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ARRIVED.-June 20.

Southern Cress, s.S., 312 tons, E. Lucas, from Melboucnc, 18th inst, with sheep and general cargo. Passongors-Cabin : Mr. and Mrs. Crumley, and 4 children, Mr. und Mrs. Cowle, child and servant, Mr. and Mrs. llayne, Mr. Ii. Burbury, Mr. J. Moore, Mils Wilkinson, Mr«, Clapperton, Mr. T. Day, Mr. W. H. Jtawle, ttr. Young ; and 2 in the steerage.

Southern Cross, barque, 321 tons, Henry Boon, from Adelaide, in ballast. Agents-Bolbin and


Caranjah, ship, 891 tons, G. Cawse, from London. Passengers-Cabin : Mr. Dandridgc, Dr. Crouch, and 350 in the steerage. Agents-Macfarlane Bros, and


? Star of the Sea,1 new schooner, James Carver, from Port Davey. Agon!-Wm. Carmichael.


Ayrshire Lass, Caledonia, Huon Pine, Ann Allen, Port Cygnet, timber; Esther, Southport, palings; Oddfellows, Annio Watt, Port Esperance, timber; Ellenor, North West Bay, palinga ; Thistle, William andHenry, Huon, timber and potatoes; River Chief, Simpson's Bay, timber; Joseph nnd Mary, Oyster Cove, firewood : Petrel, Kilto, Old Beach, hay; William and Susan, Aqnulilins, Ethel, Pearl, Alice, Coronelía, Lapwing, Waterlily, Evening Star, Horning Star, Barnes' liay, firewood ; lioso, Puter and James, Ralph's Bay, produce ; Hero, Village Belle, Sarah Juno, Indepondonco, Long Bay, fire- wood ; Maud Mira, Rechorcbo, cabbages ; Wanderer,

Peppermint Bay, firewood. j


Southern Cross, b.b , 343 tons, E. Lucas, for



Chanticleer, brio;, 187 tons, G. A. Phillips, for t Lyttelton, New Zealand. Passenger-cabin : Mr. Llewellyn Meredith.

Swordfish, schooner, 156 tons, T. H. Harvey, for Port Augusta, W.A.

SAtLED.-Jnuo 20.

Harriot, Government schooner, for Port Arthur. . Natal Queen, barque, for Lyttelton, N.Z.

Chanticleer, brig, for Lyttolton, N Z.

, Swordfish, brigantine, for Port Augusta, W.A.

IMPORTS.-Judo 20.

[A special charge is made to consignees who wish to^iarticularise their imports.]

Star of the Sea, from Port Davey-20,000ft. pino. Caranjah, ship, 801 tons, from London-204 ess, 22 bis, 3 cks, G1 ¿-eks, 1 bpr, 1 dist, 4 crts, 807 bgs, 4,822 pkgs merchandise, 10 tons rock salt.

Included ia the above ure the following consign-

ments :

