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BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. Announcements under this heading must be authen ticated by the name and address of the sender, ar.d j are inserted in The Auvkiciisek, Tub Exj-kess, The Ciikonici.k, au-t Svvimarj/ for My/land at a sinjle charge of Tuo .ihiUiii'js and l-i.rj-ence each when not exceeding fire Hues; over .lire lines kixpinee per t\nc. (A line cviifints of icien wonts.) BIRTHS. LANGREHR.— On the 13th January, at Ackland Elieet, the wile of C. A. Langrehr, of a daughter. HAGGER. — On the 3rd January, at Orroroo, the wife Of J. 0. Hanger of a daughter. THOMPSON.— On the 13th January, at St. Peters, the wife of Elliot Q. Thompson of a daughter. BERRY.— On the 9th January, at Dunn-street, Semaphore, the wife of J. C. Berry of a son. MADDOCKS.— On the 14th January, at the resi- dence of Mrs. Mellowship, Viclor-slreet, Maylands, the wife of O. S. Haddocks, of Broken Hill, of a daughter. PONDER. — On the 17th January, at Royal-avenue, Adelaide, the wife oi Walter J. Ponder, of a dnughter. WILLIAMS.— On the 18th January, the wife of A. K. Williams, police-btation, Oodnadatta, of a daughter. SMITH.— On the 17th January, at Kensington Park, the wife of T. S. Smith, of a (stillborn). BADGE. —On the 14th January, at Magill, the wife of Joseph Badge, of Lciyh Creek, of a daughter. Uoth doinp; well. MARRIAGES. FORRESTER— SUGARS. -On the 29th December, lfe'J7, at the manse, Angas-street, by the Ilev. James Lyall, William Thomas, elaest son of Robert For rester, James-street, to Kanny Marie, second daughter of the late William Sugars, Bedfordshire, England. ELWOOD— LONG. — On the 3rd January, at Good- wood, by the Very Rev. Frederick Byrne, D. D., J. J. Klwood, Goodwood Park, to Mary Catherine, eldest daughter of Thomas Long, Adelaide. PRIOR— ROLLINGS.— On the 12th January, at the Bible Christian Church, Kapunda, by the Rev. Thomas McNeil, Joseph, third son of Thomas Prior, of Hamilton, to Elizabeth Jane, eldest daughter of Thomas Rollings, of Marrabel. POCOCK— LE RAY.— On the 30th December, 1897, at St. Cyprian's Church, Melbourne-street, Lower North Adelaide, by the Kev. Thomas Fie'd, Edward, thild son of the late Edward Pocock, of Sniithlield, to Kimnna, fifth daughter of (.Lie late Jean Le Ray, of Woodside. . HADDRICK—COCK.— On the 23rd December, 1897, tit Trinity Church, by the Rev. Fred!;. Webb, frank lirnest, fifth son of Mr. T. G. Haddrick, to Mary Eliza, becond daughter of Mr. R. A. Cock, Nile-street, Glenelg. O'KEEFFE— KENNEDY.— On the 13th January, at the West-terrace Church, by the Rev. Archpriest Kevin, John Jain^s O'Keen'e. late oS Norseman and Kedhill, W.A., and only son of the late John O'Keelle, of Macclesfield, S. A., 10 Eli/.abcth Margaret, eldest daughter of Thomas Kennedy, 12, llorphctt-street, Adelaide, late of Port Lincoln.

