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Tho oi in on that the Pan ma louto must boulti malely i lople 1 as tho settle 1 post ii line of com immicition between Poll mel «on an 1 Lngluiid if tho mtei^sts of Lostein Vusti alia and Now 7oaland lcccive duo consideiation 1 a3 become afteiyoais o'" diseussion condining the ldauvo mouts of di

feie it io les the sV* If it conviction ot most of those 11 e Colonx mid m tho inolhu comitiv whc h ive cev otc 1 attention to the sublet Iho idvan tige to be de îvcd f cm a comm miCution tiavois mg such a clustci of pioduetive and advancing states and colonies as f ho idands of the Pacific tho West In lies anl the parts of Vineuca boideung on the isthmus and eiossmg the giuit lines of ti allic between the eastern and westein shoies of No th Amciica and the Western coast of South Amciica can liai di} bo ovoi estimated And m the event of wai botv con England and ni} of the Lui oi eau poweis-an event vvkieli picsent tuiden cíes rendel not mipiobablo-the line b} Egypt and the Mediten ano m woidd almost cei tarni} bomtei

copte 1 while the fiieiidlv i dations between the 1 ntish Empno and the United States of Anionca wh cb to saj the le ist mo less hkel} to be alteied than thoso existing with the nations of Em ope-woidd enable us to m 1 o u=e of tho stais anti stupes a nouti d fl tg foi the maintenance of tho Panama line m othei woi Is Biothoi Jonathan would be îeady to cn plo^ lus own vessels in so piofitablo an ontcipu«o us tljs hue is sine to liove lu the A«semblv uhc Executivo Government, aud the mcicantile community-imong ill in fict who luve du octet attention to tho sid icct thoie is an mci easing un immitv in fav oi ol this line , and tho îeeeiit pioposal of Messis Peal son Coleman and Co to nuclei tal e foi i stibstVy of ¿C70 000 fiom this colony the eonve} ance of mails b} that i onto within six months aftei acceptance of this oflei

«eoms to biuig the accomplishment ol this most desnablc object within a it ison ibli distance ol time Wo ti list no hesit ition on tho pait of the Legislative Assembl} will del ly tho attainment of

theiosult But as tv o oi tlnee months must

elapoo befoie the question is submitted to tho Le gislatuic it c m scai eely bo los» than six months fiom this time befoio tho lequisito assiuauce can be conveyed to the com] any who have offeied to undertake the sei vice Then oven if no iinfoicseon coiitmgency should mteipose it is oidy on the tçi mutation of anothei six months that they wdl be bound to commence opeiatious What ate wo to do meanvvlidci1 A\e must eithei consent to whatevoi uiiangcmeiit tho Victouan Government me wdhng to make with us and stand befoio the vvoild m the position o a subsidiaiy distuct oi make use of tho means within otu conti ol to open anothei line of communication Wo have aheudy pointed out the p acticabdityand advantages of a lmo fiom Sjdnc} toSmgapoio both foi ouiselves and the colonies of Queensland and Now Zealancl and wobeheveit is only ncces<=aiy to leep them befoio public attention to ensuio ageneialappioval of thatioute Wo have many concmiont pioofs fiom nautical men fmiihai with tho whole pas sago, of the safot} and ease with which steam com jminjcation may bo maintained via Tones Stints between this port and Singupoic To these has boon added the tostlmon} of Captain Denham Ofhual mioimiitioii to the Government by an oflicci in hei Majcst} s Navy sent out foi the piu pose of suive}mg the Stunt1! confiims tho views which liieicaiitili captiuns had foimed in the couise of sev oi al yeai s cxpeuenco m those watei s

