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TUB LATE MU. JOSEPH PEACOCK,-Tho deceased gentleman was tho eldest son of the Hon. W. Peacock, and arrived in South Australia with his parents in tho Glenalvon, Captain Marshall, on December 28th, 1338. For sovoral years past ho has been associated with his fathor in tho well-known firm of W. Peacock and Son, tanners and merchants, in Gronfell-stroet. In tho socond Parliament undor ropresontativo go- vernment, Mr. Peacock was returned for tho Sturt District along with Mr. John Hullott, Mr. H. B. Andrews, tho prosont Attorooy - Goneral, being

dofautod. .Tho rotura, stood thus ;-Poacock, 223; Hallo¬ę, l63; Andrews,"loo; Mr. Pea- cock continued to represent the same district till tho timo of his death, and seemed thoroughly to enjoy tho confidence of his constituents. Though ho nover took a prominont position in politics, his largo know- ledge of business and gonoial good sonso mado him a useful man in Parliament. Mr. Peacock waa director of tho National Bank, and a trustee of the Burra Mining Company. Ho was twico married, Mr. Peacock was prosont at tho oponing of Parlia- ment on tho 5th instant, soon after which ho bocamo so ill as to alarm his friends. For somo days ho had boon gradually sinking, his medical attendants giving no hopo of his ultimate rocovery, and on Thursday (25th) ho passod away in the forty-third yoi" of his ago, loaving many friands to rogrot his early death. Tho Assombly adjourned its sitting on Friday out of rospect to thoir lato colleague-S. A. Register, July 27th.