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Mrs Henry Dunstan, of Magill, who was born in Port Adelaide in 1840, and died at Magill on July 26, was the first girl born in the Port. Her father the late Mr. George Mildred, who came out with Colo- nel Light, was a ship's carpenter and had served his time in Portsmouth dockyard   under the British Navy. Her mother, who was a daughter of Mr. Samuel East, came

out in the Africaie, which left England a   fortnight after the Buffalo (Governor Hind- marsh's ship), but arrived at Kingscote, K.I., a day or two before her. Soon after this party moved to the mainland Mr. Mil- dred and Miss East made one another's'   acquaintance, and they were married in Trinity Church, Adelaide, in 1830. When   the first child (the late Mrs. Dunstan) was born, Dr. Mayo rode on horseback from   Adelaide to Port Adelaide through the swamps to attend the case.   At the age of 25 Miss Mary Ann Mil- dred was married to Mr. Henry Dunstan at Kensington by the Rev. Samuel Iron- side, and through a long and strenuous life proved herself to be an excellent help mate.- One son and three daughters sur- vive her . . The widow of Mr. Amos Preston, who died recently at ' her residence. Gilbert s--trpet, was born on November 15, 1836, at Middlomill, . Xottingfhamshire, England. She left three sons and five daughters— Messrs; G. R. Preston, Subiaco. W.A.; A. ?H. Preston. Clarence Park; A. Preston, ' Mile-End; Mrs. A. Lee. Port Adelaide; Mrs. A. R. Ware, Broken Hill; Mrs. W. B. R. Edwards, Mount Lofty, Mrs. A. Amey: and -Mrs. D. C. James. Gilbert street. She was a colonist of 49 years. Mr. Patrick Leahy, a survivor of the Eureka Stockade, died at Fremantle yes terday, aecd 93. He fought in the Kaffir war, and was one of those who expelled the Chinese from Lambing Flat in 1861. He was prominent .in the anti-Chinese '   movement in Queensland in 1875. He was drawing a Federal pension when he died. Mrs. Caughlan, of Elliston, late of Bend ieby, who died last week, was born at Bathurst, New South Wales, 67 years ago, and had. been a resident of South Australia for 63 /earsY ;She was the only daughter of the ? la^e' lfo~. Patrick Grace, of LSheaoak Log. ?.?;-,..-???? Two residents ol Rapunda died last week. Both' had lived m the district for over half a century, and they were stanch adherents of the Methodist Church. Mrs. » James Harvey was in her eightieth year# Her .husband was killed in a vehicle ac- . cident when they were fanning at-Bagot'a Gap more than 30 years; ago. The son and daughters are Mr. Paul Harvey (Glenelg), Mrs. Waters (Quorn), and Mrs.' Arthur Kemp CKapunda). Mr. Samuel West died on Friday in h is eighty-fourth year. . He came from Cornwall to work in the old Kap'unda eojyper mines in 1€59, and was one fit those who pinneu his faith to the existence of rich ore at depths never yet reached. He did'tributing work after -the old'mine was shut down, when the late Mr. Robert Morton bought the property. He was a town councillor in 1875-6. The family left are Messrs. Aleck West (Eudunda), W. H. West and R. West (Adelaide), and Samuel West fBroken Hill), Mesdames B. Harris and T. Barron (Kapunda), . s ,

The death of Mr. John Arthur, of Glen Farm, Orroroo, occurred on Saturday last. He was born in Cornwall in 1831, and came to Australia in 1856. He first settled at Callington, where he was engaged in min ing for many years. He came .to Orro roo 36 years ago. As a farmer and gra zier he was industrial and successful, And' was enabled 'to give all his family a sub stantial start in life. For many years he was a justice of the peace and a councillor in, the Orroroo ? District Council, and he was highly respected throughout the dis trict. Of a family of 12 children nine sur. vive— Messrs. Robert, George, Thomas, Al bert, and Frank Arthur, of Orroroo; Mrs. « W. Polden. of Anlaby; Mrs. John Reed, of Jolmsburg; Mrs. F. Allwood, of Western ?Australia; Mrs. G. Fyfe, of Blackrock. ABNO BAT. Julr 21.— On Friday evening Mrs. Fcrgie died 'at her ^residence, in the hundred of Yadnarrie. where she had resided over 30 years. Her husband (Mr. Hugh Foreie) died about seventeen years aso. Two sons and three daughters are . livinir in the district. The de ceased was in her 52nd year, and had only been ailing for a 'few days. Both Mr. and Sire. For cie came almost direct from Scotland to this „ . (Uetricts. and successfully did pioneerinjj work of a difficult nature. — News has just reached here that Mr. Whyte. of Aldinga, died at his son's residence this afternoon. Mr. Whyte arrived at Arno last Friday night on his journey to Booth by, where he visited his son, Mr. J. T. Whyte. Much sympathy is felt for the deceased gentle man's relatives, all of whom are well-known old residents. Mr. Whyte, sen., took up land in the Hundred of Boothby for his three sons about 30 years ago.

NARUACOORTE. July. 26.— Mre. Mary Bridnek Johnston, widow of Mr. Charles Johnston, died at the residence of her daughter (Mrs. T. Me Mahon), on Thursday, at the age of 72. She was born in- Carlo w (Ireland), and came to Australia in 1S55 in the fihin Confines. She shortly after settled in .the South-East, residing at Penola, where she married. They qame to Nsrracoorte in the early seventies, where $r. Johnston en gaged in farmincr. He died 27 years ago. Mm. T. McMahon. Mrs. A. T. Jarrett (Narracoorte), and Mrs. J. Grieson (Norwood) are daughters. Barracouta are again becoming plentiful in the gulf, and some fine fish nave been caught at Henley Beach and the Grange lately from the jetties. The regularity with which -these fish have visitea South Australia during the last few years is some what remarkable, as previously they were only occasionally to be seen.