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(By 'Argus.')

In glancing back over the eeason just concluded one hesitates in labelling it with the comment which, for the past few years, lias been applied to each departed season in turn. The strides lacrosse had mode in public favor and the man ner in which die exponents of the game had im proved, justified the oft-reiterated statement that

the season Imd been -tihe most successful yet ex perienced, but there are many reasons which will not allow of tiiSs ?comment being applied to the 1900 season without duly weighing the pros and oons. Without a doubt the year has been a suc cessful one, but docs it merit being designated as the most successful? Tie first feature wlidch strikes the observer as differing from past seasons is the decrease in th« number of tiie cJubs wihich lhave formed the 6enior association. In 1897 there were six clubs, viz.: — Nonffli Adelaide, University, Iroquois, Knights bridge, Y.JI.C.A., and East Adelaide. In 1898 there were five — all of the 1897 clubs with the ex ception of Y.M.C.A. The beginning of the 1893 season saw six dlubs competing— Iroquois, Univer sity, North Adelaide, Y.M.C.A, Sturt, and East Adelaide. This year the number dropped down to four— the Iroquois and University, and North Adelaide remaining, and tlie Y.lLC.A.'s and Sturts amaflgamating, and making the Adelaides, whiist the East Adelaides became extinct. A re deeming feature, however, was that whilst the senior association Siad been fluctuating the junior association had been gradually increasing, and as the future -lacrosse players of South Australia are to be drawn from their ranks, t!his as a matter for congratulation. The following is the number of players 'who liave 'domned tlhe guernsey' dur ing the last four years, not; including emergencies, but counting 12 men to cadi club: — 1897, 72 senior, 72 junior, total 144; 1898, 60 senior, 132 lunlor, total 192; 1899, 72 senior, 168 junior, total 240; 1900, 48 senior, 216 junior, total 264. As regards tiie (total number of players engaged therefore the season has been a most successful one, but as we are dealing with Hiie senior as sociation the same remark hardly applies. It is a wdM-kntavn fact tihat tlie success of the junior association has been gained at the expense of the senior association. If, however, tho number of teams has decreased, tiiis baa bad the effect of collecting many of the players, who constituted the defunct eluibs, into the four clubs which have played this sea son. With what result? Never in the history of the game bavo we had such stubbornly con tested games as some which have taken place this season. Particularly was this noticeable in the matches between the Iroquois and the Universi ty, when from the 24 men playing 11 would have been amongst the first selected to represent South Australia in an intercolonial match. The exhibition of lacrosse was almost faultless, and it has been said confidently that either the pre miers or the runnere-up could go into the field to-morrow with, a great possibility o{ success against a Victorian combination. Another feaure for regret was the falling oS in the publio attendance at matches played on enclosed grounds. Twice this year matches were played on tho Adelaide Oral, but on neither oc casion did the gate money total £5. These things go to show that while the game is in itself at tractive, much remains to ho done to bring its merits before the publio. Lacrosso in South Australia is now in a critical stage, and unless something is done speedily to compel

