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NOTES AND EVENTS. A party of six mon are at present prospect ting for gold in the':Otway forest nott fr from Mount Sabine.. They have been 'at work nearly a fortnight, but the locslity'in. which they were operating was not made known until three or four days ago, when one-of their number, made to Johnstone Brothers sawmill for provisions. In his v answers to the men at the mill the prospec tors ivu v g'iie, and wvould not statd 'whht' i success his party had met with, beyond the b fact that they had obtained gold, and th.e t indicatious were good. The men are work ing in one of the numerous blind creeks that ii abound between Mount Sabine' and the t Gellibrand River, and distant from Colac s about twenty miles. a A meeting of the Colacs and Ballarat Rail. I way League was held at the old shire hall a on Saturday evening. Tihe confereoco of r delegates from public bodies interested in the Camperdown and Scarsdale railway a extension to be held this day at Ballarat f was discussed, and the meeting decided that i in' the event of the conference appointing a I deputation to interview the Minister of Rail- t ways in reference to the Camperdown Ex tension, that the chairman (Mr. Forrest) and the secretary (Mr. Moroney) prodeed to I Melbourne to represent the claim of Colas a for railway extension to Scarsdale, via Beene.' Some other matters were discussed, and the r meeting adjourned until this evening. ' t 'It will interest the advocates of the Scarsdale and Colas railway to know that the New Victoria Quartz Company, Browns, are getting the. timber for .their new shaft I from Mr. James Martin's saw.mill, at Irre- I willipe,' in the .Colas forest. This fact r (writes the Ballarca Courier) demonstrates that, as the advocates of the line have from the first contended, were the Scarsdale rail- c way extended to Colas, the timber traffic l weuld go far towards making the line a paying one. Three special sheep trains comprising in' all 46 trucks were dispatched from-the Wes tern district yesterday for various mar. ket,, 17 of which are consigned to Sydney on account of Messrs. Matthews Brothers, of Geelong. These sheep, which are parti cularly prime and heavy, were drawn from one of our best WYestern breeders, and they are said to. be some of the best sheep that have been sent away from -the. West this season. For some few weeks past consign. ments of Western sheep have been sent to Sydney, in which 'market they have com. manded as high as 28s 6d per head, whichl left consignees a good margin of prolit. The drought throughout New South "Wales has been so general that fat, stock are very scarce, and the primer classes have to be obtained from Victoria. In previous years Victoria was generally depehdant upon the northern colonies for her supply, of fat sheep, and in good seasons as many as 40,000 1 sheep have come from New South Wales for a week's supply at Flemington. In 'South Australia, as we pointed out last week, there is a similar scarcity of fat stock, and large drafts of 'fat cattle havebeen pur. chased in this district to supply the Adelaide market, There is a large number of fat stock in the Colas and Camperdown districts, and as there is an abundance of grass and water the prospects of the local graziers are bright. We understand it is likely our old towns man Mr. Beall, so long with Mr. Coleman and' later with Mr. Edmund Cooper, will leave us almost immediately, most probably for Queensland. We are doing Mr.' Beal mere justice in stating that that he 'has always been foremost in forwarding the Interests of our township and of all its in stitutions, as indeed those of all or any townsman or neighbour who ever asked his aid, and has never been backward in giving such aid when at all in his power. In wish. ing him every prosperity and success where. ever he.goes, we are wishing him no more than he' deserves, and no more than' every resident will 'hope for him, At the pigeon shooting at Warrnambool' on Friday,.Mr. R. B. Macafee, a member of the Colas Gun Club, was among the success. ful competitors. In the first sweep at 26 yards rise, three birds each, Messrs Maoafee and Umphelby killed their three' birds and divided the' stake. Three other sweep. stakes were shot off, and were won by Messrs Macafee, Inglis and Murray. We have to record the death of a very "old identity," one of our oldest, viz., Thosee. Gamble, whose