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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, notices of

Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenti- cated by some respectable person in Melbourne to

ensure their insertion.]  


BRADSHAW.—On ""> 1U1' Inst.. a* Marigui, Cambor  

»eil Hie «Ho o' Jo»eph Bradshaw-a son.

BECKINGSALE.—On the 13th inst., at Campbell street,

Castlemaine, the wife of Herbert Beckingsale—a son.

CERUTTY.—On the 13th insr , at Stirling Wvnnataj  

road Armadulc, the »Ho of 0. J. Cerutty of a


HERMAN.—On the Suth tilt., at nvorldfrc, Armstrong  

street, Soldiers lilli, Ballarat, the wife of Frank Herman—a daughter.  


ANDERSON.—On tlio 10th Inst., at tho residence of lier  

son lu lau. T is. Meen, Londonderry, Ireland, Bessie, relict of tho late Bon. Kobcrt Stirling An- derson (Bv cable )

BROADBENT.—On the 19th inst., at his residence,    

Ligney, 14 Avoca street, South Yarra, George   Adam, the beloved husband of Elizabeth, and   father of George, Arthur, Albert, and Clara Broad-

bent, also Mrs. A M'Neilage, Mrs. W. T. Reay,

Mrs. H. Walkerden and Mrs. Frank Goode, aged 59. Came before His presence with singing.

BUCKLEY.—On the 19th inst, at Dunvegan, Brighton,  

George Buckley, late of Christchurch, New


HARE.—On the lilli InBt, nt Albury, In tho Surd

i ear of his ace, lleulnald liare, vouniiestson of the hie Francis Hare, of Iluratinoncaiiu, in the county of Sussex.

JAMISON.—On tho 1011) Inst, at Coomnir, Roi al

crescent. Armadale, Mnr\ Jane, belo! ed «ifo of Janies Jamison, J P., ajtcd 72 years

JONES.—On the nth «It, nt Southsca (Ilinl 0,  

I n lind, Admiral hu Louis Tobias Joues, GOB, in his 98th year.

McCONECHY.—On tho 18th Inst, at her mother's    

resilience, 1Í5 Napier street, I lmoy. Mary Marilla, the belned eldest daughter of barah and tho Into John M'Conccbj, aged 30 j cars. (Lato of Beech


RAMSAY.—On the 19th last, at Tiverton, Flestern-  

wick, J Douglas Ramsay, husband of Jessie Ram- say, son of the late Rev A. M Ramsay, and brother of the late Hon Robert Kamsay, aged 42

SEABROOK.—On the 19th inst, at Kaicnsnood,

Toue.li street, Ha»thorn, Henry William, eldest son of William John and, Mary Seabrook, aged 24 years.

WALKER.—On the 18th inst., at his residence, Mortat,  

¡udna road, ltojolpark, John, Ibu boloicd husl>and of Sarah « alkcr, aged 70 j cars

WALSTAB.—On the 19th inst, at his father's residence,    

in Darling-street, South Yarra, Frank, third son of       A. J. George Walstab, aged 52.  


GREIG.—In fond and loving; rcmenibrinu' nt our

darling mother, Josephine Strachan Greig, who departed this life on the 20th November, Is )l And thus It is ever with those that nie dear,

Heath soonest doth »ever the brightest oncsliere, These that uro nearest entw ined round tilt, heart, Those ones that are dearest the soonest de|)art

-{Inserted by her lovlnir son and daughters, Herbert, Nellie, Luiily, and Annie )

RUTHERFORD.—In loi mg memor} of James Gustavus,    

«bodied at Pine grove, Hcmington road, korth MclBourne, îiovcnibor 20, 1894. Attest S and

G. B.


BROADBENT.—Tlio Trienils of tho hie Mr  

OEOKOLA. BItOADIlbNT aro rcipectfullv in- vited to follón lils remains to the place of interment, the Boroondara Ceuielerv, Kow.

The funeral (»appointed to leave hi« lato residence, Usuel 14 Avoca street. South Yarro, To morion (Thursdav 21st November, 1805), at a o'clock, armincatccnictcrv nliout quarter past4.

JOalAll 1101,1»« ortTll, Pmlwlmcr and Under- taker, Jil-' I} Ron street,_Carlton_Telephone 1102.

CLOTA.—The Friends of Mr. MARCUS CLOTA (of  

i l'arers' The Duko Hoto], Bourke street) aro re specl(ull) invited to follow tho remains of his bo loied «ife to the place of interment, Melbourne

Ceucml Cemcterv

The funeral «111 leave hie residence, IS Jollmont tirnue, Wimont, THIS DAY (Wedneeda), üoui last ) at half-past 3 o'clock.    

