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The Board of Management of this Institution held their usual monthly meeting in the Council Chambers yesterday evening. Present : Messrs. M'Dougall (chairman), Burnside, Hodgkinson, M'Intyre, Bannerman, and Reeves (Hon. Sec.)     The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed ; after which a letter, which had been received by the Treasurer from Dr. Childs, demanding a month's salary (L.66 13s. 4d.), and L.25 for maintenance for the same time, as Resident Surgeon of the Hospital.—The subject having been discussed by the Board, was even- tually postponed. Also, a letter sent to the Colonial Treasurer, pressing for a special grant in aid for the maintenance of Chinese patients.

The Secretary submitted an advertisement, inviting plans for the new Hospital, which was approved of, and ordered to be published.

A number of accounts were audited and passed, and other financial matters connected with the Hospital were considered.

The Visiting Committee reported that a frame tent, which had been recently erected for the use of convalescents, had been blown down in the storm of Sunday last. They had also to remark that additional accommodation had been found necessary for convalescents, so that the beds of the wards might be available in more serious cases and accidents. For this purpose they had purchased a frame tent which would, in some measure, meet the difficulty.

The Resident Surgeon brought up his usual report, and offered some suggestions for improve- ments in the internal management of the establish-


Notices of Motion.—Mr. M'Intyre to move— " That no out-door patients be relieved without a certificate that the applicant is in indigent circum- stances; the said certificates to be signed by two respectable householders."

The Board then separated.

A Mania for Burglary.—A robbery was effected at the Rev. J. Dare's, in Forest-strset, on

Friday night last; jewellery was stolen on the

occasion to the value of £20. We have abstained from publishing this fact, to avoid frustrating the ends of justice. A man is at present in custody

upon whom a portion of the stolen properly I"1"5 been found. The man's name is Edward Hall, who, it will be remembered, was indicted for a robbery of jewellery from Mrs. Gill's some two years since. His next exploit was a robbery at Mr. Skene's,) for which ho received a sentence of two years.^ _ On regaining his liberty, lie was taken upon suspicion of having stoleu a L.50 cheque, but was acquitted on that chargc. A few daj's ainoe he was apprehended at Howe's Lotldon Hoj;ul for interfering with the till of the establishment; and oil tnken, some of the property in question was found on him. Ha will make an appearance before the Bench in a few days.

Mysterious Murdkr.—Dr, Preshaw held an

inquest, wo learn 'from the Jlfqil, at Ncsyatead, on Monday, on the bqdy of a man, which had been found in a water hole. The body, according to the evidence, appeared to have been tied in a bag, and the bag to have been tied with a rope to the person's neck. There were several stones in tho sack. The sides of the sack had opened, so as to permit tho body to clip out. The whole mass ap peared to lmvo been in the water three or fourth

months. Thero were six wounds ou the skull. The skeleton is that of a male, about 5 ft. 5 in. in height. The inquest was adjourned till tho 20th instnnt for the production of further evidence.

The Pioneer Quartz Mining Company.—A special meeting of the shareholders in this Com pany was held last night at the Albion Hotel. A full report will appear in a future issue

The New Post Office.—The building' designed for the new Post Office, opposite View Place, has been commenced, and the works are being ener getically proceeded with.

Sudden Deaths.—During tho last few days Kyneton has been visited with several tragic oc currences resulting in the death of some two or three fellow-creatures. Whilst fires were raging in our immediate vicinity, threatening to devastate the district, the youth aud the adult were falling victims to rashness or folly in another destructive element—water. A fine young man, named Thomas M'Cracken, -whilst in a state of intoxication, meets with a watery grave, and all his mates so drunk as to be either wholly insensible or unable to render any assistance; whilst a few hours previous, two youths of tender years, fancy ing themselves men, plunge into the treacherous depths of tho Campaspe, ft little further down the same stream, and one of the lads sinks to rise no more.—Knyeton Observer.

New Appointments.—Tho following gentlemen have been appointed Police Magistrates of Vic toria :—Stephen Thomas Clissold, Esq., at Bal laarat; William Crawford, Esq., at Williamstown and Sandrldge ; Charge Edward Strutt, Esq., at Echuca; Crawford Aitclieson Denham Pasco, Esq., at Swan Hill and Kerang on the Loddon ; Frederick Call, Esq., at Maryborough, Alma, and Carisbrook. Baptist Wriotliesley Noel, Esq., to bo Crown Prosecutor at Kyneton, Castlemaine, Sandhurst, Kilmore, and Beecliworth ; John Foster M'Creight, Esq., to be Crown Prosecutor, at Ballaarat, Carisbrook, and Hamilton. George Shovcbottom, Esq., to be Curator of Intestate Estates and Collector of Imposts at Melbourne for the whole colony, The following are appointed clerks of Petty Sessions, to act at the places to which their names are attached Mr. Charles Cruikshank,'at Epsom; Mr. G. C. Maitlaud, at Echuca ; Mr. Henry Ford, at ICorong. .

Applications tor Patents.—William Coote and

Edmund Baugli Andrews, of Ballaarat, in the county of Grenville, architect and engineers, have applied for a patent for " Crushing quartz or other analogous material." Robert Davidson, of Bal laarat, in the county of Grenville, engineer, has applied for a patent for " An improved Circum feren tor for mining surveying."

Culpable Neglect.—The public will scarcely credit that within a stone's throw of all the banks in Lydiard-street, of the Treasury, and the Tele graph Office, is a wooden building, surrounded by stables and barracks of the like inflammable mate

rial, forming part, in fact, of the miserable abortion, the log gaol, is stored all the powder formerly constituting the magazine of the 40th Regiment, and still retained there for the service of the police force. At the present time the chinks between the logs, of which this wooden receptacle is built, are wide enough to allow of the passing of the hand through tnem, and are so on all sides. The roof, of shingles merely, is as thin as such roofs usually are, and as dry as matchwood.—Bullaurat


Daring Burglary.—Capture of Ons of the

Robbers.—Last Friday night, another fearful outrage was perpetrated at a house situated between the Brown Hill Hotel and the Warren heip Saw-mills, belonging to Mr. F. Costello. In the house at the time were Mr. Costello, his wife, a Miss Coyle, and two servants ; and five burglars having contrived to enter the building, presented their pistols at the inmates, and threatened to shoot them if tbey offered the slightest resistance. Of course no opposition was offered, and two of

the ruffians searched the house while the others

kept guard. Property worth a large amount in jewellery, money, &c., was abstracted. After some time jhe burglars departed. Mr. Costello at once communioated with the police, and the de tectives were immediately on the track of the five men. Yesterday morning a man named David Callon was arrested on suspicion of being con

cerned in the matter. The whole of the stolen

property, with the exception of a silver watch, was found upon him. A cluc was eventually obtained to the other participators in the crime, and it is confidently expeoted they will soon be

m safe custody.

-Baltaarat Star.