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Licensing Court.

The usual monthly meeting of the Licensing Court was held yesterday, before Messrs. P. Pinnock (police-magistrate), Finney, Shaw, Merry, Petrie, Buckland, Ward, Mac Donnell, M'Lennon, Cooksley, Wakefield, Adams, Fen- wick, Buckley, Walker, and Martin.

George Crook applied for a transfer of his license from the Royal Oak Hotel to the pre- mises lately occupied as the Brisbane Club. Mr. W. E. Murphy appeared in support of the appli- cation, and Mr. Thynne to oppose it, on the part of Mr. Brodie, the owner of the Royal Oak Hotel, on the ground that the house had been licensed   for the past fourteen years, and that it would be   a hardship to the proprietor to have the business transferred to another house. Application re-


The license for the North Pine Hotel was

transferred from W. H. Berry to Henry Wil-


The application of W. H. Berry, for a license for the Scarborough Hotel, was adjourned until the next monthly licensing meeting.

The license for the Union Hotel was trans- ferred from Andrew Collins to James Broderick. Mr. Pring appeared in support of the application.

Slaughtering licenses were granted to John Blanc, Christopher Blanc, William Coleman, F. Ramsay, the Co-operative Butchering Company, Donaldson aud Co., C. and H. Bonney, John Clements, W. J.Sparkes, L.M'Kinnon, H. Bourne, Daniel Byrne, Henry Jones, Charles Cutts, E. Staunton, Alfred Robinson, W. H. Stewart, Job Walter, John Ko t, W. Stanner.

The application of Francis Smith for a slaughtering license for three months at Lut- wyche, was refused.

Auctioneers' licenses were granted to John Cameron, J. F. Buckland, Francis Hicks, F.


Packet licenses were granted to the Elamang and other steamers sailing out of Brisbane.

A billiard license was granted to J. Darr.