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âÂiWing Sjttrllt&rnce. I



Dec 2-Vice-Admiral Gobius, barque, 595 tons, A. A Van der Linden, from Gravesend April 24, and Sourabaya Oct. 17. with general cargo. Pas sengers cabin:- Mr. John Anderson and daughter, , Mrs. Young, Mr. Edwin Pcars, Mr. George Ro-  

berts, Mr. Clemons, Mr. John Brooks, Mr. and Morris. Intermediate-Mr. John Gifford,     Mr.s Gifford, Mr. W. LeGrand, Miss M. A. J.   H---, Mr. John Wilson, Mr. Henry Osborne, Mr. A--   Bovey, Mr. W Goss, Mr. John Banfield.     Steerage: -Thomas Hunt, wife, and three children;     N--- Goss, wife, and two children; William     Goss, wife, and three children; and Jane Barker.   Ägents:--Kerr, Bogle & Co.

2 - ri, brig, 146 tons, Morris, from Port Louis Oct ' \ tiîth sugar. Mail-One parcel. Agent F. A Downing.

2- .icHpse, schooner, 190 tons, White, from Port Alben, with sheep and cattle. Agent-W. A.


2-Mary Ann, schooner, 114 tons, Graves, from Port *Jbert, with sheep. Agent-Foster.

2-"»faripusa, schooner, 120 tons, from Port Albor', with cattle.

2~Pctriever, schooner, 1D5 tons, J. Fisher, from Geclu: g Nov. 29, in billast Agent-W. Fisher.

1 ' 2-Catherine, schooner, from (he Huon, laden

with timber.

2-Jane, schooner. 150 tons, from Newcastle, N.S W., with sheep.

2-Boinde, schooner, from Douglas Ei\cr, with



Dec. 1-Freak, schooner, 94 tons. Irvine, for 'Geelong, with sundries. Cabin-Miss S. Martin, Mn Greenwood, and child.


Dec. J-Abbey, lor Melbourne.

H alp for Auckland. Ticak for Geelong.

( Knima Prescott, for Melbourne.


1 Per Vice Admiral Gobius, from London pkgs merchandise, A. Clark ; 8 ditto, Mrs Powell; 9 ditto, John Mitchell; 49 ditto, 4« cuto, 10 cases furniture, I cask oil, I ditto flass. 1 iron bedstead 15 brs nuts, 76 pkgs mer 'chandise, Order; 200 cases bot'ed beer, 30 hhds huU ditto, 1 eise merchandize, Kerr, Bogle & Co. ; I case Rev. W. Nicholson ; 25 hhds rum, 4'! .-itto, 200 c ises gin, fi half 1res tobacco j T.D Chapman & Co ; 1656 bars iron, 23 pkgs mer- chandize, 15 ditto, J. and J. Moir ; 3 pkgs mer. clu.'ulize, A Morrison '. 1P0 casks bottled beer, F. .',. Downing ; 1 case hardware, F. Roy ; 16 piers merchandize, A. Graham ; 10 bales bacon, 5 ruses merchandize, 5 do, 17 do. Watchorn, Per- kins & Co. ; 2 enies merchandize, F. Haller & Co ; 50 Mid«, beer, 1U0 cases ditto, Huybers ; 50 pkgs. mel dz., Hai court and Co. ; 3 casks Apothec tries' ware, I case duto, 1 cask »piritswinc, H Hinsby, 6 rcchdz, A Moore ; I case, Thomas McDowell; 736 bars iron, 210 bdls ditto 40 sheets, 10 ditto grates, 11 pkgs mchdz , A. A f'utlcr: 17 ciates eaithenware, 3 hhds ditto, Toylir ; 29 pkgs mchdz, 24 ditto dit o R. Lewis am1 Sons ; 5 ditlc ditto A. Guesdon ; 2 pkgs R Q Kermode ; 10 puncheons, 10 hhds, 21) quarter cask« 2 pipes, 50 casks bottled beer, 25 ditto, 20 iRnels, 1 case, Mezger and Basstian-; 4 pkgs ?ricvJz, M'l herson and Francis ; 681 pkgs Tiicldz, 20 tons pig iron, G. and T. Dugard; 30

tor. co Is.

Ter Peri from Mauritius-2405 bags sugar, F. A. Downing.


Per Freak, for Geelong-Twenty-five thousand ice: timber, 28,000 palings, 4000 shingles, Maning


THE Peri, arri\ed yesterday, from the Mauritius,

has experienced light winds nearly the whole way j

do" i She reports no vessels.

Ti's Retrieier schooner arrived here from Gt-1 i T yesterday morning, after a splendid run frcur >*e heads of 73 hours. Captain Fisher re-

port ceing on Saturday morning off St. Patrick's J He the schooners Tlying Fish and Euphemia, ' a io . /"> barque Helen S. Page. The Duncan Ho\le ,\ vas to leave Geelong for this port on Thursday

j " i.. long overdue and anxiously expected Dutch

? i, > Vice-Admiral Gobius, from London April

ipped anchor in our port early yesterday ' r vjg, after a passage of 221 days, protracted in

t» r- * lUcnce of heavy «eather experienced between1 V t"ape and S2 dcg. east longitude, and in which ' ii f rque sustained so much damage that the captain   deemed it advisible to bear up tor a port and   get repaired. He nccordingly made for Sourabaya,

on t-.s 13th July, and reached it on the 9th Aug. | Here the necessary repairs having been executed, a portion of the cargo was sold to defray the expenses,