name must be known to nearly every one in Colae, since a part of Colas on the other side of the Creek was called, and is still called Gamblotown, after him. The old man was quite a character, full of humor, and always willng to assist his neighbor,, but a good part of his life he loved not wisely but too well-the cnp. The old man, however, had no great liking for the tea-cup, and went in for something stronger and more cheering? The writer of this has heard the old man lay that 40 years back, When there was no bank in Victoria whatever, he frequently took large ate'=f money overland to the Sydney banks. He had many ups and downs, but never was die. herrtined 'or dispirited, and was always the same chatty, good.humored soul. Some time since he proposed publishing arecord of his acts and deeds, through all the many ohanges of his life, the said recdrd occupying some 150 pages of note paper, but this will not, we suppose, now ever see the light. The old man was .bout 76 when he died, which was on Sunday last., There are weddings and weddings but the wedding which took place in Melbourne on Wednesday'last knocked everything pre. vionsly "performed" in that line "into a cocked hat." When May and December have to be tied together there must be a strong rope to do the binding and a good many to pull at it, and when 25 has to be "jined in'oly matrimony" to 60 there must be a good many to drive up the rivets, and weld the links of the chain last ~nd sound, this will no doubt explain the immense assemblage that helped at the job, and tmost of whom having seen it over, Came we expect to the conclusion, that the lady is an old fool gRn the laddie a young ass, It ia qcertain Colan will have to aswell wisibly" beloae we pun hept to do anything as grand in that particular line, buht then as our ladies wonrat malke fools of themselves, by m'arrying youngsters a third of their age, such affairs egay be more satisfactory in other ways alter all. The core raised by tihe diamond dril at Parlor Gully, in the Winchelsoa dietrict, which is prospecting for coal, shown that I the ground pierced at a depth of 426 feet 6 inbhes, is highly impre?nated switl earbog,

ise stowaras o0 tue winchelsea Racing Club, through the Secretary Mr. Victor Eilkington, sent a telegram on Friday to Mr. R.iert Chirnside, who had one of his legs actured in a race at Warnambool on Wed. esday, expressing their deep regret at his nisfortune. The rainfall for March as registered by fr. M'Donald at the Botanical Gardens, as 1*54 inches. We don't hear any very promising so. i6nti frioi thoi'olac bore or diamond drilli ut it sb'gratifying to retfect that." the love lab sweetens sugarless tea" is hot enough coal or no coal) to boil the kettle to make , and house warming and matrimonial mat. ers generally have been pretty brisik this aet Easter. .: VW hear of a good many aevere wounds inflictedlby the darts of the ittle God Cupid, that can only be healed by Rev. Dr. (of Divinity),': Ambongt otliertS' umnor includes a gentleman whoho eevers ignity as he hands roIdo d th collecting plate t St., John's, has done, much to stop the ,ov dfthteepenny bits,. and .bring forward n increasing numbers the sixperiies and shil. ings;' -A lady who has inflicted daniige ,'i his quarter is well-known for her skill in Srigging out" those ofher sex bent on conj ,iesat. and has very properly, and, snocess; ully used this skill on her own behalf, and a doubt ultimately greatly to the advantage fflthe gentleman hinself. W' hear'bi foiti aischievous that daring little gen-; leman with'the wings in front and the b''ws id arrows behind, but must poitpone urther reference to another issue. The Moira election, which took place on Friday, resulted in the return of Mr. George Graham, the Liberal candidate, by a nsmjo ity of 204 votes over his Conservative' op. ponent. Mr. D. C. M'Carthy O'Leary. Mr. James M'Lean, the ex-Crown lands bailiff, nly polled 256 votes, and will therefore ose his £50 deposit . The next sitting of the Land Board at Dolao will take place on Tuesday next, 13th fay, commencing at half-past eleven 'clock. ' The follodridg .applicatiini wil as considered :-Applications under'iection 19-W. Brammer, 317a., James Holden,. 94a., Mary McDonald, 86a., pariashofBar.   