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Pliarlevillc. SoDtember 8.

Elder, ' Smith, & Co. liave sold 20,000 wethers to Mr. James Rutherford, of Ambathalla station, near Cliarlc ville. These sheep were shorn last April, and Mr. J. P. Paynter, tne niauager, Las proceeded to Milo to take cte livery. Drover AY. JJ. Lynch is now be tween Biackall and Tonnbo with Kidman and Lewis' 500 Mount Cornish bullocks. Lynch, writing to a friend here, says: — '1 have a nice lot of buKocks -but it is a trying time for me. The road is very bad, bo inanv thousands of sheen are just ahead

of me, and you can imagine what it is like. They tell me fully 80.000 sheep have just travelled the same track, and some b;g mobs of bullocks. I hove heard that the road is closed south of Charleviile. I ex pect to get to Charleviile the first week in October. There is now a great demand for sheep country in this district for agist ineut purposes, owing to such large flecks ot travelling sheep- being unable to get further south. Mr. criifJiths remained here witli 100 head of horses. The slock inspector will not allow them to proceed south owing ' to having come from a tick-infested coun try. He will be compelled to remain here until October, and in the meantime is ot tering the lot at £14 a head. Charlerille, September 12. Stock still continue to arrive in this dis trict, but very few sales arc recorded, and there is no desire amongst slock buyers to operate. Gowrie 6taiion heie lias a mob of fat cattie to oiler, but no one seems anxious to deal. Baynes UroUiers offered £7 per head, not caring whether the offer wa9 accepted or nol, and it was de dined by the owners., Sheep off the shears are down 1/ to 1/6 per head les# than ten days ago, and time ore noue worth mentioning changing bunds. Twenty-five thousand sheep have arrived here from Wellshot, en route for Homdo, in New South Wales, the owners being the trustees of the late Mr. White's estate. They are in charge of Drover Blaine. The tail of the flocks are very weak, and to get over tho border with them would be a matter of impossibility. The drover is urging the owners to sell 3,000 of the weakest, that is, wether weaners, and they will require to offer them very cheap to get a buyer. It is understood they are under offer to Mr. Charles Collins, of Adelaide, ?who is hero. Drover and owner Tucker nian has arrived from the Rockharnjuon district with 170 head of horses for sale. They are unablo to proceed further south, owing to having come from a tick-infested area. The owner was anxious to proceed '?to South Australia or New South Wales, but the tick i-eguladons compel all horses to remain here three months, unless taken from clean country. At present there are about 400 head of horses in this dis trict for sale, and others are now coming in from the coast. Those having travel ling horses are bitter in their complaints against . the border regulations, and unfil the horse breeders and owners become legis lators they will for ever grumble. Drover Skeehan is now passing through Boatman run with 500 bullocks for Adeaide. Skee han says he is on splendid 'feed at pre isent. Elder, Smith, & Co. have now re moved all the Milo cattle on Bejrbank run, and the cattle are doing well, having abundance of grass and water. , Wo are still without rain here, and the weather conditions are the topic of conver sation in every branch of business. Fius Moralists will not lay -out one penny, ? nore

