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. Items of News.

The Police Court will sit at 10 o'clock this morning. A good shower fell at I O U yesterday afternoon at about 5 o'clock. There was a change in Kalgoorlie last night, but very little rain fell.    

Mr J. E. Dixon, late of Broken Hill, is   now prepared to undertake boiler and machinery making and repairing as he has a complete outfit on the spot. The secretary of Hannan's Hospital com- mittee desires to, acknowledge with thanks the following donations : — Mount Charlotte ?G-,M. Company, £3 ; 'Mobnta carol singers., £1 Is ; Mr A. Benedickt, £1 10s ; Hospital boxes, £i 8s lOd. . A very successful concert in aid of the funds of the Kalgoorlie Wesleyan Church, took place last night. The chair was occupied by Mr. Barlow, and the church was well filled with an appreciative audience. A good selection of songs, choruses, and recitations was well rendered, and a very pleasant even- ing's amusement was concluded with a coffee supper. The Rev. Mr. Testrail intended to have been present but was delayed at the last moment.           A dispute between two auctioneers formed the principal business at the monthly sitting of the Local Court yesterday. One claimed an amount of £10, and the other counter claimed £8 16s 6d. The latter amount was chiefly, for alleged stabling of a cow, and when all the evidence was taken it was still   a fairly open question whether the cow had there was a great conflict of evidence as to whether the cow had been stabled or not, and The Bench decided that it had not, and everyone felt much relieved when the case ended. We regret to have to announce the death of Mr Arthur Bricknell. who succumbed to hydatids in Adelaide a few days ago. Mr Bricknell unfortunately contracted the disease before coming to the fields two years ago and some months since had to undergo an operation for the removal of the cysts. He revisited the fields, in a short since, but again had to go to Adelaide for treatment, which 'unfortunately was not successful. Mr Bricknell will be remembered in connection

with the firm of Messrs J. Walsh & Son. and also as one of the members of the syndi- cate which opened up the Bank of England Mine at Bardock. .The deceased was about 30 years of age.     ' The prospectus of the Kalgoorlie Brewing and Ice Company has been issued, and it appears in our advertising columns this morning with a satisfactory note appended to it, stating that the shares have been over subscribed. The company is formed with a capital of £8000, in 8O shares of £100 each. The brewery is to be built on one of the best spots in the town, and it is intended to supply the requirements of Kalgoorlie, White Feather, Black Flag, Broad Arrow, and I O U. The company has been exceedingly fortunate in securing the services of Mr J. H. Shickell, of the Caledonian Brewery, Hyde Park, S.A., as brewer and general manager for a term of three years. As a brewer, Mr Shickell bears a splendid repu tation. The success of the company will de-   pend entirely upon the quality of its output, so that the engagement of Mr Shickell is an important factor in the prosperity, which we feel sure lies in store for those who have so readily subscribed the capital. It is proposed to extend the opera- tions of the company to the manufacture of ice and aerated waters, for which there is sure to be a good demand. The prospectus states that the promoters are Messrs J. H. Shickcl and V. L. Solomon, M.P., of Ade- laide ; the brokers, Messrs Howard Taylor and Nethercott ; and the secretary, Mr George P. Deane. In yesterday's MINER the news of a man having been lost from Shea's leases, on the Hampton Plains, was reported. Constable Biddcll and the native assistant tracked the man, who is named John Barnes, to the Lake condensers, and there they learnt that he had arrived at the lake at noon on Monday in a very exhausted condition. The men at the condenser directed Barnes to the Boulder, and although he contended that their direc tions were wrong, he carried out their in- structions and followed the pipes. It is stated that a man answering to his description, has been seen at the Boulder and afterwards in Kalgoorlie since Monday. The police have been diligently engaged' in searching for the man, but without success. Last night, Con- stable Biddell, the native assistant, and Messrs Mayer Bros., cf Shea's leases, left Kalgoorlie about 7.30, with the intention of making for the leases, as it is supposed that Barnes has attempted to go back to his camp. It is just possible that he may be somewhere about this town, and the police would be glad to receive any information on the subject from persons who may have seen him. The following is a description obtained from the police ; — Aged about 45 to 50, rather stout, bow-legged, dark complexion, hair turning gray, dark eyes, long face, full beard, blue coal mark on nose; was dressed in dark tweed trousers, dark flannel shirt, dark felt hat, and carried a shingling tomahawk.