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. HORSHAM (Vic), February 24. - A fire jrbke out in the scrub adjo.ning Waie on Tuesday, and 'caused considerable damage to the properties of Messrs. J. O'Connor and G. Hutchinson. which abut on the scrub, A steam cnaffciitter was working at Mr. O'Connor's at tbe time, and great difficulty wat experienced in saving it from destruction. The fire destroyed miles of fencing. . ?/

ALDINGA, February 19.— Harvest thanksgiving services were held on Sunday in the Anglican and Baptist churches, which were tastefully decorated with flowers and fruit. The services were con ducted in the Baptist Church by the Revs. ^W. JL Robinson, of Willunga. and 8.' Faulkner, . of -McLaren1 Vale, and in Hi. Ann's Anglican Church by the Rev. X Wood and Mr. T. W. Jones. The atten dances at both churches were good: — On Sunday afternoon the steamer Leveret visited Port 'Willunga with a load of plea sure-seekers.- from Port Adelaide, Sema phore, and Glenelg, and left again about :.45p,m. — On Monday morning an accident happened to'Mr.T. Pengilly. While he was cutting chaff. - He was standing on the capstan jj)f: the- horseworks driving thVj ,hor«s, ^hen^his foot slipped and 'was caught, against the crbEsbar of the frame

and severely crushed. He had to be taken - , to Willunga for medical assistance. Th«| ? . ?{ patient is progressing favorably.— On Tuesday the committee of the A.O.F.L. chartered the steamer Karatta to run an 'excursion trip from Port Ade- { :; laide to Kingscote (K.I.), calling at Port \Villunga. About 6.30 a.m. the .Karatta ar- ? rived from Port Adelaide with about 100 =~ people- on board, and about 300 got on at ** ?. '...? Port Willunga, and left for Kingscote at v 7 a.m. The steamer arrived at Kingscote . ? ' about 11.30 a.m., and left for Port Wiilunga| ; again at 1.45 p.m. The^e were . two old j ? . \ . -\ ladies on board who had not been to Kings- '. ' cote since 1840, when their father went , there and built the first house on Kangaroo Island. — At the com-' mittee meeting of the institute it was re solved that the invitation- from the Port Adelaide Institute to attend the annual dis tribution of scholarships be accepted, and that Mr. R. Crisp go as representative of the Aldinga Institute, Mr .Thompson waa appointed delegate to the annual meeting — y '. of the Institutes' Association. - It was . de- 'i-.y cided that Mr. R. Crisp have the use of tho . : v^3f piano, and that the same privilege be ez- '&-&k tended to other members of the institute. '^-plK It was agreed that Mr. Bishop's salary aa „ ~''''iiMM h'brarian for the . half-year ending Decem- ? ^ffig ber 31 be paid. . '?^^

AMYTON, February 20.-On Tuesday; 1-JH evening a large gathenng met at the resl- ' dence of Mr. H. A. Brooks to tender a farewell social to Mr. and Mrs. H. McQuil lan. Mr. R. Brown presided. Miss Hunt - ; and Messrs. W. Case and -J. O'Donohue cdn« ', tributed songs; MisB E. aril Master G. Case, a duet; and Messrs. V. . Ward and B. '' Thomas, recitations'. The chairman, on behalf of the -friends of the denartinff ^

guestSj presented ijj. McQuillan with a' silver-mounted pipe and Mrs. McQuillan with a silver, tray as tokens of the. esteem in which they are held. The chairman and Messrs. S.Thomas and L. Phillis «pbke in eulogistic ? terms of the guests, and voiced the good wishes of their friends for their future welfare. Harvest thanksgiving ser vices were conducted in the Amy ton Metho- ; dist 'Church on Sunday and Wedriegday. / Two sermons were preached on Sundav to ? ?

iarrffe and appreciative congregations by, *!r- Jew (home missionary,) of Oarrieton. On Wednesday a festival was 'held! The stallholders were:— Fruit stall, Misses Jfl. §u™r M- Guin, and H. Gum; lolUe; Mrs. v F. P. Stokes; cool drinks, Messrs. k: A. ) ?;.;..'; Brooks, A. Guin, and Miss Millie «umi '-''-'A Various prizes were competed for.- the foU -T,i?gT bSthe.wimiers:-^psjlmg be»r .:j| adult, I. Hawke: junior, Miss Laura Gum; ' -»'-ii*eB cotton-winding, .Mfs. F. P. Sj»ke$i : wool- '^^M winding, Cecil «um; pototo-neeling, % Ui '!?' ;vPg Martin; best. decorated etalli 'JAot^'E^'^^fm Stokes.' Supperwas provided bjt^fclie Jadie»i ''-??'?' '*-!%. AIMNGAv 'Fibruarj M:^%ef^mrf :X ri ana Mutual Improvement '' Societtrv wld at- ' i't:;;i fortnightly mi&M% ih -^he DjiWW 'Pp^r'c .--'%*. 1J^eBdtt-.^enin(c; .-^'^JSp^JS^jf^

' J ? ? ? JLovelock) presided.— On Saturday teams representing Aldinga and McLaren Vale played a match on the local ground, and the game resulted in a draw. The Vales batted first, and put up 244 runs for six Wickets, declared; M. Waye 146 n.o., J. iAnderson 32 n.o., and W. Brown 2r, A. Cliff took three for 76, and T. G. Culley two tor 43. Aldinga put up 130 for ax in the hour and three-quarters at their disposal; 'HP. G. Calley 36, T. H^ Culley 33 n.o., A. liovelock 28 n.o. : M. Waye took four for 29. and F. P. Chamberlain two for 39. ALDGATE, February 24— The combined picnic of 'the public schools under the con trol of the Crafere Board -of Advice, consist ing of Aldgate, Bridgewater, Crafere, Grun Ihal, Mylor, Scott's Creek, and Stirling East schools, was held at the Semaphore on Friday-— A cricket match was played here pn Saturday afternoon laEt between the focal and Sturt clubs, and resulted in a win lor the visitors. The -scores were:^-Stnrt.. ?3; J. G. Cornelius 19, F. Parslow 11 n.o... 3&: Parelow 10, C, Wigglesworth 10, L. Wes tern 10; F. Routhfourforl6,C.Elsegood five for 32. Aldgate, 59; F. Kain 21 n.o., E. Hose 11, W. McFarlane eight for 19. ANGASTON, February 24. — The local Show, to be held on Wednesday next, pro mises to be a great success. The entries are good throughout, nnd iherc'are record in the -horse classes, particularly in the jumping events. - BORDERTOWN, February 18— About $.45 to-night a weatherboard shop and ~ . dwelling of six rooms, owned by Mrs. R. Allen, of Victoria, situated on the corner of Benjamin and McLeod streets, was totally destroyed by fire. The place had Ijeen empty for some time and it is be lieved to have been insured. But for the efforts of many willing workers the house occupied by Mr. J. Murtlow would also have been burnt, both buildings being ?weatherboard and separated by only a 4 ft. space. Adjoining Mr. Murtlow's house is the Foresters' Hall, also a weatherboard .structure. BORDERTOWN. February 19.— Harvest thanksgiving services were held, in the Borderlown Congregational Church on Sunday last, when the Rev. W. P. Jones, '-. of Adelaide, preached to large congrega tions. The church was nicely decorated, -'y there being a display .of garden, dairy, Vapucd farm produce.— A meeting to consider n*|& the pastorate of the Bprderiown and asso ciated churches was neM in the Border : town Congregational Church on Men-Jay ? ?' --evening last. The moderator of the church ! ' . (Rev. IV. j?, Jones) 'r presided. It wjis unanimously decided to give a call to the BeV. A. Tuaac, of Cariton. Victoria. The «te»gnation of Mr. A. E. W. Virgo as *?c- . - retary of the Bordertown Congregatinnil ? ' . Church haB been -received with regret. Mr. yirgo hae held tbe office for the -past 15 . '' -yeas*, find has been a most -capable ofli - eer. Mr.~A. E. Milne has been appointed lufl successor. '.:''?? 1J0RDERTOWN, February 21.— On Tucs-; ? ; tday.. last. a special meeting of the 'institute (committee was held to consider the' report '? 'is M the sub-committee appointed, to draw np JT scheme for holding a carnival on thefihow ground*. The supicommlttee's report re commended that there should be about 32 ?-???; stalls and numerous Bide uhowfr. The com-) jnittee decided to Jirwe no reasonable ex ^i^penws jjo make Jthe eyent- «b atteactive *s ?Anything ever held in the district. Toe sub '::. Committee -who will -sarry out the proceed ?; inm'coiMtete of Messrs. C. 8. Wylie, W. A. :*- SSooBon, % IStanton, A, Wilson, and J. L. i ??'. Jlaynard/ana the Rev, *3. T. Huston. The -??? jpfierdinanaKer wilLbeMr. A. Wilson, and iff*?' -j -r ??

the secretary Mr. W, A. Johnson. The committee will also endeavor to hold a fancy dress football 'match and novelty sports.— Last Monday a concert and dance were held in the Mundalla Hall in aid of the Bucking ham Church funds. There was a record at tendance. BET/fANA, February 18,— Mr. Hinde, S.M., visited Beltana on Friday; -and on Saturday at the Police Court, J. Bottom, alias Bothing, was fined 16/ for having used indecent language on December 21. In the Local Court a court of revision was held. Over 100 names were struck off the roll. Most of these are men who have left tie district on account of the depression in the copper market. Sleeper-cutting will be in full swing next week. One contract wa: suspended, as timber was being taken too close to the town. BASKET RANGE, February 24.— Anm yersary services were conducted on Sundaj in connection with the Metnouist Sunday . school. Two sermons were preached by Mr. Cole, of Malvern, to large gathering*. Special singing was rendered by the Sun dav-school scholars and teachers, under the baton of Mr. I. Jacobs, local schooimastei . , Mrs. Cranwell presided at the orgaD.— On 1 Saturday last the Garrison ArtUJery j Cricket Club visited here and played the local cricket team. The match retu ted in . an easy victory for the Basket Range team, the scores' being:— Basket Range, 138; Gar rison Artillery, 46. BLANCHETOWN, February 23.— Several farmers have left this neighborhood lately. Messrs. Barrow, Harris, and- Bedome havt sold out, the two firstmentioned tak ng up land in New South Wales. Mr. Shatfnon, of the hundred of Nildottie, having sodhis property to-Mr..Mealie last year, the new owner has taken possession of it.— lhe nvei is getting very low. The mail steamer Federal Is the only boat that can run tn tween here and Morgan now. and she wiJ probably have to tie up here in about vhcee j weeks' time and send the ma Is by read j BLACKWOOD, February 22-On Friday j evening an entertainment was given in con- j nection with the Blackwood. Corcmandei, \ and Belair club in the Club Hall Mr. T. C. A. Magarey presided. The Pro gramme consisted of- piano d«rt by Misses R. Cheetham and A. Dall, recitations by Mist, H. Pi-cud and Mr. J. T._ ilunro, reading bv Maeter J. Ryan, piano *o}° bv Mrs. J. H. Chestham, songs by Miss Proud and Mr. .C. V. Wickens. At the tdose of the evening apublic farewell was tendered to Mr. T.I. K. Opie, of .the Rail way Department traffic branch, who has been promoted to a clerical aypomtment at j Port Adelaide after several yeaW service at the Blackwood station. Mr. A McUon- 1 aid, M P., made the presentation, con isting. of a cake stand, fruit cashes, and a Lobe thai rug. Messrs. J. ti: Cheetham and I tie chairman tMr. X. -5. A. Magacey) spoke. BBNDIJEBY, Febmary 22.— The rain that fell in January caused the feed to spring nicely* but it js frying off again.— Farmers are preparing for another crop, but sowing will not start for a few weeks. CHARLWILL», February 18.— Thp fol lowing are the intest stock' movements:-^ 27 hoiscs, W; A. Hall, jnn., -owner. . from ? Jlober'Croek -Tbargomlp.ddi) ^to l*retly Plains Eulo; 350 fat bullocks: B. Kidmin owner, P. Heffernan drover, from Builoo DowtjS via Bungerford, toUourfce; 350 fat mixed cattle. S. Kidman owner, from Bul loo Downs, to Broken Hill via Adelaide Gale; 11 horses JSnow ^nd McCormack wwnens, $rom GnnnamulU io Lonsreacn, via-Charlevjlla, Tambo, and Bhckufl: 100