than they can help until we have rain. Stations and small holders of sheep arc; availing themselves of the dry weather and , making sure of the dip in the south-west. I There are fully 23 sheds shearing, c^nse I quently there is a great scarcity of good ma- 1 chine shearers. .Mr. Harry Solomon, ) horse dealer, has arrived here from Ade- ; laide and 'Wilcannia. He reports the : stock route much better throughout Ketv i South Wales than from here to the bor ders. The 700 Reedy Springs forward stores changed hands at a shade over £5 per head, station delivery. Charleviile, September 14. A large number of cattle, horse, and sheep buyers have arrived here from j various parts of the Commonwealth. Mr. Bromley and Mr. Heinen, of Broken Hill, are inspecting cattle and horses. It is said they will endeavor to secure horses for Adelaide, and cattle for the H.lJ. i'hey will have enough, to choose from in, the shape of horses in a few days, for by the end of the present month, there will be BiO to 900 head available. Tne public do not un derstand that all the horses arriving -now are from tick-infested parts of the State, and cannot leave the Charievillo- district un til they have been three months but of a lick-infested area. This is sometimes to a buycris advantage, for the vendor makes a reduction in price, knowing the stock can not go south for ft time. Moorehead and Co., in conjunction with Carter & Co., purr pose selling between 4,000 to 5;000 6tore bullocks shortly. Goyder'a Lagoon, September 6. The weather during the past week has bcem cold, with frosty nights, and the Jong hoped-for rain still hangs off from that strip of country which lie.? between Mount Gay son and 13irdsviile. As a consequence, the stock route between these two places, a distance of 125 miles, is in a bad state, and drovers hasten their stock from the Queensland rabbit proof fence to the mount, from which place down to Farina the track is in excellent order. The following is a list of the rainfall for the year to date, which to an essentially flooded country such as this is as much use as a toy squirt for a house on fire: — March, -7 in.; Slay, .23 in.; June, .56 in.; July, .30 in.; August, nil; total, 1.16 in. Drover Thomas Xeay ]on passed on the 4th inst. with 1,000 head of store buHocks-froni Clifton Hilte, the pro-, perty of Mr. John Lewis, for sale in the lower north. These are an exceptionally nice line of well-grown, healthy cattle, and range in condition from fats to strong stores. They were inoculated during the latter part of last year. Drover J, Ald ridge, in charge of 415 head of fat cattle, mixed sexes, bound for Mr. Kidmiui'e depot, Mount Nor1 -West, passed yesterday. These are a fair average draft. *L. V. 1{. Reese, in charge of 400 bead of fat cattle, from Glenormaston, Quensland, property ot' Mr. Sidney Kidman,, and bound tor his Mount Kor'-West depot, 18 miies from Farina, is expected to pass here on jthe 11th inst. These are said to be only a moderate lot, and to be 'cutting up' and rushing badly. Aunandale, Mr. Kidman's fattening depot, has not been favored with much ram this year. The manager is there fore removing a considerable number of stock. One thousand stores, in favor of Drover J. Jardine. are to. be dispatched for New South Wales shortly. 'Another LOOO head of etorcs for Mount; Kor'-West. South Australia* in charge of Drover J. Me Kenzie, are to leave Aflnaadale immediately afterwards. Owners of stock should take ttotioe that,0ie South. Australian Govern tnmt now charge for water ftt the bore

here. Queensland drovera report the stock route from Camooweal right down the Georgina to be in a very bad state, as is a/BO the Diamentina country. Drover J. Johnston will pass here on the 13th inst. with 432 head fat bullocks from Diamentina Lake:-, bound for Mount Nor* -West, S. Kid man owner. Shearing is in full swing at ^lr. Jacob Davis' Mount Gayson station, and he expects to cut out by the end of next week, when, if rumor is correct, Mr. Alfred Higginbottom will begin shearing at Mirriinitti. Oodnadatta, September 12. For the past fortnight wool has been com ing in freely by came] and horse teams. The sheds belonging to the following owners have cut out: — Messrs. Hobbs, Brown, Uagot & Marsh, Sandford (2), Harvey. Underdowji, and ISailes. By the down train shearers are leaving for Mount Dut ton to shear for Messrs. Giles & Martin. The clip has been very satisfactory. There has been a high percentage of lambs, and it is likely that more attention will be paid to sheep-breeding than hitherto.— Last Sun day a mob of horses from Mr. S. Kidman's Eringa and Macumba stations passed through for Warrina, where they will be trucked to catch the Kapunda horse sale (Mr. Kidman's). — On the 7th a special train came to Mount Dutton, and was loaded with horses for the Adelaide horse 6ales. by Messrs. Underdown Bros. (Hamilton), Gf. Bennct (Allendale), Giles & Martin (Mount Dutton), and I. Harding (Lfim bino). Yesterday Mr. W. Hayes went

through with a raob of horses he in travel ling to the William, whence they will be trucked to Adelaide. They have beeu bred on the Mount Burrel run (Northern Territory), and Messrs. Hayes are the owners. LEIGH'S CREEK, September 18.— Three large flocks of sheep travelled through last week. A good rain is anxiously looked for, as the warm weather is setting in, and will soon dry up the feed nnless rain comes. COCKBUHN, September 18.— Four thou sand seven hundred and sixty-eight fat sheep crossed the border on Friday. They are irom Salisbury Downs (N.S.W.), the owners being Messrs. Kidman Bros. They are travelling by road to Gladstone and are consigned to Mr. S. Kidman. The drover in charge is 1\. Brownett. — Mundi Mundi finished shearing on Tuesday. They had splendid weather right through, ? but the shefl-p were very bad. Buckalow Eta tion started on September 15. Muto/iroo Pastoral Company finished shearing at their Lake Dismal ehed -on Friday. They have had a real good clip.