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_____________   LACROSSE NOTES.

(By "Darnoc.")

For many years past lacrosse has been gradu-   ally becoming more and more popular, and at the present time the devotees of the game in South Australia number over three hundred. With the approach of the coming season, three new clubs, the Sturts, Semaphores, and Woodvilles, have sprung into existence, which shows that en- thusiasm in the game is increasing, and the fact that the Victorians have arranged to send a team to compete with the local association team

will undoubtedly add great zest to the play. It has been definitely settled that the Victorian team shall be over here on July 29, and prepara- tions should commence as soon as possible to give them a warm reception. There is a rumor that Knightsbridge is falling out of the ranks this year, but I hope this will not happen, as it is the third oldest lacrosse club in the colony, having been started prior to 1887, when the S.A. Lacrosse Association was formed. It is true that five of the players have deserted the Knights- bridge to join other clubs nearer to their homes, but there is still some good material left in the   old Knightsbridge, and it only requires some energetic player to resuscitate the old club, which I hope will still contribute its quota to- wards the team to play intercolonials. A meeting of those interested in the formation of a lacrosse club was held at Woodville on Feb- ruary 24, and the proposal being strongly sup- ported, the Woodville Lacrosse Club, which has long been in contemplation, has at last seen the light of day. There was a large attendance, and the following were nominated for office:—Patron,     his worship the Mayor of Port Adelaide; presi- dent, Mr. C. R. Morris; vice-presidents, Messrs. G. A. Connor, T. A. Brock, and F. Donaghy; hon. secretary, Mr. A. D. Sutherland; association delegates, Messrs. A. D. Sutherland and J. N. Stapledon; general committee, Messrs. A. Com- ley, F. Goldney, J. C. Watton, J. N. Stapledon, and A. D. Sutherland. More than 20 members have been enrolled, and it has been decided to     make an application for entrance in the "B"   division of the South Australian Lacrosse Asso-   ciation. The club is at present in treaty with   the Port Adelaide Racing Club to secure the Cheltenham racecourse to play on. A challenge   has already been received from their twin- brothers, the Semaphores, for a match to take place on April 29. The energetic secretary of   the club has written to the Gawler Lacrosse Club with a view of making arrangements to meet their team at Gawler on June 26. So far he has not received a reply, but it is hoped the Gawler club will take up the challenge, as friendly contests between the various clubs tend to produce interest in the game. The Semaphoreans are wakening up, and after several futile attempts during past years they have succeeded in forming a lacrosse club of their own, which will probably enter into rivalry with the newly-hatched Woodville team. A meeting was held on February 27, when 17 members were enrolled, and Mr. P. N. Wood was unanimously elected secretary of the club. The club is in- debted to the Port Adelaide Racing Club for the use of the Cheltenham Racecourse for matches. The Semaphoreans show great enthusiasm in the game, and a successful season is anticipated. Dr. A. E. Russell presided over a meeting held in the Unley Institute on Thursday week, which had been called for the purpose of forming a lacrosse club in connection with the Sturt Elec- torate Cricket Club. There was a good attend-   ance, and 19 members were enrolled, including several very good players. The following officers were elected:— President, Dr. Russell; hon. secre- tary and treasurer, Mr. H. Hay; association dele- gates, Messrs. A. C. Thomas and H. Hay. It was resolved that the club should apply for admission into the South Australian Lacrosse Association and the junior association, and that practice should commence immediately after Easter. A letter was received from the Rev. A. G. B. West, stating the terms upon which lacrosse players might become members of St. Augustine's gymnasium, and a hearty vote of thanks was passed to Mr. West for his offer. The membership of the club is not confined to residents of the dis- trict. The home matches will be played on the Unley Oval, and members of the lacrosse club will receive a lady's ticket, admitting to all matches on the oval during the winter months.