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July 1 - The ship Cape Packet, J Laughton commander, 210 tons, from Sydney 10th June, with 153 bags of sugar, 2 sheets lead, 2 bales corks, from

T. H. James to Thomas Atkinson; 10  

hhds. 22 quarter casks, 3 bales, 1 case, from Ramsey & Ramsey to ditto ; 1 case, 40 bags.sugar, and, 13 chests tea, from Anstice to Bru ford ; 1 case lemons, 61 bags'sugar, 12 coils rope, 3 bales sails, J- Laughton ; 2 boxes oranges, K^mp and Barker; 1 bale, 12 bales paper, 1 cask, 2 kegs, 3 case«, 120 enses soap, T. Atkinson ; 1 case plants, Dr. Espie; S case, P. Murdoch; 2 cases,Trenholm ; 1 cask, 2 hoists, Junes ; 3 cases, and 15 ^kins tobacco, J. T. Colhcott ; 1 box, J. Kerr ; 1 case, T. Crowther. Passen- gers - Dr. Espie, R. N., Mr. T. Atkinson, Mrs. Atkinson, Mrs, Laughton, Mrs. Foord, Mr. Trenholm, Master John Laughton, and Thomas Hugan.    

Arrived yes'erday-The bark Henry, 259 tons, Henry John Bunney, from Ports- mouth 23d March, with 86 boxes glass, to order; a box, J. A. Eddie; 50 hhds. porter, W. A. Bethune; 2 cases, J. G. Briggs ; 15 casks, 4 cases, 22 barrels, B. B.   Thomas; 2 gigs, 10 ploughs, scar'fit is, wheat mill, threshing machine, and various othier agricultural implements, 25 sheep (1 alive) pigs, 8tc.,; B. B. Thomas, 86   bales and casts, VV. Morgan Orr ; 12 hhds. .wine, boxes and ca«,es, to order ; I hhn. 2 cases, D. Pitcairn, 4 trunks 4 cases, G.   Holland; 9 packages, Crawley and Cle- burne, for Van Diemien's Land, besides the following for Sydney :-a nox, Mrs. Marmer ; 8 casks and caes, J. Hassall ;  

28 ditto, R Howe ; 7 ditto, S, Ha-sali ; a i box, D. Douglas. ; 4 pipes 20 puncheons, Willoughby Bean ; 2u puncheons j Jones and Walker ; 3 ca«es, President of the .î^ew Som!» Wales Bank ; 150 ct^ks and casts, Rame and Ramsay; 101 ditto, T. ktly ; 41 ditto, R. Campbell, j»n 750 .ciitio, J Ho-kingand E, Spark ; 2ó0muo,

vV. C. Wt mwoiih.-Passengt is, Mr and Mrs, 'Holland, ftlr. and Mrs. Ne«come, Ilt. Wi'mot, Mr. Pitcairn, Mu Barnett, 'Mis Barnett, Mis.« T:ddy, Mr. and Mrs. 'Clayburn^ Mr and Mrs Ciawley, James £lbs and Henry Canden.-Agent, Mr.

'Bethune. '