TRIPNEY — YATES. — On the 13th November, 1807, at St. Albans Church, Gladstone, by the Kev. A. E. Green, Harry Montague, tMest son of T. H. Tripney, Fulham, London, to Mary, third daughter of the lute William Yates, of Gladstone. REED— BENTLEY.— On the 5th January, at the Redruth Wesleyan Church, by the Rev. W. A. Langs ford, James, youngest son of Richard Reed, of Wan dillah, to Elizabeth Chatterton (Chis), fourth daughter of William Benlley, Buna. CLARK— MOELLER.— On the 16th December, 1897, at the Lutheran Church, Rosenthal, by ihe Rev. E. P. G. Kriewaldt, Absalom William, youngest son oi W. J, Clark, of Glenel-r, builder, to Anna Emilie Afagdalena, youngest daughter of Frederick lloeller, of Koscnthal. BROCK— SHUGG.— On the 2nd January, at Liston Etreet, Parkside, by the Rev. T. J. Gore, Frank H., eldest son of Alf. Brock, to Monica M., youngest daughter of J. A. Shugs1, both of Parkside. RUSSELL—VALLENTINE.— On the 18th Sep-   tember, 181)7, by special license, at St. Columbus' Church, Hog Bay, Kangaroo Island, by the Rev. S. Ward, Thomas Alfred, eldest Bon of Arthur Russell, of Woodville, to Ellcvine E. (Ellie), only surviving daughter of the late Captain C. Vallentine, late of Exeter, South Aus tralia. MITCHELL — BARR SMITH. — On the 18th January, at, St. Andrew's Church, Walkerville, by the Venerable Archdeacon Dove, William Mitchell, Professor of Philosophy and English Literature in the University of Adelaide, to Erlistoun, fourth daughter of R. Barr Smith. WATSON—BARRETT.—On the 12th January, at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. G. \V. Kendrew, Arthur Watson, of Truro, to Miriam M. (Minn), only daughter of Mrs. E. Barrett, of Qoohva. MITCHELL— McKINNON.-On the 13th January, at Bordertown, by Itev. D. ililne, James A. Mitchell of Prospect Vale, Kuuiva, Victoria, to Marion (Minnie) McKinnon, of Francos, South-east, South Australia. JAMES—SYME.—On the 25th December, 1897, at     29, Gray-street, Norwood, by the Rev. 0. Briirht Henry William, eldest sfcn of H. W. James, of Bowden, to Jessie llobertson, eldest daughter of M. Byrne, of Sydney. . . STEPHENS—BARTLETT.— On the 19th January,   . at South-terrace, Adelaide, by Mr. T. J. Gore, M. A., , William Stephens, to Mary Elizabeth, second daughter Of Thomas Bartlett, of Hamley Bridge. POCOCK— LeRAY.— On the 20th November, 1897,   At St. Cyprian's Church, Lower North Adelaide,- by by the Hev. Thomas Field, Alexander (Alick), youngest sod of the late Edward Pooock, of Smith field, to Mary Louisa, youngest daughter of the late Jean LeRay, of Woodside. FORSYTH—FOREMAN.— On the 27th December,   1S07, at Church of England, Beaconsfleld, Fremantle, W.A., Ernest, eldest son of D. 8. Forsyth, Morphett Vale, to Agnes, daughter of Hy. Foreman, Armagh, Clare, both of S. A. STACEY—EDWARDS.—On the 10th January, at   the PrcBbyterian Manse, Port Adelaide, by the Rev. A. C. Sutherland, James, only surviving son of James Stacoy, Riverton, to Alice May, youngest daughter of the late Robert Edwards,. Ehynie. WARREN—TYRIE.—On the 4th November, 1897, ftt Wesley Church, PerUi, W.A., by the Rev. 0. A, , . Jenkins, Willum Henry, eldest son of Peter Warren, BrunBwick, Victoria, to Jeannie, Situ daughter of the late James Tyrie, of Adelaide. - ,

KUMMNICK— EY.— On the 13th January, at the Lobethal Lutheran Church, by the Rev. E. Kriewaldt, Heinrich P. F., fifth son of C. F. Kummnick, to Maria E., third daughter of late Rev. R. L. M. Ey, both of Lobethal. McROSTIE—BUCHANAN.— On the 13th January,   at Congregational Church, Victor Harbor, by the Rev. M. Harris, Alex. McRostie, of Kennion, Milh cent, to Ella, younger daughter of late B. Buchanan, of Yankalilla. McINNES—MOUNSTER.— On the 22nd December,   1897, at the Port Adelaide Congregational Church, uy the Rev. J. C. Kirby, Malcolm J., second surviving son of Malcolm McInnes, to Eva, eldest daughter of     John Mounster, both of Rosewater, DEATHS. ARTHUR. — On the 14th January, at Bond-street, West Hiudmareh, Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr. Ii Arthur, after a painful illness, aged S8 years. THOMAS.