sheep, N. Cuzens owner, from Rushbrook to Yarrantree. LUvj^^li'iN, February IS. — On Satur day last the anniversary of the open ing' of the Coonalpyn HaU wat held. In the afternoon -a cricket uau:h was pUyed, Coonalpyn club agansci .he Bushmen, a team got together by Me James. The match resulted in a win for the club. Scores — Club, 75; Bu hmen,JJ2. At 6 o'clock a tea was held in the iiail, an'i afterwards a dance took piacs. Songs w. re -rung by i»irs. Flower, Miss Bone, and Miss Polkinghorne (Cooke's Plains). CURRENCY CREEK, February 19.- On Sunday harvest thanksgiving services were held in the Methodist Church h?r«», c n ducted by the Rev. J. Batten.. The church was tastefully decorated with fruit, vtge tables, and farm products, and a larte congregation was present. A concsit was given last night in connection wi h thu harvest thanksgh'ing. Mr. T. Goode j. re sided. There was a large audience, anU all the items were well rendered. Air. H. Goode, jun., showed some J intern vLws, which were explained by the Rev. J. Batten. Iaju ELL, February 19. — Harve.-t festi val services in connection with the Mil talie and Elbow Hill Methodist C.:ur has have recently been held, and were lar.e':y attended. Air. Shaekley pr ached' at fasj church. — Rain' is badly needed to supply water for domestic and stock purposes. At a meeting of residents it was ro«olv d to petition the Government to carry out a permanent scheme for supplying water to meet the needs of the people of the dis trict. — Mr. A. Poynton, M.H.R.,. ad dresred the electors last week, and pro mised to at once endeavor to secure better postal communication. The present ser vice is considered a ridiculous one. „ CJOGHLlif, February 2O.-The district council have of late been vigorously enforc ing the provisions of the Vermin Act' as regards destruction of rabbits. In all 15 defaulters have been brought before tli-: court, and in each case a conviction ha3 been obtained. Notwithstanding these kf pons. some ratepayers are still not putting forth much effort to destroy the vermin^ although they - know from experience that it pays hand somely to keep their properties dear.; Squatters say that six rabbits will require ns much grass as one sheep. If this is a fact, the bare look of the country in some parts can be easily accounted for. DUBLIN, February 22. — Mr. G. B West, late of Dublin, died at the priva; hospital, North Adelaide, on February, 19 | aftera severe illness. Mr. Wsst was bor ? 1 in Berkshire, England, and arrived in ; South* Australia in the early fi t e-. Hc was one of the first settlers to. take up land | in the Port Gawler district, and -;irried fn farming there for a number of years. In the early seveaties he selected land n th ? hundred of Dublin, and had farms at both places utitil 1883, when be sold the Port Gawler property and started a butchfr*s business in the township of Dub'in n con nection with farming. After 13 yeafa he discontinued the butchering . busin'ss* and devoted lus attention to «he-p farming and agriculture.' His wife died -fiv? -years eko, when he handed his luisinees -over to : his aons and went to live nHih hi* dane-- ! ter, Mrs. ? JHHall. of Bedbank'*. Mr. Wee1 left three wns (Messrs. 3. F. West G.~W. West: and T; S. West. BuWn).-ana two; daughters (Mrs. J. Hall, of Rsdbanks, *id Hfiss'AVeit, matron of the hospital, Pert ''DBSLDT, Fdirnary 24.— The local tennis club held a concert here on Friday evening. A Rood programme wa* earned, out -by.

Misses Traynor, Simmons, Porter, Sunman, Wells, Baiter, Wa^iey, and Magor, ana Messrs. W. Barnard, Scnlodder, Bak*t. East, and White. The concert was iol lowed by a_supper 'and dance. The takinga amounted to over £7. — The Lower Lagm Criciiet Club came here on Saturday and easily defeated the home team. Duhiui made -60, of which W. DtiecoII compiled 37. Lower Light made 258 for e.g.u wickets, G. Judd scoring 61, A. Bald -it, F. Wasley 35, W. Patterson 24, and A. G. Patterson 20 not out. k'or Lower Ligiit B. Wasley t-ecured live for 18. DOvv j..ii\Co iULK, Ftbruary 22. — Har vest thanksgiving services w»Je conduced in the Methodist Church on Su. d y ,ast y the Rev. T. S. Williams, of Maitlaad. O . Wednesday evtnine a tea meting was he-d, and later the Rev. O. Laks delivered an in teresting lecture on 'Fl ltterere and . a ili finders' to a large audience. A surp r fol lowed. - EDEN VALLEY, February 18.— Cuzco's circus performed here to-night to a full house. EUDUNDA, February 21.— A cricket match was played here oh Wednesday be tween teams representing Kapunda Early Closers' Cricket Club and Eudunda Cricket Club. Eudunda six for 141 (innings de clared closed); E. P. Pollard not out 74, A. H. Kealley 27, E. Edwards 16, ¥. T. Appelt 12. Kapunda, five for 121; Stock 19, A. - Menhennet 25, D. Maloney 14, J, Ryan 23 not out. For Eudunda K^ T. Appelt: took two for 21, F. Geisler one for 30, J. Davo ron one for 10, D. Daveron one for 21, and for Kapunda C. Walder four for 40. '' i t&AJSVLS, February 20. — The B nnum' estate is still in strong demand. People In search of land are ai riving by every tan to mspect. Traps and other convey ncej are out every day dr.ving intending app.i cants over the estate. It is estlmaced that upwards of 300 persons have insp cted this land to date, and another batch is expected to-morrow morning. - FRANCES. February 24.— A cricket match was played on the Recreation Reserve on Saturday last between teams I representing Frances and Minimay (Vic-, torja), and re.ulted in a win for the home '?? team by 6 runs. Scores: — Min.may, 4.0; P. J. Carracher 12, J. T.-Gabacher Ifl, A. , Mnhaney -5; A. J. Carracher eeven for 12, ' J. Carracher three for 12. iFra'ices. 48; A. J. Carracher 23 not out-, W. Tompkins 5: A Quinlivan «ix for 18, J. T. Carracher three tor 10, L.' O'Connor one- for none. The visitors were entertained at tea by the hotne team. ?-??=' FINNISS, February 20.— Harvest thanks giving services were-held in'tlje Methodist Church on Sunday ,afternoon ahd evening, the circuit minister -Rcv. H. Rofe) taking T)otb services. Harvebl hymns' were sung, Mr. Smith presiding at the organ.— ^yheat- carting is over for this season, and rain is wanted to start the ploughs. GREENQCK, February 19.-On Sunday the annual anniversary of the 'Greencck Methodist Sunday-school .was held in the German Lutheran Church, which was lent .by' this congregation for the occasion. $Sr. Saj'ersVtsmaucted the services, and nevr songs were sung by the choir under jthe baton of the superintendent. Mr. 'J\ Ker nick. On Monday the cljiliren were given a public tea m the Institute Hall' followed by games... ..A meeting1 was held in 'the fthurch in' the evening. The. annual repoj* mowed theSSnnday-SChoolrto be in a #ou rishiiig position, over 70 children l-eing on ilw roll. Messrs. Styers, Homer, Coie, Branson, and Tummel congratulated the ieaehers. t JCbe »meetifte- was. followed fy«* ^Eupper/in the Institute HaU.

GUMERACHA, February 31.— A lecture on military tactics waa given by -Mr. P. Allen, M.P., in the Institute Hall last night in aid of the hall building fund. There was a good attendance, and the lecturer was well received. Mr. Jamieson, MJ?, occupied the chair. Miss M. Noble plaved the overture, and Mrs. A. Cornish and Miss M.N06 worthv sang a duet, Miss C. Holman play ing the accompaniment. A vote of thanks, proposed by Mr. J. Hynes, seconded by Mr. Monfries. wag accorded the lecturer HAMMOND, February 24.— A farewell social . was tendered on Tuesday night at the residence of Mr. H. Brooks to Sir. and Mrs. H. McQuillan, who are leaving the district. ' Songs and recitations were given by Messrs. W. Cu?e,--J. . O'Donogiiue, S. Thomas, V. Ward, Master Case, and Misses Hunt and Case, and a chorus by the Muttabee school children. On behalf of their friends Mr. McQuillan was presented b' the chairman mth a pipe, and Mrs. McQuill in, with a silver tray. Eu'og'stic sieechee were made by Messrs. R. .brown (chairman), S. Thomas, and L. PhOlis. Supper was provided by tlip ladi's, aid danc;'-g was i-du'fird in HORSHAM (Vic). February 24.— Several farmers in the Kewell .district have been experimenting with the wheat. 'Federa- tion.' Grown alongside of other wheat it .has proved its superiority ' by yielding a bag. to the acre more lhan any other variety. A, large area will be sown with Federation during -the coming season. ?? ' iiUitSijdM i\.c). JVebruJii} 24. — Mr. J. W. Power has been unanimously re elected president of the Horsham andAVim raera District Agricultural and Pastoral Society. — Fathrr Waldron has arriv-d in ' Horshara to fill the vacancy in the Cathol:s Church caused by the death of Father Lynch. — Mr. J. T. Anderson has -been appointed engineer to the Witmnera Sh'ra Council iir succession to Mr. W. Ba?!, who a short time awo was appointed town c!e*k for ttie Tjcroogh of Horthim. — A «-venr roomed house in the main street of Nati muk, owned by the Gnjonial Bmk.and oc cupied by Mr. G. -Colliiw, was totally de stroyed by fir£ on Saturday. — Mrs. JGlen-' ister. wife of Mr. J.' Glemsfcr, proprietor of Walmer sjfcnd farm, died on Monday,— -' Between 30 -KO and 40 000 nags of wheat are consicned frof this station eaah ht-vest.— Mr. Thomas HenneBsy, of 'Da'agh Pa k *

