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ARRIVED.-August 19_Intrepid, from Havre; Emma, from Geelong; Venture, from Launceston. Highland Lassie, from Adelaide ; Catherine, from Glasgow; Eagle, from Port Fairy; Brighton, from Adelaide; Yarra Yarra, (s.), from Sydney; Iserbrook, from Batavia ; Australian, from Welling ton; Skerryvore, from Glasgow; Resolution, from Adelaide ; Crystal Palace, from Boston ; Pons Arlii, from London ; Lady Bird, (s.), from Laun- ceston ; Tom Bowline, Mercurius, from London ; Titiana, (s.), from Dumbarton. 21. - City of Hobart, (s.), from Hobart Town; Planet, from London ; Morning Star, William Money, from Liverpool; Torrent, from London; Drover, from Hobart Town ; Glasgow Citizen, (s.), from Greenock ; Caledonia, (s.), from Glasgow ; Stam- boul from Liverpool. 22, - Onyx, from Hong Kong, 23. - London, (s.), from Sydney.

CLEARED OUT. - August 21. - Ballarat, for London; Juliet, for Baltimore; Pilot, for Hobart   Town. 22.-Miles Brown, for Calcutta; Cid,for Valparaiso ; Yarra Yarra, (s.), for Sydney ; Lady Bird, (s.), for Launceston. 23.-Janet, for Newcastle; Emma, for Sydney; Ambrosine, for Akyab ; Ontario, for Batavia; City of Hobart, (s.),  

for Hobart Town.

SAILED.-August 19.-Hero, for Hong Kong ; William Eggerts, LadyJocelyn, for Sydney : Royal Shepherd, for Launceston ; Lightning, for Liverpool ; Glenroy, for Calcutta. 22.-Dunro- bin Castle, for Callao. 23. - Pilot, for Hobart Town ; Carpentaria, for Hong Kong ; Yarra Yarra, (s,), for Sydney; Ballarat, for London.

The Stamboul, from Liverpool, brought 432 immigrants ; and the Onyx, from Bong Kong, 117


The Great Britain has been ordered into qua- rantine for 14 days from the convalescence of the last case of infectious disease on board.

CLIPPER-SHIP LIGHTNING -This fine craft was advertised to sail on the 20th instant, and in accordance with tho characteristic punctu- ality of the Black Ball Liners, she moved down the Bay in tow of the steam-tug Washington, on Sunday morning, about ten o'clock. Some attempt was made to stop her by the Comman- der of H. M. brig Fantome, but Captain Forbes succeeded in getting to sea, having arranged the matter in dispute. The steamer left her about ten miles outside the Heads at 3 p m , and she started on her voyage with a fine wind. She is expected to take home answers to the letters by the Great Britain, in a line which will render the communication the most rapid yet accom- plished.

The beautiful clipper Ocean Chief is the suc- ceeding vessel of the Black Ball Line, and sails on the 6th Sept, for Liverpool.-Wednesday's Argus._