Groceries-1 cs meerschaum and briar pipes, 25 bxs paraffin candles, 150 ditto Belmont sperm ditto, 10 ditto crrriago ditto, 10 ess salad oil (reputed quarts}, 10 ditto ditto (Imperial quarts), 10 ditto castor oil (pints), 10 ditto ditto (half, pints), 5 ditto ditto (quarts), 10 ditto bair oil (half-pints), 8 ditto fresh salmon (lib. tins), 7 cbs Crossed Blackwells potted meats, 2 ditto ditto anchovy paste, 1 cb Burgess's essence of unohovies, 1 ess Crosse & Blackwells esssneo of spices, 5 ess Luzenby's Harvey'« sauce (half-pints), G ditto Worcester sauce (halt-pints), 6 ditto Victoria ditto (pints), 2 ess Fry's fancy choco- lates, 20 ess, each lewt. 1). & P.'s corn flour, G bis brown wrapping paper, 9 ditto royal hand ditto, 3 ditto'double crown ditto, 5 ditto drapery ditto, 3 cwt. Nelson's gelutino lozenges, 1 cs Nelson isinglass and gelatine, 2 ess ltimmol's baby soap, 2 ess Tay lor Bl os. soluble cocoa, 0 ess Epus' homeopathic cocoa, 14 qr-trcs Shcllard's tobacco, 36 J ohsts Congou, 6 csks Day & Martin's light blacking (la. sizos), G cts glycerine soup powder, 30 his Column's Windsor blue, 26 ess Durham and supeiior mustard, 9 ditto Durham fine, S.F. und D S.'V, in tins in quarter pound packets ; 1 cs mace, 1 cs nutmegs, 5 ess refined liquorice, 2 ess mnccaroni, lo ess sago, 10 bgs white pepper,20 csks.euch lewt., carbonate soda, 2 ess, le?., puikots ditto, 5 csks Epsom sails, 3 ess ditto (102/ packets), 1 cs turtaric acid (14 jurs), 1 cs orenm tartar, 50 bxs Sulluau raisins, 30 ditto Muscatel ditto, 2 ess figs (21b. boxes), 20 bxs candy sugai, 8 bis Mocha coffee, 24 original bxs best St. Vincent arrowroot, 1 cs Robinson grouts, 10 kgs pearl barley, 10 kgs »put peas, 40 qr-brls red herrings, b ess ditto in tins 2 doz. each. Drupory - 1 ta 30iii. shirting, 1 ditto apron linen and for fuis, 1 ditto oilcloth, 1 bl wadding, 8 ess habordnshory, 1 ditto scaleboard, 5 'ditto boys', youths', und men's Self and drab molo trousers, 2 ditto men's Solf molo trouscis, 3 ditto boys' and youths' drab cord ditto, 1 ditto mon's Bedford cord and youths' black cloth ditto, 2 ditto men's worsted and partridge cord ditto, 1 ditto men's fancy tweed ditto, 2 ditto boys' and youths' regatta twill shirts and shirting, 1 ditto men's " Mont Ceuis " «hills, 1 ditto brown cotton pants and shirts anil cotton socks, ¡JJ, bis grey calico, 1 cs cheese cloth, 1 ditto knitting ponton, 1 cs fuuoy braids, 2 bis G/4 felt curpetiug : P. O. fysh & Co.

, 10 ess, pints, Balad oil, 10 ess, quarts, salad oil, 1 cb hats, 1 ,çs men's und } ouths' cotton cord trousers, 1 cs boys' cord and molo trousers, 1 cs men's whito mole trousors, 1 cs mon's iuuoy doo trousers, 1 cs Bodford qnd black cloth trousors, 1 cs men's yvinsey sacs, 1 cs men's heavy overcoats, 1 cs men's black Bedford suits, 1 cs men's black sacs, 1 cs men's black and doo pagcts, 1 cb youths' block cloth nnd doo suits, I cs j ouths' black cloth uud doo sacs, 1 cs mon's black cloth, docs uud vehet vests, 1 cs youths' pea jackets, 1 cs whito shirts, moulded collars, linen collars, linces uud bells, 1 cs black Yankee hats : L. Levy & Son.

, 20 j-csks sherry, 10 \ tres Shcllard's tobacco, 60 ,bxs Sultana raisins, 3 ess figs, 20 ess chicory, 14 cub Brown und Poison's corn flour, G ess Robinson's grouts, 2 ess Epps' cocoa, 1 chest liquorice, 40 ess starch, 21 ess mustard, 20 ess pickles, 20 ess salad oil, 31 ess Keillor's confectionery, 1 cs gelatine, 5 'ces soap powder, 10 ess bloutot«, 2 lils candle cotton, 11 his paper, 10 csks Epsom Balts, 75 csks whiting, 1 tank blacking, I hhd 3 ess China, 10 crts earthen ware, 3 hhds glassware, 2 ess slate pencils, 1 cs Emery wheels : Muybors ic Hammond.

