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  • Anonymous 17 Nov 2009 at 21:15
    David Solomon, who died at Longford in 1860, aged 42, is almost certainly the third son of Isaac "Ikey" Solomon on whom Dickens is reputed to have based his "Fagin" character. He married Sophia Christinia Raynor on 7 October 1837 at New Norfolk, TAS. They had many children.

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BIRCHALL.—September 8, Mrs. Andrew W. Birchall, Brisbane-street, Launceston, of a daughter.  

BROWN.—August 26 at her residence, the Royal Standard,     Elizabeth-street, Mrs. R. Brown, of a daughter.    

BRYAN.—August 30, at Evandale, Mrs. John Bryan, of a


CLEBURNE.—September 17, at her residence, Old Wharf,     Hobart Town, Mrs. R. M. Cleburne, of a son.    

COLE.—August 27, at her residence Liverpool-street,   Hobart Town, Mrs. W. Cole, of a daughter.

COWLE.—September 8, at Cullenswood, Mrs. T. P. Cowle       jun., of a son.

DAVIS.—August 17 at her residence, Leicester Buildings, Murray-street, Hobart Town, Mrs. Charles Davis, of a  


FARRER.—September 11, at No. 27 Davey-street, Hobart  

Town, Mrs. Rowland Farrer, of a son.

GOODWIN.—August 20, at her residence, Bathurst-street,         Launceston, the wife of Mr. Edward Goodwin, of a


HARRISON.—August 24, at her residence, Kelly-street,   Mrs. William Harrison, of a daughter.

JOHNSTON.—September 6, at Rose Bank, Bruni, the wife   of Archibald Johnston Esq., of a son.

LLOYD.—August 27, at her residence, Margaret-street,       Launceston, Mrs. James William Lloyd, of a daughter.

OLDAKER.—August 21, Mrs. W. H. Oldaker of a daughter.

PERKINS.—September 5, at Longford, the wife of Mr.     Thomas Perkins, auctioneer, of a daughter.  

PURDON.—September 3, at her residence, Macquarie- street, Hobart Town, Mrs. Thomas Rodney Purdon, of a


QUODLING. -September 6, at Bothwell, the wife of Mr. H.

G. Quodling, of a daughter.  

ROBERTSON.—August 27, at Frankland-street, Mulgrave-   square, Launceston, Mrs. John Robertson, of a daughter.  

SANSOM.—September 4, at Hobart Town, the wife of Cap-   tain Sansom, of a son, stillborn.    

SEAMAN.—September 17, at Roseville, Hobart Town, the   wife of the Rev. John B. Seaman, of a daughter.      

SHARP.—August 18, at her residence, York-street, Laun-   ceston, Mrs. James sharp, of a son.  

STEVENS.—September 9, at No. 47 Macquarie-street,       Hobart Town, Mrs J. H. Stevens, of a daughter.  

TOWNER.—September 1, at Summer Hill, Port Sorell, Mrs.     Thomas Towner, of a daughter.

TOWNSEND.—September 3, at Welman-street, Launceston,     the wife of Mr. E. Townsend, of a daughter.  

WALCH.—September 12, at No. 18 Macquarie-street,   Hobart Town, Mrs. J. Walch, of a daughter.

WALTON.—September 8, at her residence, Coby Hall,             Goulbourn-street, Hobart Town, Mrs. W. Walton, of a    


WARD.—August 20, at Hamilton, Mrs. Alfred Ward, of a     daughter.    

WHITTAKER.—August 19, at her residence, Canning-   street, Launceston, Mrs William Whittaker, jun., of a son.

WILLES.—August 30, at Plas Newydd, Swansea, the wife

of J. Willes, Esq., surgeon, of a son.      

WILSON.—August 19, Mrs. F. L. Wilson, of Glenorchy, of

a son.

WILLIAMS.—August 21, at the residence of her father-in-         law, M. W. Williams, George-street, Launceston, the wife of   Mr. Thomas A. Williams, of a daughter.


CLARK—WALKER.—August 23, at St David's Cathedral,             Hobart Town, by the Lord Bishop of Tasmania, assisted by the Ven Archdeacon Davies, William J. Clarke Esq., of St.   Kilda, Victoria, to Mary, second daughter of John Walker Esq., Barrack-steet, Hobart Town.        

DEAN—MCLEOD.—August 29, by the Rev. F. Miller, at the   residence of the father Mr. Johnson Dean of Bream       Creek, to Isabel, second daughter of Mr. Hugh McLeod,   Willamson-street, Hobart town.        

