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WHXIAMSTOWN, , September' 17.— The weather continues dry, but feed is abundant, and stock 'are in fair -funiHtif/JA i^^'^ffl^nin^filBff&KS nforning on the -w*y -+c^-«rcHraverion market. They -were ail young sheep, and in «ood condition. GQLBEN GROy&JWember 17.— Fal-

lowing operations are almost, of not quite, at o. standstill owing to the want of rain. Although the crops arev6till looking well, some of the early varieties of wheat are be ginning to 'irun up, and, unless rain ?? crimes soon will be out in ear before sufficient growth has taken place to produce the best results. The later varieties -are looking nice and healthy, and could in most instances bear another week or so of fine weather, al though a nice rain now would undoubtedly cause a heavier growth, which is: an impor tant matter in the cuse of -a iiay-growing district like this; :' '. ? ^ CHABLKyiLLE, September ^14.-Jt is expected that the quarantine will tie lifted here in a few days, and then thousands of cattle hanging outside the quarantine lines wilLbe liberated;— Mr.' Wv.F.- Buchanan iias purchased. the well-known Glengyle station, near. Birdsville. The run comprises LC00 square miles of country. It is MivBueh anan's intention 'to stock up from hie Wave Hill station in the Northern Terri tory. Four thousand cattle now on the road from Wave Hill will be liberated at Glengyle. The run is reported to be in good order, there being-plenty of grass and water. ORROROO, September 17— Rain is badly needed throughout the district. Crops and feed are suffering through the absence of moisture, though the condition of things is not beyond recovery with a good rain at an early date. QUORN. September 16.— Rain is anxi ously awaited. The wheat has not started to go off yet. but with continued dryness it will soon be affected. The spear (grass has begun to turn, and farther south is be coming quite yellow and dry. To the north things look healthier as one proceeds. Usually it is just the. opposite. This is caused, no doubt, through later rains hav ing been experienced in that district. SALISBURY, September 20— The con tinuance of the dry weather is having a depressing effect upon the spirits of the farmers. ; The late xrops here are weedy. There is no doubt, however, that the higher rates for wheat which are ruling will re sult in much more than the usual quantity being reaped, and not cut for hay. PDWAROO, September IS.— The wea ther for the past week has been hot and dry. A change came up this morning, and a few Ught showers- fell, but only 2 points were recorded. An inch of rain 'would be verv acceptable. CARRIETO^ September 20.— The wea ther continues fine, and grasshoppers are making their appearance in the district. Rain is badly needed. Crops and feed ara already beginning to languish, and the out Ioou is somewhat serious. Shearing is now in full swing, and a goodly quantity of wool is being transported. FOREST RANGE, September 21— The continued dry and warm weather is causing considerable concern to fruitgrowers. This is a critical time with the growers, as a large quantity of blossom is now out, and the warm, dry winds have a bad affect on the setting. Apples are not ; quite forward enough yet to be affected, and, given favorable weather, the crop of this fruit will be large. The season promises to be some three or four weeks earlier than usual. LAURA. September 19.— The continuous spell _pf dry weather is having a bad effect on the crops in this district, more especially tho late-sown ones. If rain does not soon fail the harvest returns will be much lighter than was expected. The well-worked fallow, crops do not appear to be suffering much so far, but stubble crops and those sown on dirtv fallows are going off. Fallowing opera tions wire considerably delayed this season through the ground soon becoming too hard to be worked. The grass and .herbage are bv no means so plentiful this year as was the case during the past two seasons. Should favorable weather prevail it is stated that but little hay will be cut, there being a lot of old hay on hand, and 60 far wheat pro mises to be a good price. On the whole the crops are very clean about here. PRICE, September 21.— The crops have fone off badly in Iplaces in consequence of ot winds. If a eood rain does not fall shortly the outlook will be serious; the late-sown crops then will not be worth reaping. Many farmers are countermand ing orders for machinery. . Only 7 in. of rain has fallen here so far this year. PORT LINCOLN, September 21.— war- mers are beginning to feel anxious con cerning their crops and feed. rlhe last week's weather has changed the appearance of the country, and grass and wheat are now coming into head. There is no need vet, however, to be alarmed, for should rain fall within the next month there is every prospect of a good harvest. DENTAL BAY, September 16.— The crops, which up to the present have loosed so well, are now sadly in need of rain, the hot, dry weather having had an injurious effect upon them. / VIRGINIA, September 23.— The crops are suffering through the want of rain, and the late-sown ones . will be utterly valueless should the desired rain keep off much longer. The early-sown crops are safe for a good hay yield. The nearly varieties of wheat are now out in ear.' The early barley and cats are looking well for a ton and a half per acre without rain, but with rain'now would make a great improve ment. The pasture paddocks are suffer ing. ' Feed for stock will «oon be a valu able commodity. The lucern plots are showing rapid growth, and artesian waters are being applied. Many bores have been put down in the neighborhood during toe last few months/ and fell have proved- suc;. ceseful. Fresh wateK struck -at a depth of 40 ft. in many, pa'rjas risejs -to -within -fi ft. of the surface. The supply is equal to the' demand for- :any number ?' of stock, sheep 'includedi but not for irrigation, ' ss the inflow.ifi not^of sufficient -volume. Tae quality of this water is not so good «s the deeper or artesian water. , Mr. F. J?V Flemming, the manager of Trelile. estate* who is putting €6^n a deep bpre, has not yet' struck the deep spring. The Coring through the solid/ rock .that -has to. bis passea .through takes ^.considerable time.: BURRAi- September 21.--The continued dry jWfitther is .causing .awdety $n the gx$r.

