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Family Notices

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ALLISON.—On Wednesday, September, 21, Mrs. Charles

B. Allison, of a daughter.

ARCHER.—On the 25th September, at Cheshunt, Mrs. William Archer, of a daughter.  

BUTLER.—On the 14th instant, at Lambton Farm, Mrs.

Henry Butler, of a son.

CHAPMAN.—On the 2nd October at New Town, Mrs.

C. A. Chapman of a son.

CAVEY.—On the 11th inst., at Brighton, Mrs. Jas.

Cavey, of a son.

DOUGLAS.—On the 15th inst., at Hobart Town, the wife

of Arthur C. Douglas, Esq., of a daughter.

DEASE.—On the 30th September, at her residence,

Launceston, Mrs. E. F. Dease, of a son.

DOWNWARD.—On the 26th inst., St. John-street, Laun-  

ceston, Mrs. Henry Downward, of a daughter.

McEACHERN.—On the 25th inst. Mrs. John McEachern,

of a daughter.    

FYSH.—On the 7th inst., Mrs. F. L. Fysh, of a  


FACY.—On the 19th instant, the wife of Mr. J. Facy, of  

a daughter.

GIBBS.—On the 12th inst., at Florence Dale, the wife

of Mr. A. J. S. Gibbs, of Recherche Bay, of a daughter.

HAMILTON.—On the 13th inst., at her mother's residence,  

No. 3 Liverpool-street, Mrs. John Hamilton, of a


JILLETT.—On the 5th inst., at York Plains, the wife of

John Jillett, Esq., of a daughter.

LOVETT.—On Saturday the 24th instant, Mrs. William

Lovett, Davey-street, of a daughter.

MILLS.—On the 30th ultimo, at High-street, Mrs. H.

Mills, of a daughter.  

MANT.—On the 14th October, Morrison-street, Mrs. Henry Mant, of a daughter.

OLDHAM.—September 29th, at her residence, Cornelian

Bay, the wife of Peter Oldham, Esq., of a daughter. PENNEFATHER.—On the 28th inst., at her residence,

Danbury Park, Mrs. E. Pennefather, of a son.

RICHARDS.—On 3rd inst., Mrs. E. M. Richards, of a

son, still-born.

RITCHIE.—At Scone, on Saturday, 1st October, Mrs.

David Ritchie, of a son.

SUSMAN.—On the 4th inst., at 73, Liverpool-street, Mrs.

L. Susman, of a daughter.

WARREN.—On the 23rd instant, at her residence, Liver-

pool-street, Mrs. W. Warren, of a son.


ARCHER—LYONS.—On the 1st October, at St Thomas's

Church, Stanley, Circular Head, by the Rev. M. Burke, Mr. John Lee Archer, to Miss Mary Ann Lyons, eldest daughter of Mr. Michael Lyons, of Stanley, Circular Head.

BLOMFIELD—COX.—At St. Andrew's Church, Evandale,

on the 6th October, 1864, by the Venerable Arch- deacon Davies, assisted by the Rev. Arthur Wayne, H. W. Blomfield, Esq., fifth son of the late T. V.   Blomfield of Denham Court, New South Wales, Esq., to Margaret, fourth daughter of James Cox, of Clarendon, Tasmania, Esq.

BROWN—SHANTON.—On the 10th October, at St. John's

Church, Franklin, Huon, by the Rev. T. Stansfield, Mr. Emanuel Brown, to Agnes Ann, relict of the late Mr. James Shanton, Sugar Manufactory, Paramatta-street, Sydney, New South Wales.

CAREY—HILL. —By special license, by the Rev. Mr.  

Dowling, on the 12th of September, William, the fourth son of the late Mr. George Carey, of Bristol, England, to Harriet, eldest daughter of Mr. Joseph

Hill, of Launceston.

GOURLAY—WATKINS.—On the 8th September, at St.

Andrew's Church, Christchurch, by the Rev. C. Fraser, Henry T. Gourlay, of Christchurch, to Louisa, eldest daughter of Mr. Geo. Watkins, of Strawberry cottage, Hobart Town, Tasmania.

HENDERSON—DUGGAN.—On the 18th inst., by the Rev.

J. Smith, at his residence, Melville-street, Henry George Henderson to Dinah Duggan, both of Hobart


HARROWER—HUTTON.—On the 12th inst., by the Rev. W. Nicolson, D.D., James Browne, only son of George Harrower, Esq., of Perth, Scotland, to Jane Hodgkinson, fourth daughter of George Hutton, Esq., of Hobart Town.  

HAYS—DIGBY.—On the 3rd inst., at the residence of the

bride's father, by the Rev. W. Lowe, Mr. Frederick Henry Hays, of the River Forth, to Harriet Rebeckah, third daughter of Mr. Ephraim Digby, of Launceston. INNES—DEVERELL.—On the 20th July, at Earl's Croome, Worcestershire, England, by the Rev. H. C. Philpott, assisted by the Rev. S. R. Anderson, Charles Innes, Esq., of Whitehill, to Adelaide Jane, eldest daughter   of Colonel T. J. Deverell, 77th regiment.

