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Family Notices

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ALLWRIGHT. - 2nd March, Mrs. George Allwright, of a


AVERY.-28th February, at her residence, Perth, Mrs.

George Avery, of a son.

CHILIE.-29th February, Mrs. F. Chilie, of a daughter. CHAMBERS.- 28th February, at the Parsonage, Cul-

lenswood, the wife of the Rev. John Chambers, of a daughter.

DAWSON.-15th February, at Murray Hall, New Nor-

folk, the wife of E. B. Dawson, Esq., H. M. Madras Army, of a son.

DOWNIE.-14th March, at her residence, Murray-street,

Mrs. Thomas Downie, of a son.    

GIBSON.- 22nd February, at Valleyfield, Mrs. George

Gibson, of a son.

GREGORY. -3rd March, at her residence, Sandy Bay, Mrs. Gregory, of a son.

IRVING.-2nd February, at her residence, Canning-street,

Launceston, the wife of Capt. T. G. Irving, of a son. JURY.-20th February, at her residence, Montpelier-

street, Mrs. Francis Jury, of a son.

LESTER.-25th February, at Fulham, Mrs. W. Lester,

of a daughter.  

LOWE.-1st March, at 42, Melville-street, the wife of

the Rev. W. Lowe, of a son.

LEVY.-2nd March, at her residence, Liverpool-street, Mrs. Samuel Levy, of a son.

LEWIS.-13th March, at the Clyde Hotel, Hamilton, Mrs. R. M. Lewis, of a son.

LAWTON.-17th March, Mrs. J. H. Lawton, of a son.

MITCHELL.-18th December, 1863, at Foveran House,

Newburgh Aberdeenshire, North Britain, the wife of Andrew Mitchell, Esq., of a daughter.

McDOWALL.-6th March, Mr. R. M. McDowell, of a


McPHERSON.-14th March, at Sandy Bay, Mrs. Mcpher-

son, of a daughter.

PROBIN.- 2nd March, at 35, Hampden Road, Battery

Point, Mrs. S. C. Probin, of a son.

PAGE.-9th March, at Lemon Springs, near Oatlands,

the wife of Mr. John Page, jun., of a daughter.

ROBERTSON.-6th March, at Melrose, Hampden Road,

the wife of William Robertson, jun., Esq., Barrister- at-law, of a son.

SMITH.-28th February, at Cromwell-street, Battery

Point, Mrs. Banks Smith, of a daughter.

SHERIDAN.-14th March, at the Star Hotel, Launceston,

the wife of Mr. John Sheridan, of a daughter.

TRIBE.-29th February, Mr. F. C. Tribe, of a daughter. TOWNSEND,-27th February, at her residence, Elizabeth street, Launceston, the wife of Mr. E. Townsend, of a  


WALKER.-9th March, Mrs. J. S. Walker, Macquarie

street, of twins, son and daughter.


BRYCE-BELL.-23rd February by special licence, by the

Rev. Mr. Simson, of O'Brien's Bridge, Mr. Gavan Bryce, of Bridgewater, to Miss Elizabeth Bell, of

Green Point.

DUNNING-LUTTRELL.- 3rd March, at St. John's Church,

by the Rev. F. H. Cox, John Dunning, Esq., of Laun-

ceston, only son of the late Christopher Cairns Dunning, Esq., of Perth Mill, to Susannah Sophia, eldest daughter of Edward Hungerford Luttrell, Esq., of this city.

DUNCAN-FITZSIMMONDS.-20th February, by Father

Burke, at the residence of Mr. N. Simmonds, District Surveyor, Wynyard, Table Cape, Mr. Maurice Duncan of Table Cape, to Miss Mary Ann Fitzsimmonds, of Westbury.

DRIVER-MURRAY.-7th March, at St. George's Church,

Hobart Town, by the Rev. G. Banks Smith, Captain Joshua Edmondson Driver, of the barque Lombard, to Jessie, eldest daughter of the late Captain


DALLY—COOPER - 17th March, at the Baptist Chapel,

by the Rev. H. Dowling, Job, third son of Mr. E. Dally, of Ilfracombe, West Tamar, to Miss Emma Victoria, second daughter of Mr. H. Cooper, Richmond,


GAYLOR-DOVE.-17th March, at St. David's Cathedral,

by the Rev. F. Hudspeth, Charles William, eldest son of the late Mr. Charles Gaylor, to Sarah Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. Wm. Dove of Oakwood, Bagdad.