3 csks O.S. horse nails, 30 bdls gulvaniscd sheet iron, 29 hüls spades and shovels, 5 csks too hinges, 1 esk coach bolls, 1 esk grubbing hoes, 1 esk butt binges, 1 esk sheet zinc, 2 csks brass tnruituro, 1 cs brushwaro, 1 esk enamelled ware, I esk tower bolts, 3 ess doublo barrol guns, l'csk scales, 1 cb hardware, 1 esk water tups, 1 esk door locks, 1 cs whips, 1 cs tltodger's table und pocket cutlery, GO camp ovens, 1 cs Gilpin's augers : Charles Davis.

, 160 ess Dublin stout, 100 ess Geneva, 25 cbs iHonnessy's brandy, 25 ess " L L. " whiskey, 100 bxs, Belmont candles, 40 j-csks vinegar, 4 hhds superior port, 2 ess fancy goods, 3 ess drugs, 2 ess ammonia, 1 cs glue, 2 ess cod liver oil, 2 ess 'meditated spirits, 200 bdls dumping iron, 592 his, 'and 120 bdls ditto : \V. Knight ii Co.

* 1 cs Irish books for presentation to the Tusmanian Public Library, 2 hbds crockery, 2 pkgs patent saw ''sharpening machine, 2 ess Ehrciiperger's patent bluo '¿-thumbs, 7 ess ditto bull blue, 1 oz. bulls, 3 bis Dundee canvas, Hob 1 and 4, 11 ess pearl sago, 11 ess. tapioca, G ess Imperial qts. salad oil, 1 cb assorted confectionery : Justin ttrowno & Co.

4 cas dress stuffs, 1 cs laces, &o, 1 cb hosiery, 9/14 ess housohold linens : Perkins & Nophew.

100 ess Gonevu, 10 ess ginger wine, 30 csi Blood Wolfe's stout (quarts), 10 ess ditto ditto (pints) : 'Forgusson &Co.

' 3 cris toilet sots, 1 hhd whito and gold toilet sets, I ort fancy jugs, 1 crt dishes, 1 hhd china : W. H. "Burgess, Junr.

> ' 50 bxB rock Bperm candles : J. Bully & Co. ' 9 Ms paper : Mtrcmy Office.

. ii Southern Cross, b.b, from Melbourne-2 ess bed ' steadf, 33 pkgs, 10 }-pkgs, 20¿-cbsts tea, 1 plough, 120 bgs sugar, 44 bis herrings, 5 j-csks sherry, 3, bis waste, 13 Ofks tallow, 3 Ins fat, 4 els rope, 1 prcl muchiuory, 10 ces pickles, 4 els rope, 5 ess wine, 13 ess stout, 1 bl skinB, 2 cbaffcuttors, 1 cs plants, 10 csks tallow, 5 pkgs und 10 boiler tubs, 17 bxs luggage, 22 ess inouts, 2 bgs rice, IS bgs guano, 20 bdh) 'iron, 14 pairs shafts, 2 ess biscuits, 1 fender, 1 coach, 10 crts cauliflowriB, 34 trnks boots, 32 preis, 4 trusses, 75 ess, 940 pkgs merchandise.

Inoludod in the above are tho following consign- ments':

Transhipments ox Whitlior and Lodore-2 ces Muck coburgs, 3 ess glazed linings, 2 bia flannels, 1 hi blankets, 2 ess rough hollands, 1 cs watered mor- eens, 2 ess brown winsojs, 0 bis 30 to 3Gin. grey . faliooes,2 bis 8/4 grey ditto, 1 ca hosiory, 1 cb haber-

dashery, 1 cb Wigan shirtings, 1 os silesias, 1 cs

tweeds : G. & J. Salier.