— On the 14th January, at No. 8, College road, Kent Town, Ada Louise Maybell (eldest daughter of Wm. S. and B. L. Thomas, and grand daughter of Richard Spencer, of Union-street, City), of acute rheumatic fever and septic pneumonia, age 10 years and 4 months. At rest. EDDY.—On the 13th January, at the Adelaide Hospital, Steve, beloved son of Mrs. J. R. Eddy, of Russell-street, Yatala, aged 14 years. 'It is well with the child ; it is well.' LA FOLLEY.— On the 11th January, at his resi- dence, Portland Ward, John La Folley, for VI years an esteemed emp!oy-5 of Messrs. Jones. Bros., Port Adelaide. DANIEL.— On the 14th January, Charles Weber Daniel, of Halifax-street, third son of the late J. W. Daniel, aged 3' years. FROGGATT.— On the 14th January, at the resi- dence of her daughter (Mrs. Wm. Fax), Wattle-street, Fullarton, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Wm. FrogisnU, in her 8Cth year. POYNER.— On the 1st January, at the Norseman Hospital, W.A., of inflammation of the bowels, Edwin (Eddie), liflh son of A. G. Poyner, oi Majfill, aged 24 years. Sleep in peace. Respected by all who knew iiini. CONEYBEER.— On the 12th January, at the resi- dence of her grandparents, Theoville, Orange, N.S.W., Ivy Muriel, second dearly-beloved daughter of F. W. and M. Coneybeer, of Sixth-avenue, East Adelaide, of tubercular meningitis, aged 6 years and 9 months. Another bud to bloom in heaven. Fairest flowers soonest fade. POTTER.— On t6he 14th January, at the railway- station, Riverton, James, the beloved husband of Mary Jane Potter, aged 6C years. LANE.—On the 10th January, at the residence of     hissO!i-i'.i-law(E. Strawns), Clarke-street, Rosewater, of senile decay, John Lane, sen., aged 70 years, beloved father of C. J., J. E., F., and H. Lane. Melbourne papers please copy. LESCHEN.— On the 12th January, at Perth, W.A., Fred, the dearly beloved husband of Martha Leschcn, nged 1b years. Regretted by all iriends. Leaving a wife and two children. Sleep on and take thy rest SMITH.—On the 24th December, 1897, Edward Henry, the beloved husband of Lydia .Smith, of Quorn, aged 41 years, after short illness. Friends please accept this intimation. ROGERS.— On the 26th December, 1897, at his resi-   dence, Eliham, South Kliine, after a painful illness, Henry, the dearly-loved husband cf Elizabeth Rogers, aged C9 years and 6 months. A colonist of 48 years HALL. — On the 17th January, at South-terrace, Amy Sarah Hall, of Clark-street, Wayville, relict of the lale John Thompson Hall, of Kundle-street, Kent Town, aged 51 years. WALKLEY.— On the 16th January, at Elliston, of hemorrhage, Robert Walkley, beloved husband of Jessie Laurenceson Walkley and only son of Mrs. J. Tramellinp, Mitcham. HOBBS.— On the 10th January, at Adelaide, after a painful illness, Emily Jane, dearly-beloved daughter of Mrs. L. Steer, of Payneham, aged 33 years. GRAY.— On the 17th January, at the P. M. Manse, Strathalbyn, Lilian Maud, eldest and much beloved daughter of Rev. S. and M. A. Gray, aged 23 years and !} months. At rest. Broken Hill papers please copy. DINNING. — On the 9th January, at Wilford, Bordertown, of heart disease, after a long illness, John W. Dinning, aged CO years. Sweet rest at last. TACON.— On the 15th January, at Fussell-place, Alberton, of apoplexy, William, the beloved husband of Emma Tacon, second son of James Tacon, and grandson of the late W. Tacon and \V. Morris, Crat fleld Hall, Suffolk, England, aged 65 years at\d 3 months. Arrived in colony in year lb'JJ, ship Morning Star. FYFFE.— On the 10th January, at Goodwood, Henry George, eldest son of H. J. and the laic H. S. Fyffe, of Edwardstown, aged 4C years, leaving a wife and four children. FAGAN.—On the 21st December, 1897, at his uncle's residence (John Moroney), Ninnes, James, the only son of the late Matthew and Mary Fagan, of Springfield, near Auburn, aired 39 years. H.I. P. HUMMERSTONE.— On the 16th January, Mary Jane, wife of Michael Hummmerston, late of Quorn, aged 49 years. R.I.P. COOPER.— On the 26th December, 1897, at Coast Range, Penong, West Coast, Joseph William, belo\ed little son of G. and E. Cooper, aged Hi months. Our loss, his eternal arain.