HUGHES- ARCHER.-22nd February, by the Rev. B.

Ball, B. A., at Broadmarsh, Henry, eldest son of Mr. James Hughes of Elderslie, to Caroline, sixth daughter of the late Mr. Robert Archer of Broadmarsh.

HENRY-BROWNE.-1st March, at St. David's Cathedral,

by the Rev. F.H. Hudspeth, James Johnstone, second son of Robert Henry, Esq., of Roseville Lodge, to Eleanor, eldest daughter of Thomas Browne, Esq.,City Surveyor of Hobart Town.

HAWKINS-gaunt.-1st March, by special license, at

St. David's Cathedral, by the Rev. Mr. Hudspeth, William John Hawkins, Mariner, to Lydia Grant, niece of Mr. Robert Burrows, cab proprietor, Macquarie-


JACKSON-GREEN.-27th February, by special licence,

at Windermere house, by Rev. W. Purves, John Eggleston third son of Mr. W. F. Jackson, Glenorchy, Tasmania, to Marianne, eldest daughter of P. Green, Esq., J. P., Windermere estate, Maitland, New South Wales.

LLOYD-HART.-3rd March, at the Wesleyan Chapel,

Patterson-street, by the Rev. J. Hutchison, Ernest, eldest son of J. W. Lloyd, builder, Launceston, and formerly of Brentwood, Essex, England, to Jane Elizabeth, fourth daughter of William Doubleday Hart, formerly of Leicestershire, England.  

MUNNINGS - GLOVER.-4th March, by the Rev. Mr.

Ison, at Jericho, James Munnings, second son of the late Nathaniel Munnings of Jericho, to Rebecca Glover of the same place.

MARSHALL—GATEHOUSE.—10th March, at Sorell, by the

Rev. J. Norman, Edward, fourth son of George Marshall, Esq., to Louisa, youngest daughter of the late Silas Gatehouse, Esq.

ROBERTSON -BECK -25th February, at Chalmers' Free

Church, by the Rev. Dr. Nicolson, James Alexander, son of the late Mr. James Robertson, Engineer, to Rosa Jane, youngest daughter of the late Mr. John Beck, of this city.

REX—GRACIE.—16th March, 1864, by special license at

St. David's Cathedral, Hobart Town, by the Rev. F.

Hudspeth, B.A., George Woodcock Rex, to Selina Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. William Gracie.

STEEL--COWELL.-3rd March, at Christ's Church, Cul-  

lenswood, by the Rev. John Chambers, John Steel, Esq., of Thompson Villa, Falmouth, to Fanny, third daughter of Henry Cowell, Esq., of Cullenswood. WARREN-LEWIS.-20th November, 1863, at Kamptee,

India, by the Rev. A. Taylor, M.A., William A. Warren, Esq., Royal Artillery, son of the late Colonel Warren, H. M. 65th Regiment, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Richard Lewis, Esq., Hobart Town.


ADAMS.-18th March, at Holbrook Place, Guy

L'Estrange, infant son of Robert P. Adams, Esq., aged

four months.

ATKINS.-18th March, after a long and painful illness,

Frances Louisa, the beloved wife of R. A. Atkins, Esq.

BAIN.-20th February, at Launceston, Mr. James Bain,

aged 36 years.

BURGESS.-24th February, at Belmont, Richmond,  

aged 71 years, Francis Burgess, of the Middle Temple, Esquire, Barrister-at-law, formerly of H.M. 54th Regiment, for many years Chief Police Magistrate, and a member of the Executive and Legislative Coun- cils, Tasmania.

BURGESS.-1st March, at the Star and Garter Inn,

Richmond, Hannah Burgess, in the 41st year of her


BRAND.-2nd March, Charles Watson Robert, infant

son of Mr. J. W. Brand, Tamar-street.

BRADBERRY.-9th March, at his residence, New Town,

Patent Brick Yard, after a long and painful illness, John Bradberry, aged 43.

BOCK.-16th March, at his father's residence, Edwin

Robert, infant son of Alfred Bock, aged three months and ten days.

CROOME.-20th February, at his father's residence,

Perth, Alfred Herbert Croome, aged seven weeks.

CURRELL.- 9th March, the wife of Edwin Currell, aged 30, at her residence, 49, Brisbane-street, and  

formerly of Mitcham, Surrey, England.

DRUMMOND.-22nd February, at his residence,   Market House Tavern, Longford, Mr. George Drum-  

mond, aged 41 years.