public Bppreeiation it may in the near future revert to the state which marked football a couple of seasons ago. Then as to the prospects of the future. First, there 1b tlio scheme at pre sent before tho association, which rescued foot ball from its lcthargio condition—the introduction ol tho electorate system. It iB hoped that by relegating the plaj'ers who at present are banded together in the senior association to play for the districts in -which they reside and by bring ing tlio teams up to their full complement by including the most promising of the junior players, tine difficulty will be overcome, and that the game will once more resume its onward career. Then there is tho visit of the team from Canada, and tho associations oi this continent are making a big effort to seceuro it. Great things nre ex puctod to result, and it is sincerely hoped that noxt yeai' will see a combination from the Do minion In our midst. THE SEASON'S MATCHES. At an early stage In tlio season' Uio disparity be tween tho four teams became evident. The Iro quois and University clulis paired off as being about ©qo&l In point of strength, but far superior ito Wio other two, Whilst Mio latter, tlie Adelaide and (tlhe North Adelaide, were very evenly matched. The tsoasm opened on May 12, when Noith Ade laide met Adelaide and University met Iroquoig. 6t was on {his occasion, 'lliat the pale blues had infiioted on them 'their only defeat. Two other

sets of matches followed, and when tlie round end ed, on May 26, tlie following were the positions of the clubs:— €oalg Name ? P. W. t. D. For Agst. Pts. University ? 3 2 1 — 18 11 i Iroquois ? , .. 3 2 1 — 22 17 4 North Adelaide .. 3 1 2 — 13 17 2 Adelaide ? S 1 2 — 8 16 2 The second round -'oramen.ced on. June 2, and the teams remained in itSie same relative positions till the Jast set, when Iroquods heart the 'Varsities, and the Adelaides tied -with the North Adelaides. The third round began with the teams placed aa fol lows: — . Goals Name .... ..P. W. L. D. For Agst. Pt3. Iroquods ...... 6 5 1 ?— 69 24 10 University ? 6 i 2 — 83 20 8 North Adelaide ..814 1 21 33 8 Adelaide ? 0 1 4 1 16 31 3 The third round was interrupted by the three off days, itlie South v. Norton match and the in tercolonial match, so it dad not commence till July 1, nor end till last Saiturday. The Iroquois still continued !two points in the lead of tlie Uni versities, and the Norths and the Adelaides strug gled on with their 3 poirits each. Saturday's mat ches supplied the final alteration, and the pre miership list is : — Matches. Goals. dub. P. W. h. D. For Agst. Pts. Iroquois .. ,t „. 9 7 1 1 63 30 15 UnivOTsdity ? 9 6 2 1 49 35 13 Adelaide ? 9 2 6 1 23 44 5 North Adelaide .. 9 1 7 1 25 4G 3 The folloTOng table gives the premiers and th« runiners-up since ithe formation of the South Aus tralian Lacrosse Association in 18S8. It will be seen .that the Universities have secured the coveted honor six times, the Iroquods four times, nnd the North Adelaides three times. In 1S92 it was possible to score 22 points, on 1893-94-95 and 1S90, U points; 1897, 30 points; 189S, 24 points; 1809 and 1900, 20 points. Season. Premiers. Pts. R-unncrs-up. 1858 .. .. N. Adelaide — Adelaide. 1859 .. ,, N. Adelaide — AdeTaide. 1890 .... University — Adelaide. 1891 .... University — Iroquois. 1892 .... Iroquois 17 University. 1893 .... Iroquods 22 University. 1894 .... Univerelty 22 N. Adelaide. 1895 ..... University 22 N. Adeaaide. 1896 .... University 24 N. Adelaide. 1897 .. .. N. Adelaide 28 Univcreity. 1898 .... University 20 N, Adelaide. 1899 .... Iroquois 17 University. 1900 .... Iroquoia 15 University. The principal goalthrrowers during .the Beason were: — Name. Goals. Name. Goals. P. M. Newland (U.) 30 O. Fotheringham L. Humphris (I.) ., 20 (N.A.) ? 12 T. Ward (U.) ..... 17 — .De Mole (A.) .. 11 E. J. Paxton (I.) .. 16 — . Raws (A.) .. ,. 8 S. Fleming (U.) .. 16 A. V. H. Rosman D. Dawson (I.) ,. 14 (N.A.) ? 5 Other goalithrowere .were: — Iroquois— F. llonfriea 4, R. Newland 3, -F. K-sll S, H. llonfries 1, Bat ten 1, Back 1, Evans 1. University— F. Downer 3, F. Magarey 2, L. Jones 2, E. Ohopple 1. Ade laide— Stuckey 3, Bowen 2, Dawson 1, Goode 1. Noi*h Adelaide— J. Murray 3, De Rose 2, Notioage 2, Powell 2. Wdnterbottom 1. THE CLUBS. Taking the clubs individually, and' comparing their play throughout the seaoon, there can be little doubt that the best team has won the pre. miership. The victory of the Iroquois was a thoroughly popular one, and they have been the recipients of profuse congratulations from players of other teams and friends on their success. Al. though they commenced tlie season badly, they made a rapid recovery, and by consistent play obtained the lead and stayed there. The club was formed in 