" i ess Keillor's confectionery, 2 ecks ground rice, 11 ess salad oil, hulf-piutB, 3 bis 61b. paper bags, 10 ess pickles, 1 cs biscuits, 10 V-chats Congou : P. O. Fysh


5 ess fancy biscuits, lo ess stout, 1 esk wlno, 10 ess bottled stout, 2 bottles quicksilver, 16 kgs nails : Messrs. Huybers & Hammond.

7 ' ,4 qf-cska blandy, 10 ess Pig Brand stout (pints), 6 - qr-coks 4 Diamond sherry, 1 cs navy 3s tobacco ; J.


44 bris"red herrings, 10 ^-chsls lea ; J. Baily & Co.

10 ess merchandise : Messrs. Fergusson & Co. 2 ess, I bl drapery : A. Cumming & Son. o''6 ess merchandise : J. & J. Overoll. '<' ' 9'trnks boots : J. Blundstone,

9 bis paper : J/a««*^ Office.


'' Chanticleer, for Lyttelton, Kew Zealand-16 his

-hop», E. Shoobridge ; 76 cbs jam, 6 do fruit, H. & '1'. \,Foak; 10 do green fruit, H. Clark ; 132 bgs ground

bark, J. Moir; 14,400rt. timoor, 6,200 fift. palings, . 22,000 Gft. do, 332,003 shingles, Belbin & Dowdell ;

1 mare, 67 Bhrep, W. Kennodo; 1 entire horse, Markey ; 6 ess fruit, Johnson.

. Swordfish, for Port August», W.A-62,000ft. ,1 timber, 20,000 6ft. palings, 7,000 Gft. du, 72 shafts, 40

bullock poles, 300 bgs potatoes, Belbin & Dowdell.


I . ; [BY Kl.KOTIlIO 'rtl.EUKADH.J


i- '. June 20th, 2 p.m.»-Tamur, m, 308 ton», Saunders,

for Melbourne. i



June 12th.-India, barquo, from Launceston ; The Bruce, ship, from Liverpool.

June 13th.-Molbourno, schooner, from Circular Head ; Morcury, brig, from Launceston ; Trader, schooner, from Leith ; Maldon Lewis, schooner, from Wynyard.

Juna 14th.-Nautilus, schooner, from Torquay j Marten, schooner, from Circular Head ; John and Jane, schooner, from Loith.

June loth.- ltubicon, sehoonor, from Torquay.

June lGth.-Qucon of Nations, ship, from Ply-


Juno 17th.-Wiiralah, barquo, frum Hobart Town ; Dianella, schooner, from Hobart Town ; Wave, schooner, from Leith.


Juno 12th.-Martha and Jane, schooner, for Leith. June 10th.-Yorkshire, ship, for London.

The new schooner Star of the Sen, Captain James Carver, carne in from Port Davey at eight, o'clock yes-

terday morning anil bet theil in the Constitution Dock to j disclmrgo actugoof nine. Captain Caiver reports Unit ¡ he left Port Davey on Sunday last at 0 a.m., and had I light south easterly weather for the first twenty-four i hours, followed by Habt noitherly and N.W. breezes. Caplain Carver report s tho whaling barque Asia, Captain

S. Kennedy, which left hole on a whaling cruise on the ¡ tith January last, in Bramble Cove, geneinlly known as, .Spring Ki var. trying out a laige »hale expected to ' yield 10 tuns, which would make up it total for the I Asia ot T)0 tims spci in when the schooner left. Tito i whaling brig Velocity, Captain Holly, was also laying

in Bramble Buy, clean. Captain Carver also re I ports the Kingston schooner, C.iptain John Carver,

who left Port Dnyoy on tho 15th instant for Laun- ceston with a cargo of pine, off ltcchcrclie Bay at two

p.m. on Wcduesdny, standing nwav to the eastward, j

The Star of the Sea is a new schooner recently built at Port Davey, for Captain John Carver, by Mr. Edward