DRAKE-27th February, at her sister's residence,

Battery Point, Mary, fourth daughter of the late Mr. Francis Drake, aged 27 years, of consumption.

DODD.-10th March, at the residence of his father,

Colville-street, Battery Point, Frederick Arthur, youngest son of John Dodd, Esq., aged 11 years and 10


DOYLE.-21st March, Rachel, the wife of J. Doyle,

bookseller, Murray-street, aged 76 years, an old  

colonist, having arrived in this colony in 1832.  

FIDDYMENT.-21st February, at Launceston, aged 42 years, Sarah Ann, the beloved wife of Mr. E. Fiddy-  

ment, of the Lord Raglan Hotel.  

FERGUSON.-21st February, at his late residence,

Brisbane-street, Launceston, after a long and painful illness, Mr. Walter Ferguson, aged 54 years, deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.  

FORSYTH.-6th March, at his daughter's residence, Green Ponds, John Forsyth, late of Laurieston, Scot-  

land, aged 86 years.

GOLDIE.—26th February, at his late residence, 135,  

Melville-street, Mr. David Goldie, aged 59 years.

GIBBINS.-26th February, at her residence, Frederick

street, Launceston Mary Ann, the wife of Mr. E. Gibbins, aged 37 years.

HIDDLESTONE. - 24th February, at his residence,

Arthur-street, New Town Road, Mr. Robert Hiddle- stone, aged 74 years, formerly of South Shields, Durham, and brother to the late John Hiddlestone, Esq., of this city.

HENTY.—18th March, at his residence, Kelso, George

Town, Charles Shum Henty, Esq., aged 56 years.

JAMES.-2nd March, Sarah, the wife of Mr. George James, cabinet maker, Hobart Town, late of the Sir  

John Franklin, aged 48 years.

LOVELL.-14th March, at his residence, No. 1, Welling-

ton Crescent, Battery Point, after a long and painful illness, Thomas Lovell, in the 52nd year of his age.

LONSDALE.-21st February, John Lonsdale, the infant

son of Mr. John Gooch, of Launceston.

McGUIRE.-6th March, at her residence, No. 4, William- son street, Hobart Town, Caroline, wife of Mr. John

McGuire, aged 49 years.

MULRENNAN.-12th March, at his residence, Lansdowne

Crescent, Thomas Mulrennan, aged 50 years.

NICHOLSON.-29th February, at Hobart Town, Henry

Vane Nicholson, aged 45, son of the late Thomas Nicholson, Esq., solicitor, Hobart Town.

PASCOE.-February 27th, at her residence, Carrick,

Hannah, the beloved wife of Mr. James Pascoe, aged 47 years.  

PARISH.-At Murphy's Hill, East Tamar, Mr. James

Norton Parish, a very old colonist.

RAY.-19th February, at her residence, Espendale-street,

upper Macquarie street, Jane Ray, in the 75th year of her age.  

SUSMAN.-2nd March, Alexandra, infant daughter of L.

Susman, Liverpool-street.

STUMP.-2nd March, at his father's residence, Macquarie-

street, Ernest Rodolph, infant son of Mr. Murk Stump, aged 14 months.

SOLOMON - 9th March, at his residence, Murray-street,

Mr Samuel Solomons, aged 88 years.

THOMAS.-4th March, Charles Frederick, infant son of

Mr. W. Thomas, Nurseryman, &c., Queen's Road, Sandy Bay, aged 12 months.

WHITE.-7th February, Great North Road, Invercargill,

of erysipelas, Robert John White, after a short but painful illness, aged 15 years, son of the late John White, Esq., Kensington Tannery, O'Brien's Bridge,


WINCH.-3rd March, Elizabeth Winch, the eldest  

daughter of Mr. S. Winch, of Longford, aged 19 years.  

WATSON.-3rd March, at the residence of his brother,

the Rev. H. C. Watson, Glen Eira Road, East St. Kilda, Victoria, Francis Marriott, 9th son of Brereton R. Watson, Esq., of Perth, Tasmania, aged 15 years.

WATSON.-8th March, Mr. Thomas Watson, of Muddy


WELLARD.- 4th March, at Dunorlan, near Deloraine,

Edith Annie, the only daughter of Mr. Alfred Wellard, aged two years and nine months.

WALKER. - 11th March, at her father's residence,

Macquarie-street, Martha Elizabeth, twin daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Walker.