amunga;.Alfred Hobbs, 146a., parish of aaugher. Applications under section 47 Samuel Bamford, Alfred Denmead, Joseph Paatach, John Paatech, John Powell senr., John Powell junr., Susannah Stevenson, 3 cres each, iarish 'of Ellimin4yt'; 'A ie i fipon,'and Thomas G. Hales, 3, acres each ariah of Irraiillipe. To show case against forfeiture of license-Samuel Bowden, Alma Lowe, R.C. Webster; Robert Webster,     Alfred Fabian, Edward Gamble, Margaret Matthews, George Stewart, Michael Dono- ghue, and John Griffin, 3 acres each, parish of Elliminyt. - Foxes are so rapidly sincreaing in the istricts of. Barrabool and South Barwen. hat the councils representing those abirel have agreed upon offering a bonus.of 10; or the scalp bf every fox killed in those hires. The Victoria Amateur Turf Club is offer; ing the munificent sum of £2000 as adde. monoy to the Caulfield Cup, which lwill bt. un for in the second week of Ooto?er and nst prior to the Melbourne Cup meeting, Of this sum £1300 and a gold cup valued at £200, presented by Mr. M. O'Shanassy, will, be awarded to the winner ; the second will eceive £500, and the third £200. Thoe ovonmmont ;i. myluuy are providing work for the unemployed. Seven hurdred men are to be taken on to relief works in a ow days, and finally 1000 men will be pro. vided for at 5s. per diem. And yet in the samo column we read that the Legislative Assembly of that colony sat until three o'clock on Saturday morning last to pass a 'oto of £50,000 for assisted immigration I The Railway Department is now invitiog tenders for leasing the various railway efreshment rooms, which are sot down in ,two classes, namely " set-table" rooms, and counter-refreshment rooms, the Colao station being included in the lasti named class.' Lessees must provide "re! freshment baskets," which are each to con. tain 2 plates, 1 tumbler, 1 pepper, 1 salt, I mustard (with spoon), 1 vinbgar cruet, I double dish, 2 ivory-handle dessert knives, 2 electro four-pronged forks, 1 corkscrew, The refreshmeut each basket is to contain is as follows :-Half a chicken, two slices of ham or ox tongue, two breakfast rolls os resh' white jor brown bread, butter and cheese (half an ounce of each), pint battle of English ale or porter, Victorian ale or ager beer, Victorian claret, hock, or other native wide, bottle of lemonade, tonic.water, or sodawater, or fresh milk, at the choice of the purchaser; a small quantity of celery, lettuce or tomatoes, pepper, salt, mustard, and vinegar, and two paper table.napkins, The lessees are to be responsible for keeping thbe basket and fittings wholesome and bright, The charge for each basket is fixed at S3. 6d. For set.table meals the charge i5 fixed at Is 6d. and counter, refreshmento at is.; in both instances a most liberal bill;:o fare being insisted upon, and other articles not enumerated in the schedule to be charged at the same rate as at the principal hotels la Melbourne. Refreshments must be con. etantly ready for all trains. , An atrocious murder was committed on Suno ny. afternoon, at, off MorayS street, South 'Melbourne. A plasterer, named William Browning, beat his wife to death with an ironing board. The police, etched by a neighbour a little before eight n the evening, burst open the door of the houns and found Browning setting fir to some wood on an iron sheet in the middlooe the room in which lay his wife's corpse. li was instantly arrested, and conveyed to the South Melbourne lock up. It is surmised that the murderer intended to set fire to the house as soon as all was quiet during the night. Browning is a well set man of aboho 5 feet 7 inches in height, and 30 years of ge. His wife was a slight, emaciated woman about the same age, and, it apposarP has relatives. It has been raining in torrents in scvenr? of the country districts of New South Waler, The country between Newcastle and OMait. land is flooded. The Hunter River is about half a banker. Six inches of rain iave fallen at Casino since Tuesday, and floods are feared. Very little rain fell west oc Bourke, The sea along the coast is mode, rating, altlhough the weather is still threatenc oning, Up to a reoent period country stationC masters and the employes at their statioc" wereo allowed free carriage upon the rail way of stores and other personal require, menots, but, for some reason not stated, the privilege was discontinued. On the 23r of last month they forwarded a petition to the commissioncrs, asking that free c rriago of their goods might be allowed to them as before, but the coinmmissioner~ have dar -Qd ~ ~ O f 6 ~- -. -