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MONDAY, DECEMIBER 17, 1917 Osn HEROE5.-- lr, aid Mrs. E. Boyle, of Francis street, r-crived word from France last wee~l rhas rheir -en Harry bad been gaEsed. Anothor me, sage followed stating t1a his ca-e was serioas. A brother, Edwin. is now in England. Later casualty ii ts include the following:-~ nu,,d, d-Private C. E. Taylor, Portland: Privare J. A. Day, Eeywood; Private J. C. Brindley, Hot Ipor. . saUB aDI4Iatarwon

A JEtRSE cow, bred by Mrs. A. Hogan as West Portland, was recently sold .at Melbourne, together with a, heifer calf, for £52. M1l. . W. W. LEVETr. of Portland. may well claim to be one of our oldest Victorian natives. He was born at Richmond on December 15, 1849. and therefore celebrated his 77th birthday last week. OurruAnY.-Mr. Charles Farr, an old and well known townsman, died at his residence, Julia street, on Satur day morning at the rapo age of 84 years. He was a colonist of 63 years, and a resident of Portland for nearly the whole of that long time. Farr's livery stables, which he founded, is one of the oldest establishments in the town. The deceased was of a genial and obliging disposition, genorous, a good employer, and although he did not take a promi nent part in public affairs he always ready to do a 1 that he could to help the town along His wife died a few years ago, and the sole surviving mem ber of the family is a daughter, Mrs. John Beglin, of Portland. The funeral will take place to morrow afternoon. REENFORCEMEnTs REYERErNDUMo.-We would draw special attention to a pro clamation by the Prime Minister,which appears in another page, concerning the Reinforcements Referendum to be taken on Thursday, 20th inst. It sets out the need for reinforcements, the terms under which the men can he called up, and the p!edge given by the Government that the powers asked for will not be exceeded. PORTLAND PcTUanEs.-The proprie tor of these pictures has postponed his night for showing till Thursday even ing, having allowed it to hbe occupied on Wednesday by Mr. Thomas, who will speak against conscription. There will be shown on Thurday a supreme and startling world star, featuring the always echarnming Ethel Clayton in "Brokeu Chains." This is a story of moonshiners and the murder of a white by negro-s of the South. It is a thril ling tale of a confession. The Pathe News film of war items is double the usual length, End will be very interest ing. Three other pictures make up the programme. ALIEN VoTERs -We have been asked by the Divisional Returning Officer for Wannon to draw attention to the dis qualifications which have been plaeed on certain voters at the forthconming referendum. Persons(ma'e or female) born in an enemy country, and persons (male or female) whose father was born in an enemy country, are disqualified from voting, unless such persons come within the scope of special exempts re. girding military servsces. No CosscnRPTlo-r-Mr.W. E Thomas will speak in the Library hall on Wed neerday evening in opposition to con. scription. ALBnRT BsLm, a returned soldier,was found guilty of the murder of Annie Sampson, his stepsister, at Port Mel bourne, and sentenced to death. An in quest on the bodies of Margaret Taylor and her daughter Rasie, the victims of the terrible tragedy at Trawool on or ahout 11th November, was opened at Seyroeur on Thursday. Arthur Geoffry Oldring, the soldier who stands charged with the daubls murder, was present in custody. A verdict of wilful murder was returnerd. A coon deal of live stock is travelling oves the new line from a?e. Gambier to Melbourne. Stock despatched at 10 o'clock on Monday mornings arrive in Melbourne in time for salo at 7 the following day. On Friday last six trucks of wool were sent from Mount Gambier to Portland. PORTLAND HOSPITAL.--The Committee acknowledges with tlhanks to the donors the following gifts to the hosrital:-Eggs from Tyrendarra State school; basket of cakes, Baptist Church; fish, Mr. A. J. Row; Christmas pudding, Mrs. Woods; cake, Mrs. Troeth; two settings of valuable eggs, Mr. Kurtzo. CHANGE OF Bur Esso.--In our adver tising columns Mr. W. P. Anderson announces that bhe has sold his old establtshed grocery, wine and spirit arid shipping business in Julia street to Messrs Sutton and Nicholson, for whom he bespeaks a contionance of the liberal patronage so long bestowed upon him self. The new firm takes the name of Anderson and Company. Mr. Hughes, as the result of his being pe:t-d with eggs at Warwick (Q.), has established a CJmmonwealth police force, thereby bringing Federal and State authority into sharp conflict and a adding to the cost of government in P an already overgoverned country. That egg may place a heavy yolk upon as. t Fo?t THE HOSPITAL.-The Portland t' Band will give .a performance in the ' Hospital grounds on Sunday afternooni d next. A collection will be taken up in e aid of the hospital. Mrs. HGaes occupies two columns of the "Age" in an attempt to disprove Mr. Anstey's deductions from official statistics that enough men are now available to reinforce our five divisions for nearly two years to come. Every body thought this question was settled bpy the Ryan case. Mr. Huaghes, how ever, admits that 20,000 are available, so that the harrowing tales about our boys perishing in the trenches for lack of help have no foundation in facr.

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