DRYDEN—REED.—August 25, at Launceston, by special     license, by the Rev. James Lindsay, William Dryden, of Ack-     lington, Northumberland, to Mary Fenwick, eldest daughter       of the late Mr. William Reed, millwright, Tynemouth, Nor-


GOODWIN—CHAPLIN.—September 13, at Black Brush,   by special license, at the residence of the bride's father, by        

the Rev. John Burrowes, Edwin Walter Goodwin, eldest son     of Mr. Edwin Goodwin, of Melton Mowbray, to Margaret,         daughter of Mr. Edward Chalpin, Black Brush.

NICHOLSON—PRIEST.—August 21, by special license by   the Rev. James Lindsay, Thomas Nicholson, painter to   Christina Priest, third daughter of John Priest, Lossiemouth,          

Morayshire, Scotland.  

RUSSELL—PARSONS.—August 23, at Berridale, near           Bothwell, by the Rev. Robert Russell , Thomas Russell Esq., of Warrook, Victoria, to Anna Louisa, third daughter of Charles         Octavius Parsons Esq.  

SORELL—COVERDALE.—September 19, by special license         at St. Luke's Church, Richmond, Hugh Percy Sorell Esq., to Dorah, eldest daughter of John Coverdale Esq., M.D.,Rich-       mond.          

STEEL-COWELL. -September 12, at Cullenswood, by the     Rev. B. Drake, Michael Steel Esq.,of Thompson's Villa, Fal-      

mouth, to Emma Charlotte, eldest daughter of Henry         Cowell Esq., Cullenswood House.      

WRIGHT—DUNCANSON.—September 13, at Chalmers' Free Church, Hobart Town, by the Rev. W. Nicolson, Mr.

William E. Wright, of Battery Point, to Jeanette, second daughter of Mr. Malcolm Duncanson, Melbourne-street,  

Hobart Town.


BABINGTON.—September 4, Mary wife of Mr. J. A. M. Babington, of this city aged 39 years.  

BEST.—August 31, at his residence, Charles-street, Laun-     ceston, Mr. Charles Best, timber merchant, aged 51 years.

BUNTON.—August 18, at the Blenheim Farm, Longford, the   infant daughter of Mr. Joseph Bunton.  

BURNS. -August 25, at the Cornwall Hospital, Launceston, Elizabeth Burns, aged 65 years.  

BUTLAND.—September 5, at the residence of Mr. Muir, Tamar-street, Launceston, Mr. Thomas Butland, late   George-street, aged 83 years.  

CARTER.—September 6, at his late residence, Battery   Point, Hobart Town, Mr. James Carter, aged 82 years.  

CLEGHORN.—September 8, at Brisbane Place, Brisbane- street, John Cleghorn, aged 58 years.

CLARKE.—September 2, at Launceston, James Clarke, aged 48 years, native of Galway, Ireland.

CROCKER. -August 23 the infant son of Mr. Henry Crocker

jun., aged 3 months.

CUTTS.—August 31 at the residence of her son Mr.

Chilcott, at Breadalbane Cocked Hat, Mrs Ann Cutts, aged

79 years.  

DIXON.—August 20, at Launceston, Moses Dixon, aged 35  


GARDNER.—September 3, at Launceston, William Gardner,   aged 61 years, formerly of Greek-street Soho, London.      

GARRARD.—August 28, Eustace William, infant son of the       Rev. J. Garrard, aged 5 months.

GLAMM.—August 19, at the residence of her husband,     New Norfolk, Martha the wife of Mr. John Glamm, aged 39


GRACIE.—August 17, at Campbell Town, the Infant son   W. and E. Gracie, aged 3 weeks.

GRANT.—August 23, at Launceston, Eva, the infant daughter of Mr. H. Grant, Launceston.

GREEN.—September 12, at Carrick, Thomas James, infant   son or Mr. F. Green, aged 3 months.      

GRINFORD.—September 1, at her resildece, Warwick-   street, Hobart Town, Ann, the wife of John Grinford.  

HAMILTON.—September 2, at her late residence, Belgrave     Place, Davey-street, Hobart Town, Beatrice, the wife of James   Hamilton, Esq., fomerly of Campbell Town, aged 49 years.  

HEDGER.—September 3, at her residence, Union Hotel,       New Norfolk, Fanny, the wife of Mr. John Hedger.

HILL.—September at his residence, No. 12 Runnymede-   street, Battery Point, Mr. John Hill, aged 55 years.    

HOLDEN.—August 21, at his residence, the Rainbow Inn,   New Town Road, Mr. Thomas Holden, age 46 years.  

HUNTER.—August 21, George Aubert, son of Mr. Henry Hunter, Macquarie-street, Hobart Town, aged 14 months.  

HUXTABLE.—September 10, at his residence, Argyle-street,     Hobart Town, Mr. John George Huxtable.  

JOHNSON.—September 6, at his late residence, Barley             Mow Battery Point, Hobart Town, Mr. William Johnson, aged 48 years.  

