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Sept 29-Francis, schooner, 110 tons. Bennett   from Sydney Sept 8,'with general cargo, and one steerage passenger ; mail two packages. Agent, F.A.Downing.        

29-Caroline Middleton, ship 1050 toft«. All cock, from tiiwrnonl July 2, with with general «argo, and 3 '3 immigrants ¡ Surguon Suporinten di'iit. R. Ritohing, Esq.. Agents, Kuit, Bogle

anil Co

*,* ,1'ho barque that wa« «¡quailed at Sundown lill night j wiis by lust report mn>lo out to lie a whaling brig, supposed to be tliu Sir Wil-

liam Wallace.

cr.vinsi» out.

S'tit 29-Cosmopolite, brig, 145 tons, Napper Tor Ttvufnld Biy. in ballast» Passengers-Mis. Napper and child.

¿9 - Euealy pi us, schooner, 196 tons, Blaokling für Melbourne, nilli Hundrie«.


Sept 29-Proserpine, for M lbonrne.


Per Caroline Middleton, from Liverpool-1 coso merchandize, Charles Price; 112 boxes glass, W. Crosby & Co. ; 5 cuses merchandize, Hoys & Halls 2 firkins butter, J. Corkendnle Mann ¡ 100 firkins butte, 60 banrcls pork, 9 tierces bacon, John M. Gould ¡ 94 bundles wire, 12 gates, 1 cask 2 matted packages. King and < 'o.; 53 crates earthenware, 4 bhds. ditto, 6 hhds. hol loware, 3 cas'ts cheese, l8 barrels and 3 tierces refined sugar, 100 firkins butter, 8 shets lead, 22 plates and 16!) bundles iron, 25 bugs coffre, 50 lierres vinegar, 100 firkin-, butter, 4 tierces barns, M'Pherson & Frances ; 28 packages implements, ti cases washing machines, I package implements, 'I bomas Moore, New Norfolli ; 10 barrels cheese, 5 boxes boots, 1 '.0 boxes tobacco pipes, 4 boxes I package and 2 wheels implements, 2 coses saddlery, 421 boxes soap, Kerr, Hogle, Se Cn. ; I box 1 bag nails, SM9 ii on pipes, 20 elbows, 14 cocks, 1 cask hardware, li) bales, 9 cages, 4 do, 1 do, 1 carnage, 2 wheels, 250 deal battens, 1 parcel patterns order ; 2 esses stationery. William Maddocks ; 1 box merchandize, lhrchall.

Per France«, fiom Sydney.-1000 empty bags, 40 casks co ti tar, 250 bu-hula maize, 40 tierces beef, 05 kegs bul ter, 1 case cheese, 2 case» hams, 1 enso bacon, 4 bundles sheep skins. It. VV, Bennett; lilt) bags fljur lôbirrels ale, 3 pack- ages shafts, 23 oisk« tallow. 26 hillls loaf fngnr, 200 bags oossipoie do, 4 cases furniture, 15 do, fancy goods, 25 do, drapery. 2 do, pape «are, 1 Ho, ironware, I i'o. furniture, 26 cisks beer, 240 binns snip 4 oasks tallow, order, 612 bags crumbed loof sugar, T. D. Chapman.


Per Euoalyptu«, for Mo Ihourne-130.000 feet timber, 25,000 patines. 20,000 laths, 1 case a «uriiage _U. Al. Maxwell.

The Francis from Sydney, has had a long and «evora passage of 21 dajs, during «hieb she has been compelled to put into Twofold Bay four times. The ciptain repoits, that the barque

Emu <t Hobart Town, was compelled to put into i Twofold Buy on the 18th., s hu was bou'id to Melbourno from Valporaisn, 75 days out.

The Caroline Middleton, fiom Liverpool, with immigrants hi» made an excellent passage ot Í8 days. Til« weather to 'Pristan d'Aeunhu was fine, bat the winda were light; rough weather however set in shortly after leaving tbo island, and up to the time of her coming into port yes day, hhe has hid nothing but hard gales and hi.h sens to contend with, Uti the 21st of July, the ship Prince of Romo was spoken with by tho captain, she was then 84 d iys from Muulmain \ bound to London, in lat. 13 21 N.. 'ong. 25 40W.

On the 24th July the Caroline Middleton was boarded by the barque Attendant 90 days out from Bombay bound to London, she received a snpply of provisions, having run short, from Captain Allcock. She was ihcn in lat 20 47 N, long. 24 23 W. On the 27th July sxcha eil signals with thfe ship Victoria, bound to Mel bourne from Loudon, lat. 6*24 N, tong, l8 24 Vi. The heaviest gale throughout the passagn was experienced on tho loth Sept. from W S.W. and running to the north, «hen the maintop sail and foresail were split. 'I he health oí the immi- grants throughout l ho voyage as been toll ruble, there were three births and II deaths on loard. The death« were principally children, the com plaint being scarlet fever. The whole of the pa sengers speak in the highest tei ms of both the captain and the surgeon, who we believe h ive «xerted themselves to tbo utmost for the comfort and cleanliness of all on board. We may add that we have nuver, at_ any t'tu", seen a ves>el with passenger«, come ¡uto this port, so clean

nnd well vmtilated.