rounding- district^ mHhc%h- the wheat. nel3s wnl efye a good return if rain soon comes. The eastern shearing Ms been carried on fciicklxJ&ifr 'By^tewtfa'©* ^n& wSartrer. The cut Is a good^ope, end in most places better than anticipated. TWO WELLS, September 21.— The cropB are/^yery ^ i»dkward for iiie:. srant of ram,4 and matters are . looking serious. Unless a good fall of rain comes Boon_ the harvest wifi be- very poor. Shearing ie in ^-fuU; swing in tluB district. . At Buckland i'ark the fihea-ring hasrbeen ^bhe :3by maBhifaefyV; WELLINGTON, SeDtember 20.— Rain ia badly, wanted, as feed ib -dying off.' There hao been no Tain once early in August. Shearing ie in full swing around the lakes, and a gocd clip is expected. ?. ' - WOODCHESTER, September 23.-;-Owing to the continued absence of rain, the crops throughout this district are- suffer ing considerably. : Many, are % considered beyond recovery. Shearing is in full swing., and generally the clip will be heavy and of good quality. ? BLANCHETOWN, September, 21.— It has been very dry here lately. How ever, the crops on the east side of the river are looking attractive and green. COWELL YFranklin Harbor), September 20.— Disastrous weather for the crops has been prevailing during the last few days. Rain is anxiously looked for. EUDUNDA, September 21.— Shearing in this district is in full swing, and several loads of wool Lave already been delivered j at the railway-station. The clip all around is a good one. Farmers need rain.; badly for iheir crops. LANGHORNE-'S CREEK, September 23. ! — The dry weather is having a disastrous effect on the crona in this 'district. Soma

now look as though they, would burn were a match applied, and unless rain falls shortly mnch of the feed and many of the crops will be beyond recovery. A suc cessful sale of stock was held at Mr. Natt's on September 20. Draught horses brought up to £38, and dairy cows; up to £6 10/. The vines are all bursting into leaf; but the newly-planted vineyards will have n hard battle in the dry ground. Mr. L. Potts- has had an oil engine at work moat of the 'week pumping water from the.Bre mer on to his young vines. Up to date the Bremer has only flooded the flats once,' and that- was a small flood. WILLOWIE, September 23— The' absorb, ing topic of conyersation-ihroughout this district at present is the weather. Four successive days of drying northerly winds have left their mark on crops and feed, and no matter how much rain falls between now and harvest time, the yields will be greatly reduced. Feed will be short and scant as compared with last -year, and graziers -who are heavily stocked are having an anxious time. Shearing is now m full swing, and from reports to hand the clip is satisfactory. A few odd lots of lambs have already gone forward to the freezers, and buyers' agents arc scouring the district, eagerly competing for farmers' lots. Owing to the dry, hard . condition of the land fallowing is suspended. Stock of all kinds is in good order. - ? . MOUNT GAMBIER, September 22.—'' The potato market remains unaltered, viz., £1 15/ per ton here, and £1 12/ at Glencoe. Last week 129 tons of potatoes was railed from Mount Gambier, 132 tons from Glen coe to the city market. Good marketable onions are quoted at £1 10/ per ton. The grass and crops are coming on nicely. QUORN, September 21.— The dry hot weather continues, and the situation is becoming serious. The crops have not, in most cases, started to go back yet, but this long spell must affect them, and each day the outlook is more alarming. The grass is beginning to turn color, and rain is anxiously awaited. It again clearly de monstrates that early spring rains are ab solutely necessary for wheat-growing in this country. - MOUNT BRYAN, September 20.— Rain is urgently required. Things are beginning to look very serious, more especially for the new settlers, whose crops were sown fairly late. They are making no progress, and are becoming withered. Grass everywhere is becoming scorched and yellow. Hot winds have .prevailed for the greater portion of the week, and have played havoc with crops, gardens, and grass. Shearing be gan at the Mount Bryan sheep station last Friday. MOUNT COMPASS, September 20.— Rain is badly needed. The crops would be all the better for a good downpour. Orchardists are taking advantage of the fine weather for

spraying operations. For black aphis in peach trees tobacco and soap solution is used, and for ' American^ blight kerosino emulsion. For fusciladium also in apple trees Bordeaux mixture is beneficial. FRANCES, September 22.— Shearing ope rations will begin in a number of .sheds shortly. Several stations have had machines I installed, and will use them for the first time this season. Benayeo starts on the 25th. Chetwynd on the same date, followed, by Newlan_dsf Lake Wallace, 'and ' other' border stations. Brippick (W: B. Crosbie's estate) started on Friday last. Mr. Cros bie invited a number of friends to lunch with him, and witness the shearing of his stud rams, which he purchased from Messrs. Gebhardt, at Mount Bryan last year.- Mr. Crosbie intends to support the lamb, freezing trade this year as an~experi ment. Tallageira starts on October .8, Bin niim, -which is being done by a jnachine shearing company this year, starts on the, 10th, Willana on- the 15th, Bangham on the 16th. The clip promises to bea :gbod'-one, | being well grown, and very light ?? in .con- 1 jption. A good faiJ of rain is badly needed.- ? ?-, ? YOXGALA ESTATE, September 23.— The early-sown wheat in looking splendid, and promises to g_ivea good return. . Ih; most cases fallowing is complete, though : some had to give up on aeebunt of ; the ground being too kdrd. : Shearing will Jbe \ general this week,, and the clip promises to be a good one. -t ...... -...:. . ...