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THEY SAY. That a social and coffee supper will be held in the -Lower Bridgewater echo.l on Friday, July 26, in.aid of ,mas. parcels for local boys at the front. Moonlight. That Varrant - Officer McGrath, Ei g R., Labor member for Ballarat, was dilcharg'd on Thursday from the .I F. 's medically unfit. His ser vice anuunted to 199 days in Aus trails and 633 days abroad. Quentin Roosevelt, son of Mr. Theo Roosevelt, formerly President of America, has teen killed in an air fight in France. He was returning from a patrolling expedition when he became involved with a German air squadron. lIe fell in the enemy lines. That the s s Barunga has been sunk while on a voyage to Australia. She was torpedoed in English waters. The Barungo was formerly the Sumatra, a wellknown German steamer trading to Australia. When the war broke out she w.,s unloading at Sydney and was seized ty the Commonwealth. That it is officially announced that the three meatless days weekly in France will be abolished after July 20 That Ilakki Pasha, a former Grand Vizier of Turkey, says "even if France is crushed in the present battles Eng land will continue the fight. There can bo no peace until England is beaten in Palestine and Mesopotamia. Our coalition will be able to adopt mea sures to ensure England defeat in Asia after our complete victory in France." -Poor deluded bankrupt Turkey. That out of 931 returned soldiers who hare received vocational training in Victoria, 15.1 have lost limbs as fol lows-Left arm 22; right arm, 29; left leg, 56; right leg, 45; both legs, 2. The vocations chssen by these men in cluded chrical work, French polish ing, lift operating, artificial limb mak ing, poultry farming, cabinet making, boot skiving, fruit growing, and wool pressing.