JONES—MERRY.—On the 19th September, 1864, by

special licence, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev W. M. Hesketh, Thomas, youngest son of Mr. Robert Jones, Pleasant Place, Jericho, to Euphemia, second daughter of Mr. John Merry,


LAMPRILL—STEVENS.—On the 8th October, at the

residence of the bride, Elizabeth-street, by the Rev. J. W. Shipphird, Mr. Frederick Lamprill, of Tea Tree Brush, Brighton, to Celia Jane, youngest daughter of the late Joseph Stevens, Esq., of this city. McCOMAS—CLYNE.—On the 8th inst., at St. Andrew's

Church, by the Rev. R. K. Ewing, William Robert, son of Mr. Francis McComas, Melbourne, to Eliza- beth Christina, third daughter of the late Mr. Peter Clyne, Launceston.

REAVIL—MESSITER.—On the 3rd October, 1864, by    

special license, by the Rev. J. W. Simmons, John Joseph Reavil, General Dealer, to Emily Messiter, daughter of Edward Messiter, Builder, both of

Hobart Town.

SMEDLEY—WHITBREAD.—By special licence, on the 10th

September, at the Black River Inn, by the Rev. H. E. Drew, Mr. William Smedley, to Miss Selina Whitbread, both of Circular Head.

SMART—MCKENZIE.—On the 26th September, at Ship-

wright's Point, Huon River, by the Rev. Thomas Stansfield, Mr. William Smart, of the above place, to Ellen, youngest daughter of John McKenzie, Esq., land surveyor, Banffshire, Scotland.

MCVILLY—JAMES.—On the 28th September, by special

licence, by the Rev. W. Nicolson, D. D., at the manse of Chalmer's Free Church, Richmond, third son of R. McVilly, Esq., of Bridgewater, to Annie Bray, youngest daughter of Mr. George James, of this city. WILLSHIRE—HAYES.—On the 18th inst., at the Baptist  

Chapel, York-street, by the Rev. H. Dowling, Mr. Abraham, Willshire, to Mrs. Catherine Hayes, both

of Launceston.


ATKINSON.—On the 30th ult., at Broad's and House, in

the 70th year of her age. Agnes, relict of the late Mr. Thomas Atkinson, of Hobart Town, merchant. ARTHUR.—On the 11th inst., at Norley cottage, Long-

ford, Lucy Mary, the infant daughter of the Rev. Chas. R. Arthur, aged twelve weeks and two days.

BURGESS.—On the 26th inst., in her seventh year,

Emma Bertha, third daughter of Murray Burgess, Esq., Hobart Town.

CAMPBELL.—On 20th inst., at Broad Brush, Mr. James

Campbell, aged 74 years.

CHAPMAN.—On September 30, at Davey-street, Hobart

Town, Mr. Thomas Evans Chapman, aged 76 years.

FRENCH.—On the 17th inst., Mr. Edward French, aged  

36 years.

HUGHES.—On the 19th September, 1864, at Taradale,

Victoria, Rose, the beloved wife of Mr. John Hughes, aged 33 years.

JARVEY.—On the 26th inst., at her residence, Caversham,

Catharine Jane, wife of Captain W. A. Jarvey.

LAMBERTH.—On the 2nd September, at Southport,

Thomas, youngest son of Mr. Thomas Lamberth, aged

15 months.

McCORMACK.—On Thursday, October 6th, at the

Criterion Hotel, Deloraine, Mr. Michael McCormack, in the 56th year of his age.

McKAY.—On Thursday, September 29, at Sandy Bay,

Jacob McKay, aged 28 years.

PEARCE.—On the 7th instant, at his residence, New

Town, Mr. George Pearce, aged 56 years.

PARKINSON.—On Saturday, the 24th instant, at Mount

Sorrel Hills, Brighton, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. Robert Parkinson, after a long and painful illness, aged 68 years ; she was highly respected.

PEARCE.—On the 18th inst., at his residence, Brisbane

street, Mr. Paul Pearce, aged 80 years.

RANGER.—On the 29th ult., at 160 Murray-street,

Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel Ranger, late of Brown's River, in her 20th year.

REID.—On Sunday morning, September 25, Mr. George

Reid, late Armorer Sergeant to the City Guards, aged 43 years.

TARLETON.—On the 13th August, at Cheshunt, Lady

Tarleton, widow of the late General Sir Barnastre Tarleton, Bart., aged 87.

WILLES.—On the 4th instant, at Oatlands, of inflam-

mation of the lungs, Eliza Ethel, infant daughter of Charles J. Willes, Surgeon, aged five months.

WISE.—On Sunday 18th October instant, at the resi-  

dence of her parents, 37, New Wharf, Mira Caroline, second daughter of Ann Matilda and Thomas Wise, aged 8 years.