- * Jtfr. lien nessy came to Australia in -1 859 in , exodus is taking place from this district, the local auctioneer having toad no fewer than .five selling-off auctions fluting tHe past fort wghl. Mr. W. Schuppann has left for Wilmington. Mr; '3V R. Edwards for Frauk Tsin HaAbt/ MrJ^J. Mbller: for , Xemorra* (N.S.W3;'?aina .the local Lppstmaster ha* 3-een irataterred to Yarded As the farms «I those leaving have fallen into local hands iithese removals reduce the population by about 20. v . V -.????; - I ;?: JAMESTOWN, , February 20.— The Methodist harvest festival was held on Sun SjJay. Rev. W. F. James preached. In the itfternoon the choir gave a cantata, 'The Rolling Seasons.' There were large con nregatjons. A 'variety social' on Mou sey night was well attended. Several num bers, with & 'Chat on. 'autography' were ^ven, . and, ^refreshments served^ Altogether 'over -ilOO':ha8'4)een secured, in cash and 'promisee toward the church debt of £220, srhich it has been resolved to wipe out, m -prder that the money paid in interest may be used to work the circuit more efficiently. / . KAD1NA, February 19.— The annual meeting of the Wallaroo Mines Football Club was held on Saturday, Mr. A. K. Wm '~~'~ '4er, U. P., presiding. Mr. Birttes (secre tary) presented a balance-sheet, showing that the club had had a successful year ? - financially. The accident fund had only '- heen drawn on once, and the player only required two weeks' accident pay. Oflicai's fere elected as follows:— President. 2Ir. A. . Winter. M.P.; secretary and treasurer, Mr. T. Bell. A presentation of one guinea js to be made Sir. J. T. Hocking for ser vices rendered, and Mr. J. Billies, the retiring secretary, after seven years ser vice, was presented with 10 guineas and a handsome travelling bag.— On Tuesday evening, at the Protestant Hall, a social wa« tendered Mr. James Birtles, the re tiring secretary. The grandmaster (Mr. H. H. Queale) ar.d several j»ther Grand ? Lodge officers were present, and' a large number oi membere. A small presenta tion was made to the departing brother, and kindly reference made to his past ser Mcea. Sir. Birtlea left for Adelaide en route for Queensland this morning. KADINA, February 22.--On Wednesday morning last an explosion occurred at Mr. W. Miflican's bakehoiise. The ovens are heated by pipes, which convey the .heat through the ovens from a furnace at the rear. Mr. W. Matthews, the bakehouse foreman, had a narrow escape. He had -just stirred the fire and moved away a few Steps when the explosion took place. JThe ^furnace was wrecked and the walls -u93oin- ing shaken and cracked. A few minutes -later a second pipe blew out,- sending the bottom out of one oven and shaking an other. The ovens, which were put\in about four months back, have worked ad mirably until recently.— The juiuual meet ing of the Kadina Town Band was Jield on Tuesday last, Mr. E. Quiritrell presiding. A satisfactory balance-sheet was presented bv the secretary (Mr; E. Symons). 'The1 officers elected were: — President, Dr. H. A. Powell; vice-presidents, several;- bandmas ter, Messrs. E. Quintrell and W. Cham pion; treasurer, Mr. R. H. Pau.ll; secretary, ' llr. J. T. Footner; librarian^ Sir. F^ Brown. KAPUXDA, February 24.— One of the railway cottages, occupied bv Thomas Der -mody, jun., a farmer, at Bagot'e Well, nar rowly escaped destruction by fire on Ihurs day last. Some of the railway packers, who were working close at hand, noticed smoke issuing from the building, and. at once pro ceeded to the' premises, and succeeded in getting the fire under, and removing the contents of the cottage before much damage was done. — Harvest thanksgiving services in j connection with the Congregational Church ! were held on Sunday, when the Rev. A. G. ? Fry preached in the morning and evening. '?, The choir, under the leadership of Mr. j George Anderson, contributed appropriate . hymns. Miss Newberry was the organist. KAPUNDA, February 25— Yesterday a ] navvy named Rice, engaged with a frying ' gang on the railway line, met with a severe accident near Bagot's Well. He wae '\ crushed between two trucks and received- in- ! juries which necessitated his removal to the Kapunda Hospital, where his injuries were attended to by Dr. Glynn. The suf ferer's hipbone was crushed. — Frederick ' Fiedler whilst engaged at Sir. J. H. Pas coe's farm, on the Old Burra-road, whilst loading posts this morning had the misfor tune to break his toe through one of the posts falling on it. ? ' KOOLUNGA. February 24. — A social gathering was held on Friday evening to Bay farewell .to Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Butcher

liye in Uuiey. ? Mr. Butcher 'is fi jo&tnbot Sfjihe ^Me&OdiSt CBHiiSb, ^d%aaft»^«e» ii^eriritferi^t oir tUe^Sunaayischbol Tor a* number oi years. Messrs. J. Button (chair man), Atkinson, JCMck- Sandow, J?almer, eon and J- Caust spoke -in eiuogisUc- terms of the ^guests of -the evening. '^A mueica'i programme Tvas supplied bj^Sevi. F,* Wi Wil* tinBon,rSIr6.r:WgrJde, and the Jfistea: . Jtur goyne and' L/Sutteita.; During the evening. Sir. atidlMns. Butcher were- the recipients of some handsome presents. On^beU&if of ithe townspeople' Mri^Daust read an address,'; and presented -flieni. with ft Handsome tea and coffee service and silver-mounted oak tray. Mr. ChicVgave them an enlarged photograph of the teachers and scholars of the Sunday-Gchool on behalf of the mem bers of the congregation. Miss Sandow read a farewell letter from the children, and hie clasB of boys gave him an inkstand.' Miss B. Butcher was also a teacher in the Sunday-school, and her class of 'little girls presented her with a pair of silver serviette rings. . _*, ' KINGSTON1, February, 20.— The fishing industry is progressing satisfactorily now that the weather is more propitious for ex porting fish. Recently a couple of fisher men were sending forward several tons weight of fish from up the coast ./for, dis patch 'by train to the city! A hoi day to I tervened, and instead of netting eome i pounds in cash, the fish became unfit for i food and had- to be thrown away. The Go vernment have recently constructed a land ing-stage alongside the present jetty. It slopes down to the waters edge, and proves a big boon in dealing with heavy crates of fish for market. The mystery is' how the men managed so leng without this necessity. Crayfish are obtainable' in large quantities, and just now scale fish are unusually nume rous. During the past fortnight large ex Eorts have been made by train to the Mel ourne and Adelaide markets. Prices, how ever, are not encouraging. Judging by some of the big prices quoted in the city fish shops the 'middleman' must enjoy a 'fair' profit. KANGARILLA, February 19— The annual meeting of the KangariUa Football Club was held in the Temperance Hall on Saturday. There was a good attendance, and Mr. George Giles occupied the chair. The secretary and treasurer's report showed, that last season 10 matches were played, of which 6 were won and 4 lost. The. financial report was satisfactory, there being a credit balance of 17./6. The fol lowing officers -were elected:— Captain, Mr: G. Giles; secretary and treasurer Mr. W. Dowling; committee, Messrs. F. Baker, O. Biddle, fl. Thredgold, and the captain and secretary. LAURA, February 18.— A farewell social and. presentation was tendered to Mr. and Sirs. H. D. Kentish at the Baptist lecture ball last evening. There was a good atten dance and the Rev. T. Vigis occupied the chair. Addressed of farewell were delivered -on behalf of the* .church by the chairman, oh behalf of the Sunday-school by Mr. C. J; Walter, and on behalf, of the Methodist circuit by Mr. D. Roper. The Rev. 15. J. Henderson, of Orroroo,. an old pastor of the district, was also among the speakers. Songs were contributed by Mrs. O. Walter, Miss Walter, Sliss R. Havelberg, and Mr. D. Walfer. Mr. and Sirs. Kentish have been residents in this district for a long time, and are leaving for Lameroo to con tinue farming operations there. A valuable clock was presented to Sir. and Sirs. Ken tish from the members and friends of the Laura Baptist Church. LOBETHAL, February 19.— On February 8 the Blumberg cricketers paid a visit to Lobethal and played a match with the local team, . which resulted in a drawn game. Blumberg made 143, Klose scoring 79 uot out ana Fopp 21. Lobethal replied with 84 for four wickets. Bowling for Lobethal Mines took five for 36. On February 15 a return visit' was paid to Blumberg, when the Blumberg team made the same score as on the Saturday before. E. Pflaum scored S3 not out and C. Reeves 22. Lobethal made 43 for five wickets, R. Redpath being 28 not out. '- Mines captured four wickets for 39. MOUNT GAMBIER, February 18. — On Saturdav evening about 23 members of the Mount Gambier Town Band assembled to bid farewell to Sir. C. A. James. Sir. James was one of the four original members of the band, and during the last twelve months he acted as secretary. The bandmaster (Sir. A. Cornish), on behalf of thejnembeps, pre sented Sir. James with a pair of stiver mounted hairbrushes, and a silver-mounted comb. Mr. James left for Adelaide last night, — Lieutenant Ralph, staff officer of cadets, is at present at Slount Gambier,

through ;a course of drill, ahd g&V£ them 'in-! strttctiois ab^ut ;^ c|mpi^hiph isi tb^bel held at: Mount ?G*mBer^st April? :^! 3 MOUNT GAMBLER February 2L— Yes- terday the State- Commandant (Gblphei; 3&ra)1jjacet)mpihlSd,%y-tS!r8'r 1k& iXkpMii : W. ETiSsnu, Lieutenant 'Cbbs, Major J,atj Daniel aihfl:' Mrs. Daniel, X3aptain' .1. V. Hearer; Taeuieriante !{. ^umbpldt iirid A. 13. Haig, 4nd the Slayor of Slount Gambier (Mr, Cr,,3J^ Eenfrey) ana the r- Maybre3S^ (SCra. fJenfrey), went* for.' a', trip, fan the -Blenelg River by xootor launch!:— The' an-, nual choir ipicnic in connection, with the . Mount. Gsunbier Presbyterian GhMvoh wai^ held at Port SlacDonnell on Wednesday! —The Mount Gambier Tdwn Band gaye a concert on Frew Park Oral -last- night '? but the attendance was only . fair.— -Last night J. Gibson, a member of the Boys' Institute, broke his/left arm while trying to execute a somersault on the Roman rings. He missed his hold and fell awk wardly outride the niattrass that waa placed on the floor for the gymnasts to jump upon. This- is the first accident that has occurred jat the Institute.— Slessrs. George Wilcox & Co. have decided to discontinue receiving rabbits, and to close the ^Border preserving Works at Gomp ton on February 28 until further notice. The poor supply of rabbits is the cause of the closing down of the works, which will mean a big loss to the district. MOUNT GAMBIER, February 22— Yes- terday afternoon the Alberton (Adelaide) team of bowlers plaved a second match against three rinks ? chosen from the. Mount Gambier club, and succeeded in defeating them by 2? points. The visitors won by 78 to 57 points. Last night the visiting club were entertained at a smoke social at Slac's Hotel. Sir. Thomas Yatee (president) occu pied the chair. A most pleasant evening was spent. ? The new Convent of Slercy at Slount Gambier was practically com pleted some time. ago, and school has been conducted there since the beginning of the new- year term, but the formal opening cere mony was not performed until to-day, when Slonsignor Byrne performed the opening ceremony. Up to early in the afternoon the weather was. perfect, but about 4 a few drops of rain fell, but caused no uneasiness, and the ceremony was performed under most auspicious circumstances. At 3 o'clock a procession was formed at St. Paul's Church, and consisted of about 30 members of the H.A.C.B. Society, acolytes, and Rev. father Doheny, children attending the con vent school, Children of Mary in regalia, and the general congregation. Hymns were sung during the procession, and* on arrival at the convent the ; H.A.C.B.S. formed a guard of honor. After the bless- j ing of the building Father Devlin de-! livered an address. Sir. A,. F.' Button pro-j posed that a collection in aid of the convent be taken up. Sir. J. Kennedy seconded this motion, which was carried. The sum of £500 was taken in the offertory. MOUNT GAMBIER, February 24. - Th2 annual harvest thanksgiving services in con-1 nection -vith the Mount Gambier Lutheran Church were celebrated yesterday. The Rev. F. W. Matchoss occupied the pulpit.— Yesterday a fine haul of fish was made at the Glenelg River by a qpartjr of four from Port Macaonnell. Their capture included eight mulloway of the total weight of 130 lb., the two largest weighing 43^ lb. and 41 1b. respectively, and 9 dozen bream. On i Saturday Mr. G. Chaffey, of Casterion, also hooked a 35-lb. mulloway. ; SIILLICENT.— February 18.— Yesterdav ? Mr.-.T. B. Mitchell presented to the Milli cent Council a petition requesting that _a public meeting should be called to consider the question of exchanging the present re creation reserve for the property known as Tantram's Paddock, now owned__by Sir. P. Sutherland. The request was signed i by over 30 ratepayers and others. The ; council agreed to hold a meeting on Feb- j ruary 26, — The question of a cadet corps has been before the Millicent public for a i long time, and Sir. Skitch, the head master I of the State school, has received the names of 24 scholars who have agreed to join such a corps.— At the meeting of the Millicen£ District Council j'esterday the ranger re ported that there had been great mortality amongst the cattle in the Canunda com monage, over 30 bead of cattle having died recently. The council decided to ask Stock Inspector Winckjer to inspect and report upon the matter.— The foundation-stone of the new Slethodist Church is to be laid by Mr. S. Skewes on Thursday next. The Kevs. W. B. Slather and J. Mclntosh, also members for the district, have been invited to be present. A public tea, provided by the ladies of the congregation, is to follow thestone-laying ceremony. — Slenihers of the 3fount Gambier' Brass Band arrived per motor on Sunday afternoon, and with the assistance of the Sfillicent band held an open-air concert on the show grounds. SIILLICENT,' February 20.— There was a large gathering at the Slethodist Church to- . 'day, the occasion being the laying of the foundation-stone of the new building now in course of erection On the platform were the chairman of the district, the Revs, Wi' B. Slather, of Mount Gambier, J. SIcIntosh, of Narracoortej and J. Martin and D. C. Harris, of Slillieent, and Sir. D: Campbell, M.P./ The stone was laid 15y Sir. S.'Skeeves, an old trustee, and he was presented with the trowel as a memento of the occasion. Addresses were given by the Revs. W. Bi j Slather, J. Mclntosh, and D. C. Harris, and Mr. Campbell. A public tea followed, and was fairly well patronised.' The offerings on the stone amounted to over £30, and of this amount Sir. Skeeves and family con tributed 20 guineas. The total takings, in cluding the amount received at the tea, amounted to nearly £40.— A Continental in. connection with the local institute was held 'on -the show ground last night. The. items were contributed by some of the leading vocalists ? ? of the townj arid an enjoy able evening was spent. The pro ceeds at the gate amounted to over £6.— At the meeting of the local branch of the Agricultural Bureau attention was called to the size of cornsacks, as pro posed by the Commonwealth -Government, and the opinion was expressed that the j?re- 1 sent size was not too large. It was stated that hardship would result to many should , the proposal of the Deakin Government be come law. It was resolved to bring the mat ter before Sir. J. Livingstoh, SI.ll.R. SIOUNT. BARKPR,, February 19.-Mrs. John Wedd died this morning, aged 61 years. She had. been ailing for some time. Born in Victoria, she came to this district, and had lived here almost ever since. 81ie left a widower and ^five children —The har vest festival held by the Methodist Church on Snnday and Monday resulted in a profit of* £30, which goes to, the circuit fund. A sale of produce, fcc^wa6 held on Slonday. - M0UN«, BAItKER, February 20.— Last ' 'evening a continental in connection with the cricket club was held on ..the show grounds, and was well - attended. . The grandstand was illuminated 'witli^ieety-lene gas, the -plant' being providedTfcy-riitssi's. Dutch .Bros. -The stalls were*«*BSaoyer as follows :-r-£weets, Mrs. F. jCSmt^iw-Mw-l E.- TJiomson; produce, Siiaa^.; AS Ujforroy 1 and 'B, Chapman; terapemnkev4ri!#ti- &c., I Misses J. Gborn - and ' M. ir^ WiCopE, j

