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(IJy -''Anon.'1

The fixture card of the South Australian Senior Lacrosse Association was completed en .Saturday, when. East Torrens defeated University by 5 goals to 3, and thus tied with North Adelaide for third place on the liBt. Only two important matches now re main, those against Essendon, the* leading Melbourne club, in which the exponents ot South Australian latrosse will be a com

aiuea Aaeiaicte rejin ana i'ort Adelaide, itifi winners of the association competition. The lacrosse pfa-oii iji Adelaide is a short one. It barely covers three months. Never theless, a groat -J.? J of enthusiasm and ^porting fervor Ik. packed into that short period, and (.Ix; i;:et that lacrosse does not (ire the public here as it does jn Canada is no fault of local lacrosse players. Why lacrosse d»e-* not 'go'' with an Adelaide crowd as football does has always been a to tliose who tasted the cxltilarat ing delights ot the Canadian pastime. Hut although the game rouses only spasmodic excitement unions the people who look on, it lias pushed its way steadily in the active service part of the community, and these, after all, are the men who make the game from every point of view but the financial. It has been n keen season all along, owing to a large extent to the remodelling of seve ral leading, clubs before play began. The fact that Sturt, last year's premiers, decided to run two senior clubs, and that Port Ade laide amalgamated with Holdfast Bay, and so formed a solid combination, has uiveu a

fipprting 'interest ^othe race for ''tfe prc -mierghip right from 'the moment the pistol was fired till the tape was finally breasted. Port Adelaide deserved their laurels, but -they will at the same time concede that Sturt fought .gamely, ana had rough luck iu not scoring an equal -number of pcinlg. In the first match between the two clubs, when the Ports won by 7 to 6, Sturt had the misfortune to be without Kell. Then they suffered a further disadvantage by losing their best man, Noblettj who is certainly far stronger than Stapleton, the player whose injury led to the equalisation of the sides. On tieir form that day Start would certainly have drawn, and in all pro bability ?would have won if they had nad their full strength in the field throughout the match. In the return match at Unley the Sturts were fairly and squarely beaten ou their own ground. It was a long way the?, best game seen in Adelaide this year, arid one of the hottest fights known in club lacrosse-. The form shown by Port Adelaide on that occasion deserves the wannest acclamation. They may not have been better than their -opponents, but they were every inch as good, and no one who saw the match could quibble about the re sult. As it iej Port Adelaide finishes two pointy Uglier up the tree than Sturt. Sturt s reversed position is the best thing that could happen for lacrosse. The balance of power has been restored, wilieh has as palutary an effect on club games ns on in ternational politics. As far as goals go the Sturts have far the best record on the list, and they can soliliquise that if they had not run two senior clubs they would have been top again, but they chose the unselfish part, and mav therefore be reconciled to playing seconrl fiddle. Of the remaining clubs University have suffered the greatest eclipse. They have been quite unable to get ' over the loss of stars like Newland, Gardiner, and Clayton, and consequent ly are only fifth, with 5 points, instead of second with 10. North Adelaide, with practically the same team as last year, has gained two places, scoring 10 points against i. East Torrens started strong favorites, and finished in the 6ame place as last sea son, %'iz., third. With Mann aud IT. Goode in their ranks they had a stronger ieam than last year, but lost ground through -loose combination early in the sea son. _ Sturt A has not won a match. Their inclusion in the senior list was an experi ment, which has diminished the glory of yturt, whilst increasing interest in {Tie com petition. If they could borrow one or two good men from the first team they would do better next year. In coming to individual men, two or three familiar names have to be reiterated. Hum phris and Koblett are the best pair or for wards in the State, and C. V. Hughes is still the best back. Crosby and Jeffrey ore a niueh-imrjioved and verv Rfrnntr nair

Naughton has come on amazingly, and no one fights more gamely. Clare and Win torbottom are best goalkeepers in the State. Both have come on with Brobdignagian strides, nnd the goal-keeping of each hus been a pleasure to watch. Presgrave has been a consistent goal-thrower, and Gepp has played several good games. The fol lowing have been (he leading goal throwers:— L. Ilumphris, 56; W. Noble tt, 45; A. Presgrave, 40; W. S. Crosby, 32: C. Gepp, 32; V. Bishop, 25; A. Mann, 25; P. Jaffrey, 25; A. Thompson, 21; G. II. Thomas, 18; R. Taylor, 21; F. Jackman, 13; A. Ballans, 11. The competition table stands thus: — e ^ nub. 1 g i I 1 1| 1 Tort Adelaide ? 10 9 1 — 87 40 18 Sturt ? 10 8 2 — 338 54 10 Kcrtli Adelaide ? 10 5 fi -r 07 75 10 Kast Torrens ? 10 5 5 — 76 75 ]0 University ? 10 2 7 1 38 67 5 Sturt A ? 10 — 9 1 83 121 1 In the following club reports I am indebt ed lo Mesirfi. M. J. Xaughton (Port Ade laide), TreJoar (Sturt), and H. W. Hodgetts (Kast Torrens), for x-&ri.iculars about tlj-eir respective clubs: — Port- Adelaide. At the beginning of the present season both Port Adelaide and Holdfast Bay found themselves extremely weak. Port Adelaide in their forward lines and Holdfast Bay on the defence. The result way an application to the association for permission to amalga mate and play as one team, which was granted, under the name of Port Adelaide. During the season 87 goals have been thrown for and 4(3 against, showing that, although the Ports are top of the scoring sheet, it has been no easy matter to retain that posi tion, ns was instanced when East Torrens defeated them by 11 goals to 9. Because of the unccrtninty of an easy lead greater inte rest has attached itself to the club matches.