KENNEDY.—August 29, at Launceston, Mr. John Kennedy, aged 55 years.

KENT.—August 16, at Patterson-street, Launceston, Aquila     Whittaker, infant son of Mr. P. Kent.  

KING.—September 2, at Launceston, Ellen King, formerly       of Belfast, Inland, aged 55 years.

LAW.—August 25 at Launceston, Oliver Milton, the infant   son of the Rev. William Law, aged 13 months.

LOVETT.—August 24 at New Town, Mr. Frederick Lovett,   aged 39 years.

MACKIE.—August 31, at the manse Learmonth, Elizabeth,   infant daughter of the Rev. George Mackie, aged 13 months.

MACKIE.—August 31, at Learmonth, Barbara, the wife of   the Rev. George Mackie, aged 39 years.    

MONTGOMERIE.—September 15, at Franklin, Mr. William King Montgomerie, aged 69 years.

NIXON.—August 26, Sarah the third daughter of Mr.   Joseph Nixon, of Hagley, aged 10 years and 6 months.    

OVERELL.—September 8, at Glenorchy, Mr. John Overell,   aged 40 years.

OVERELL.—September 8, at Kensington, Mary Ann, the   wife of Mr William Overell, aged 46 years.    

PATERSON.—September 3, at his residence, River Forth,       Mr. Leslie Paterson, aged 51 years, youngest son of Captain William Paterson, of Mason Lodge, County Derry, Ireland.    

PETERS.—September 8, at the residence of his father,   Fingal, Charles, fifth son of Mr. Charles Peters.

PULFORD.—August 30, at Launceston, George Pulford,     aged 38 years, formerly of Staffordshire, England.  

RADFORD.—August 20, at the Epping Forest Hotel, Mr.   John Radford, aged 25 years.

RANKING.—September 1, at Launceston, Wiliam Ranking,     aged 61 years.

SCULLY.—September —at the residence of her father,     Castle Forbes Bay, Elizabeth Ann, infant daughter of Mr.   James Scully.

SOLOMON.—August 21, at his residence, Longford, Mr.   David Solomon, aged 42 years.      

SWAN.—September 3, Alice Amelia, twin daughter of Mr. G. Swan, Cromwell-street, Hobart Town.  

TUCK.—August 20, at Hobart Town, Mr. John Tuck, aged    

50 years.

VINCENT.—September 12, at Green Ponds, Susannah, relict  

of the late Mr. John Vincent.  

WARD.—August 27, at the residence of Mrs. Peters Rest-     down Road, Selina Bickley, the infant daughter of Thomas   Ward, of Hobart Town, aged 3 weeks and 3 days.  

WATERS.—August 27, at the Cornwall Hospital, Launces-   ton, Mr. Joseph Waters, aged 70 years.

WEST.—August 23, at his residence, Loscome Farm, Mr.   Edward West sen, aged 70 years.

WHITBREAD.—August 29, at Hobart Town, Richard T.   Whitbread, aged 44 years.  

WILLIAMS.—September 1, at Entally, Richard George,       infant son of Henry and Sarah Williams aged 11 months.      

WILLIAMS.—September 10, at his residence, St. John-street,     Launceston, Mr. George Williams, aged 57 years.  


On the 17th inst. at her residence, Old Wharf,

Mrs. R. M. CLEBURNE of a son.

At Stoke Newington, near London, on the 10th   July, the wife of SAMUEL COPPING, Esq., of a son.


On Wednesday, 19th inst., by special licence, at St. Luke's Church, Richmond, Hugh Percy SORELL,

Esq., to DORAH, eldest daughter of John Coverdale,       Esq., M. D. Richmond.

On Thursday, the 20th instant, at All Saints'   Church, by the Lord Bishop of Tasmania, assisted   by the Rev. Dr. Parsons, JOHN ROBERTSON, of Colac, Victoria, eldest son of William Robertson,   Esq., Melrose, to SARAH MARTHA, only daughter of the late Edward Paine Butler, Esq., solicitor, Hobart Town. s22  

At St. Pancras, London, on the 28th Feb., 1860, VICTOR ALBERT, eldest son of J. S. Prout, Esq., to AMY, only daughter of the late William Barker, Esq., of Norwood.    

At St. Pancras, London, on the 15th of June, 1860, EDMUND COPPING, Esq., of the Daily Tele- graph, to ROSA Heathilla, third daughter of J. S.   Prout, Esq.  


On the 18th June, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. J. S. Prout, Camden Town, STEPHEN MARSH, Esq., of Penzance, Cornwall, aged 87  


On the 17th instant, at Stony Creek, Campbell Town, accidentally drowned, Mr. GEORGE McMIL-     LAN, aged 26 years, third son of Mr. William Mc Millan, of Perthshire, Scotland.