Supper was provided in the banquetting ;room, the Misses Buennann, Dumas, f^ jDaw, 'and Waterman-and Mrs.Duffield I being in charge. Loti's String Bahd^Ade-: laide) played selections, and songs Were contributed by Slessrs. Blades. \V. Golds worthy, R. .Guapman, and W. Hoskins, the; I acompaniments being played by SCss Agnes Paltndge and Sir. W. Raison. The pro ceeds amounted 'to £7 .^The' position in regard to the dispute between the (Jentnd (Board of Health and the local board, is u& changed, and legal proceedings appear im minent. MOUNT BARKER. February 21.— Miss Lydia Atkinson, who had been ill for some considerable time, died this evening. j Deceased, who was in her 24th year, was j the second daughter of Mr. and Sirs. Win. 1 Atkinson. She had been accompanist for ; the Methodist Endeavor Society and Sun j day-school and the band of hope, and was I a member of the church choir and Was a j universal favorite. Her help was always ] given- to any local, movement worthy of [support, and as.pianiste her services were I greatly in demand. Sluch sympathy is espressed with Mr. : and Sirs. Atkinson, whose son Leslie died only a few months 'MOT JNT BARKER, February 24,-Slr. Richard Lacey died suddenly this.- morning from heart failure. Last; week he' was ope rated upon for appendicitis, and was appa rently getting on splendidly. He was av. son of S^rs. Lacey, -ot this place, and was in his 48th year. A widow and stepdaughter survive him. -. S1EAD0WS SOUTH, February^ 14.— The annual show which is to be held on .Feb ruary 27 gives promise of .being one of the most successful exhibitions yet held. The Sleadows show is growing in size and im portance every year, and is now.repognised las one of the best fixtures southof Adelaide. [A log-chopping competition will take place j during the afternoon. A epecial coach is to run from Blackwood on 6how day, return ing the same evening. The Bon. L. O'Loughlin, Minister for Agriculture, is ex pected to be present SIURRAY BRIDGE, February 19.— Har- vest thanksgiving sen-ices ' in connection with St. John's Anglican Church were con-' ducted on Sunday by the Rev. C. W; Winch. The church was prettily decorated with flowers,, fruit, and vegetables..;— A cricket match between the club and V^eam picked from the railway employes . was plaved on the local ground on Saturday, and~ resulted in a win for the latter by' 4 runs. Scores:— Railway, 46; F. Heddk nine for 13 (including the hat trick), A. Harri son two % IS. Club, 42; H. R. Patterson 24 not out. — The -steamer Waraflgery ar rived from up river j'esterday with 1,300 bags of wheat, and the steamer Tarella to day with about 4,000 bags. SIURRAY BRIDGE, February 20.-The annual meeting of subscribers to the read ing-room was .held on Thursday e\Tetiing. The report and balanceTsheet as. read by the secretary (Sir. F. A. Heddle) showed a satisfactory state of affairs, as the library ' fund had £16 on hand, and'~£70 for the j building fund. The following officers were elected:— President, Tilr. J. Harford; trea surer, Sir. C. E. -Jarris; auditors, Messrs. H. Teague and S. Bell; committee, Slessrs. T. Scott. E. Doenan, H. C. Rundle, E. Rogers, H. Hayinan, J. Cowan, and Rev. C. W. Winch; secretary, Sir. F. A. Heddle; librarian, Sliss N. Hannaford. The thanks of the meeting were expressed for the valu able sendees rendered by Slessrs. C. E. Jarvis (treasurer), F. A. Heddle (secre tary), Tand T. Scott (the retiring president). SIURRAY BRIDGE, February 24— A cricket match was played here on Satur day against Mcroarto, and resulted in an easy' win for the visitors. Scores: — Slonarto, 126; J. Daley 31 not out, E. Schenseher 19, W. Chandler 15 and four for 24, J. Hutton'13; F. Schenscher three

sfor 13, P. Schenscher three fmtW :-- -!§&*& ^ii and-twpfor 5, T3ennett^%r S4i^.'' f# Iaebeltrtwo for lCr-Mri'laMr'-Ifciiiu^L-i-S^ of the local post-office, is on leave.— 513^8^*31 Amanda; Srepel, daughter of Sir. H. !£$& ::^^M pel, died on Thursday afternoon. fine '-i*$m was only ISLyears of age, ar\d hsA-'l^a.'^iM ailing for some time.— S&; Cbarles,Leib5e, : i|j an .old resident of this town, :-Ue& tti : Vipl Saturday morning. He had been cop- \; ;-S nected with the , river-for Jieafly qufitv '?????&r--M ter of a century, and for over 20 yeara ' ,9 was mate on the steamer Queen, a trading - '??'- ':.f§ boati but had been aiding-1 for the iait ^ :-?-3 thi'ee months. He left a widow, tlf^B :*A sons, and two daughters (Mr. Oscar Lieitte, ; ;f^ of WallaxooJ Sir. Horace Leibie, of Aaje- -i laide; Sir. L.lSehie, Df this town; Mtfr-: i.:m Harris, of Broinpton; and Mrs. E. Bartle^;, .;-.? -Hjrij of Murray Bridge). — Slieaior. 6ervice8 .%; :-^ were opened herein -the Mobilong AsSKfa' ~s:'.~'M. bly Hall on Friday morning by Fattffec «S Stanilaus Hogan. O.P. ? ^ ^ MURRAY. TOWN, February 22.-T^ ' i?l harvest thanksgiving services of the Mctlio-,. ! S3 dist Church were celebrated last Sunw*,- -ir3 -when -the Rev. 'W. A. MiUikan; preachM. : w^ The singing wa6 under the direction of Slpi ?' X -yg Woolford. On Monday tea meeting and '^j supper were held. Addresses were dehv«ml '3; by the Rers. W.. A. Millikan and J. S6ur-. -: ^ dock. The proceeds amouuted to mr ; ? £20. — Last Wednesday the Melrose .. rj cricketers played here and secured a t^d, 3 the -visitors making 64, and Murray Town -t 48 only. ' %J: - ^ MOUNT TORRENS, Februarv 22.—^e ??$ death of Sirs, R. Packer, nu old -lesidwit :5 of this di^rict, 'occuired on Tuesday lilt. .. ??!§ The deceased arrived in-tho ship Hespfer- i dies in 1875, and settled with her husbaiid . ;? On -a farm inr Keiiton Valley afterwaM* vi moving to 'Green Hill Fnrm,''SIounfe To- 3 rens. Slrs.'Packcr ^kept the farm going'lpt y'- two years after her husband's death, -miWi , :i occurred 16 years ago. The deceased ki|y» -M who had been#an-4nvab;d for the last five vii years, was 70 years 'of age, and was bigbl/ :;; respeefced, A brother, Sir. J. Dart, of this ?\:*4 district, and one son and daughter, are -fi»a ?'*'' only TBjirvIvors in this-State. : .' '' y S/ARliABEE, Februarj^ 2L-rMr. W. !?*!- J kihghorne, sen., »ii olft^refejdtnt of ' thi» ' /\ town, died , to-day. . : The -deceased tad beeiijih iailing healfli for ./some month*!. ' He. .reached^ the. S2nd aanh'ersary of his | birthday :a few aiij» 'ago; -'.wjd lias beeh'^i ttsident of Slan-abel for oyer ^50 years.' $nv- ?-??? ing'which linie he iad always taken an ~to« ^ tiVei)ai%jia local matwi-s. x ,, -.* ^ :/? SIOOlSiTA, February 20.— Sir. A.? :'ty. Franklin, of Tpowoomba, Queensland, who has been visitinc relations in South Aus tralia, is seriously ill at the residence of his mother, Sirs. -J. Franklin, of Moon|a. While at a friend's house Sir. Frunkliix ,?: fainted and fell heanl}'. TTa .y^f f P^RggVHJ ? to Sfoonta and Dr. Plummer:.;»aS^SiJlSiBi^|^^ and found the patient sufferaj||'ga^^|^^^g'|; dicitis and a broken rib oau^.WraM^m^-i^W'r SIELROSE, February lifts^lS^M^^f : mittee meeting oT the instttWSr-''!CR^MmF''J^'''' day it was decided to obtain still mdrti seenerj' for the new institute at a cost not exceeding' £20.— The District Council jpt Port Gerniein at its meeting on Monday ajt pointed February 29 for taking a poll qt- ?' ratepayers regaining the proposed' Laura to' - Booferoo Centre Railway Bill. Mri A. W»» F. Ej- was appointed returning-officer, Vijfc- : ing will take place at Wirrabaraj Alurrajr town, Booleroo ' Centre, Wongyarra, aji$ Yarrowie. It is expected that ratepayer* will readily ratify a fine which means sneb.' an impetus to business throughout ^t^p - 4 whole district. — The annual liarvest thanks giving sen-ices were celebrated at Holy. Trinitv Church on Tuesday night. The ..:' Rev. Percy Wood, of Laura, assisted fcho Rev. A. \V. B. Eyeritt in the service. Thfc ' church was beautifully decorated. ??. :' SIOUXT BRYAN February 24.-A slight r thunderstorm passed oyer the district on -'.; Saturday, when a natchy rain fell. In one