The two most interesting malces of the sea son were those against Si urt — last year's pre miers—the pftt-ond match being spoken of as one of the best displays of lacrosse seen in Adelaide for tome years. Crosby, Jaffrey, and Thomson have certainly proved them selves the goalthrowers of the team, their scores respecrively being 32, 25, and 21, a total of 78 out of 87 thrown. Thomson's claim for recognition as a first-class player seems ?to have been entirely overlooked again this season, and a little more atten tion by die selection committee would per haps give him the opportunity which he un doubtedly deserves. At fir=t home he is with out an equal in South Australia. The bril liancy of tlie forward players has somewhat overshadowed the quiet, dogged play of the back division, but in Rote, Liston, Bar rett, Needles, and Captain Spritch there is a formidable defence, although not quite as strong comparatively as the forwards. Con sidering the position of the Ports on the pcoriner-eheet they have not been too weJi treated in the matter of outeide matches, ft proceeding which has not escaped the notice of the team, and which is not at all appre ciated; but perhaps the selection committee iu their wisdom, forecasting the result of the reason's play, considered the Ports would be satisfied with Kssewdon to them selvcR on September 1. Pore Adelaide will jio into the field on September 1 to do their best to uphold their reputation, and a good game of lacrosse, and one well worth see ing, should be the result. Sturt.

Sturt's scheme of bisecting itself jn senior hicroi-e has not been a success from the club point of view, If there had only been one senior team. A. Ballans could have re presented (he first 12 in one or two matches 111 which he would have been of great ser vice. Notwithstanding the understanding on this point, Ballans played for the first team in several matches. If Sturt had bean satisfied with one senior team, it would probably have won the premiership in both matches. Chinner, 'formerly of Kast Tor rens, has come along fast, and A. Mann's place has been more than filled by Noblett. Bishop is not quite so dangerous as of yore, but liumpliris is still incomparable fleet of foot, and deadly within range of goal. Pres grave takes the focus of goal as accurately as of yore. In the A team Prisk and ITudd have done well ior jntiiov debutants, the latter espe cially. Nicholas has shewn himself a capital defence iu three or four tuatcke*. A, and

3s. itollans, recruits from East' Torrens, have teen the mainstay of the team. Without 'A. Ballans tlie 'team would be very feeble. Parker is the life of the forwards. Hortori, formerly of Port Adelaide, has kept goal splendidly. Nortli Adelaide. North Adelaide Club has gone through the present season with five -wine and five losses, and third on the list, which is a bet ter performance than the club was-,able to put up last year, when they drew with Port Adelaide for the bottom position. Last season the North's was a very young and inexperienced team, but this year the players were more mature, with the result that they gave the best teams a very good 'go on all occasions. They were success ful over their old rivals. East Torreus, in one match, while only two goals separated the teams in- favor 'of the latter when they met for the return match. Against Sturt they put up a good game, aud were de feated, by 11 goals to 7, after the score at I quarter-time being 8 to 2. The principal goal throwers were E. Taylor, who was iu fine form this year. F. Jackman, and G. Thomas. The back lines were led by the captain. W. Taylor, with O. Tonkin,' W. Lang, R. Richardson, and F. Porter to back him up. C. Back at centre was as fast as ever, and kept up his reputation in fine style- Hie colts, Muecke, Sims, Frost, nnd Axfovd, also showed great promise. East Torrens. East Torrens provided the disappoint ment of the season. They commenced with very favorable prospects indeed, nnd started well, winning their first match hy 12 goals to 5. They were then beaten by Sturt, 10 goals to 5, and again by North 1 Adelaide, 10 goals to 7. A surprise -vyas created when they defeated Port Adelaide by 11 goals to 9. Port Adelaide having pre viously beaten Sturt. A defeat at the hands of University, a victory over North Ade laide, defeats by Sturtand Port Adelaide followed, and the club wound up by de feating Sturt A and University. They tie with North Adelaide for third position. The great weakness Iny in the want, of combination, especially among the homes. Kelfish play was apparent too often. In

L. Uepp Jiast lorrens has a good nrst home. He heads -he club goal-throwing list with 20, and 32 in all games.* His phy in inter-State lacrosse was promising; he obtained 8 goals while away. A. Mann, on the attack, was a tremendous help right through the season. He obtained 19 goals in club matches from attack, a very good record. C. Lord, who was absent ii'Oirt the first three matches, showed his best form in the second half. II. Goode, II. Wicke, R. Nadebaum, J. G. Partridge Were always to the love. H. Winterbor tom was disappointing. F. Gooden, from the junior team, was a great success. P. Goode suffered (torn lack of -experience: V. Goode and G. Graham were in excellent form all through the season, aud thoroug'i T' justified their inclusion in the inter State team. D. C. Winterbottom excelled himself in goal, and played in every match. His ''keeping' in some matches was won derful, and his inclusion in the inter-State team was a well-deserved honor. With the material available in the junior teams Eaat Torrens should be strengthened next season. The following is a complete list of the goal throwers :— C. A. Gepp, 20; A. S. Mann, 19; H. Goode. 12; C. Lord, 9; H. Winterbottom, 8; P. Goode, 3; F. Goode, 2; O. Graham. 2; T. A. Siekinan, 1; total, 76. University. After their fine display last year, when they were beaten by Sturt alone, the Uni versity men suffered from a blurring eclipsp. Without Newland, Gardiner, Clayton, and Ward, they found themselves very weak when they came into conflict with the best clubs. In McLennan, Jones, and Stuckey the students kave three men left of the first rank. It is to be hoped that Newland will be lured back from the fascinations ot football, and that other sportingr men at the 'Varsity will be persuaded to take up lacrosse. hi conclusjo!), a word of praise is due to Mr. G-. Blookey, who has done a great deal of hard work for the association this season as hon. secretary.