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Feb. 10.- The ship Woodford, 542 tons,  

Captain Chapman from Sydney, January 30, having on board,a detachment of the 3d Regi- ment or Buffs, consisting of Lieutenant Co- lonel Cameron, Captain Foley, Lieutenant Mac- nab, Lieutenant Barr, Ensign Disborough, and  

Dr. Roberts of the 18th Foot, 9 Serjeants, 129 rank and file, 3 drummers, 26 women, and 46 children:- took an board stores for refresh- ment and about 7 tons of potatoes, and sailed for Madras on the 13th instant.        

Feb. 14.- The ship Admiral Cockburn, 351 tons, Captain W. J. Cooling, from London 19th of September, having touched at the Cape of Good Hope, with various merchandize, among which are 150 hhds. of porter, 46 casks of bottled ale, 88 puncheons of rum, 11 ditto Geneva, 11 ditto brandy, 23 barrels of tar, 45 boxes flint glass; seeds, tools, linens and cottons, toys, hats, soap, playing cards, haber- dashery and millinery; silks, saddlery, chaises,   stationery, drugs, wine, piano forte, pewter ware, &c. chieflly for Captain Cooling and Mr. Lord. Twenty-six pipes of Cape wine were shipped at the Cape for Mr. T.H. James of Sydney.

Passengers, J. Stephen, Esq. brother of the Solicitor General, Mrs. Stephen and 4 children, Miss Hamilton, Edward Lord, Esq. Mr. Guilding, Mr. Blaxland, Mr. and Mrs Nichols, Masters G. and T. Anstey, (sons of T. Anstey, Esq. of Jericho), Mr. Knight, Mrs. Briggs, Mrs. Cooling, Mr. and Mrs. Blakesly, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and 3 children, Mrs. Drysdale and child, Miss Turnbull, Miss Smith, Messrs. Shackell, Robinson, Byers, Brenan, Maident, Sibley, and Wiggins.

Same day.- The brig Apollo, Captain Laugh- ton, from Sydney January 31, with 20 pipes. Cape wine, 6 Vidonia, and 33 casks port ditto, 100 boxes soap, 440 bushels maize, 121 planks cedar, 40 bags corks, prints, paper, gin, besides 6 puncheons rum which were transhipped at sea from the transport ship Phoenix, for Mr. C. Wright.

Passengers, Mr. C. Wright, Mr. Stephenson? Mr. Townsend, Lieutenant Veichell, and two


Feb. 19.-The Australian Company's ship City of Edinburgh, 454 tons, Captain Mac- kellar, from Leith 25th of September, Dublin 19th of October, touching at St. Jago, with an assorted eargo of goods for the Company, and packages for P. Graham, Mrs. Carmichael, W. Bertram, J. T. Goodsir, J. King, J. M'Leod, Captain Wood, F. Schultze, W. Dunn, N. Williatt, A. Warren, |R. Crawford, Temple Pearson, Charles Frazer, W. Shairp, M. Paterson, J. Imrie, J. Rankin, R. Young, T. Gourlay, A. Ferguson, R. Pringle, D. Skirving, Rev. J. Keane, and Miss Neill.

Passengers, Mr. Kermode and servant, (a black native ot Van Diemen's Land), Mr. and Mrs. Black, Messrs. King, Brown, Wallace» Frazer, Baillie, Etchinson, and Mrs* Edrip^ and

two children.


Feb. l8.-The ship Hope, Captain Cunning* ham, with the remainder of her original cargo for Sydney, and 11 bales of wool, 3 bundies

of kangaroo skins, 6 sheep and a goat* front.,

this Port. r \» . ä$f

« ".*? ¿fr «W** ¡M , "