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Monday next, being Whit Monilay, will be observed as a bank holiday. A supplementary mail for the eastern colonies will be made up at the Kalgoorlie Post Office on Monday morning at 10 o'clock.

The first of the series of the Boulder Cinderellas was held at Mr and Mrs Harry Wilson's residence on the evening of June 3, and proved highly successful. The following returns have reached us Erom the Government Hospital for the week snded 4t.h inst.:— Number in hospital, 74 ; admitted during week, 13 ; discharged cured, 14 ; died, 5. Members of the Amalgamated Scciety of Carpenters and Joiners are requested to meet at Reynolds' Hotel, at 8 o'clock to-night, to consider the advisablenesg of opening a branch at Kalgoi rlie. The regular fortnightly meeting of the Kalgoorlie and Boulder Workers' Association will be held at Messrs Hopkins & Co's Ex change at the Boulder to-morrow afternoon at half-past 2 o'clock. A fall attendance is requested. Owing to Monday next (Whit Monday) being a holiday the Licensing Court, which is fixed for that day, will not proceed to hear any applications, but the R.M. will sit and adjourn the Court until Wednesday, the 9th inst., when applicants have to attend. The Rev Finlny McQueen will occupy the pulpit at both morning and eveuing services, at the Cassidy-strect Presbyterian Church, to-morrow. An evening service in connec tion with the church will be held at the Boulder at half-past 7 o'clock in the State school, new townsite. A course of two controversial lectures will be delivered by Mr Isaac Selby in the Ka - goorlie Wesleyan Church, Porter-street, next week. The first lecture will be delivered on Tuesday eveuing, and the subject to be dealt with is ' Moses and Darwin, or la man a little lower than the angels or a little higher than the ape ?' The Coolgardie Double Quartette Party announce their advent , in Kalgoorlie on Thursday evening next in a grand vocal and instrumental concert, comprising quartettes, trios, duets, and solos. The initial pro gramme of the Party in Coolgardie, rendered after five months' preparation, was highly spoken of as a musical production. The services at the Church of England to morrow (Whit Sunday) will be Holy Com munion at 11 a.m. and at 7 p.m. evening; service, at which the incumbent, the Eev C H. Young, will officiate. There will also be a service at 7 o'clock in the evening. On Tuesday eveuing nest a conversazione will be held in the Kalgoorlie Church at 8 o'clock. Mary Anderson, alias Fanny Brown, ap peared before the Kalgoorlie Police Court on Thursday morning, having been arrested on a warrant charging her with disobedience of a Magistrate's order issued against her in Coolgardie. She was remanded to Coolgar die. In the case of Joseph Edwards, accused of the unlawful possession of a case of whisky, a remand was granted till next day.

According to Table Talk, one of the ques tions asked at the engine-drivers' examina tion at Kalgoorlie was : ' Supposing you were driving a winding engine, and while you were lifting some men who had just lighted a fuse, something went wrong with your engine, and you were unable to move it. What would you do ?' We would like to ask the gentleman who propounded this poser, ' What would ijou do ?' Following are the number of votes held in each polling districts for the coming election for the Legislative Council : — Coolgardie, 3S3 ; KalgooJie, 127 ; Kanowna, 81 ; Men zies, 72 ; Southern Cross, 33 ; Perth, 13 ; Norseman, 9 ; York, 2 ; Parker's Range, 2 ; Melbourne, 2 ; Northam, 2 ; London, 1 ; Bulla Bulling, 1 ; Frernantle, 1 ; Wilgoyne, 1 ; Hope's Hill, 1 ; Londonderry, 1 ; Espe rance, 1 ; Yer.lLi, 1 ; total, 737. Mr H. Courtney Dix, director of Messrs Gordon & Gotch Proprietary, Limited, Mel bourne, in company with Mr J. Gardner, the manager of the firm's business in Western Australia, is now on a visit to Kalgooriic. Messrs Dix and Gardner are making the best use of their time in visiting all the principal minc3, and expressed great astonishment both at the immense amount of work and machinery erected on so young a field. An auction sale was held at the Warden's Office on Friday morning of two Kalgoorlie town blocks by Mr R. L. Hair, on behalf of the Government. Originally half-a-dozen blocks were advertised to be Eold, but the number had been narrowed down by with drawals to two at the' time of the sale. These two were Nos. 143 and 150, in Brook man-street, adjacent to Wilson-street. There was a fairly large attendance of buyers. Block 143 went for £220, and the other realised £450. Some lots were afterwards put up for private sellers, but were not dis posed of. The steamer Kalgoorlie, which, as reported by cable, left London yesterday for Fre mantle, has on board the fire-engine ordered from Mes?rs Shand, Mason & Co. in October last yea? by the Perth Municipal Council. The council was recently much exercised in its mind over the whereabouts of the engine, which they had already paid for ; and a cable message was despatched in order to allny the alarm. Public disgust has been ex pressed in the city over the work of the fire brigade. It remains to, be seen whether the members will, with, the latest fire fighting appliances, be a&te to acquit th.Qmse.iY33 tetter.