Hennessy. She is built of picked Port Davey pine, her   frame being also of the same material, and with no other

timber in her decking or otherwise, with the exception   of her main keel and kelson, and is copper fastened throughout. Her length of keel is 59 feet ; length over- all, 67 feet ; beam, 16 feet ; and depth of hold, 6 feet under the beam. Her cabin is very nicely fitted up, the panels and other adornments being worked out of knotty pine, giving the whole a remarkably handsome appear- ance ; and it may be mentioned here that, as well us the ship carpentering, tho whole of tho joiners' work was performed by Mr. Hennessy. Tho schooner was rigged at Port Davey by the Messrs. Carver, the rigging, sails, &c., being supplied by Mr. Colvin, and it is intended, for the present at least, that the schooner shall be placed in the timber trade between Hobart Town and Port Davey.  

The ship Caranjah, Captain George Cawse, from London, with navvies for the Main Line Railway and a large cargo of merchandise, signalled off Fluted Cape at noon on Thursday, anchored in the cove at noon yes- terday. Captain Cawse reports that ho left Gravesend on the 16th March, and the Downs on the following day, the pilot leaving the vessel off the Isle of Wight on the 18th. The ship had fresh N. and N.E. winds until reaching the equator, which was crossed on April 8th, in long. 23deg. W. Had then light baffling winds up to 10deg. S., when the vessel caught fresh S.E. trades,   which carried her up to 23deg. S., and had then light   and variable winds up to 27deg. S., and thence to the Cape fresh N. and N.E. to W. winds. Passed the meridian of the Cape on May 9th, and had then light easterly winds for six days, after which strong S. W. gales set in, the barometer falling to 28.60. A whirlwind passed within four yards of the weather side of the ship on 4th June, the vessel being then in lat. 43deg. S., long. 104 deg. E., raising a terrific sea, and causing, as may be supposed, great alarm amongst the passengers. Had then steady south westerly winds, which changed in a few days to winds from W. to N.W., which brought the vessel up to the South West Cape on 14 inst. Then had a succession of light easterly winds and foggy weather. Anchored off Fluted Cape on Thursday night, coming up and dropping anchor in the Cove at noon yesterday. She

has two cabin passengers, and the number of single   navvies on board is 198, and 48 married navvies with their wives, 54 children, and two single women. There were three deaths of children on board and three births, the total number of steerage passengers thus being 350. The health of the passengers, we are in-   formed by Dr. Crouch, has been excellent throughout the whole passage, no dangerous or contagious sickness   having exhibited itself. Captain Cawse also reports that the steerage passengers had well conducted themselves during their trip. The vessel, which is of 900 tons register, is a Sunderland built vessel, and was constructed especially for the passenger trade between England and India, and the transport of troops to Bombay, hence she has spacious 'tween decks and saloon accommodation, together with all other sanitary arrangements. She is a fine looking ship, fitted with double topsail yards and sails, carries three lifeboats and   two cutters, and her captain reports her to be a most noble and trustworthy sea boat, and a good sailer, averaging with a moderate wholesail breeze 11 knots an

hour. She is consigned to Messrs. MacFarlane and Co., and will land her steerage passengers to-day, when due arrangements have been made for their accommodation, none being permitted to land last night, and will then proceed to discharge her cargo. We understand also from some of the steerage passengers that it the intention of the whole of their number to present a souvenir and a memorial to Captain Cawse in acknowledgement of his care for their comfort and his kindness to them during the passage, and also referring to the good nature and the manly bearing of the ship's officers and the crew, with a testimonial con- veying their best thanks to Dr. Crouch for his kindness and attention during the run. The vessel comes along-

side to-day.

Tub Southern Cross, a s., Cuptuin E.- Lucas, arrived here a little before hulf-puet ten this

morning'. Cuptuin Lucus reports that ho loft Mel- I bourne at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, with a light S.E. wind and foggy wouthor. Tho stonmor had S.W. winds and dull weather to ttio Scbuuleos, and thon strong wiuds from tho southward. Sho biings 17 cabin and 2 steerage passengers; und had also on board 400 sheep, and a largo cargo of mci chandiso. The Cross entered out again yesterduj for Melbourne, to leuvo on Wednesday next.

