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Shipping Intelligence            



Dec. 6. -Duchess of Northumberland, barque, 543 tons, Mitchell, from Plymouth August 10,  

with general cargo and 253 emigrants. Surgeon- Superintendent, J. P. Julian, Esq. Agent - L.


, 6.-Antipodes, ship, 648 toni, Mcpherson, from London August 29 with general cargo. Passengers-Mr and Mrs. Wilmot. five children,   and three servants, Miss Denham, Mr. and Mrs. Garrard, Miss Wade, Miss Badcock, Misses Bed- ford, (2), Miss Hawkes, Mrs. Darling, Miss Linch, Misses Sansom, (2), Mrs. Cumming, and twelve in the steerage. Agents-Brown and Co. " ti.-Mimosa, steamer. 105 tons, Thom, from Glasgow July 28, in ballast. Passenger-Mrs. Thom and children Agents-Kerr, Bogle and Co.


Dec. 6.-Columbus, barque, 454 tons, Smith, for Cull io, in ballast-,

i '6.-Retriever, brig, 150 tons, Archer, for Two- fold Bay, in ballast. Passenger-Mr. Mole. ,

. u t , i SAILED.

i Dec. 6.-Vary Parker for Melbourne.

,' i .o '..-Express for Geelong. ' ' , ^ i * 6.-Retriever for Twofold Bay. IMPORTS.      


Per Duches of Northumberland from Plymouth   - 1 case, 90 hhds, 160 cases, 2 bales, 1 case, 2 pkgs, 2 whee's, order ; 4 hhds, 8 qr. casks, 10 bales, 1 bundle, 2 crates, 2 cases, 3 bales, 23 cases, Kerr, Bogle and Co.; 100 firkins, 8 cases, T. D. Chapman and Co.; 2 hhds, 4 qr. casks, 84 cases, 2 bales, 15 qr. casks, A. Huybers; 15 hhds. E. Goldsmith ; 15 tierces, 10 hh's, 70 drums, 4 casks, 4 cases, 3 bales, 1 do samples, 2 parcels do, 20 qr. casks, A. Morrison ; 23 cases,

R. Lewis and Sons.  

l'er Antipodes, from London-1 package, Bishop of Tasmania; 3 cases, 93 packages, Officer ad-

ministering the Government ; 1 case, E. Gresley ; - 13 packages, R. Lewis and Sons ; 7 cases, 23 packages, ft.'! bundle», 90 packages, Kerr, Bogle and Co.; 3 cases, R. Walker ; I case, Butler ; 412 dea's, 710 cases, 5 packages, 3 trunks, order ; 5 packages. G. and J. Salier; IG packages, 3 bales, Watchorn, Peikins and Co.; 7 cases, H. Hart ; I case, 2 do, T. D. Chapman and Co.; 2 cases, B. Rout ; 1 case, J. R. "Watkins ; fi cases, J. Dickenson and Co.; 2 cases, Boys and Hall ; 9 packages, 6 cases, 2 parcels, Tondeur and Lern pi lere; 3 cises (J. Rolwegan; 2 ca°es, L. Roope ; 5 packages, N. Nelson ; 1 case, Offices î)9th regiment ; 11 packages, J. W ilkinson ; 1 case W. Dowrill ; 1 case, Richard Dry ; 1 case, Union Bank oí Australia ; l8 trunks, 102 pkgs, 50 cases, 10 half-tierccs, Casper and Wolf ; 1 case, S. Williams ; 1 case, Merry ; 1 trunk, 33 pkgs, J. Luckman ; 130 firkins, Maning Bros.; 2 pkgs, G. Park ; 6 cases, G. and T. Dugard ; 5 cases, J. Johnson ; 4 cases, 6 packages, 10 do, 39 cases, 170 packages, 4U0 bundles iron, Brown and Co.; 'Mi packages, A. and R. ICissock ; 10 cases, W. R. Stewait; 1 box, A. Morrison; 1 csse, the Churchwardens Trinity Church ; 8 package-, . JR. J. Edwards ; 23 rackages, 1 bin, 338 pkgs,

'441 do, W. Lindsay; 1 case, H. Cooke; II packages, 1 case, S. H Atkins ; 153 packages, h. Stevenson and Sons ; 19 packages, 2 cases, Mcpherson and Francis ; 1 case, Rev. D. Little ; J do, J. Walker. . -

'The Potentate, Captain Phillips, on the 31 st August, spoke the steamer Mimosa, Captain Thom, from Clyde, to Hobart Town, Int. 3*52 N., and 1ong.!20'7 W., 30 days out.-Launcetton Ex-


The Antipodes, so anxiously looked for from ? London, arrived yesterday morning after a pas- sage of 102 days from Gravesend, and 97 days from Portland Bell. Amongst her cabin passen- gers she bunga the Police Magistrate, his lady, and children. Captain M'Pherson. with his accustomed courtesy, infi rtnod our shipping i epnrter that the voyage throughout had beena very fine one, if anything rather too fine, having -experienced nothing but cairns and light winds throughout. Hu reports speaking the Pacific, -whaler, on the night of Tuesday, off the coast. No vessels, worthy of notice, were spokeu by

him nt sea.

The Duchess of Northumberland, barque, which arrived jrsterday from Plymouth, brings, in all, 255 souls, viz., 103 singlo girls, 14 single men 40 married couples, 52 boys and girls, under 14 j ears, and "8 children under 1 year. The immi- grants, with the exception of three English girls, are Irish, and are a healthy looking superior class, especially the «ingle females There were 1 wo deatlis during the passage, and two births. The Duchess of Northumberland, although her passage has been long, has done as well as the generality of vessels this season, especially as she lias had to contend with strong easterly gales for "the last I3 days Only ono vessel, the Emily, bound to Rio Janeiro from Hamburg, waa spoken by the Northumberland.

The Mimosa, naddle-stoamer, so anxiously looked lor by the Eastern Coast Steam Company, anchored in the Bay yesterday, having been I30 * days at sea. She is spoken of by all on board

ns being very substantially built, and on excel- lent sea-boat. Shebas been built at Renfrew by Messrs. Hobby and Co. ; her keel is 140 feet long, but overall she is 150 feet; her width of beam' is 17 i feet and sho is 8 feet deep in the hold. She is fitted with a pair of trunk engines, of 35 horse-power each, direot action. We may add that this is the first pair of engines of tho kind ever turned out of the Clyde. Previous to her departure from Glasgow she made two trial trips, and on each answered well, 12 knots having been got out of her ; but we are informed, by Mr. Thomson, engineer, under whose immediate eye she has bren built, that IO knots is her average «peed.' Her s doon, which is tastefully decorated, is i fitted with twenty-four sleeping berths. In her hold, which is divided into five water-tight compartments, she is capablo of carrying 50 tons of cargo, and, when laden, draws about five feet 'of water. , The Captain, Mr. Thom, reports speaking the Fortitude, which arrived nt Laun- ceston, last week, and the Fair City of Perth, schooner, from Perth, bound to Melbourne.