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A subscription has been set on foit in this ci(y for the purchase and presentation of a sword to Garibaldi, the hilt to be composed of Victorian gold, and to represent a figure emblematical of liberated Italy. Fitly enough, tin movement ? originated with Signor Martelli, an old comrade or

Garibaldi's, who fought, with him in 1840 9. and who speaks in the most enthusiastic terms of tbo brave and noblo qualities of the Hero of Palermo, Although tbe iubscription list has been opened by Italians, it is not intended to limit it to the people of that nation, but to invita the co operation of all who admire the character and achievements of Garibaldi.

The tercentenary of tbe Reformation in Scotland was celebrated yesterday by the Presbyterians in Victoria. The day chosen was that on which John Knox received the sanction of the Scottish Parliament to the nets of the Reformers The. proceedings of the day consisted of a public breakfast in the Temperance Hall; a lecture in tho Ifev. Mr. Hetherington's church, on the Information ; and a public meeting in the Exhi bition Building, in the evening. Each of these waB well attended. "


The celebrated raco horse Alice Hawthorn died

at Point Cooke, ihe estate of her owner, T Chirnj side, Esq, on Sunday last On Saturday last she wns suffering from a severe cold, and refused her oat; ; on Sunday she was much worse, and toward evening died of inflammation of tbe lungs. It is a soma what curious coincidence that in our latest files from Pydney, we learn that Old' Jorrocks, for a long time the champion of New South Wales,

is now no more.