Tub buiq'io Southern Cross, under tho command of Cuptuin Henry Hoon, lute her chief ollicnr, arrived iu port yesterday afluriioou from Adelaide, and took her bortli at the Long Pier. Captain Boon roports that bo left Adelaida on Thursday evening, the 12th iustunt, and passed Kanguroo Island on the following day. ¿lud light, vuiiablo north und north-east winds till Thursday last, when Ilia wind set in from the

W. und S.W.

Tim brig Chanticleer, Captain G. A. Phillips, cleared out fur Lylteltuu jesterday with u fultcurgo,

including lo bales hops, jam, green fruit, shingles,' palings, timber, and thero wus also on hoaid it very valuable draught mare, nml 57 puro bred Leicester ewes and rams from Mr. Kermode'« estate, ut Mona Vale, andu nobleeutiro purchased by Mr. Uurkey of Campbell Town, from Air. Golding Budy, of Eliza- beth-street. Tho bi ig sailed during the night.

From a prívalo telegram received yesterday by Air. Lovett, manager of the T.S.N. Co. we leam that tho City of Hobart arrived at Sydney from this port at I p.m. yesterday. Captain Clinch reported having experienced thick, foggy weather tluoughout the pussuge, und that ha would leave again for this port on Tuesday next.

The barque Othello entered the Derwent yoster dny, aud cunio to uuchor off Brown's Uiver to cleur prior to coming up to port. She has, it is reported, secured about 00 tuns of sperm oil, und a day or two ago a whale wus harpooned, but escaped owing to the line putting.

Tub burquo Glencoe, Cuptuin Owen Lewis, as we leam by pi i vate telegram received yesterday by tho owners, sailed on tho lGth instant from Auckland for Newcastle, New South Wules.

The burquo Pet, Captain H'ipp, from Lyttelton, New Zealand, arrivod at Newcustlo on the 17th inst. as we leam from a private tolegiam received yestor day by Mr. H. B. Evans.

Tue brig Union, Captain AlcCullum, sailed from Lyttelton for Auckland on the 12th instant.

The Swordfish, briguntine, Captain Harvey, cleared out at the Customs yosterday with timber and potatoes, and sailed for Port Augusta duiing the night.

The Fairy Rook, brig, Captain J. L. Wilkinson, has enterod but fur Sydney to sall nt an early ditto.

The Government schooner Huriiet left ut half-past six yestorduy morning for Port Arthur.

The barque Natal Queen, Captain Gourlay, sailed yesterday morning for Lyttelton, aud. passed out o'f sight duiing the afternoon.

TheT.S N. Co.'s steamer Tamar, Captuiu Saunders, i left Launceston yesterday for Molbourno, and cleared

Low Heads yesterday, at 2 p.m. |

Till! schooners Rubicon and Marlon for Torquay, ¡ the John und Jane for Uiver Forth, aim the Margaret ', for Port Frederick, entered out nt the Customs, Mel- | bourne, on tho 17th instant, aud tho schooner Trader i cleared out for Leith on the same day.

The schooner Dianella, from this port, arrived nt Port Phillip Hoads on tho 17th instant.

The Daily Southern Cram of tho 0th instant states :-By tolegiam wo lparn that the bl ig Union is loading with grain at Lyttelton for this putt.

The b.b. Durwont, Captain A. T. Woods, nrrived iu tho bay ut 2 p.m. yoslciduy, bt miling tbo Tasma- nian mails for transmission to England by the li. M S.S. Bangalore. The Dorwont left Launceston Hoads nt a quarter to 5 p m. on Monday, and experi- enced moderate N.E. and northerly winds, with thick huzy weather throughout tho passage.-Argus, 18th

instant. * '

The schooner Mnrgarot Chcssel, with a cargo of agi ¡cultural produce and pillinga, left Leith, Tas- mania, on the 14th inst., and experienced light varia- ble winds mid caima on the pataco across.-Ibid.