A correction h required as regards tlie re port of the introductory remarks* of the chairman (Mr P. Whelan) at Mr Belling ham's address to the electors on Thursday night. Mr Wrielan used the words ' most important ' in application to the present era in the history of West Australia, but' in print the phrase read; 'most unfortunate.' To-morrow the pulpit at the local Wes leyan Church will be filled in the morn ing by the Rev T. Allan, and in the evening by the Rev II. Wilkinson. The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be administered at the close oE the evening services at Kal goorlie and the Boulder. At the Boulder Mr Tonkin will preach in the morning, and the Rev J. Weir at night. At Dugan-street the Rev J. Weir preaches at 11 a.m., and Mr R. Williams at 6.30 p.m. Eev T. Allan will conduct an open-air service at the Brown Hill mine to-morrow evening at 7. Mr Thos. Harris will preach at the Golden Itidge Proprietary. A new Wesleyan Church is being erected at the Boulder townsite, and soon a neat little structure will be opened there for the convenience of worshippers. A special meeting of the Municipal Council, wilh Cr Coombe in the chair, was held on Friday evening to consider how the vote of £250 for celebrating the Queen's

Record Reign should be divided. A deputs- k tion from the Athletic, Bicycling and General ' Sports Committee urged that £150 should ' be donated as prize money for a sports ' gathering, to bs held either on June 21 or June 23. After some discussion it was de cided to allocate the money as follows : — '' Sports £125, oa condition that no entrance - fee should be charged to any part of the ' ground save the reserve ; £50 for a school children's sports and treat ; £25 for medical '. comforts for the patients of the Government ! and St John hospitals during the Jubilee ; ' and £50 for the illumination and decoration of the town. ' The present system oE the mail service is ' not by any means as satisfactory as could be wished, nor so complete as a district of the growing importance of Broad Arrow should : have, says the local Standard. We have a ' tri-wcekly service with Coolgardie, and a service four times a week with Kalgoorlie. An agitation is now on foot with the object of having a daily service from Kalgoorlie inaugurated, a coach to start from each ter- '' minus about nine in the morning, and reach its destination about 2 in the afternoon. The service from Coolgardie is unsatisfactory, : inasmuch as the mails lie there from 1 2. 3D p.m. until 3 the following morning: ; and of more consequence than that even is the fact that for at least three hours the coach has to be driven in the dark along a dangerous road, skirting which are a number of deserted shafts and old workings. The Warden. Mr F. Hare, H.M., is enquir ing into a matter to which his attention was directed in Court yesterday morning, by Mr P. N. Jodrc'l. In supporting a client's ap plication for a residence area in a certain block oi; land at the Boulder, Mr Jodrell made comment upon the fact that regarding this application the Warden had been given a reminder that the laud in question was re quired for townsite extension. A laf e objec tions-Inch had proved fatal, had been entered in an application made through him a little while back. In the meantime, however, other parties had been granted registration for areas in the same place, there having been omission to inform the Warden that the objection applied in theae cases too. He thought this peculiar. The Warden con curred, and said he would look into thinps, the application before the Court being held over for the time being. When the Kalgoorlie Brewing and Ice Company was recently obliged, through the amented decease of Mr J. II. Shickel, to select a successor to the responsible position of brewer, its choice fell upon Mr William Elliott, and a very fortunate choice it appears to]have been. Though but a young man, Mr Elliott 5s by no means youthful in experience, having been born and bred a brewer, so to speak. His father, Mr Albert Elliott, i3 the oldest and one of the most successful brewers in the colonies, and a