)addock rain was falling, and in an ad oining field the duet was rising. House hold supplies of water are becoming ex ] lausted. Farmers are busy working the : allow in preparation for seeding. Straw carting is still being carried on at some farms. Feed is scarce. NHILL (Victoria), February 19.— Yester- '4ay a fire broke out in Victoria-street. Jit [originated in Mr. Anderson's residence, (.which it consumed, and then spread to the i {Mechanics' Institute and practically de stroyed it. The brigade prevented the fire from extending further. Mr. Wilson re moved all the. goods from his building ad joining the Mechanics' Institute, fully ex .becting that his place would be consumed. (The institute was the property of Mrs. Rin toule, and was insured much below its Value. It is expected that Mrs. Rintoule ,*rill build a much larger hall. i tfARRACOORTE, February 22.'— Har vest thanksgiving services were held in the ?Methodist Church on Sunday. The Rev. $-. C. Harris, of Millicent, conducted the 'teervices.both in the morning and evening. Kjhe choir led the choral part of the ser-1 ^.Vices' and contributed two anthems. This evening in the church the Rev. D. C. Har |Hb gave a lecture before a good audience. — ' 'A number of members of the Narracoorte JUfte Club, iucluding Captain P. R. Lee, .Jiwent to Adelaide this morning to take part in the rifle matches to be fired there jthis week. ' T. Platt, one of the most successful shot* in the local matches held 4his month, is making the trip. - I O'HALLORAN HILL, February 24.-A liaryeat festival 'service was held at Christ ' 'Church 'o& Sunday afternoon, the preacher JbeJng the Rev. K. W. Pobjoy. At the ^&OBe of the service Mrs. G. Wickham un .jreiled a brass tablet, erected in memory of ?fthe late-Mrs- Elizabeth Leee Wright by t church members. The Rev. T5L. W. joy, rector of Christ Church and St. rjns. South-road, leaves for a trip to :lahdon February 27. The Rev. C. S. uinpht will fill hie position during his 'absence. J POINT MACLEAY, February 21— A. .'large number of ladies-, and gentlemen, 'representatives of the -Point Sturt Mutual improvement Society, paid us a visit yester :'? 'day'on' the occasion of their nineteenth an . 'juversary, and gave a concert last night to ?ia crowded house. The overture was played ?by the native organist, David JJmapow. illhe ladies who assisted were the Misses /Jenkins, Vickery. McRae, and Martin, and -'the gentlemen were Messrs. YeJland, Mea 'cham,..Vercbe, Gordon, and Smith. Three 'glees were contributed' by the native choir. - !& dialogue, entitled '.'Responsibility,' was also .staged, and the entertainment closed „ Jjwith the comedietta, 'This Irish Doctor,' ? -the characters in. which were- taken by Misses Pearce and Jenkins, and Messrs. iVelland (2). Mann (2). and McEacharn. * PORT BROUGHTON. February 20.— The ' Tourists' cricket teuni visited Port Brough ,ton this week on their annual trip. On 'tylonday they played the Braves on Wo 'luraa cricket ground, and were defeated, and on Tuesday they played Port Brough ton on the local oval, defeating the local 'team, Ou Wednesday they met a. combined team of the Northern Peninsula Associa; Hion, and. the latter won easily. In tbe | evening the Tourists gave a concert in the i Institute Hull, dividing the -proceeds with the institute: There was a fair attendance.; PORT PERIE^Pebnifjiy 25.— A special, meeting pf the Port Pirie branch of the; , Hibernian Loage wag held on Monday at; **-, MarVt nehoolroom, on the occasion of ? #? *jwft pf Tkfe««r«; Morisayand Kefley, t^»WW*»l ? and ttcfeUkir of the dislHot

lodge. About sixty members were present, eight persons being nominated for member ship during the meeting; ? The visitors were welcomed by the Bev. Father O'Mahoney. After the meetiner the visit ing members were shown over the Broken Hill Proprietary Companies works.— The Rev. Father O'FIynn, who has been trans ferred to Canietbn, left Port Pirie this morning. — Harvest thanksgiving services . were held at the Congregational Church on Sunday, the preachers being the Revs. H. C. Farley and E. C. Holten. The church was nicely decorated, and special music was rendered by the choir. On Monday evening, a harvest social was held, the Rev. E. C. Holten presiding over a good attend ance. . The choir., under the conduetorship of Mr. W. Nanearrow, contributed two anthems, solos J^ing rendered by the Misses Foreaith, Morgan, Miller, White head, and Mr. Nancnrrow. Recitations were given by Misses Norris and Simons. PORT ELLIOT, February 25.-Harvest thanksgiving services were held on Sunday at the Congregational Church, which was prettily decorated for the occasion. Mr. H. Savage, of Adelaide, conducted the ser vices. A social and sale of fruit, &c, was held in connection with the church on Mon day evening in the Institute Hall. Recita tions and songs were contributed by _ the following: — Rev. L. Caldwell, the Misses Dorlrine, Hannaford, and Mortimer, and Messrs. Sando, Mellor, Morris, and Ekerb. The principal donators of fruit and produce for both Sunday's decorations and for the sale were Mrs. J. Harding, Mies Dodd, Messrs. Vince, Gosden, Williamson, and Edwin Abbott. PORT WAKEFIELD, February 19.— A meeting was held in the Foresters' Hall on. Monday evening to say good-by to Mr. and AIi-s. J. J. Nelligan. Air. Nelligan has been connected with the Locomotive De partment here for many years and 'is being transferred to Adelaide. He was instru mental in establishing, a branch of the United Labor Party here. The president of ,the party (Mr. G. H. Buttery 1 occupied the chair and presented Mr. Nelligan a travelling-bag and Mrs. Nelligan with a tea set. Complimentary speeches were made by the mayor, on behalf of the town; by Mr. A. Knight, for the locomotive en ginemen; Mr. A.'E. Walker, for the shop nands; Mr. J; T. Firtlv for the mainte nance men; Mr. E. G. Simms, for the traffic men; Mr. H. P. Shakes, for the Literary Society; and Mr. J. E. Priest, for the United Labor Party. Mr. Nelligan re sponded. During the evening . songs were given by Messrs. J. Tidemann, R. Preece, and J. E. Priest. Mr, T. Pine was accom panist.— On Sunday last thanksgiving ser vices in connection with the Methodist Church were held. The morning and after noon services were conducted by the Rev. W. A. Bainger. Mr. P. G. Doig officiated jn the evening. .Appropriate selections ivere rendered oh each occasion t-y the choir. . .Miss M. Drake was ..organist, . ^The ? i&tiridahees 5rp*e*^wg? *nd-tnfcr 'Receipts i fEdR!? ! WAK^JELI);z'Fe^J*jkr^i'^.ir-A isocM and'^dan^ took' pl^ce' m :St.: Mfean's purchased early in the year. ' The hall was well filled, about 40 couples taking part in the dancing, with Mr. Witcomb as' M.O. . Several 'selecfcionB; were given by, &m Glee Olubrana wngij bf Miss Seaburr,

Messrs. Blondeil, iaarry, 13rake, and T. S. Thomas. Musical Selections were g.yeu by Mesdames Fraser and Hubble, and Misses Drake, O'Brien, and Johnson. Re freshments were provided by the ladies' committee. The success of the social i3 chiefly due to Mesdames Witcomb, Wel bourn, Hubble Onerry Blondeil, Raupach, and others. PORT AUGUSTA, February 17.— Mr. G. D. Downing; clerk of the police division here, left this morning for Adelaide to fill a vacancy in the Adelaide staff. 'On Fri day evening a gathering was held in the town hall to bid him good-bye. Theie was a large attendance, and the Mayor (Mr. T. Hewitson) presided. The Chair man referred to the fact that Mr. Downing had held the position of clerk to the northern division of police for the past 23 years, and during that time had rendered good service,- and his selection to fill the vacancy in the Adelaide staff showed that his ability was recognised by his chief. Mr. Downing had during bis residence here interested himself in many things con nected with the wellbeing of the town, and had shown a keen interest in the rifle and gun clubs, the quoit club, and the Dog and Poultry Association. On behalf of '.he citizens he wished Mr. and Mrs. Dol ing Godspeed, and all success in the future Mr. T. Young, for tbe race club and gun club, spoke lnghly of the good qualities of Mr. Downing. He said the gun club, oi which he bad been secretary for yeirs, had presented him with a handsome service of plate. Mr. Young paid a high tnbute to Airs. Downing 'in regard to the excel lent ' work done by her in the tovn. Mr. J. Holdsworth (captain), on beb-ijf of the rifle club. Mr. T. Black, on behaf of the quoit club, and Mr. J. E. Lec^y. for the Dog and Poultry Association, also spoke expressing their regret at Mr. Downing's departure. Sub-Inspector T. Clode referred to the zeal, ability, and sterling character of Mr. Downing as an officer, and said that his removal to Ade laide meant promotion. (Cheers.) Mr. Downing returned thanks— The Salvation ?Army held their annual harvest- thanks giving service in the town hall on Thurs day-last, when the Mayor opened the pro ceeding^. The stalls and the hall were tastefully decorated, the following being the stallholders: — cool drinks, Mr. A. McConnell; lollies. Misses Roberts aud Fullerton; ice cream, Mrs. Gorbett; fruit, Mrs. Jarrett; refreshments, Mesdames Jewell and Fullerton. An excellent pro gramme, of music was rendered in the evening as follows: — Glee, by Glee Com panyi solos by Miss Bottomley and Cap tain Ashley, action uongs by the company, and quartets by the children, duet by Cap tain. Ashley and Lieutenant Anderson. A dialogue concluded the proceedings, those taking part being the Misses Russell aud Wellby and Messrs. McDonald (3), Holder, and Streeter. The proceeds reached £10 net. — Harvest thanksgiving services wire conducted yesterday at the Methodist Church by the Rev. T. L. Rooney. 'The choir, under Mr. Hewiteou, rendered special music. The church was decorated tastefully, and the acetylene gas was used for the first evening- service . since its. in stallation. -; ' . . : ^ ? . PETERSBURG, -February 18.— A public ^meeting was: called the mayor (Mr. -&,' W;; J-icfc8on)~yesterdayv£veniHg to consider the best means of making the proposed local- cadet encampment an annual -fixture. Councillor HUditch proposed that a shield 4»e purchased, to bt competed for atPeter|8 fcurg^thtf Northesrti ©Mnpaiiy^f the^h Battalion Cadets. Mr ; Muejlw seconded,

The resolution was_ carried. A committee' was formed consisting of the mayor, Coun cillors Hilditch, Edwards, and Jamieson, and Messrs. Bertram, Dobbie,' W. C. Evans. Goudie, and Renk, to act in conjunct.o'n with the officers -of the different detach ments in drawing up the programme. The mayor and Messrs. Goudie, Dobbie, Evans, Edwards, and Hilditch were appointed a committee to make arrangements for the purchase of the shield and to canvas for subscriptions. Mr. H. Renk was ehcted sec retary. — HarvesE thanksgiving services were held on Sunday last in the Methodist Church. The 'Rev. G. W. Johnstone, of Orroroo, preached three times. Appropriate music was rendered by the choir under Mr. 8. Phillips and ~Mx^ H. R. Pomeroy pre sided at the organ. On Monday evening a pocial was held in the church, when the Rev. G. T. Arthur, M.A., presided. Songs werp rendered by Miss James and Messrs. R. Both and H. Mansell; recitations by Miss Beasley and the Rev. G. T. Arthur; a quartet by Misses James and Hil-fctch and Messrs. Phillips and Both; and a glee by the choir7~ y^OKfl, February 20. — Mr, E. Jepli cott, district foreman of the Railway Ways and Works Department, arrived from -Strathalbyn last night to take up the duties of the late Mr. James Fielding be tween Quorn and Petersburg. — As a re sult of the recent Quorn Glee dub'e con cert an amount of -£7 5/ has been handed over to the Quorn Benevolent Society for general use.. At a meeting of the club last .night, after the general business, the re signation of Miss Amy Hewitson '(conduc- tor) was received with regret, and the sec retary was instructed 'to convey to MisS Hewitson the club's appreciation of her efforts. — A complimentary social was held last night for the purpose of bidding fare well to Mr. R. Stewart ' of the Loco. De partment, on the eye oi his departure for Terowie, to which station he has been transferred. While in Quorn Mr. Stewart took a keen interest in quoits, football, athletics, and sporting generally, and was recognbed as a thorough all-round— sport. Mr.T- W. Messenger, district loco, super iptehdent, occupied the chair, and there was a -large number of the guest's fellow employes and townspeople .present. The toast of the evening, 'Our guest,' was sub mitted by Mr. A. Wight, and spoken to by nearly all present. The oha'nnan pre sented Mr. Stewart with a travelling bag nnd watch chain from his fellow-employes. The musical portion of the programme' was Runnlied by Messrs. Hardon, Head. Wad», Halbert, Williams, and Jenkins, Mr. R. P. James acting as accompanist. QUORN, February 21. — A most success ful harvest festival was held at Aiden Vale this week in connection .with the Methodist Church. . On Sunday morning the Rev. A. H. Carne (Quprn) delivered an impressive sermon, and the evening ser vice was conducted by Mr. W. L, Hudson (Quorn). There were large and apprecia tive congregations at both services. Yes terday the annual tea, public meeting, and supper were held; Mr. E. H. Warren, ?fct.P,,' occupied the chair, and gave an abl/ discourse. ' The Eev. A. H. Carne also 'addressed- the meeting. Solo8 were Tendered by Mrs. Leslie, Misses Wil loughby, KlmbergV-Weleby; - Richards. MrT;Qtchfie!d and' Mr.? Stafford; duets' by MiBees Welsby' and Kainberg. Misses Han? iemanii. MieseeVWise aM- Pelton, Muaea Willoughby and Cook; %nd a recitation by 'Mia -' Trlchler. V-' A.'f«teewell social '-Vvas tendered- last inkht At tbe' Grand. Junction H--tdftp;M*, StuAif 'f^fftti^to i8;^eavag;

