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Shipping Intelligence.  


July 23. — America, ship 690 tons, Gardyne, from Liverpool April 16th, with general cargo. Passengers - Mr. Shaw, Mr. N. C. Willis, sur- geon-superintendent, and three hundred and forty-two immigrants. Agents — Kerr, Bogle,

and Co.  

. ' 23 -Retriever, brig, 150 tons, Aroher, from Twofold Bay July 16, with sheep and cattle.


23.-Louisa, schooner, 84 tons. Johnstone, from - -Port 'Albert 18th instant, with sheep. Agenta

Gilles Brothers.

' 23 -Julia, brig, 126 tons, Tilley, from South ;. :Seai, With oil. Agent-Master.


July 23 -Mary Ann, schooner, 116 tons, , Grave», for Port Albert, in ballast


Per America, from Liverpool-One box, A. F. Smith; 1 cs books, Rev. W. Woods; 4 shafts, 2 bodies, 4 wheels, 16,900 slates, 210 tons coals, 30 bls hops, order ; 3 ess stationery, Huxtable and Deakin ; 4 css shot, 40 brls pork, 20 qr-csks   wine. 20 brls meal, 8 do peas. 12 do pitch. 10 bxs oil, 62 bhds rum, 100 firkins butter, 500 bxs soap, 20 bxs pipes, 40 bdls bacon, 400 hams, McPherson and Francis ; 220 iron hurdles, 2 iron gates, 9 do posts and rails, 1 cs bolts and and nuts, 1 weighing machine, 1 pkg junction pipes, fee ,2 css wearing apparel. 2 css apothe- caries' ware, 2 csks do, J. A. Moore; 30 tons pig iron, T. D. Chapmin and Co.; 4 csks hard- ware, 4 css do, 8 pkgs merchandise. Kerr, Bogle, and Co, ; 12 css merchandise, 2 csks do, 41 grates, 22 kegs hardware, 554 sash weights, J. and J.


Per Retriever, from Twofold Bay-Fifty-four bullocks, 309 sheep, Guesdon.

Per Louisa, from Port Albert-One hundred and ninety sheep, order.

Per Julia, from South Seas-Sixteen tons sperm oil.

The America, ship, belonging to the Black Ball line of packets, arrived, as elsewhere reported, yesterday from Liverpool, after a passage of ninety-five days. She brings in all two hundred and ninety-two immigrants, principally Germans, classed as follows:-125 adult males, 75 adult females, 51 male and 41 male children, under fourteen years of age. There were nineteen deaths during the voyage. Fifteen children and two male adults died of measles, the epidemic having broken out shortly after leaving the Mersey. There was also one death from fever, and an apprentice fell overboard from the main yard-arm and was drowned. The adult male emigrants are chiefly mechanics, and the emi- grants, as a body, appear to be remarkably healthy, and in high spirits. They all speak in very warm terms of the kindnesses and attentions

they have experienced at the hands of their cap   tain and the surgeon-superintendent. The ship is said to be perfectly free from disease, and is in a high state of discipline, and remarkably clean. Great attention appears to have been given to the arrangements of thorough ventilation. On the whole the ship's passage has been a most unfavourable one, she having had to contend with a considerable deal of rough and contrary winds. Hence, the America goes to Bombay.

The Fortune, ship, of 600 tons, and belonging 'to Messrs. James Baines and Co , was to leave Liverpool for this port, with one hundred and fifty Welsh families, on the 5th of May. These ?immigrants will arriva under the bounty regula- tions, having been selected by n friend of Mr. Perkins's of this tonn. The Fortune will also .bring some other casual immigrants.


ARRIVED -July 20.-Black Swan (s), from Melbourne ; Dobsons, schooner, from Melbourne ; Jane Elizabeth, schooner from Adelaida. 21 - 'Isabella, nchooner, from Hobart Town.

CLEARED OCT.-July 20.-Maid of the Valley, for Melbourne ; City of Sydney, brig, for Port- land Bay; Montmorency, tor Calcutta 21, Black Swan, tor Melbourne.

The Black Snan li.iving been put io the 'Geelong trade, a handsome tilver tea service was presented to Captain Woods, on his last trip to Melbourne, by a number of gentlemen con.

.Dected with the mercantile interest as a tejtimo nial of their appreciation of Ms obliging disposi- tion and urbanity.-Examiner.