BROOKS.— On the 17th January, at Chapel-street, Kensington, Stephen Brooks, lale of Summerlown, | aged 7)3 years. j MARRON.— On the 17th January, at her residence, ' Queen-street, Mary, the beloved wife of the late John I Marion, after a lony and painful illness, aged 04. ; Rest in peace. W. A. papers please copy. HARDEMAN.— On the 18th January, at Milner-   street, Hilton, Mary Hannah, the dearly-beloved wile j of Thomas Ilardeman, aged 50 years. GILES.— On the 15th January, at Penton Vale, Yorke's Peninsula, Leonard Hollway, tenth son of the late William Giles, of Beaumont. BIRT.—On the 19th January, at Largs Bay, Ann Lean, wife of William H. Birt, late of Euston, New South Wales. LOVELL.—On the 16th January, at his residence,   Port Wakefield, after a short illness, James Lovell, formerly of Normanville, Yankalilla, aged 64 years. His wife preceded him about four years.   BARBER.— On the 12th January, at the Narra- ' coorte Hospital, Oliver Thomas, the dearly beloved J third son of Alfred and Elizabeth Barber, of Kingston, age 23 years. Dearly beloved and greatly regretted by all. SEMMENS.— On the 19th January, at Pirie-street, Adelaide, Arthur Herbert, youngest and much loved son of Francis and Sarah Semmens, aged 18 years and 9 months. 'For so He giveth his beloved rest.'   MAGNER.—On the 15th January, at her residence,     Ptkina, Catherine, beloved wife of Daniel ilagner, aged 58 years, after a long and painful illness, leaving a husband, two sons, three daughters, and five grandchildren to mourn their loss. Rest in peace. I Call not back the dear departed, Anchored 6afe where storms are o\ r, On the borderland we left her, Soon to meet and part no more. Far beyond this world of changes, Far beyond this world of care, AVe shall find our missing loved one In our Father's mansion fair. LANG.—On the 19th January, at the Manse, Mount   Torrens, Adelaide, the beloved daughter of the Rev. R. and M. C. Lang, aged 22 years. BELCHER.—On the 20th January, at Haggerstone   House, Prospect, William Henry Belcher, in his 84th year. Arrived in ship Morphett, 1839. BISCHOF.— On the 20th January, at Coonalion, Stephen-terrace, Walkerville, Ann Corbet, the be loved wife of Charlie Bisohof, of puerperal fever, aged 27 years; SMITH.— On the 20th January, at Kensington Park, M. J. (Jennie), the beloved wife of T. S. Smith, aged 34 years. BISCHOF.— On the 20th January, at 'Coonalion, ' Stephen-terrace, Walkerville. of puerperal fever, Ann Corbet, the beloved wife of Charlie Bisehof, and youngest daughter of Mrs. John Mitchell, Marion 'street, New Parkside, aged 27 years. HEAVERS.— On the 12th of January, at the Port   Augusta Hospital, John Heavers, after a lung and painful illness of cancer, aged 55 years. Rest in McDOUGALL.— On the 29th December, 1897, at Port Pirie Hospital, John James, the dearly beloved and eldest son of D. and M. J. ilcDougall of Baroota, of typhoid fever, aged 17 years and 8 months. Dearest son thou hast left us, We thy loss most deeply feel, But 'tis God who hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal. Western Australian papers please copy. FULLER.— On the 15th January, at his residence, Yacka, Alfred E. Fuller, the beloved husband of C. E, Fuller, and eldest son of Wm. Fuller, aged 30. Light after darkness, gain after loss, Strength after weakness, crown after cross ; Sweet after bitter, hope after fears, Home after wander, praise after tears. Sheaves after sowing, sun after rain, Sight after myBtery, peace after pain ; Joy aftet Borrow, calm af tet blast, Rest after weariness, sweet rest at last. Near after distant, gleam after gloom. Love after loneliness, life after tomb ; After long agony, rapture of bliss ; Right was the pathway leading to this. —Inserted by his sorrowing wife and child. O'CONNELL.— On the 14th January, on the yacht Edith, Coorong River, near the Murray Mouth, sud denly, of heat apoplexy, Dr. James O'Connell, of Wakefield-street, Adelaide, the dearly-beloved hus band of Margaret O'Connell, aged 47 years. Deeply regretted, liequiescat in face.