for Wallaroo. Although the guest had only been in Quorn for something like Uj months he had become popular, and a large gathering assembled. The . mayor occur pied the chair. Mr. B. O'Connel, in sub* mitthig the toast 'Our guest,' referred u| the course of an able speech to the many excellent qualities displayed by Mr. Watt during his short residence amongst them. Messrs. Nalty, Rock, Hobbs, Halbert, Wight, Oskenden, Wade, Newitt, Wit locks, Hunt, Pelton, Pearoe, Kennedy, Bennett, Letheby, Foster, Golder, Struckj Brewstery Hooper, and others supported the toast, which was enthusiastically drunk with musical honors. The Chair man, on behalf of friends, presented the guest with a travelling bag, also a walk ing stick (on behalf of Mr. F. Heaslip). and a well-bound volume of the 'Pictorial History of the World', (on behalf of Mr. John Gordon). RIVERTON, February 21.— A young man, Mr. J. Whittaker, accompanied by Mr. A. Johnston and a child, was driving a dog-cart yesterday near the township, when the horse took fright at a passing goods train and ran into a fence. Mi*. Whit taker was thrown against a barbed wire and a wheel of the vehicle was smashed. Mr. Johnston and the child fell to the bot tom of the cart. The horse, kicking itself clear, bolted. Beyond a few scratches and torn clothes no damage was done. — Rail* way. trains this year have. been the cause of no less than six fires on Mr. R. W. Hall's property at Halldale. Every year he is a sufferer by them. He is unable to get any compensation for his losses, A fire close to bis property recently did considerable damage to the S-.A. Company's plantation of young trees. ROSEWORTHY, February. 20 —Harvest thanksgiving services were held at the Me- ' ' — thodist Church on Sunday last, when the Rev. William Reed and Mr. O. H. Annells preached appropriate sermons. The church was tastefully decorated, and special bymss were- sung, Mr. R.'M. Faehse presiding at the organ. Mr. P. Carter sang two solos. Miss Everett accompanying. On Wednesday evening- the Rev. William Reed gave a lan tern lecture, entitled 'Street scenes and people we meet.' Mr.-P; Carter 6ang two songs. A- fruit social followed. ROCHESTER, February %.— Mr. Walter - Hawker, of Anama, has.just completed the erection of a silo on. bis estate. It is said to be the first of the kind built in the State, and is composed of iron, steel, and cement, holding 130 tons. : He has 'a cutter and blower driven by ani' oil-engine at work put- - ting in tbe Holcuis crop for ensilage: $he same gentleman is' haying several.- pores put down, and has obtained a fine 'supply oi ' water. He intends going in for irnganon. STRATHALBYN; February 19.-^On Tuesday evening at the institute classroom a preliminary nieeting was held -of, the ~' ? . musical and elocutionary committee, Mr. C. L. A. Wyatt presided. After dis- ? - cussion it was tentatively decided to hold ' the next competitions about the first week in 'October. The meeting adjourned till the first week in April, when, the pro gramme will be drawn up and judges selected. Last- year's -competitions were Tery successful, close on 130 competiibra taking part, but it is believed that with - tte experience gained by the committee - . this year's fixture can be made very much more important and attractive. -Mr. H. ': J. Prosser retains the secretary's pffice, which he fiHcfd last -year. , -?-?:??:?-?? '. , BUTHERLAlifDS/: February 22. ^;Ai -^-:- meeting was; held^ba, Friday -^e^aiag-^a ' bear the views of the membera for tbe/dia- ??.-. .?;??-?

???? .'7- ;'w ' ' - *? ' = ?-?'??' .. , J ? . .... t ^ ? .^. . ?..-.- — t-^ -...J*--. '.?;.??. '?'? . iferohW ?»&- teilfewi«r'ifilltei^i*3Hi £*«&?., ? ' „ -? - §§ji»-fronva!Mb| toynastSps aro^d^: ;Mr; ?: ?*'.'' lihal a?6imilar meeting Vas had a fortnight *gOj but-as all the members were -not pre : perit4tt*to.^|»i«ht3djesfit6tde'!to^P.l-i ~%e present -meeting. ?®ir Jenkin Golfea said pi? wisJiW'IMrpepple :^B^%tatid/ th£r:tfe ?jva$. not opposedtq i&e scheme, bttt hie con teidefeil Mrf Paeen*B pttifftsfifc tfajj '= t-n^-a ifrrong foundation. He thought; such a (Scheme was impracticable.. Any feasible Scheme would set his support. Mr. Paech'g proposal -w;as introduced in the -House ffatherlate in Ifce 8esBi6n,%ri-l had not been properly discussed. ; Sir Jenkin read let fers^from i&e Railways Commissioner .set '-?.:' ttog^ul; ffiifcthe^UFa5?'#l?P^''*P?eBt were nnly^jfreparjsdJbo guarantee. 32550 annually. If th£y could not make the Compiis-ioner pajrfmore then .the scheme would fall through. ; if the people were willing to jiay * small tax they would'be able -to get ft. scheme tp suit them. Mr. P. James eaid 3ie T^as noib there 'to formulate a scheme, but he kHew the, people on the -????' Murray Kate wanted water, 'and he would - do his utmost 3to -get it for them: If iti nrere possible to get Jlrripaefehs: sihene through he -would .giyft'st iris :ardent sup- j 3-brt.:- Yeats tigo'te iiad -advocated putting down receiving tanks at S^theriands. If the people wanted a scheme they would ^ - tiave. to agitate for it. He would not Oppose Mr.Paech's 'echeme, but' he was *iu\e the Government would -iu-t.\ spend anoney unless they, were sure ' of a safe relturji..r Mr, Paech said he was alwavs in l&ybi '?' M water', conservation, and he - thought something .should be done, as lrnny M the. farmers hadijeen compelled to leave ihe district. He urged that delegates be appointed to join with Eudunda. Suther Iffnds. Mount Mary, and.Eba. and wait'^n the Commissioner of Public Works for 1he purpose of asking him to cons:d*r t'le scheme. Sir, Jenkin Coles advised them to ' . wait until the Premier returned, and they would get something definite from Mr. Price. — Mr. and Mrs. Geisler eel ?'brat ?d their silver wedding on Saturday eve-'ingr: Many relations and friends assembled . at ; their home. - -

STRATHALBYN, February ^.Har vest., thanksgiving services were conducted in thp -Sfethodist Church on Sui-^.ay by 'the Rev. WcJL ftofe. There were Jarge jCon § regatiprs. The-fifternoon service was cok ucted bv Mr. A. J. Follett, of.~ Isuig-. ho^ne's- Creek-. The church was' prettily decorated for the occasion witli flowers and friiit. Ahtfieins were rendered Vby tlie iolioir;;|irider'Mr.'N.O. Williams. On Mon day evening a social was held, an .attrac tive programme being provided by-Mrs. 0. H. Smith. -Miss Miible Benson, the Rev. W. fl.Rofe. Mr. N. G. Williams, and the jnetabers of the choir. At the conclusion of £he programme tea an'd coffee was handed round. There was a large attend ance. SED4N, February 21.— The annual pienics and sport* were held here on Wed nesday. There was a good attendance and & good programme was submitted, the events being keenly contested. Results: 100 Yards Handicap Men's Hace— H. Roc-how, 1; , !&. Hulton, 2. TOO Yards Handicap Boys' Race (under ID)— L. Chinner, 1; U. Zelni, 2; Bucklcv, J. Evans (dead heat). 3. - 75 Yards Handicap Girls' Hace— B. Buckley, 1; Kina Buckley, 2; D. Shannon, S. ^Sheffield Handicap— T. Rochow, 1; A. Hutton, 2; A. L. Payne, 8; P. Pinsow, i. . 76 Yards Handicap Boys' Hace (under 12) — A. Pfelfcr, I; TV. Gilmore, 2; J.- Payne, 3. Polato Race^-G. Tucker, 1; W. T. Figar, 2; T. Evans, 3. Handicap Running- High Jump — W. Koch, 1; P. Finson, 2. ' 60 Yards Bool' Knee— T. freece, 1; (i. Lambert, «. ?'???. ? - . .. Bicycle Musical Chairs— J. Bonliardt, 1; P. Pin ' eon, 2. Obstacle Race (150 yards)— W'. T. Figar, 3; J, Ponhardt, 2; H. Buckerfleld, 3. . . Maiden Bicycle Race — H. Sehwertfeger, J; -H, Evans, 2; Ficgert, 3. ? Tug-of-War (Marrler versus Single) — Married won (C. Rotue, G. A. Payne, H. Buckley,: F. Evans, A. FiEher). - . llanilifjip Hurdle Race — A. Hutton, 1; Arnold Payne, 2; Gordon Payne, 3. Handicap Bike (H miles)— U. Schwertfegc-r, 1; Pollard, 2; H. A. Bartel, 3. ' One Mile Handicap Flat Race— Fiebig, 1; T. Preece, 2; C. Kroehnbuhl, 3. Consolation Race— Warnest, i; D. Pavne, 2.