The burquo Tien Tsiu, from Launceston, urrived nt Sydney on tbo loth iustunt.

Thebrigaulino Nicholson, from this port, arrivod at Sydney on tho loth iustunt.

Nine of the sailing vessels which arrived iu port on Saturday and yosterduy aro from Tusmuuiaii ports, and bring full cargóos of grain and limber. They

report having experienced southerly and S.E. winds j und ruin dining the greater portion of the passage- ! JrtjitH, 10th instant. _ j

The schooner Don, from' Loith, Tasmania, brings I a cargo of oats and timber. She left on the Hth inst.', and had strong N W. and northerly winds 'on the pnssago across.-Ibid. '.

The barquo India left Launceston on tho 7th inst.', and had moderato N.E winds on the first part of the passage, followed by N.N.W. winds until the lllh, when Cape Wollumai "was kightod. From thence easterly weathur prevailed. The .'India brings a cargo of ground bark for tianshipuicnt.-Ibid, lath instant^ ' , . ? .;-:,, ", ..


By the uri ¡val of tho sehoonor Couru,' from New Caledonia, wo have received intelligence of the total low of tho buiquo 'Leonidu', .'st the Dalari

Pal», New Caledonia. Air. Henderson, late chief.''

officer of tho barque ia a passenger by the Ccara, and ho furnishes tho following particulars : -The Leonidas, Captain Fluke, was from Now ciiBtle'wilh a cargo of coal and, 100 sheep, bound to Noumea. ' On the 2nd instant whilo going through the Balari Pass, in charge of a pilot und a good lookout being kopt, she struck' on a' Bunkon reef about 9 a.m., but she was backed off again, when it was found that the vessel wns leaking very badly. Every endeavour was at once mado to keep her free and at the sumo time work her in to harbour by means of tho sails, na the rudder had been knocked away. She rtly after, Mr .Honderson states that the Froneh .war achoouor Gazelle carno within hail, but having lommunicated with the pilot, kept away to sea with- out offering any assistance. Owing to tho losa of the rudder and having no means lo tow the barque, she was quite unmnnugcablo, mid a second timo got on tho reef. At 4 p.m. she had 12 feet of water in tho

hr.ld, tho sea washing across tho main deck ; under ! these circumstances, and with no power to savo tho vessel, Captain Flake determined to abandon her, and in a few minuteB she settled down bead first, leaving tho masts above water, but the next day she had ! entirely disappeared. Mr. Hendorson is of opinion I that had the Gazelle sent her boats to tow, the bat quo i might have bien beached in such shallow water that

the live stock and a large portion of the gear would have been saved. The Leonidas is insured in the Australasian for £1200, of which £400 is reinsured in the Pacido and new Zealand offices. She was owned 'by Messrs. Broomfield mid Whitakor, of this city. Tho cargo vfna also insured in tbo Austrulasiau for £290.-S. M. Mfialil, 13th inst.


[ Sin? Mails.

8bip Mails will be olosed at Hobart Town a« under s -

For Intercolonial Poits in the following rota- tion :. South Australia, Brisbane, Kocklminptou, Mew South Wales, Twofold Bay, auckland, Cluistchutch, Dunedin, Gicymouth, Hokitika, Invercargill, Lyttelton, j Napier, Nelson, Picton, Tarauaki, and Wellington, per i s.s. Derwent, via Launceston, on Monday next, at 5 p ni,

Victoiia, ditto, ditto, at G p.m.

Ditto, s.s. Southern Gross, Wednesday next, 3'30 p.m.



Tile next mails from London, &c, via Suez and Gulle, will be duo at Hobart Town ou Thursday, the 3rd



Tho next mails for London, Ac., fía Galle, will be closed ut Hobart Town on Sutuiday, the 12th proximo.

A. O. Douglas, Secretary.