JOHN DALEY, Undertaker, Latrabe and Spring   Elruis, Melbourne Telephone 827._ JAMISON.—The Fnends of Jlr. JAMES J All ISON,   »J J I', are respectfully invited to follow the re mains of hu heloied wife, Mary Jane. Tho funeral Till molo from Coonong, Ho)uI crescent, Armadale, THISim (Wedneeda), November 2Ü), at 2.J0pm, fori'ieClichciihain Cometer}, arriwug thcro at 4,Ji)

w C It VA rv, Lndcrtakcr, Fit?roy_ McCONECHY.—The friends of Mrs. SARAH     M'CONECHY are respectfully Ililli«! to follow       itie minim ol her lato helmed eldest daughter, Mary Martha at the place of Interment, the Boroon- dara General Cemetery, Kew.  

ríe tunen! is appointed to move from licrresi due 1 topar sticet, Fitrroy, THIS DAY («ilu^ai - ilitnst ), at lloclock punctually.

All > 1 ml IU 1er and Undertaker, I linroy, and I" HlallMrt.lllll_

McKENZIE. — The friends of Mr. JAMES    

M'KENZIE of Yarram Yarram, are respect-        

ti c Mt-'l nirne O encrai Cometen

TIP íiinenl \* apnomtul to mo.Q from her In Uri re i kme, Mr. JnniM Isatis, ¿«tolnt, Olß li.rwoo.iiM... Aulnnn, THIS DAY {\\etlnewloy, -iihii*t) al t o'clock ptinrtualh

MJ^ I ml-.hner and Undertaker, Fitzroy, and loi late *.ire^t utj _

RYAN.—The Friends of Mr JAMES RYAN are        

r icnfiilli milled to follou the remafnsof his ti IMIL ti Hie plaiu ol ilitinuunr, Melbourne

i. lultuiitir»

Tie in,rd «ill lcaio his rcildcnoe, Thurlm Calk lint I hinj street, \\p«t Melhonrno,'rilli I Al (lu Inn I ii, 20th inst), nt ha'fpastl

J )ll\ lum, I'ndertaker I atiobe ami Sprm«

ilroa Meltioiiuic. ick,plioiioo¿7.

The remains of FRANK WALSTAB will be   interred in the Brighton General Cemetery at 4    

o'clock THIS DAY.        

M'DOWALL BROS , Undertakers, Brighton.      

THF! neilds of tho lato GEORGE BUCKLEY are

itiloniialibatlils rtuialns «ill bo luiorrul III tli- llutl ton (Jimral Ccmetcr}

Hie lumral ulll leaio from lils lalo rc-idence, Pi me.»«, Middle Brighton, on Thurwl i}, ïlat iiibt.,

f]MIE rncmls of the lato HENRY BARBER aro -*. reipecitiilly requested to folio« lils remains tothe|ihcoo(lntoniient, tho Wallan Ccmetcr).

The procession lo movo from his late residence Eowltn, «allan, TODAY (Wcilnoada}), at 2JO


THOMAS BOSCENCE, Undortakor, Kilmore_ THE Friends of Mr W. J. SEABROOK are most re- i «Mcilull) iniited to folio« tho remains of lils Mond eldest son, Henry William, to the place of lelerment in tho iloroondara Ccmetcr}, Ko«.

The funeral «tllleavo his Into residence, Rai ens »oal, Touch street, U Hawthorn, THIS DAY, Jiormiber .0, it I »I p m

OTTO I'lll U.S8, Undertaker, Burwood road, Glen ¡«ne llranehes -No. 1, Auburn road ; No 2, Umbers oilI ko 3, Burwood; No 4, Box Hill, No. S Surre; Hills Téléphone No. 7, Ha« thom Lv

THE Fríends of the late Mr. JAMES DOUGLAS RAMSAY, dentist, are informed that his remains will be interred in the Melbourne General Cemetery

Tnefuneral «ill leaio his late residence Treverton, Clauitonc parado, tutcruwlck, on Thursda), the Jlbt

mst ,at J o'clock

» I. ALG Jjl LiaiiT.Uiidcrtakcr. Telephone 410 WALKER.—The Friends of the late Alderman ,, ,J,UI>N «ALhFR aro respeottully invited lo vin bl' "J"1»"1» '« the place of lutcrmcnt in tlio Sltlbournc fiuieral Ccinrterv.

rf.7,» lll'.lcnl h appointed to leave his late rrBl

11?;«',°"^ ¡"J''no road, Ilojalpark, THIS

TliIn,"^". îv 2 Ul Nouniber), at 4 o'clock,

lmlih AS,e 'l,N U AILIso^, Undertaker nnd J»alnitr,lSlhM,,»troM, Carlton, Deri.) street, toumtaood and JD7 Victoria street, Mest ilcl Wtue. near 1 rro| ,t|.ccU .re)epl|0nu No jlhi