In the evening a concert was held in the local scholroom, when the following took part:— Songs, Misses Mansfield, F. Mansfield, iL Payne, and Messrs. Milnes, F. Preiss, H. Buckerfield: duets, Misses jVIansficid (2), Ruby and Nita Zadow, Miss M. Payue and Mr. II. Payne; violin solos, Miss Brown; pianoforte solos, Miss R. Me. Kenzie, Miss G. Preiss; duet, Misses E. Shannon and R. Zadow : recitations, Messrs. W. T. Figar and H. Buekerlield. Miss Mansfield and Mr. F. Prei6s had to re spond to encores. A dance terminated the proceedings. . SAXDERSTON, February 18.— The open ing services of the new Baptist Church -took place on Sunday and Monday. At the services on -Sunday the llev. S. Howard, of Adelaide preached to large congrega tions. On Monday a tea was followed by a public meeting. Addressee were given by Revs. A. N. Marshall, of Korth Ade laide; fctephen Howard, and T. l-owdmg .and Mr. C. Royal, and -the chainnan (Mr. Fnaum). Ihe musical i^ortion of the pro gramme waa carried out by Mrs. A. C Royal, -Misses Morgan, Hutton. Maxwell Bowtfen, and Payne, and Mr. H. Payne 3 S?^oc^eds amounted to about £22. TRURO Fekruar.v 18.-The anniversary oi tiic Truro Congregational Church was ' ' f^le- l^V, on Suil-iay. when the Rev. J. -*. . .Wjaght, the new pastor, conducted the ser WCeB. .bnecial singing wub rendered by the Choir: Mies Toleher acted as organist. The anmyersarj' was continued yesterday, -wiiea - a. public tea was held in the institute, and . JTO6 well attended. In the evening a meet ing was held in the church, and a public welcome was given to the sew pastor, his .;.- wife and daughter, who recently arrived ?..-... from Don, Tasmania. The Rev. J. C. Kirby, of' Port Adelaide (Moderator) took the chair. The Revs. D. McNaughton (of Mannuni), D. Milne (of Towitta), L. Rob 3ohns (of Keyneton), and J, Pratt (of An «wton) took part in the meeting. Messrs C. Crrieve (Tniio) and J. Brook (of Dut ion) welcomed the new pastor on behalf of ' Jheir respective churches. References weie -jnade to the losses the church had sustained ; : through the resignation of the Rev. .\V. H. NewboulA, after 30 years' service, and the - - ? death of the kte Jtr. A. Shannon, one of the deaqona. The balance-sheet showed a credit balance of £30. Miss Thorne and   Mr. Kaibel, of Angaston, rendered solos. —   Regret is expressed here because Mounted - _. Copstable Ci'abb is to be re^uoved to Snow, ipwn. BoUi Mr, and Mrs, Crabb are very ,...?? popular. __ $ERO\yiE, February 21. — Harvest -.?'??' thanksgiving Bervices in connection with ,3Jie Tj&i'owie Baptist Church were held on .Siiii day, the Bey. E. H. Kentish conduct- - ing Wo Services. ' r Special ringing was '?? . gWP ^i,^? choir, conjiiucted by Mr. W. .InUjeflj-Tliss Badger being .the organist— 'Han'est thanksgiving services were Jield it^Frau^lyn in connection with the Metho-; . . dist Ghurcb. on Sundjiy. ahS'^iednesday, theTB^v, ,».^. Lee pfflciatina at the after- i. -?*'???? ^ioQn service, and JBft.'*nd-,5^*tE Abbott -1 'X ;???:-. :^T|^feXfiTbnijj|{;;j[BJP!Woe.;' £: XMisBTparby ' 'fims^ '??'':tW:.£&\iL'^''':-.*:''K'-'r'- -?'' ''-.-.'- '-Vr?''- ':????' 7' .'' ? ^^^P^i-;.y';'^/'-T...l'^'-'-:-r;.::-v'-- -?'?.' ? .??'??....

^Ahe oEgMurt on Wfidnie^y. -, 'A lai^eTnum-. »§£ bfisisitors- came Afota ^erowie, : Eat^l *aroo, *nd .Paiflappa^tb *t|end the .. teftf Which ^as followed, by a- Concert and sup per. : Mrs. F. Abbott; jMia3 Stattbn, Jhe R?g^Ri -BiS^ii, Mfest^F;. Abbjtta^ajB.. J.^CuHen took part is the%rcaramme. T& 4nan6lRl'«|BuH m» £li m-Sri ?? . : 'f-: TABCOWIE, February 24. The wife of Mr. William Cubley died on Monday at the age of 79 years. Mrs. Cubley arrived   in this State 60 years ago, and resided at Hindmarsh and Mitcham for some years.   The deceased had been a resident of Tar cowie for 31 years. A family of four sur- vive (Mr. William J. Cubley, of Mount   Sir Samuel, Western Australia; Mrs.       O'Connell, Adelaide; Mrs. Bambrick, Tarella, New South Wales; and Mrs. H. W. Edwards, Tarcowie) . There are 28 grandchildren and seven; great-grand   children. Wheat-carting is drawing near   the end. The road to Caltowie is in a   bad state. Harvest thank giving services in connection with the Methodist Church were held here on Sunday. The Rev F. B. Oldham, of Laura, preached to large I congregations in the Institute Hall.   TARRAWATTA, February 24.— A pleas-: ing ceremony took place on; Sunday aftei- noon at tbe Jittle church of. Gdllengrove Estate. . A,.number.rof.Jfriends lusembied before tho service, to sar good-bve to Rfr. F. Thome, who has been superintendent of the Sunday-schooTfor more than twenty^ years, and'is now taking up other vigorous work in the district. The Rev. L. Rob johns spoke in appreciative terms of .Mr. Thome s good work. Mrs. Angas ^presented to Mr. Thome a goia watch, which had been subscribed for by past and present scnolurs of the Sunday-school and mem bers of the congregation.— A deputation, consisting of Messrs. R. R. Keynes. T. L. Evans. P. Latv. and the Rev. L. Robjolins, waited upon the council clerk (Mr. H. A. Zadow) to-dav. to thank him for his efforts to procure telephonic communication with Adelaide. Mr. presented him with a silver inkstand, tearing the following in ?gcriptiou — 'Presented to H. A. Zadow from [ residents of North Rhine. In appreciation

of services rendered to the telephone com mittee.' He said that they all recognised that they owed the' -connection/ with the, .telephone entirely to-Mr. Zadow*e services. :A discussion ..took place on the incon Jvenience caused to the public through the 'delay caused -in getting connection with Adelaide. , . Xt was reported that on Satur day a lady called at the '.office wishing to i communicate with Mount' Pleasant. Two ) hours- afterwards , the postmaster was in ; formed that the required number was avail ' able; it was then too late. That morning ' a gentleman attempted to speak to Ade^ Idide. but on :bem« informed that three persons in Rhine Villa aDd one in Sedan , had been waiting for some time to be con ? nected with the Adelaide exchange, he left ' the office. . It was pointed out that if the i Eden Vallev office and Kapunda were con i nected, a distauce of onlv six and a half niiles, the Gawler line would be relieved of some of its excess of business. Those who wished to speak to Eden Valley, Springton, Mount Plea&int. and other places along that route would not need to . flo so via Adelaide. At present the absur j dity remained that a person could sneak to Adelaide for l/,but to speak from Eden Valley, some 110 miles farther, cost only. 2d. .Thp following resolution was carried: — 'That this meeting of representatives of residents in North Rhine earnestly re quests the Postmaster-General to improve the telephone connection between ~ Rhine Yilkkarid Adelaide; it nrges'ithat a great cause of inconvenience' 'would be removed if the^ short distance between Eden Valley and Keyneton were covered by telephone. It also pledges itself to bear any reasonable share in the cost of the construction of' such a line, as the residents had done in the construction of the line between Angas ton ar.d Sedan.' TANTANOOLA, February 18.— A -har-: vest thanksgiving service was conducted at the German Flat Methodist Church by the Rev. D. C. Harris on Sundny afternoon. — TheJMount Gambier Brass B=fnd. on their way home by the railway motor from Millicent rendered music on Sunday even ing. The concert was held on ihe show ground, and attracted a large number of.

spectators. A satisiactory collection was made.— The annual concert and a sale of fruit in connection with the Presbyterian hai-vest festival were held in the institute on Monday night. The Rev. G. Martin* of Millicfint, presided. A good programme of songs, recitations. -Ac, was provided. TANTANOOLA, February 22.-A meet ing in connection with, the building of a new Roman Catholic Church was held in the Institute on Sunday night. ' 'There was a good attendance. It was reso'.ved to proceed with the building immediately, as a large eum of money hag already been donated, apart from -promised contribu tions. — A picnic, under the auspices of the Methodist Church was held on Wed nesday afternoon, and a well-attended con cert wa& conducted in the evening. 'Die . Rev. D. C. Harris occupied the chair. Glees ! were rendered by the Millicent choir, and songs ' by Miss M. Richards, T. Mill house, E. Haines, and L. Peters, Messrs. S. Richards. E. Boase, F. Osinaii, and Mrs. i Willshire; Misses Sadler, and O. Howell contributed recitations. TINTINARRA. February 24.— On Friday evening Ia6t, the first harvest thanksgiving social was held in the hall in connection with the Congregational xnission. The1 mis sionary. Mr. A. J. Williams, presided. ; After the chairman's address, Mih. Howard contributed a song, and Miss Daisy .Taylor and Miss Nellie Northcote and Messrs. Trenter. Kennedy, A. J. Williams, and W. - Cockrum gave recitations. Supper was provided. The ladies of the district pro vided the. cake. &c., and the 'gentlemen the fruit, which compared favorably with fruit ' from other districts. On the following j Sunday services were conducted byjtfr. A. J'. Williams. Mrs. Howard presided at the organ. The hall waB tastefully de corated.— Early last week Mr, Ross met with a slight accident while at work on ; Sir. Kennedy's farm. He was loading logs in a waggon, when hi8 hand wag badly crushed.— SeveraLnew settlers have arrived i this year, and rolling scrub, well-einking, ! . ploughing, and bush fires are the order of ! the day, TIJMBY BAY, February 21.-A fancy [fair in aid of the building fund of the pro- | 'loosed new MethodiBt Church took place at I I Tumby Bay on Wednesday last. There was ! a good attendance. The fair was declared open by Mrs. C. Provis. The stallholders ! were:'— Fancy goods,- Mesdames Bawden and i I AiBton and Mn?s Mftchin; jilain goods, Mrs*, i i G. Provia and Mrs. J. Provis; produce.stoli, ' Mi&ses 'Blacker, Nankivell, and Slater; 1 lolSie and flower jstajlj Misses IJawden, Sfce-. ( ven , Preece, and TE. iMachin; refreshmept' i stall, Mesdamea Harris and Machin. Misses: ,Paul and,E. Slater. The novelty of the ^rening was .a washerwoman's stall, presided' Vprer'ljy girls' :w hose nanjes wevp-.Si«86i«li;. 'Pollock, Jifi.:Prpyis,;F. Preece: flnd X. Beaty.! Mrs. Eiroe^ attended to. the bran-pie,, -whilei Mr,.. Paech was , responsible for {the hat j trimming, naildriynig, and jguessing cpmpe-| i ;^Uo, lad helpedf^o ?ni)^. jt|ie affairV«p ^sue-'

plentiful, arid Mr. Hodgt caught as many as ll'^S^ ;SfljSn if ternppn; jChesr^fiah^ aro cau|ht betwen tbe two jei3i®^y3e steam ^sn^WaMj .belonging', to ' $k.~ He'ary -; Dut- , toni icamA here pn Thursday |roin-Kangatoo TslknSr and sloyed tinlil' WeflneSHay : 'mornT: ing. when she departed for Port Lmcoln.^ ^ i* .^IGTOR H^SBOa. F«bniacjr 2U-4lt.W pears that the lady who was thrown from lier. horse and ktUedi'onihcWillunga-rottd Vajs'.Mrs.' May*. 'She ^vis'Iormerly Miss NoSke, and it was at first reported that this -was herifame. She was a wido^:jii» 1ii*B-= band .having died a month after ,'&»:$$$?£, ding, about 'five years ago.' v*- '.-?. .4t i ydeTOR -HARBOR, February.^E^l*; present iB delightfully tsqbV 'wittfc refreshing southerly breezes.— Now 4:hat all* harvesting operations have finished and the -wheat gatheredrih a good downpoiir^of ram ?, 'wcfuld' Be ^ejcdmeV— The .town bari^fgave aj Conlinentalfon: the reserve, near the tennis .cpu^^^art'-iught.^aniiat was muph^appre- j '^iatedl.v' B&hjb n'eiectlons were rendered un 'der theairaction^f Ifc. C. Chickv: , WALLAROO, februjiry 17.— Thfelf ollow-- ing members of Kadina District Council at tended a public ttieetitig of ratepayers at Wallaroo on Monday Evening tov ihe pur pose of, explaining the amended Vermin ASti-^ouneillorr J.I Rodda' (chajrman) i J. Malcolm, P. Roach, R.\Correlir and-; the district clerk (Mr. J. W. Taylor); -Miy, Rodd- -presided;^ He expressea the liope^ that all ratepayer^ would assist the-cdunciq in getting nd of the rabbits, which wfere.l doing bo much xktnagei Councillor Malcolm! moVed— 'That' this meeting , urge upon ajL ratepayers the great importance of -auauK! taneous action during the remainder ~©t Eeb-. ruary and in March for the destruction oi rabbits.' This was supported and carried1 unanimously. Attention was drawnto tbe condition of the Wallaroo and Kadina Main; road, and it was explained that over 60() yards of metal woulifee spread in repairing ? ;the same this year.: -sAt the close of the meeting the^Mayor of Wallaroo entertained; the /members of the Kadina Council in the