and the vessel lcit for this port on 17th Oct, having I been detained 70 days. Inthe'atter end of June gales «eru, first lexpenenced, which lasted for eighteen na; s, and on the 12th July, she had her quarter, and a great portion of her bulwarks stove in, her mizen-mast sprung, and she became otherwise much damaged and leaky. The cargo sold at Sourabaya, consisted principally of merchandise. A carriage belonging to Mr. Walker was also dis- posed of. "When the barque loft London she was very deeply li'den, drawing about 19 feet water. This, in a great measure, accounts for her making 'such heavy weather. Her manifest will he found

in its proper place. We may, however, state thht it is incorrect, inasmuch as many of the things therein contained have been sold. .11 r caigo, which is a veryh<avy one, eonsists princip Hy of iron, lead beer, spirits, and coals. She bungs ab*>ut thirty five passengers, amongst «vhom are four sch'O maa'er«, intended for the Government and some farm labouiers for R. Q.   Kermode, Esq., of Mona Vale. A widow lady,     Mrs. Liddell, died of cholera at Surabaya, and an

infant died at sea.

STEAM TO SYDNEY*-The Launceston Steam Navigation Company have determined t > srnd a steamer to Sydney, and the Royal Shepherd will leave on her first trip on Wednesday, the 12th


THE LAOY BIRD.-This favourite steamer will replier the Royal shepherd iu the Melbourne line, and leave on Saturday next

Tnr. LARGEST Vf SBEL IN ma Worn».-Mr. Scott Ru.sell's new steamer, row bein;; built at Blackwall, Loudon is making great progress. The :ramp is completed, at d the work will be

finished within the nott twelve month«. When »renriv for sea she will come to Liverpool, and sail regulmlv from this p rt, and not, ns stated, from Milford Haven ; f r, although the cannot enter any one of our docks, she can liku the colins boats, am hor in the river. The command, we have heard, has bren oUVrid to, but rejected hy one of the Cunanl captains.- LIVERPOOL DAILT POST. 5tl» Si ptember ,

THE NLW PASSENGER ACT.-We find from the

" English papers that the Act to amend the law re

Jating to the carriage of passengers by sea received the royal assent on the day of the prorogation. It contains 103 sections, and several schedules of forms io carry the same into execution. On the J st of October next, when the Act is to come into ' force, the Passengers Act of 1852 is to be repealed,

except as to^existing liabilities, and except as to an ' order in Council dated the 16th of October, 1852.

('.The Commissioners of Emigration are to carry out i .the'Acr. The law on the subject is defined, and | <. various regulations are to be adopted for the safety <i and accommodation of the passengers. The num-

ber of passengers to be csrried is to be fixed, means . taken,lor light and ventillation, and the diet pre , scribed. All passenger ships are to be surveyed

before clearing out. Single men are to be berthed in a separate compartment. The boats to be taken ore stated, and penalties are to be imposed for of- rendes against the new hw. Amongst the numer- ous clauses which have been framed with a view to

^""otect passengers, is one to the effect that, in case if wreck or damage, passengers are to be provided

_ w't!> j passage by some other vessel, and maintained i ?»¡{rí í',i meantime.' j '' KEEFS IN TUB CHINA SEAS.-Captain Turn

' oiiil has \ery politely' handed our reporter the fol -lówing document, respecting new reels fallen iu with during his passage from Shanghai to this port : " On toe voyage from Shanghai toward* Sydney by

the Pacific, in.tho barque Dolphin, I had an oppor- j tuuity of correcting'the number and position of the ' first group of islands, lying south of those bound- ing those Straits of Van ¡Diemen. ' As many ship^ masters trading from China to Australia and Cali-J 'fprnin complain of the inborrceinoss of the charts'

in "Use, from the north end of the Loochoo Islands to those bounding the south side of Van Dicincn's Straits. I heg to give publicity to the true position of ihe immediate islands: they extend as far north as latitude 30 degrees north, and from longitude 129 degrees 36 minutes east to longitude 139 degrees 3 minutes east ¡ and that north-east of the northernmost island, in latitude 30 degrees 5 min- utes north; longitude 130 degrees 6 minutes east lies a dangerous reef of rock«, paitly underwater, and apparently sevon miles distant from the island of Saubon in latitude 30 degrees north, longitude 130 degrees 2 m ¡mues east The reef appealed to Tie two miles in extent, halfamileof which was covered with breakers to the north, and was named Stephens's reef by me, after the second mate, who first ¡,aw it. On closely looking into B, W. Laurie's charts of the coast of China, Japan Islands, and the Oriental Archipelago, erasures of the engraving ap- pear, probably caused by erroneous information conveyed to him while the charts were in the en- graver's hands.-James Turnbull, Master Barque Dolphin, Sydney Harbor, 17th November, 1835."



An m VED.-Nov. 22-Occator, schooner, from Talcahuano. 23-Royal Lilly, barque, from Tal cahuano ; Daniel Watson, from the whale fishery ; Venus, schooner, from Upolo, Navigator's Islands.

SAILED.-Nov. 25-Mystery, for Calcutta.

THE HELLESPONT, LONDON, AND GOVERNOR GENF.RAL.-These fine steamers, the properly of the Sydney and Melbourne Steim Packet Company, were submitted to public competition yesterday by Mr. Charles Newton. The Hellespont was started at £4000, and bought in at £11,000. the auctioneer stating that a higher oner had been made for her privately. The highest öfter for the London was £8000, and she was withdrawn at that figure. The only bid for the Governor-General was 2000, and this vessel was also unsold.-EMFIRF., Nov. 23.

The brig William Hill is hove down at the Bal- tic Wharf, foot of Market-street, having some sheets of copper replaced.-EMPIRE, NOV. 24.