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(From the /Iftufrafnl London A'««, .October a.)

Autumn is como at last ; but not,with it anj great variety in the fashions for the season the same stuffs and the saine dresses being worn as in the spring. The Talma el« aVs, made of cloth, velvet, silk, and thick ii mnel, with or without hoods, are much in favour. Plam cloth, or embroidered, aro worn in evening wall» nt watering places, 'When made, of velvet, a little shorter, and ti homed, or not, with lace, tho Talma-cloak is very 'elegant. It can also be out' out with \ery pointid teelh, trimmed with1"lace, or covered with.lpcj em- broidery. Black is m.-'St worn; nrxt to ii chesniit and'dirk hld»*;' to'which arc added embroideries and black velvet bandi, ; but it is better that the velvet be of tho same shade a»

the cloak. By young persons, Hunter shades' aro worn ; as nut-brown and grey, with black velvet-which is very fashion.iblo and elegant

We hate also seerua clonk of"the common

Talma shipt», over which was anothi r cn| e shorter, miking a second c^oak-n w'arm and*

comfortable innovation for the cold weather.

Dresses are not 'changed as to shape ; the hollies are skirted, open in front or high ; or cut square, or in a point to the extremity of the body. The stuffs must worn are taffeta popt line ; for négligé and morning dress, w e have Valencias and woollen popeline. These are almost the same stuffs as last month ; but the shades arc deeper as the season advances. The petticoat is still trimmed with numbers of flounces, at pleasure ; thd Albunese ti immings are also continued, but the mest distingue,h the plain petticoat. -j --

A fashion - worn this year for summer dress was coloured petticoats, separate, worn willi a while caraco of muslin nansouk', more or less trimmed with embroidery and lace. It seems

this fashion will hist during winter ; and tint' a velvet caraco, trimmed with'rich embroidery, will be worn instead of the light summer gar- ment. White waistcoats may, therefore, pro- bably be kept in fashion.

A new ornament has just made its appear- ance for colhrs and sleeve», caps, and ever) - thing where lace is med as nimming-this is thread guipure, a substitute for Valenciennes. This revived kind of lace is always sought after: but the kinds which have lately been re- ceived from the north seem much superior in fineness nn'd in richness of pattern. Though English embroidery still keeps in vogue, yet there is a tendency to resume tambouring un broidery. Jet willbo much worn as au oina-" ment for mantelets, and a great deal is worn on bonnets for the present season. "The shape, to this time, has not varied^nuch. Vel- vet will be, as heretofore, the most rechtrehé for winter. ' ' "

WALKING COSTUMC.-Plain taffeta dress, with five flounces, and canczou or pique : the stuff festooned ; trimmed with buttons down the front ; pockets figured in tho etnbroideiy ; riemi-pagada sleeves ; taffeta bonnet, trimmed

with flowers. " .""

Capote of dark violet taff ta, trimmed willi a pattern of embroidered htraw, betwotn tlie ruffs, also of stiaw, ns the trimming of the double curtain. Oapite of,,black Lee sprinkled with small violets, triuim°d merely with u ribbon laid on flat j plaited at the ex- tremity of the crown and curtain, and emerg- ing underneath m the form of strings. .

Leghorn bonnet, trimmed with a wreath of flowers surrounding the top. *

Cap with small and very narrow ribbon's, arid trimininii of thread guipure with go-between'of wider ribbon, laid on flit, and tot ming as it were the crown of the cap. 'Lace'caps, with bows and ornaments of ribbon." Cap of fine cambric with strings on the"cheeks, and" I e hin I the crown ; embroidered and trimmed on ilia top with a larue lappet on,both sides