brother of his is with the Lion Company, of Coolgardie, as brewer. Several local gentle men, including leading hotelkeepers. had an opportunity on Thursday afternoon of sampling some of Mr Elliott's brew at the Kalgoorlie B. and 1. Company's cellars in Porter-street. The verdict was a spontaneous one, complimentary in the ex treme, and those qualified to express an opinion declared Mr Elliott's beer to be equal to the best made in the colonie3. It has excellent colour and clearness, is full of life, and carries a fine lasting head. In palatableness it is really first class, con trasting strongly with so much of the liquor sold as colonial draught. A valuable quality declared by the judges for the beer are its keeping qualities. In answer to the unreserved eulogiums, Mr Elliott stated that he had ±elt confident of success from the first, knowing that the pure materials given to him to work with must yield a superior product if they were expertly treated. He says he will do yet better in the future. Messrs Taylor & Barrington, the sanitary contractors, have received four of the vans to be used by them in their work. These were built by Mr A. Grigg, of South Melbourne, and declared to be the most up-to-date kind of sanitary waggons in the colony. The under carriage and wheels are high, very strongly built, and manifestly fit for the rough travelling that has to be done over all sorts of roads here. The body is all securely closed in, on top as well as the sides. Room is found in each of the two vans now to hand for 64 pans, which, it may be men tioned, are under the new contract all fitted with tightly sealing ends. There are two compartments in the waggon, an upper and a lower, each to hold 32 pans. The side panels are in sections of about 18in wide, the end one of which is, when the van is being loaded, taken out and secured at the back of the van, allowing the other panels to be slid forward or backward so that any part of the inside can be reached without diffi culty. In lengths the waggons are 12ft and the height to the roof is 7ft, while the width is about 5ft 6in. They are painted a choco late color, with red lines, and the contractors' name9 are lettered in white on the back. The two vans are to be put into use at onc&. One of the two that have yet to come will hold 80 pans, while the other is of the same size as those now in the contractors' hands. Messrs G. T. Bell & Co advertise an auc tion sale of horses,, carts, mining iools, etc., for this afternoon, at half -past 2 o'clock. The same firm will also have a sale of lots in the Furguss^n and Kalgoorlie Park Estates, as well as of local and goidfielda' residential and freehold, properties.

At the meeting of the new committee of the Kalgoorlie Racing Club last night it was decided to increase the added money for the August Race Meeting to £1600, the principal prizeg being £600 for the Kalgrorlie Cup and £325 for Hannaus Handicap. It was also decide J to keep as near as possible to the dates of last year's meeting, and the secictary was instructed to apply to the West Australian Turf Club for August 12 and 14 a3 date3 for holding the races. The programme will appear in these columns as soon as the Turf' Club grants the application. About 150 oE the friends of the Rev Father Long assembled in the Athletic Hall, C ol gardie, on Thursday night to bid that prelate good-bye on the eve of his departure for Kanowna, where he is shortly to take up the position o£ parish priest. Mr F. C. B. Vosper, M.P., presided. During the evening the guest of the evening was j.resente I with an address, a purse of sovereigns, a gold cross, and a silver, flask, the gifts of his many admirers. During the evening some highly ? eulogistic references were made to the rev. gentleman's many good qualities, and he in turn thanked them for their kindly expres sions and valuable .'gifts. He complimented them on beintr residents in a city which

itood first in charitable deeds in the colony. A. splendid concert programme was earned -ut. Amongst those who contributed to the ivening's amusement were : — Hisses Cogh lan, McCallum, Edwards, Levy, Monck, Sloran, Crane, Jcrger, and Mrs O'Sullivan, ind Messrs Carey, Dr O'Suea and James Rae. S. programme of dancing brought the even ing's festivities to a conclusion. At the invitation of Mr P. Whelan, Mr Doherty, ' M.L.A. for one of the North Fremantle distr'cts, and Mr Cavacagh, a promineut architect at Perth, were driven around the district on Thursday morning. Through the courtesy Df Mr Hamilton, the manager of the Great Boulder, the party were shown over the working?, and were astounded at the vast richness of the mine. They afterwards pro ceeded to the Boulder Perseverance, where they were introduced to XTr Wittenoom. who exhibited some magnificent samples of tel luride recently won from the mina, also some large boulders of lods formation literally smothered with go'.d. The visitors were much limprescd with the great richness of the mines and the gre;it extent of goldbear ing country in the district. Recognising the great necessity for a large supply of water for the requirements of the field, Mr Doherty was more than ever convinced of the wisdom of promptly giving effect to the water scheme of the Government. Realising that the gold fields arc the back bone o£ the colony, Mr Doherty is prepared to do what he can in his position in the House, to assist the goldfields' representa tives in obtaining all the reasonable demands of the people,, who are developing what is generally acknowledged to be the greatest goldfield in the world. In fact the hon. gentleman may reasonably be classed as a goldfields' representative. Messrs R. B. Pell & Co will hold an auc tion sale of horses, cjrays, harness, and sundries at 2 o'clock to-day. Messrs Summers & Peters will conduct a mi-e I!:iueou3 auction sale at their mart, Boulder-road, this afternoon, at half -past 2 o'clock. Messrs H. B. Laslett & Co advertise for sale freehold propeities in Wittenoom, Forrest, and Brookman streets, also a resi dential area in Bourke-atrect. In consequence of shifting into new pre mises next week Messrs Gaze Bros., Hannau street. are offering their stock of boots and shoes at less than cost price. Mr J. W. Howard Taylor announces in our business columns that he has started busi ness as a sharebroker in Kalgoorlie. Mr Taylor mentions m his notice that he is working in conjunction with Messrs Clarke & Co, of Adelaide and Melbourne, and clients may ie'y on their orders receiving every attention.