Tiom actual expenonco it is consideied that stoameis leaving Singopoio on the amvul of the riiglish nmil-stoamoi and commg thiough lonos Stiaits would piobabl} leach &}duey some davs befoio those vvluch tal o tho mail ou boaid at Point do Gulle and como lound Cape Leeuwin, canauivo at Melbourne So that wo might expect to be goneiallyui advance of oui Yiclouan neighbois, inBteadof bemg alwii}s two oi tlneo days behind them Hwodepond on tho Point de Galle and Melbourne hue wo cannot make sm e of time enough tounsweioui lettcis when they do amve 01

course, the Melbourne people will consult their own interest,and convenience in the matter; and it would bo a serious detriment to their commercial operations to delny tho mail fivo or six days longer than they require for tho sako of accopimpflatüig us. Wo cannot claim or expect suenan amount of consider- ation there. Itis no ungoueroiisjoalonsj' that rendors us averse to fall into a secondary position as a mero appendage of Melbourne ; fair and honorable emulation is fitted to benefit both colonies; and a languid acquiosence on our part in an arrangement degrading to us, would bo depriving our neighbors of & healthful stimulus; and bo injurious to thom as ivell as to ourselves. It is npi a- groundless sensitiveness on the part of Now South Wales, but a motivo whichis of vital conséquence to thoprogross of Australia, that induces us to seek a channel of com- munication with Britain other than that in which wo should appear, per favom of the colony of Victoria. But besides tho loss of prestige which, to somo hard-beaded commercial reckoners, may seom but a fanciful ovil, thoro would bo tho sub- stantial and serious inconvenience of tho want of proper time to answer coiTcfcpondoiitö, Have wo not had enough of this ali cady ? "

under tho arrangement now brought to a close the people of this colony karo been all along at a groat disadvantage as compared with thoso of Victoria. Seldom has it been possible for any beyond the immediate precincts of Sydney to answer their correspondence by tho samo mail which brought it; and sometimes the citizens of the metropolis have not boon allowed this 'advan- tage. Arid now instead of any improvement, tho proposed now arrangement will expose ¡is, if wp dp not open another Uno for ourselves, to still greater inconvenience. Aro tho people of this colonj' willing to submit to this for a year or two? Would they not rather fully justify tho Govern- ment in taking immediate steps to securo tho opening of a postal communication with Singapore ?

From the terms ol'a despatch which has reached the Government it appears that, by ,tho now ar- rangement with tho Peninsular and Oriental Com- pany, the July mail was not to leavo Sydney until the 22nd of jibe present month, leaving Melbourne on the 2'Oth, so as to catch the Calcutta steamer at Gallo. Tho August mail will leave Sychiby on 'tho

22nd of that month, and that will bo the last vessel from tliia port, as at present arranged. It is to bo presumed, therefore, that tho Ottawa will be detained till the 22nd ; for although there is nothing to prevent the agent of tho Company norn sending away tho usual mail on the 1-lth, yot it is scarcely probable that this conrso will bo adopted when tho 22nd is named iii tho . ofliciid. despatch. The minute of the Executive Council, of tho (¡th April last, and which wo have already moro than onco referred to /, spfHcientlj' oxplains the views of tho present Government in rcforonco to tho then proposed chango ia tho contract, and also with reference to tho Panama route. While not prepared lo advise that tho colony should bo n parly to auj' contract binding it to support tho Sue.: route for a series of yctus, ,tlio, Executive Council wore yet opposed to tho absolute rejection of tho Company's proposal, but woro willing, to Subsidise, so long as it was used bj' this1 colony, that service which should bo approved of by the colonies most interested in tho Sue/, route. This was fair and liberal onough ; yot wo soo that tho Company have loft tho New Sqipih 'Wales mails to bo carried in somo way not at all provided for by their arrangement with tho Homo Govern- ment. ' ' ' ' . c

AVo gather that Ministers soo_ no difficulty in making a temporary, ai rangement; for tho con voy- ance ol' the niiiils to Singapo'ro" by way of Torres' States, provided that any local company! is pre- pared lo mako an offer. .Tho Australasian Steam Nayffiatjou Company has three or four screw vessels suitable, for the, service, and it 'will bo gratifying io' lioar'lhnl somo ftmuigouiGntliiis beep, mudo to cany ouj, tho'suggestions offered respect- ing tho eastern i puto by Australia, until the Pa- nama line can po established,