , jttnd bother with condenser and crew, the lattor

^specially, but all obstacles having beon obviated, she (took Bdvantoge of a fair wind yestorday forenoon, And squared away for the Hoads.-Al vu», September «8r.d.

The w*ock of the Oscar was sold yesterday by Messrs. Bradley, Newton, and Lamb for £15 10s, the purchaser being Mr. G. Moore. The boat in which the crew were savod was bought by Mr. Rankin for £3 15s.-Sydney Herald, Soptomber 20th.

The Marine Board held an investigation yesterday into the mullel of tbo ship Eastern Light coming into , port without being boarded by a pilot, and found that

Mr. Jack, pilot, was outside the bearing for the pur- pose of intercepting her ; and the Board considered him free from blame in not boarding, as the evidence adduced points to the circumstance of the ship having run past the boat insirió the track usually taken, and entered tho Hoads before tbe pilot bad time to board . hw.-Ibid, September 20th.

Captain Brodie,lato muster of the schooner Lavina, < reports that tho Iserbrook, brig, belonging to Messrs. Godeffroy, Brothers, und Co, had landed and estab- lished two stations at Now Breton, ouo of the South , Sea Islands. The men landed wero on the island for

three months, when an attack was made by the natives, who destroyod tho station by fire ; and the men escaped with their lives, making for Du ko of York Island, which they providentially reached in a boat, and, after romaining there for two months, were taken off by the sohoonor Luoy, belonging to Messrs. Campbell and Co., of Sydnoy.-Ibid, Sopt. 17tb. _


Snip Mails.

Ship Mails will bo closed at Hobart Town as under:

For Intercolonial Potts, per s.s, Southern Cross, on Wednesday next, at 2'30p,m.

For Victoria, ditto, ditto, at 3'S0 n m.

For London, via Biiudisi, por H.M.S. China, via Melbourne, on Tuesday, the 7th pro.\imo, at 4 o'clock


For London, via Southampton, ditto, ditto.

For Mediten anean Ports, via Suez, ditto, ditto.

For ludia, Chum, .Mamilu, Batavia, &c., via Point do Gallo, ditto, ditto.

For Wostoui Australis, ria Molbouino, ditto, ditto.

IMPOIITANT Norien:.-The Bo'cei for the rocoption of Letters and Newspapers for Kuglantl, Foioign conn tries, and tim Colonies, will bo closed on Tuesday, tho 7th pro.v, at-i o'clock p in. piecisely. Late Lottois ami Newspspers eau only bo ícceivod ou p.iymout of the u usual fees (viz., 3d. enoli letter mid ouo penny each

Newsp'jpoi), up lu K!0 p.m. After that hour, Letters for England and A'ictoi ia only, rain be ported up to C p.m., upon payment of Is. Fee on ouch Lotter.

All rogistoièd lettciH must lie posiert before 3 o'clock < p.m. ou Tuesday, tho 7th proximo.

,, ' Money «uluru issued at this office on Tuosdiiy, the

7th proximo, on all places out of tho colouy, vwil bo subject to au additional aknrgo of olio shilling each.

A. 0. DOUGLAS, Seoretnry.

WIND AND WEATHER. REPORT ?»i i , Hobart Town-Soptemuor 27.

,, Noon.-Wind, Ü.W., niuilomto ¡ »eather, flue, dour.

Bar. 30 07. Tiwi. CO.

IBv JÜLKOT1UO Teliíoiupii 1 liAUSonsroN.-Suptomber 27.

* ' Noon.1-Wlo-1, W., strong; weathev, flue, clear. Bar,

* 30-iM. 'Tlun. 68.

(. Ia)«' Heads-Soptomboi 27.

. .Noon.-Wind, W., light ; wcuthor, flue. Bnr. 3010. . Ther. 68.

, , " Blnnirr Nelson.-8eptcmlx>r 27.

11 ' Noon.-Wiuil, N.W., light; weather, fino. Bar.

30-00. Thor. C3.

?a,i \ Fortescue BAY.-Septotnbor 27.

.it. ,Noon.--Wiud,,N., light ; weather, lino. Bar. 29 00.

Tuer. IU L

. , [Bv Submarine Carle.]

'" *' ', Cape Otway.-Suptombei 27.

"' 9 a.m.-Wind, E., light j weuthei, 6uo. Bur. 80 048. ,-»'Ther.68.

, Cape Son ance.-September 27.

9 fl.m.-Wind, N.E., vory light ; weather, overcast, floe, Bar, 30 00. Thor, 63.