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THEY SAY That the boom is off at the Box thorns. That open air services are preferred at Kenthruck church. That white boots were an outstand ing feature at the late Kentbruck wedding That on the heath at Mouzie, there are sheep and cattle on ever side, and the nags are poor and - . That .Norman and the old blsck mare are putting on condition since the holidays began. That the Tantanoola tiger has been seen again. Investigations are being made by a well known Monuieite. That another Mouzieite has been making desperate attempts to pluck the white lily on the far side of the lagoon. That Mr. Mdleller and party, of Hamilton, caught 350 bream at th Surry Ri'cr last week. Some turned the scale of 3lbs. each That a" spade sas supposed to have been missed by a -VWattle Hill resident, but the article was not, it is said, taken by tihe persor. that was accused. The accused person says spades are cheap, and their credit is not stopped if they want to buy one. The missing legrope was. only what any innocent child would take for a skipping rope. That Herby Parker, who left by the First Expeditionary Force, was one of the Iest all round players in the Port and Football Club, yet never was the recipient rf a medal. It will not be for want of bravery and endurance if he does win the Victoria C?oss medal against the Germans or Turks.