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s AHniVAl.

J Nov. liS-City of Hobart, (s),363 tons, G. V.

? Bentley, from Melbourne 14th inst, with sundries.. ' Tassengen, cabin-Mrs. Lempriere, Mrs. Brook,

Mrs. Deakin, Mrs. Raven, Mrs. Payne, child and servant, Mrs. Simmons, Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin, Mr. and Vn. Strachan and servant, Mrs. Levien and «hild, Mr. ReeH, Mr. Creswell, Mr. Robertson, Mrs. Graves, Mr. .Tooting, Dr. Lillie, Capt Lucas, "Cant Irvine, and IS in the steerage. Agent-C. Toby. .

Nov. lo-Mimosa, (s) Rae, from the East Coast, with wool and grain. Passengers, cabin-Mr. and Mrs. C. Meredith, Mr. and Mrs. H. Fletcher, Miss Maule, Mr. P. Facey, Mr. Lockwood, and six in the -steerage. Agents-Chapman & Thomas.


Nov. 16-Eclipse, schooner, KO tons, White,

'for Port Albert, in balhst Cabin-Mrs. Johnson and ohild, Mr. Arthur Orton.

16-Gem, schooner.-lOl tons, Duthi?, for Sydney, «with sundries.


Nov. 16-Mary Ann for Port Albert.

16-Eclipse for Port Albert


Per City of Hobart, from Melbourne-Fifty casks ^butter, Chapman & Thomas ; 2 oases bacon, W. 'C. Easton & Co. ; 2 do books, J. Walch & Sons ; 1 do instruments, W. Lovett; 36 cases pipes, ISO »do, Casper & Wolff,- 1 case, Huybers; 500 sheep,



Per Gem, for Sydney-Ninety-two boxes sperm 'candles, 29, 60b' ft timber, 10,000 ft boards, COO ft battens, 17,300 pilings, 23,000 shingles, ¿0,000 ílaths, W. Duthie.

"WE understand that as soon a« the Duncan Hoyle (lately purchased by the Eastern Coast Com- pany, at Melbourne) arrives here, and the Mimosa tin again resume her trips to Sorell, the mill will be forwaided by her both to South Arm and SoreU, An arrangement has already been entered into with 'the postmaster for this purpose.

THE Mimosa, returned from the East Coast orly yesterday morning after an absence of just a week, and brings as cargo about 1560 bush grain, 30 bales -wool, 8 calves, 10 bdls sheep skins, 25 bides, and a »quantity of new potatoes and sundries. Capt Rae, 'with his usual courtesy, furnished our reporter with the following ?.-In consequence of strong gales, from the north «est, and a high cross sea and heavy ?storm of hail, the Mimosa was compelled to anchor at North Beach, Schouten Passage, on Saturday last, where she remained until Sunday morning, when she got under weigh to go on to Schouten Island to coal, but in consequence of the continuous gale was compelled to return and remain until the

^tollowing Monday morning. On Sunday afternoon I

the whaling schooner Elisabeth Jane arrived in the Schouten Passage, having been driven up by the

gale from Port Davey. She had lost half a whale. ' On Monday the Freak, from Adelaide.bore up for the passage, leaky ; the ballast had shifted, and pumps were choked, and the crew obliged to bail her out with buckets to keep her afloat. Shebad live sheep on board, would take in some firewood, and proceed to Hobart Town. On Wednesday morning arrived at Falmouth, and left the same afternoon. Saw the brig Retriever off Cape Lodi. Throughout the whole passage down the coast the strong gales have prevailed from the S.W. We have previously had to speak of the doings of this smart little vessel on the coast, and we are assured by Capt. Rae that all we have said in her favor has, on this occasion, been fully maintained, she having behaved most admira- bly. Another proof of the abundance of whales on the coast this season is that two were passed on Thursday by the steamer off Cape Saville. The Mimosa leaves again for the Eastern Coast on Tues- day evening next

CAPT.BENTLEV, of the City of Hobart, arrived yesterday, reports seeing, about forty miles outside the Port Philip beads, a large clipper vessel, which he supposes to have been the Lightning. The Surf and Pilot schooners were lying under Swan Island when the City passed,

THE Derwent, barque, from London, arrived at at Geelong on the 13th, spoke the ship Ann Rose, from Liverpool,for Calcutta, latitude 39 °, longi- tude 35 °, making a foot of water per hour. She desired to be reported,-GEELONO ADVERTISER.

THE Cyclon« for this .port left Geelong on the

10th instant


ARRIVED.-Nov. 12.-Don Ricardo, ship, from Talcahuano ; Grecian Queen, brig, from London ; Queen of the Seas, ship, from London, via Plymouth. 13.-Black Swan (s.), from Laun-


SAILED.-Nov. 12-Shalimar, for Liverpool. 13.-H. M. brig Fantome, for King's Island ; Monteagle, for Manila; Undine, for Akyab.

ON the arrival at the Heads yesterday of the brig Grecian Queen, the master reported that he saw the hull of a large vessel totally dismasted/in lat 40.10 south, Ion. 143.20 east We understand that Capt Matthews (Lloyd's surveyor), left last evening with

a steamer to render her assistance.-AGE, NOV. 13.

THE Queen of the Seas, under the convand of Capt Gardine* brings news down to the 12th of August ThftA appears to have been only two nawspapenWHoard, and these were delivered to the medical officer at the Heads, so that we are not in a position to give further news at present than that which appeared, per the Electric Telegraph. Capt'Gardiner reports the wind of Friday night as reaching a perfect cyclone. He lost his quarter boats, spars, hert-coops, sails and suffered other damage. The vessel is very deep, and brings 2107 tons of general cargo.

H.M.S. Fantome left the bay yesterday on a cruise in search of the dismasted ship, reported yes- terday as being off King's Island. Capt Matthews, Lloyd's agent, has gone down in the steamer Bhck Eagle to endeavour to find the vessel, but he «as «nable to get through the Heads yesterday.