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THEY SAY That there's more in this submarine encnace tihan appears on the surface. That the fishing flecet at Queenselifl suffered soverely in Tuesday night's storm. That the Victorian State elections will probably be hel :in October. The 30th of this month is the- last date on which voters may get on the roll. That c clists havo more regard far a few boxthorn cuttings than they have for by laws. That At-tralia's war bill is something like £130,000,000. Thatl there are imore Mfousieparishes in the Malice than the one in this dis. trict. That Peter is not the LC Btean with wanted to sharre in the proceeds of ths sale of skins of knogaroos which had been a pest.

xhat it is lamusing to read some of speeches of "thrift" advocates. Like the articles in the "Young Ladies'J:our nail" on "How to manage on £200 a year." - That thrift campaigns, like Stato economy schemes, begin at the wrong end of the social scale-at the bottort instead of the top. That upwards of twenty Malteso are employed on the Mt. Gambier rail way works. That after an obituary notice in the "Argus" last week of the death of a sanitary inspector was the following verse AJl; came into this world naked and bare, His journey through life is all trouble all care; - , His exit from it, no man can tell where; He did well here, so hIe I do well there. , That the Crown Picture Co. will run a serial for 15 nights entitli.d 'The Master Key." Two reels will be shown each night, which will com mence on Saturday next.

That Reg. Mills, a Portland boy, I8 years of age, who jumped off a trans' port steaming 15 miles an hour in the Atlantic Ocean and saved a so'dier who had fallen overboard, is to b? pre sented with the Humane Society's silver medal. Young Mills learnt ta swim iear the old baths. That if Charlie Chaplin enlists in America, the Germans on the Wpst front will want to come over to tile Allies trenches to see him. That there is a good opportunity for Mr. Willie Hnghes;:to go to Russia and start a win the war campaign in that distracted zone. That, a splendid 300 candle-power light has been'installed in front of the Library Hall. That members of the Ritle Club are informed that Wedesday next is rho last Wednesday to complets their mus ketry course, ?lcfnbers are reques·ted to make a special ef,,rt to put in as appearance, failing which they may be sent elsewhere to do ii. That J. J. Robins, of Portliod, has nllstod. Private J. H, G. S IeKenry, of Portland, is reported as wounded.