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Mrs. H. Y. SparkE, of the Waterworth Poultry Yards. Glenelg, is an enthusiastic poultry-breeder. She has made it her nobby for some years, and now has seve ral pens of very choice birds. Pekin and Buff Orpington ducks are much in evidence. The latcer are great layers, and make ajrery fine table bird. The Buff is quite new to South Australia, but those who keep the breed speak very highly of them as' layers'. In Pekin Mrs. Sparks holds a very strong

hand. Her show birds were purchased from Mrs. Bosley Jenkins. In the pen were several winners both in Adelaide and Melbourne. The show Pekin is a massive bird and excellent for the table. The lay ing Pekins (Penglase's strain) are a smaller bird, but are splendid layers of nice large eggs. Mrs. Sparks finds a ready. sale of eggs and ducklings. Ducklings fatten quickly, and are ready for the table at from eight to ten weeks- when properly grown. I saw a dozen youngsters (Pekins) running about looking the picture of health. A few weeks in a fattening-pen will find them ready for the table. Turning to the hens we find Black Orpingtons much in evidence. They are good type birdE, but aro specially bred to lay, and are uncommonly good in this respect. So, also, were tne opposice pen of White Leghorns— birds of the laying type— headed by a fine male bird bred from an exceedingly heavy layer. White Orpingtons have been lately added to the .list, and were procured from Glenthorne, the home of the White Orping ton in this- State. The white is gaining favor as a table bird, of which Mrs. Sparks ir-i-l(Pjp a specialty and find* ready sale tt

a ^ofiteble ^gure ^rithfwhieB^ '-liaendr '^W&£ Glenelg,. Mrs, iSparkg Mi&Sri&blg^coa.-^^ nectjon in. table poultry and caters for tbi» ,' \ particular trade. Young \ chickens, s1x;*o' i eight weeks: old,' arid cockerels and pullets, '.'??'?:?./ '-% *o 5 lb., weight, are in great demantk \, '; -; Like all ladies, Mrs. Sparks is' most \Buo-sr: cessful in rearing chickens. All the bird} L W* are comfortably housed, and are' provided ; with nice scratching-sheda and diiBt bath. . r-v Green feed is planted in abundance, and a .._ ?? hedge of boxthorn , proves a standbjj- =_: when other green-feed is scarce. ; ?*??