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FROM- NECK TO FEET. 'There are several oddities which Fashion is allowing herself this sum mer: one is the trimming of light weight frocks and blouses with mara bout or other furs, which, though ap iparently incongruous, is really quite L dainty notion. Very narrow edg ings a're used, no broader than one's finger, indeed, and it is no uncommon sight to see a crepe de chine or crepe Georgette frock, or blouse, with a narrow strip of fur bordering collar, cuffs, and . fronts. Ermine, too, is quite a summer-time fur, and always looks well with a light frock, even on the hottest day. With elaborate frocks of black tulle, marquisette, net, or some such light and airy fab ric, big stoles of white fox fur. are frequently worn, and the effect gain ed is beautiful in the extreme. The gayest of gay waistcoats are being used with coats and 'skirts of-summer serge, cloth, or gabardine, and they are usually single-breasted, and fais tened with a set of faney buttons of more or less value. Very high boots are occasionally seen, always--in coi junction with very short skirts, of course, and- parasols of all bright tints and quaint shapes are in great demand. Boots will not be worn a great deal out here this summer. They are too hot, as a rule, and one is glad to take to shoes as soon as the warm wea ther comes. Another reason is that boots have become almost prihibitive in price, and are therefore not worn oftener than necessary by the majo rity of women. Until quite recently it has been a sort of unwritten law that the- short skirt must be accom panied by thq high cloth-topped boot, but, when both comfort and economy call out for shoes, one is only too glad to answer -the, call. The laced Oxford shoe is worn a good deal, both in leather, suede, patent leather, and kid, but the slipper is also to be in evidence with lingerie or fancy silk frocks. The court shape shoe, of enamelled kid, with a kid or steel buckle, is the favourite model, but slippers of fine kid or suede are also worn. Laced or buttoned shoes, in brown or champagne, are specially dseful for wearing with tussore suits, and some shoes I have seen of fine brown kid, with insets round the up pers of champagne and biscuit-col oured suede, are ideal wear for sum mer days.' Satin shoes are taking the place of velvet and even suede for indoor and evening wear, and it is `quite an easy. matter to dye, or paint, them to match any patticular frock.

SWhen Prince Heonry, the Kinag's third son, was at school at Broad stairs, he caime under the scissors of a local barber. "I suppose," said the barber, "when you and your brothers are at home, you have your hair cut by the Court hairdresser?" "Oh, no, indeed we don't," Prince Henry re turned emphatically.. " $e is much too expeusivefOr us."