Mayor's Parlor i-^-Harvest thanksgiving se». vices ' wiere. ? conducted in' the Methodist; Ghu'rch on -Sunday Jafet, and were attended: by large congregations. Special singing was .rendered .by the choir. — The committee in connection with the Wallaroo Musical and literary competitions met this evening and made further arrangements, and from the reports presented the competition this year promises to be a great success. WALLAROO, February, 21— A concert, and' -fwJaK in connection with harvest thanksgiving was held: in the Methodist Church on Wednesday evening last, when the Rev. J» Watson presided. There was a large attendance.' The following took part in the concert: — Misses R. Black, Bowcring, Harman, Malcolm, May, Sedder, Schumann, . Mrs. Watson, and Messrs. Go\ver, Martin, and Palmer. The Rev. J. Langsford and Mr. T. Da vies delivered short addresses. After the concert re freshments were partaken. — A conference of local government bodies will take place in a few days,- when the new time-table for the winter railway service will, with other im portant business, be considered. The con ference will be held at Wallaroo under the presidency of the mayor, who will after wards entertain the delegates. — Members and friends of the Wallaroo Mission Church are. working hard to make the bazaar they intend holding a success. — Many members of the Labor Party here are astonished at 'the result of the Senate election, and con sider Mr. .O'Loghlin's* defeat is due to the -great, sympathy shown towards Mr. Var , don. i WALLAROO, February 24.— Mr. , D. Chapman, divinity 'student, of Melbourne, who has been filling the pulpit of the Pres byterian Church at Wallaroo for the past few months, was'entertained at a social on ; Friday evening last in the Rechabite Hall. Mr. W. F. Jones presided. Several ad dresses were made, and Mr. Chapman was wished success in the future. Mr. Chapman explained that he was leaving to resume his studies, and would always re member his many friends in Wallaroo.- The following took part in the musical portion of the programme: — Misses H. and K Price, L. Harris,- Jessie Young,' M. Malcolm. Madge Malcolm, and V. Schumann, and Rev. J. . Garrett. Messrs. K. Bews. '1.

Gower, and F. McKee. Refreshments were served, and an enjoyable evening was 'spent. Friends were present from Snow-, town and Kulpara. On Sunday afternoon i in the Presbyterian Sunday-school Mr. L-. Chapman Was presented with books for his library. The superintendent, in making the presentation, spoke of the valuable ser vices rendered to the school by Mr. Chap man. Mri W. F. Jones (secretary) also spoke, wishing -Mr. Chapman success. WOLSELEY, February' 19.— On Thurs day last the Anglican Church Sunday : school held its,annual picnic, and an enjoy j able day, unmiarred by accident' was' spent in games and races.— On Saturday, on tbe local oval, the Wolseley cricketers defeated the Servieeton men by 115 runs (Davie 39, Maclnerney 18, A. Butler 18, Baker five .wickets for 1 run,. Marshall five wickets for i 6 runs, Williams four wickets for 6) to Ser vieeton's 13 and 27. — The harvest thanks giving services of the Methodist Church, conducted by the Rev. F. R. French on Sunday, were well attended, and at a social on Monday night there was a record Atten dance. Items were rendered by Misses Langlcy (2), B.'J. Butler, the choir, wjjtfa Miss Hunt organist, H. Davie conductor, and addresses were delivered by Rev. F. R. ' 'French and Mr. H. H. Dayie. Mr. French, i on behalf of the circuit and Wolseley friends, bade farewell to Mr. John Langlsy ' and family,' as they are about to leave the district. Each of the four young ladies re ceived a Bible and Miss Langley a hymn book as well. ' . ' ???,???? I' WILMINGTON, February 21.— Wild dogs 1 are again prevalent in the district. One pro- 1 Tninent grazier reports having lost 40 sheep' during tbe last seven days. A shooting party was organised to endeavor to rid the run of the vermin, but although the dogs were seen1 no success attended toe Bhooters. i —A successful social was held by the Wil miiigton Agricultural Bureau at tbe local institute on Wednesday. About 150 were present, and a.inbst enjoyable evening was 6pent. The evening terminated with a short dance. WASLEYS. February 18.— General re gret was felt here when it became known that Mr. F. \P. Uren, a respected resident of this* town, had died suddenly on Sun day in a' private hospital in Adelaide after im operation. Mr. Urea- has left a widow and two song (Messrs. -C. and P. Uren), who are in business as* storekeepers here. Mr. Uren's remains were interred at Ka punda on -Tuesday -morning. - . . WATER VALES February 18.-Haryest ?thanksgiving services were held on Sunday iu the Methodist Church, which was nicely ; decorated by the young ladies, ? The Rev; Si Holmes, of 8addlewdrth; oreachedymSie afternoon- and Mr.' Nicolle (of,Auburo)^ in fthe: evening. -To-dayr the annual, picwem connection with ihe church jras .hejdyftt fikillyi. Tl^e Jadies fromitenworthani,^u4 MinUro Md jcharge, of -the -. d;nnet,;«ad

attached to a su^y, belonging to Mr. fcB. RobD^-gallpijed down ;^ettametr^t: ana j *er%de8 in %nn^^on'^tJr4h%vlptnqd]fi^ tChurch- .were ijelebraitea oii,,6un'day -ana ; 1 Monday. Oiksfiuna^r th6tReF.; 3i'*l'to-3a^ ', of Two Wells, preached in the afternoon and evening to large congregations. The ytea, and public meetings on alonday yrete alteiided.bykrge gatherings. : The -piiblio ineetln^.Sm^resided over by the pa«tojr_ iLl^yi-jal^fliKlel^iddresses SpceV^jdfe iii^red *y |the -chair man and Ahe^tes-^a^ :-8tfM^,r; '^The 'cho^, with Miss B^eri^a^ ^rgaiUBt, rendered several selectionsiU' ?' '? %WTWORTH|JN.S.W.), Febnifiry 17. !^AJ -the nionthlyt,jrieeting of the 'hospital committee the treasurer reported a^redit *Mtoi6e rin the^bank of £122^.13/, lflj'd-i^fliat he :^d received ?. ^11 2/ !%i^« ithe Snorts/ Club -and £3. 15/ , frofc^Ene ladiesr'i?of the Presbyterian Church, being special efforts for the benefit ; of vthe hospital. -; Accounts amounting- to £(«-14/..were pa8s«d for payment. SJIessM. \y^odheaa and jy-|-eary were appointed a yifiitmg, cominittee^Jor the nionth. — lhiicon- fiectidfi^witJi the .recent municipal election, ^fe io'niyC£S*ir-fe*. nominations were-re- jceivia-the JGhivernmeiit-jiotify that a Iresh *l6cabii*will bei' eld?S^ ^fiT^e jacant ;&ate. ^^e^nf rbfcttt S.ea^':«uilaning- unfilled; jjAqtftbei^Vtp^^^^yippoint members -oh. iuggesSons 'r ' tottfle »lri 'lie: Visual wayV^ There was a good attendance at the month 'y_ Meeting of the Public SchoolS; Citizens''AB^ jsociation. It was decided;-^) make'Ti ilevy; of J/r'perquarterper.niembeR'to cover pettj'7 SxSenses ??'? ? '?'? -: :.;' ?* ?:''?? ?' r^'-r?'' ' -:-i ??: WASLEYB, February 2t-^)n Wednes-' nlay las^ a bazaor was heldiip the locayta-; stitute in aid of the building fund. It was! Jopened by Mrs., E. LucaS; and a besk trade was done during botK the afternoon ar.d evening, Jtfce ball being crowded. The. stalls comprised fancy and plain goods, sweets, cool drinks oroduce -afternoon ?tea.

post-office, bran dips, and flowers, and wire well managed by a committee of energetic ladies, and assistants. A' promenade con cert was held in the evening, when a Jong programme of vocal, instrumental, and elo cutionary items was-, well rendered., The proceeds were highlv satisfactory, over £50 being realised, making' the amount now in handover, £100. The committee in ? tend to erect a new' stage and . retiring rooms, at the rear- of the hall, and, hope shortly to begin building operations. YORKETOWN, February 17.— An enter tainment, entitled * 'The Congress ? of Nations, under the . management of Miss Anderson -.Hughes, was -given at the Town Hall to-night before a large audience. The various- characters . were : impersonated by Misses M. Vigar, L. Fischer, Latty, Sher-, riff) ^Wilkinson, McKenzie, Erichson, H. Anderson, Ball. May Woods, Ida Jioop, Hornr Muriel Thomas, Keightley^ Mi- Till, Holbj'i Boyce, E' Jung, Warren, B. ITiyor,' E. Rechher, G. Eichner, Fmnke (2), Dor-y Wilkinson, and Farrow. A Chinese, song, in character, waa contributed by a squad of lads.— ^Mr. Nankivell met with an. accident on Saturday. He fell while smoking, driv ing his pipe stem into the roof of his mouth, causing a severe. wound. Dr. Hayward at tended the sufferer. . YOUNGHUSBAND, Febi-uary 14.— On Friday evening at the Ybunghusband schoolroom, a farewell social was tendered to Mr. and Mrs. Pope and family, who are leaving-this district for Moorook, where Mr. Pope. has taken up a lot of new land. Songs and recitations were ~giyen by Mr. Gowaling, Misses Perry, Gowaling, M.- Chambers, 'H. Pope, Messrs. Knight, M. Brinkly, and Pope. Mr. Brinkly, on behalf of the friends, presented Mr. and Mrs. Pope and family with a clock. Sup per was provided by the ladies, and a dance followed, Mr. A. Drogeniuller acting as M.C. ' .. '

YORKETOWN, February 18— A noting was held on Saturday evening to form' a football club at Sunbury. The following oflicerswere appointed: — President, Air. C. Eichner; captain, Mr. Murray Allan; vice captain, Mr. E. Aldenhoyen; secretary, Mr. G.Dqmaschenz; selection committee, captain, vice-captain, secretary, and Mes rs.

E. Eichner and E. Grabett. Ihe captain and secretary were appointed delegates to a meeting to form an association for YoTke Peninsula.— An interesting experiment |n veterinarj surgery is being tried on Mr. George Stocking's farm, at Hayward Park. Some time ago a valuable pony mare broke her leg. Mr. White, the local veterinary, was called in, arid the leg was put . in plaster of Paris. So far the pony is doing well and is evidently recovering. It i6 in tended to keep her for breeding purposes. YANKALILLA, February 20.-On Wed nesday evening a successful entertainment, eupper, and dance were given in the ball, under the auspices of the local tennis club. This club has not long been in existence, 3iit since its formation much enthusiasm hue. been displayed , and great progress has been made. Within a short time two ground courts were laid down and wire net: ting erected. The courts were opened re cently by the president (Dr. Burnard). At the same time Mr. A. Forbes, on behalf of Miss Boucaut, presented a large garden seat to the club, which waa gratefully received andike donor thanked for her gift. In ihe meantime preparations were being made for giving an entertainment, which took place on Wednesday evening, in the pre sence of an enthusiastic audience. A capi tal programme was submitted. The club was fortunate in having the assistance of Miss Hilda de Garis and Mr. ,H, Parks, of Adelaide, whose -items were received with applause. The other items were:— Piano- forte duet, Mrs. Cosh and Mifis Malthbuse; ' songs, Mrs.- Burnard, Airs. Cosh (with vio lin, obbbgato by Miss Haining). Dr. Bur nard, and Miss Haining; voca] duets, Miss Milly Forbes and Miss Aileen McArthur, Dr. and Mrs. Burnard; violin solo, Miss Haining; and quartets, the company. The success of the affair was due largely to the' active interest taken in it by Dr. and Mrs. Burnard. Supper was provided, the tables being well patronised.. '