1S90, and. since then has filled th0 premier position four times. Tlie following ar« the members whose brilliant combined play has once again placed their club at the head of South Australian lacrosse:— Messrs. E. Monfries, F. K. Wright, W. H. Broadibent, H. Monfries, E. Gooden, G. Botten, R. D. Newland1, F. Kell, F. Monfries, D. Dawson, L. Ihimphrds, E. J. Paxton, R. Evans, O. Back. Mr. E. Hill, a non-player, is the cap tain. Of the above team, Bix were selected to make the trip to Melbourne, and of these four at least, H. Monfries, D. Dawson, L. Humphris, and E. J. Paxton, would be strong candidates lor inclusion an on initernatiorDal team. The follow ing table shows the matches played by the pale blues a»d the results:— Goals Date. Olub. for. agst. Points. May 12..Univefity *. v .... 6 9 — May 19.. Adelaide .. .. V ? 8 3 2 May 26.. North Adelaide ? 8 5 2 June 2.. Adelaide ? 7 3 2 June ».. North Adelaide ., t. .. 6 1 2 June 16.. University ....... ..4 3 2 July 7.. North Adelaide jif ... .. 5 — 2 Aug. 4.. Adelaide ? \ 2 2 Aug. li.. University ? 4 * 1 Total .. .. .. .. ... .. ?? 53 30 15 The University club, which is the runner-up of the present season is the oldest lacrosse club ia the association. It was formed at the close of the 1888 season, chiefly through the agency of Messrs. G. Cav--nagh llainwaring, A. Hill, and S. WiunaM and since then has had a remarkable career Six times since 18S8 has it triumphed over the other clubs, and' on five occasions it has been the runner-up. The club has a well-founded reputation for playing a pretty dashing combined game, and both on and off the field its players are extremely popular. The follewing is a list of those who played with the black-and-white guern sev this season:— Messrs. P. M. Newland (captain), J. Ayers, C. Newland, E. J. Stuckey, L. Jones, R. Nadetaum, F. J. Downer, B. Moore, H. Phannle F Magarey, S. Fleming, T. Ward, B. 3 The club's record for the past season Goals Date. Club. for. agst. Points. May 12. .Iroquois .......... J ° ' May 19. .North Adelaide ? I i May 26. .Adelaide.. ? ? 1 '2 June 2.. North Adelaide „. ,v \ t I June 9.. Adelaide .. .. v« ?? ' ° \ _ June 10. .Iroquois .. m, ? * * 2 July 7.. Adelaide .. ? \ \ * Vug. 4. .North Adelaide ? o » i Aug. 11. .Iroquois ? t ?? ?? ^_ _ _ Total .. .. .. - ? 19~ 80 13q The Adelaides, who fill the third position, on the list aw the reWt ol tho amalgamation of the old Y MC.A.'s and the Start* The club mode its aebutinto the association this Beaso^and com prises the following Players: - M5fS«-.^ £? Thomas, H. Trevaskij, R. F1™, F. KeOsh, E. Hav, H. Goode, H. Dawson. L. Kell, A. Q. Fm Svson G. de Mole, ft. Btucbey, L. Laws, H. CokTw. Taylor, and- V. Hughes. The club's re cord ia as follows:— , Goals. Date. Qlub. for. agst. Pointa. May 12.. North Adelaide .,» ,. 2 8 — May 19.. Iroquois .. .» .. ?» »? 3 g ?— May 20.. University .. jt .. '..3 2 Z June 2., Iroquoig.. .,,.»,.. 3 7 — June 9. .University .. ,, *._ ♦. 1 6 — June 10..North Adelaide.! Ji ?,. 3 3 1 July 7..Univea-sity .. .,«... 3 T — Aug. 4. .Iroquois .. .. ». i. ,. 2 6 — Aug. ll..North Adelaide .« ». 8 1 2 Total.. ,,- », .. 23 44 5 The Nbrth Adelaide (Sub is aa evidence of how the mighty have fallen. Three years ago 'they , were installed aa premiers, which position they j had1 occupied twice previously. During the re- j cess between the 1890 and the 1900 season, how- ; ever, they suffered heavily from withdrawals, and when they commenced! this season it was as but a shadow oi their tomer selves. The following are the players who have worn tho white jacket during the past season:— Messrs. G. Bloclcey, 0. P. Oornlsh, G. Spemce, D. Blj-th, J. Nottage, Richardson, D. McLaren, O. Folheringhmn, J. Murray, E. do Rose, A. V. H. Rosman, Newman, and P. Blyth. Tlie following ia a result of the matches played :r GoaJs Date. Club, fov against Pts. l^ Adelaide ,. „ ?« „ ..0 2 g 10 University ,. i¥ »- «- % 7 ?* 2d Iroquois ,. ?? -A f* U o 8 ~ Juno 2 University ,. -j 1, ?- i 1 — » 0 Iroquois.. ,\ \\ it 1. 1 0 — 10 Adelaide. .. .1 Jj jv .. 3 8 1 July 7 Iroquoia,. .,»,.... — C — Aug. 1 University .(-«--?-? 5 rr- 11 Adelaido .V .3' i\ .1 i 3 -. Total .. ,. ,. -.. n ;. .,23 40 3