ENGLISH.— On the 28th December, 1897, at Brink- worth, Harold Boy, dearly-beloved son of William and Rosa English, aged Ihree months. Darling baby he was smiling Just before he died. And in his grandma's lap he closed his eyes, No more to wake till he awakes in heaven With Jesus at his side. ADAMSON.— On the 21st January, at College Park, Adam Adamson, aged 76 years. IN MEMORIAM. TREZISE. — In fond and loving memory of William Henry Trezise, who died at Percy Court, Adelaide, January 14, 1897. One year ago to-day, Tes we remember, well, AVe stood beside his dying bed To take a lost farewell. — Inserted by his loving wife and children. ROBINSON.— In loving memory ot Samuel Clark Robinson, who died on the 17th January, 1890. — In- serted. by his sorrowing wife. JACKA.— In affectionate remembrance of Richard Jacka, who went to rest January 17th, 1893. Oh for the touch of a vanished hand, Or the 6ound of a voice that is still. —Inserted by his loved ones. JENKINS. — In loving memory of my dear wife, Tharza Ann, who died January 16th, 1890. Long days with patience she bore her pain, To wait for cure was all in vain ; But God alone who thought it best Did ease her pain and give her rest. — Inserted by her loving husband, William Jenkins, West Adelaide. HORNE.— In sad but loving memory of C. Josephena and Susan E., the beloved and loving daughters of Wm and the late B. Horne, who were drowned while bathing near Morgan ou January 16, 1891, R.I.P.   Yes, the darlings, they are gone, We forget them, no never ; The time to us seems very long, But the grief the same as ever. —Inserted by their lonely father. WOODROFFE.— In memory of Edward Bertram AVoodroffe, who died at his residence, 171, Childers street, North Adelaide, January 17, 1897, aged 4S years. In a world ot toil and pain, Lord, Thou would'st not let him stay, —Inserted by his wife and children. STEPHENSON.— In loving memory of William Stephenson, who was accidentally killed at iWattle Farm, Keisbrook, January 18, 1895. Gone, but not forgotten. — Inserted by his loving wife and children. HOOPER.— In loving memory of our dear Joe who died at lerowie, January 14, 1897, aged 24 years. One year has passed to-doy Since our dear son was called away ; The thought still lingers round our hearts 'Twas hard for us from him to part. A loving son, both true and kind, He proved to be in heart and mind ; A loving brother, too, as well, When he on earth with us did dwell. But honor shall adorn his tomb Where flowers of freedom lean, The lily and forget-me-nut With everlasting green. —Inserted by his fond parents, siEters, and brothers, Mannurn. 1B1x22 McLEAN.— In loving memory of my dear wife, Jane Ann McLean, who died on January 18, 1885. In a world of toil and pain The Lord would not let her stay. — Inserted by her loving husband, Donald McLean, Port Adelaide.   McLEAN.— In affectionate remembrance of our   dear mother, Jane Ann McLean, who died January 18, 1885. Oh for a touch of the vanished hand, Or the sound of a voice that is still. Inserted by her sorrowing sons and daughters.   ALLEN. — In loving memory of my dear husband,   William Allen, who died at Lipson-streel, Port Ade   laide, January 19, 1897. At rest— Inserted by his   loving wife and children. DALBY. — In loving remembrance of our dear mother, Caroline Louisa Dalby, who died at Glenelg, lilth January, lS9b. He tells us that our loved one, A plant to Him most dear, Was too tender and too frail To bear the winter, drear ; So, while autumn leaves were falling, In pity He drew near, Transplanted it to heaven To bloom in glory there. Farewell, beloved mother, In Jesu's tender care AVe leave thee, surely knowing That He will shortly bear Ouv spirits o'er that river Which hides thee from our sight, Where we with Christ for ever Shall dwell in glory bright.

— Inserted by her loving daughters, Hannah, Amy, Harriet, Ruth, and her loving son, Frank. COULLS. — In loving memory of Elcy M. Coulle, died January 20th, 1S07, a-jecl 1 year 3 months and 3 weeks. Gone but not foruoUeu.— Inserted by her loving parents. SMITH.— In loving memory of our mother, who died at Exeter, January 20, 1S07. She is gone but not forgotten. — Inserted by iier son and daughter.-. HATTAM.— In loving memory of John Hattain, who died January 21, 1892, aged 20 3'ears. Jesus, still our hearts are bleeding For the spuil ttiut death has won, But calmly at this solemn moment We will say O Lord Thy will was done. Though cast down we are not forsaken, Though afflicted we are not alone ; Thou did'st giie ;ind Thou has taken, Blessed Lord, Thy will was done. —Inserted by his loving mother. NEWTON.— In loving remembrance of our dear mother, Mary Ann Newton, the dearly beloved wife of George Newton, who departed this life on January IS, 181)7. We miss thee from our home, mother dear, We miss Ihey from thy place. A shadow o'er our life is cast, AVe miss the sunshine of thy face, AVe miss thy kind and willing hand, Thy fond and earnesi care ; Our home 16 dark without thee, AVe mi6S thee everywhere. —Inserted by her loving husband and family. RIGCS.— In loving remembrance of our dear sister in-law Ellen, who died January 23, 1804.— Inserted by her sisters-in-law, Louie, Dolly, and May Petcrsen, Ardrossan. 22zx2i DADSWELL.— In loving memory of my dear sister, Emily Dadswell, who died at the private hospital, Kent Town, on January 22, 1897. She is gone, but not forgotten.— Inserted by her loving sister and nieces, Annie, Emily, and Clara, Glenelg.