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July 1.—The ship Cape Packet, J Laughton commander, 210 tons, from Sydney 10th June, with 153 bags of sugar, 2 sheets lead, 2 bales corks, from

T. H. James to Thomas Atkinson; 10  

hhds. 22 quarter casks, 3 bales, 1 case, from Ramsey & Ramsey to ditto ; 1 case, 40 bags sugar, and, 13 chests tea, from Anstice to Bruford; 1 case lemons, 61     bags sugar, 12 coils rope, 3 bales sails, J. Laughton; 2 boxes oranges, Kemp   and Barker; 1 bale, 12 bales paper, 1 cask, 2 kegs, 3 cases, 120 cases soap, T. Atkinson ; 1 case plants, Dr. Espie; 8 case, P. Murdoch; 2 cases, Trenholm; 1 cask, 2 horses, Junes ; 3 cases, and 15 skins tobacco, J. T. Colhcott ; 1 box, J. Kerr; 1 case, T. Crowther. Passen-   gers—Dr. Espie, R. N., Mr. T. Atkinson, Mrs. Atkinson, Mrs. Laughton, Mrs. Foord, Mr. Trenholm, Master John Laughton, and Thomas Hugan.    

Arrived yesterday—The bark Henry, 259 tons, Henry John Bunney, from Ports- mouth 23d March, with 86 boxes glass, to order; a box, J. A. Eddie; 50 hhds. porter, W. A. Bethune; 2 cases, J. G. Briggs ; 15 casks, 4 cases, 22 barrels, B. B.   Thomas; 2 gigs, 10 ploughs, scarifiers,   wheat mill, threshing machine, and various other agricultural implements, 25 sheep (1 alive) pigs, &c.; B. B. Thomas, 86   bales and cases, W. Morgan Orr; 12 hhds.   wine, boxes and cases, to order; 1 hhd. 2   cases, D. Pitcairn, 4 trunks 4 cases, G.   Holland; 9 packages, Crawley and Cle- burne, for Van Diemien's Land, besides the following for Sydney:—a box, Mrs.   Marmer; 8 casks and cases, J. Hassall;      

28 ditto, R Howe; 7 ditto, S. Ha[?]sa[?]; a       box, D. Douglas; 4 pipes 20 puncheons,   Willoughby Bean; 20 puncheons, Jones     and Walker; 3 cases, President of the   New South Wales Bank; 150 casks and   casts, Raine and Ramsay; 101 ditto, T. Icely; 41 ditto, R. Campbell, jun 750   ditto, J Hosking and F. Spark; 250 ditto

W. C. Wentworth. — Passengers, Mr and Mrs. Holland, Mr. and Mrs. Newcome, Mr. Wilmot, Mr. Pitcairn, Mr. Barnett, Mrs Barnett, Miss Tiddy, Mr. and Mrs. Clayburn, Mr and Mrs Crawley, James Ellis and Henry Canden.—Agent, Mr.